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Need Advice On Trimming Cel (Sun Mar 16 10:03:46 2003 )
celaddict [View profile ]


 I was wondering if anyone could give me some 
help/advice regarding on of my cels. I have a cel 
that is about 2 1/2 feet long. This thing is 
huge! I have been thinking about trimming it down 
to standard size. The sequence number is in the 
same spot as it would be on an normal sized cel 
and the actual image is only about four inches 
tall on the cel and is to the far left so I would 
not be losing anything important. I am just so 
tired of having that extra 4 inches sticking out 
of my cel binder. The extra size wouldn't be a 
problem if it wasn't always getting in the way 
and hitting everything! Any suggestions would be 
greatly appreciated. 


 -Cel Addict

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