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Re: You're all such snobs... (Wed Jan 15 17:03:21 2003 )
spinizuey still not logged in [View profile ]

My mom enjoys seeing what I have collected, she 
even has favorite cels in my collection (even 
though she's never seen anime..). But she likes 
them for the art they are. And understands that 
since they are art, that they are going to cost 
$$. I admit i'm like a "coupon shopper" when it 
comes to cels most of the time, looking for the 
best deals.. etc. So at least I try to keep cost 
down, which she can appreciate. 

My dad knows I collect them, and has seen them, 
but doesn't know the costs. *shrug*

My art prof. really thinks that me collecting 
cels is very cool. She sees them as art as well, 
and even a good investment. 

Hey, at least I'm not collecting Disney cels. 


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