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Re: CG is no less of an art form than the painting of cels. (read more..) (Fri Jul 11 01:51:01 2003 )
Lina Seta [View profile ]

As an artist im STRONGLY against CG... well at 
least CG fanarts. (i have sooo many objetions n 
they r all racing to come out of my brain, that 
i doubt i can express my feelings by words)  I 
think today's society  has lost those 
traditional art values. 

CG in my opinion is not a real art unless it is 
done VERY good. PPLZ just use it cuz its easier 
and dont have to go through all the process. The 
fact that u can correct mistakes by CG gives a 
clear advantage. Besides CG fanarts masks the 
real sketch, the structure in itself, what im 
trying to say is even if the drawing is deeeead 
ugly (eyes unpair, out of proportions, u name 
it...) it will look better in cg.  Then talent 
isnt necessary require for an artwork. While in 
traditional arts everything comes from the 
author, the drawing, inking (which is really 
hard to do, rather than turn all the sketch 
lines to black and which CAN BE CORRECTED) and 
specially the coloring. In the coloring process 
Cg makes it easier, having all the effects there 
already, but in real arts u HAVE TO THINK how 
make that effect, trhough which mediums and all. 
(ex: doing the space and the stars, painting 
light) And u gotta know ur instruments: brushes 
(the sizes) pencil, pen, nib, inks (the varius 
colors), coloring pencil, pastel, agrylic (or 
animation vinyl), markers... u name it. AND 
BESIDES! u gotta know the brands to choose the 
best ones and know how to APPLY IT! and it DOES 
TAKE TIME AND SKILLS! (complete drawings of 2 
weeks!) and in computer... u gotta know what? 
its all THERE! when inking in real life u gotta 
apply dif pressures to the dif nibs to make the 
lines, but in pc u dont (clicking is always the 
same).  And the painting in real life u fill the 
spaces stroke by stroke making sure it is 
uniform and U GOT ONE CHANCE ONLY, while in pc 
they r CLICKS and have the chance to correct. 

There may be more to say, but right now im gonna 
finish the REAL thing... well im not saying that 
cg artist shouldnt be given credit, but my point 
is that REAL art does take WAAYYY MORE skills 
and time and effort and soul.... u name it, to 
do it right.  And MAINLY pplz today just acccept 
anything (BAD critrics... not applyable to 
everyone) and doesnt c the structure of the 
drawing in itself( if the drawing's part are 
align...) as long as it is a pretty uniform CG 
painting! (and.. how many CG drawings ive seen 
compare to the real thing taking the easy way 

But again, there are really good CG artists that 
really know what they r doing (rather than 
children's computer coloring). PPL dont care 
anymore bout how to paint and the dif techniques 
and everything, just CG...
Hope i dont sound too insultive, but those are 
my thinkings.


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