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er I dont think there is one.. (Wed Sep 18 16:18:06 2002 )
Pale_nli [View profile ]

cels vary in value from collector to 
collector..shot to shot..character to character.
its all about how much one is willing to pay.
  there are certain shots that are technically 
supposed to be worth more than others. and you 
can expect to pay much more for Rare characters 
or opening scenes too.
  Depends on what you have or are looking for.
Right now fy prices are umm hugely more 
expensive than when I started..and even then I 
suspect when I started, the prices were on the 
   If you look around at dealers sites you will 
see some cels of tasuki going for four or five 
times what I paid for them. My most expensive 
tasuki cel was 110.00 including shipping.
   I bet I could slap A tag on it of about 300-
if I wanted to sell it. I wouldnt and I dont but 
that is niether here nor there.
    I hope the prices crash soon..Ive had to 
stick only to tnn and the occasional slayers 
(since slayers prices have been rivaling FY)
I want a new tomo cel.. 

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