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Re: Got stress? (Thu Sep 5 21:40:56 2002 )
spinizuey nli [View profile ]

School just started for me this week, and i've 
had one session of each class now. >.<;;

It's a niiiiiiice FULL load of classes (Intro to 
Fiction, Shakespere (i don't care if i spelled 
that right! :PP), Applied Art for Teachers, 
Printmaking 2 and Physics). Plus 25 or so hours 
of work. OH! And not to forget the problems our 
old insurance company is giving us (you know, the 
one that went out of business...), and that bad 
payroll check from a job I no longer work at that 
I am trying to get the bank to pay my fees for... 
Shoot me now. x.x

It's going to be busy for me again, but I think 
the hardest part with be quitting cel collecting 
cold turkey for the ENTIRE school year. I can't 
balance both cel stress AND school stress at the 
same time (no matter how beneficial each may be ;)

*cracks knuckles in anticipation of withdrawl*

Oh yeah.. the stress cel. 

*whew* for some reason.. i feel better... O.o

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