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Re: Re: Help! - LIST (Sat Mar 5 15:11:25 2005 )
Robert [View profile ]

Hi Rebecca, 

If you got them in the last few years at Mandarake, and 
especially if they are from the more current series like this, you 
likely have paid about what they are worth.  I've looked though 
the bins a few times and come across very few good deals in the 
last several years.  Mandarake is pretty aware of what americans 
are willing to pay.  I suspect that in this price range, you 
wouldn't make all that much selling them on eBay because of the 
shipping and hassle on most of them would be too much.  Your 
idea of meeting people (con or clubs) may be a little more 
fruitful, since a lot of people don't mind dropping $10 on the 
spot for series they like, even if the images aren't particularly 

If you are actually going to try selling them at a con, and are 
considering pricing in the $20+ range, I would suggest going to 
the dealer's room and checking out the bargain bins at the 
dealer's tables, or the trinket dealers who also sell a few cels on 
the side.  If you are in the same price range and quality, you 
probably aren't going to sell them too fast.  At the least, it would 
give you an idea of where they fall.  

I don't mean to sound negative, but I just didn't want people to 
get your expectations too high.  The day of walking into the 
prominant cel shops in Japan and walking out with steels has 
been over for many years.  There is just too much traffic from 
other Americans doing the same thing, and the internet makes it 
pretty easy to track what things are going for over here.  That 
doesn't mean you can't make some money for the convenience 
of bring it over, but I didn't want people throwing out numbers 
like $100 to get your hopes up and then leave you 

Hope this helps, 


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