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Re: Show me. . . AND tell me. . . (Sat Jul 6 03:21:28 2002 )
zefyr [View profile ]

Okay, for starters ... I'm a romantic.  I can 
hardly believe it myself, but I am.  So my 
favorite cel is one of my Sailor Moons (if I 
could ever figure out how to upload cels to 
Yann's server I'd post it).  It almost surprises 
me that it is my favorite cel (and not one of my 
last unicorns).  Anyway, the cel is of Usagi and 
Mamoru staring deeply into each others eyes, 
while holding hands.  It almost looks like 
they're about to kiss.  There are many reasons 
why I love this .... I think the general look of 
the cel is fantastic ... the colors, the 
expressions, etc.  It's also from a part in the 
series when Mamoru is avoiding Usagi b/c he 
thinks she'll end up dead if they're together.  
In this cel, he has a moment of clarity and you 
can see real emotion in this little piece of 
acetate.  But I think the biggest reason why I 
love this cel is that it reminds me of the first 
time my fiance and I had kissed (or were about 
to).  I remember that long, dreamy stare when 
time stopped.

So I'm going to attempt to post the cel here ... 
if it doesn't work and you really wanna see, 
email me and I'll give you a scan

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