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*silence* @_@ (Sun Jul 7 06:31:56 2002 )
fickle-haruka [View profile ]

No cons for me, no time or money time year. Hehe,
next year I am more determined to go to A-Kon, it
will be my first con. But it is sure quiet here, I
want to post some stuff for direct quick sale, but
there just are not enough people tuning in.

Stuck in Japan? I want to go again. Only been
there for 1.5 months for the summer and I didn't
buy any cels...didn't have much time since I
helped teach english to high schoolers for exams.
Ack, now got to get through 4 years of college
before I'm free to travel again *sigh*

Sleep....got to be up in a few hours again to go
to work for the morning shift...and I just got off
the night shift! I'm gonna die! Also summer 2
community college is starting this
week.....*thinks about the waking up super early
to drive in traffic to campus*


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