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maybe allow searching through the weekend? (Sat Jun 22 22:40:33 2002 )
Kari [View profile ]

I took a stab at some of the cels I recognized, 
but I didn't do it too seriously.  ^^;

Since I'm working and taking two classes during 
the summer, extra time is pretty much non-
existant for me during the week.  I had been 
planning on sitting down after dinner on Friday 
night to start searching, but then I read the 
submission time and just decided to forgo it.  It 
took me more than half a day to search with just 
the forum.  

And anyhow, someone else should get a chance at 
the commission ne?  I know hers will be just as 
beautiful as the one you did for me.  ^o^  
*huggles TSK cel*

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