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Your eyes are more discerning than mine ^_^ (Tue Aug 17 05:34:23 2004 )
Drac of the NLI Smiles [View profile ]

Ah, I bow to your superior scribble reading 
powers. It would have taken me a long time to 
figure out that said "to" and even being able 
to see it now, it still looks like "714". ^_~~

But (answering the message below this one as well)
there is still nothing in the area of what would 
be a cut scene number in the 30's which even 
remotely resembles the image -- even as described.
Episode 18 is the one where the "love-love" girls 
(lack of a better term *smirk*) visit Hanajima's 
house. None of them, or anyone else, are crying 
in the first half of the episode. (I just ran the 
first half of it again, to be sure.)

So if it is from Fruits Basket, perhaps it's a 
junked scene? The other possibility is that the 
scene was moved to another episode. I know a 
couple of my Chobits layouts have episode numbers 
on them which do not correspond with the episode 
in which they appear.

Many Sharp Smiles,

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