Literal Translation Series,

                "Neon Genesis Evangelion: Episode 10"
                Translated Speech Script.

                Written  by Kentaro ONIZUKA


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        Avant Title

Asuka:  hmm. Well, I am very lucky, 'cos Kaji-san is with me for shopping.
Ryouji: wow, What! Here is the swim-suits corner.

Asuka:  Hey, how about this?

Ryouji: Oh, no, you, junior high student, is too young to have this.

Asuka:  Oh, you are an old man, out-of-date.
        This kind a suit is quite common these days.
- --
Ryouji: Oh, is that true?

Asuka:  The school excursion is quite special!
        We have to refresh!

Ryouji: Where to go on the school excursion?

Asuka:  O-Ki-Na-Wa!
        Scuba-diving is scheduled.
Ryouji: Well, scuba-diving...
        It's been 3 years since I dived last.

Asuka:  Hey, where you went for the school excursion?

Rouji:  I've never experienced such a thing.

Asuka:  How come?

Ryouji: Due to the "Second Impact."

- --
        Magma Diver
        Episode 10
- --

PenPen: hmm. qua.

Asuka:  Oh no!

PenPen: gwa!

Asuka:  We are not allowed to go for school excursion?

PenPen: Gwa Gwa.

- --
Misato: Right.

Asuka:  How come?

Misato: You must wait for battle.

Asuka:  I've never heard of that!

Misato: I've just told you.

Asuka:  Who decided?

Misato: Me, who is the operation planning manager.

Asuka:  hmmmm, Hey you. Stop drinking tea.
        Say something against her.
        You are a man!

Shinji: Oh, I've expected it would be as it is.

Asuka:  I've already given up (the idea of going for the excursion)?

Shinji: Yes.

Asuka:  Oh, no! Pitiful! Worst kind of man is those tamed!

Shinji: Don't say in such a manner.

Misato: I know how you wanna go, but there's no other way.
        An angel would likely to attack us during your absence for the

PenPen: Ksh, Ksh, Quye, Cuo!

Asuka:  We always have to wait, wait wait wait!
        We are always waiting for the enemy whom we cannot expect when
        to come.
        Don't you figure out where they are and attack them first.

Misato: If we could, we would do that.
        Well, you must think it's a good chance.
        While others are going for the excursion, you can study.
        Do you think I am ignorant of this?

Misato: Oh, no!

Misato: You must know I know all without your confession.
        I can easily access the information on the result of the exams.

Asuka:  Phew! you stupid!
        What's the school result!
        I don't care about the exam with demerit mark method of old days.

Misato: In Rome, do as romans do.
        I hope you are used to the school life in Japan.

Asuka:  Fuck you!

- --
Hikari: Asuka, I will bring you some souvenir!

Kensuke: Oh, you are pitiful!

Touji:  We will enjoy for you!
- --
Operator: Hurry paste the data of Mt. Asamayama from Baltasar to Merchior.
# Baltasar and Merchior are two of three Magi.

Makoto: ....

- --
Ritsuko:School excursion?
        they are too relaxed in such a time.

Misato: It's because in such a time, they wanna play when they can play.
- --
Asuka:  What are you doin'?

Shinji: Studying science.

Asuka:  You are very obedient!

Shinji: Well, I have to do. Oh!

Asuka:  Hey look!
        Since I cannt do scuba diving at Okinawa, I dive here.

Shinji: I see.

Asuka:  hmm, let me see, what are you doing?
        Can't you solve this kinda easy formula?
        Ok, this is the solution.

Shinji: Eh!

Shinji: It's simple!

Shinji: How come you can solve this, while you get a bad result at the
        school exam

Asuka:  I did not figure out what was written in the exam.

Shinji: You say, you were not able to read the questions in Japanese?

Asuka:  That's right. I have not mastered all Kanji.
        I did not studied Kanji in the University there.

Shinji: University?

Asuka:  Yes. I graduated last year.
        What is written here?

Shinji: That's the problem of thermo-expansion.

Asuka:  Thermo-expansion? how childish!
        In short, things swell and get bigger when warmed,
        And shrink and get smaller when cooled, you know.

Shinji: I know that but...

Asuka:  In my case, do you think my breast will get bigger when warmed.

Shinji: Don't ask me! I have no idea!

Asuka:  Uninteresting guy!

Shinji: what?

Shinji: (sigh)

Asuka:  Look! Look! Shinji!

Shinji: ?

Asuka:  Backroll Entry!

Shinji: (sigh)

- --
Fuyuzuki:This does not give us a clear image.

Shigeru: But, this spot must be something, as is reported by Asamayama
        Research instutite of earth quake.

Fuyuzuki: Indeed, we must not ignore that.

Ritsuko: How did Magi judge?

Maya:   fifty Fifty.

Fuyuzuki: someone there?

Shigeru: Captain Katsuragi has already been there.
Researcher: That's the limit!

Misato: Go ahead. 500 more.

Operator: depth 1200. Anti-pressure armour cracked.

Researcher: Katsuragi-san!

Misato: If broken, we will compensate for that. 200 more please.

Makoto: Detected by monitor!

Misato: Start analysis.

Makoto: Yes.

Operator: Probe compressed and crushed. Exploded.

Misato: How is analysis.

Makoto: We narrowly cleared.
        Pattern Blue!

Misato: No doubt. That's an Angel.
        This lab. is completely closed from now on.
        And is under Nerv's control.
        No entry to the room is permitted, and all the events of last 6 hours
        are secret to outside.
- --
Misato: Hurry to demand A17 to Commander Ikari.

Shigeru: Take care! That's normal line.

Misato: I know, hurry switch to the secret line.

- --
Comittee member: A17?

Comittee member: You attack from ourside.

Gendou: Yes.

Member: Not acceptable! Too dangerous! You cannot say you forget the
        case 15 years ago.

Gendou: It's a chance!
        We've been doing nothing but defending, but we can offend if..

Kirl:   You risk too much!

Gendou: But you know how important the sample of an Angel alive is.

Kirl:   No failure is allowed.

Fuyuzuki:Failure? In such a case, humanity will vanish!
        You really do it?
- --
Shinji: Is this an Angel?

Ritsuko: Yes. It's something like a chrysalis before adult.
        The number one priority for this operation is to capture
        the Angel.
        Capture it alive and conserve the shape as original as possible.

Asuka:  If fail..

Ritsuko: Annihilate it as soon as possible!  Alright?

Shinji&Rei&Asuka: Yes.

Ritsuko: Who carries out?

Asuka: It's I! I dive!

Shinji: But, it must be me.


Shinji: Oh,

Ritsuko: You carry out in Unit02.

Asuka:  Yes. It's easy!

Rei:    How about me?

Maya:   Prototype Unit0 is out of standard for the special equipment.

Ritsuko: I order, Rei and Unit00 stay at Headquarter.

Rei:    Yes.

Asuka:  It's pitiful for you that you cannot go to the hot spring.

Ritsuko: Since A17 was ordered, we go as soon as possible. Be ready.

Shinji&Asuka: Yes.

- --
Asuka:  Oh, this anti-heat plug suits has nothing different from the
        normal one.

Ritsuko: Switch on at the right.

Asuka:  Oh, no! What's this!

Ritsuko: Unit02 is ready.

- --
Asuka:  Oh, no! what's this!

Ritsuko: Anti-heat, anti-pressure, and anti-nuclear special suits.
        The Type-D equipment for extream region.

Asuka:  Is that my Unit02?
        No, I don't want to go.
        I don't show myself before public.
        Shinji will become this kind a job!

Ryouji: Oh, I am very sorry for that.
        I expected Asuka's mighty deed.

Asuka:  Oh, no, I don't have that courage to show this badlooking appearence
        to Kanji-san.
Maya:   hmmm, troubled.

Ritsuko: well..yes.

Shinji:  Then, I will,

Rei:    I go with Uni02.

Asuka:  mmmmm,
        I don't allow you to touch my Unit02, Excuse me.
        It's not First but I that go.

        Be patient for the badlooking appearence.

- ----B PART----

Operator: Eva Unit01 and Unit02 arrived.

Misato: Two Units wait at the position.
        Hurry prepare for laser shot and crane.

Makoto: Roger

- --
Asuka:  Oh, Where is Kaji-san?

Misato: That guy idiot won't come. No business for him.

Asuka:  Shit! I've wanted to show him my good job.

Woman:  A17 was ordered. That also means freezing the present assets.

Ryoji:  Those who are troubled are many.

Woman:  Why didn't you stop him?

Ryouji: There's no reason to stop. The order is official.

Woman:  But, Nerv's failure means the annihilation of the world.

Ryouji: They are not that arrogant.

- --
Shinji: What's that?

Ritsuko: UN and Airforce is watching and waiting above us.

Maya:   Until the end of this operation.

Asuka:  They help us?

Ritsuko: No, they will settle,

Maya:   when we fail.

Asuka:  What do you mean?

Ritsuko: They bomb the Angel with N2 bomb together with us.

Asuka:  Terrible!

Shinji: Who order such a thing?

Ritsuko: Commander Ikari.

Shinji: Asshole!

- --
Operator:       Laser operation complete.

Shigeru: Course secured.

Maya:   Type-D equipment no problem.

Makoto: Unit02 set position ready.
- --
Misato: Roger.
        Asuka, are you ready?

Asuka:  Anytime OK.

Misato: Go!

- --
Asuka:  Oh, looks hot!

Maya:   Unit02 breaks into leva.

Asuka:  Look! Look! Shinji!

Shinji: What?

Asuka:  Giant Stroke Entry!

Shinji: (sigh)

Asuka:  Present depth 170, Speed of descending 20. Every part no problem.
        View sight is Zero. I can't see nothing.
        Switch to CT monitor.
        But the range of sight is 120.

Maya:   Depth 400, 450, 500, 550, 600, 650,

Maya:   900, 950, 1000, 1020,
        over the safety depth.
        Depth 1300. Predicted Target point.

Misato: Asuka, can you see something?

Asuka:  Nothing detected. No one here.

Ritsuko: Leva flow is faster than expected.

Makoto: target motion speed is different from the prediction.

Misato: Hurry up Re-calculation! Operation continued.
        Descend farther.

Makoto: Oh, no!

Maya:   Depth 1350, 1400,,

Operator: Second circulation pipe cracked.

Maya:   Depth 1480. Over the limit depth.

Misato: Not yet encountered the target. Continue.
        Asuka, how about the status?

Asuka:  Still withstanding. I wanna complete the job and have a shower.

Misato: I know a good hot spring near here. Let's go after the job.
        Hang in there, a little more.

Asuka:  Ha.. n?

Maya:   Limit depth plus 120

Asuka:  well?

Operator: Eva Unit02 lost prog knife.

Maya:   Limit depth plus 200.

Makoto: Katsuragi-san, no more!
        This time the devise is manned.

Misato: I am responsible of this operation. Continue.

Asuka:  Yes it is. No problem. I can go farther.

Maya:   Depth 1780. Predicted target position by the re-calculation.

Asuka:  Here it is!

Makoto: Target in sight.

Misato: Prepare for capture.

Ritsuko: Since You and the target are driven by flow,
        there's only one chance for the contact.

Asuka:  I know. Trust me!

Makoto: 30 to the target contact.

Asuka:  Relative speed 2.2. Target in range.

Asuka:  Expanding Electromagnetic cage, no problem. Target captured.

Maya:   Oh,

Makoto: Phew!

Misato: Nice! Asuka!

Asuka:  Phew! Capture operation complete. ascending.

Shinji: Asuka, are you alright?

Asuka;  Out of the question.
        Easier to bear than to worry. You konw.
        It was easy job for me.
        But, This is more like sauna suit than plug suit.
        I wanna go hot spring!

Ritsuko: Tension was released at once.

Misato: really?

Ritsuko: You've been afraid of the today's operation?

Misato: Well, yes. if wrongly done, another that..

Ritsuko: Yes. second impact... I don't want that again.

Misato: what?

Ritsuko: Oh!

Asuka:  What's this?

Ritsuko: Oh, no, that begin emergence. Earlier than calculated.

Misato: how about the cage?

Makoto: No can withstand.

Misato: Cancel capturing. Deposit the cage!

Asuka:  Oh, no!

Misato: Operation change. Annihilation of Angel is No.1 priority.
        Unit02, withdraw and prepare for battle.

Asuka:  I've waited for this!

Asuka:  Oh, asshole, I dropped knife!
        Coming from front!
        release ballasts.
        Ra... Rapid!
        Oh, no I lost the target from the sight.
        Addition to that, bad view sight and very hot!
        Suits is full of sweat and disgusting me.
        Oh, no! worst!

Misato: Asuka, Unit01 will drop its knife. Receive it!

Asuka:  Roger!
        Shit! Have you dropped Shinji?

Shinji: yeah!

Operator: 40 to knife's arrival.

Makoto: Angel rapidely approaching.

Asuka:  No, don't come!
        Hey, come on!
        too late!

Asuka:  What's the hell!

Ritsuko: Unbelievable. That opened the mouth.

Maya:   Incredible structure that has.

Asuka:  mmmm.
Maya:   right leg damaged.

Asuka:  Anti-heat process!

Ritsuko: High temperature and high pressure.
        Target withstands that critical situation.
        Progknife cannot work!

Makoto: Then, what shall we..

Shinji: I've got it!

Asuka:  That one!
        This guy!

Ritsuko: I see. thermal expansion!

Asuka:  all cooling liquid pressure to third one, Hurry!

Asuka:  WOW! gggggg

Asuka:  I've done it but... 
        It's really over?

Asuka:  gggg.

Asuka:  Phew, Shinji!
        Stupid! You did too much!

- --
Courier: Hello, Is there anybody from Nerv?

Shinji: Yes.

Courier: Then, signiture here please.
        Thank you.
Shinji: From Kaji-san? What?

PenPen: WeWeWeWe
        Aw Aw Aw.

Shinji: The Bath there to the left.

- --

Shinji: Phew... it's a heaven, heaven!

PenPen: KwKwKw Kwk

Shinji: I've never realized this agreeable bathing.

Misato: Shinji-kun, do you hear me?

Shinji: Ah, yes!

Misato: Throw the body shampoo for us.

Asuka:  The one that we brought here ran out.

Shinji: OK. Here I go.

Asuka:  Roger!

Shinji: ??

Asuka:  Ouch!
        Stupid! Where to throw! awkward guy!

Shinji: Sorry..

Asuka:  Don't hit such a part.

Misato: Oh, which part.

Asuka:  aaa... hnnn.

Misato: Hey! Asuka's bubly skin is amusing!

Asuka:  No don't touch, ticlish! oh!

Misato: how about here?

Asuka:  (laugh)

Misato: How about here?

Asuka:  Don't touch such a part.

Misato: I do! because you are not wasting.

Shinji: (sigh)

PenPen: Kw.

Shinji: Oh, no!
        Expanding... shameful.

- --
Misato: Oh this?
        In the second impact. this was...

Asuka:  You know, don't you? about me, everything?

Misato: Well, that's my business.
        Don't worry. that's the matter of long time ago.

Will be continued

Those who hate Nerv tries to stop power supply of Third New Tokyo City.
An angel's attack to Nerv without modern equipment.
Next episode "In the motionless darkness."
Next time you can expect our service!

- -----END-----