Literal Translation Series,

                "Neon Genesis Evangelion: Episode 12"
                Translated Speech Script.

                Written  by Masatoshi SHIRAGA
                Correction by Kentaro ONIZUKA


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15 years ago.
2000 A.D.
Misato : Father...
Episode 12 The value of a miracle is...
Touji : Thank you for your letting us take shelter from rain , shinji.

Kensuke : Misato-san is ?

Shinji : She might be still asleep. Recently she had lots of work for all
        night job.
Touji : Well, her work is very hard.

Kensuke : Keep quiet , not to wake her up.

Kesuke & Toji : sh!

Asuka : Hey boys! What are you doing here?

Shinji : Sheltering from rain.

Asuka : Hum , you aim at me , don't you. I'm changing clothes, if you
        peep, I kill you.

Touji : Shut up! Who wants to see you change clothes! 

Kensuke : She is too self-concious!

Touji : Um?

Kensuke : Oh!

Touji : I,...

Kensuke : Sorry for disturbing you.

Misato : I'm glad to see you.

Misato : Welcome home Shinji. We have a harmonics test tonight.
         Don't be late.

Shinji : Yes.

Asuka : Asuka, do you also know that?

Asuka : Alright.

Kensuke : Oh!

Kensuke : Oh, Congratulation for your promotion .

Touji : Co... Congratulations!

Misato : Thanx.

Kensuke : You are welcome.

Misato : Well, I'm off.

Kensuke & Touji :  good luck!

Shinji : What? What's happened to Misato-san?

Kensuke : Misato-san's Signiture. The number of lines has increased to two.
        That means she promoted from Captain to Major.

Asuka : Oh , I did not notice that.

Shinji : I wonder when...

Touji : Are you serious? What a dull guys.

Kensuke : Oh! Don't you have a bit of sense of sympathy?
        It's not that easy for a young woman in her age 
        to take care of two junior high student.

Touji : It's only WE that have a human mind.

Maya : Number 0 and 2 adjoin contamination zone, it's the limit.

Rituko : Number 1 can still afford to do. Down the plug depth 0.3 more.

Maya : Almost reaching the contamination zone.

Rituko : But this readings? He's great.

Maya : His Harmonics and synchronization ratio are coming close upon Asuka's.

Rituko : It is a talent, isn't it?

Operator : He is indeed a child born destined ride EVA.

Misato : He doesn't wish that. He is not glad at that.

Rituko : All tests are over.

Rituko : Shinji-kun , you did a good job.

Shinji : What do you mean?

Rituko : Your harmonics value is 8point better than privious.
        Good reading!

Asuka : But still 50 points lower than me.

Rituko : Oh, it's 8-point gain in ten days. 

Asuka : Nothing great!

Asuka : How glad you are to be praised.

Shinji : Hum

Asuka : I go home now. you iiidiot!

Shinji : Oh.
Shinji : Congratulation for your promotion.

Misato : Thank you.

Misato : But, to tell the truth, I am not that glad.

Shinji : Oh, I understand that.

Shinji : Being praised at that time, I was not that happy.

Shinji : That resulted to make Asuka angry.

Shinji : How come she got angry?

Shinji : What made her angry?

Misato : Do you mind that?

Shinji : Yes.

Misato : Because you are always watching other's face.

celebration hall(place)
Kensuke & Touji & Iintyou : Congratulation.

Misato : Thank you. Thank you , Suzuhara-kun.

Touji : No , no! It is this guy that planned this.

Kensuke : Yes, the planning and scheduling were  by this Aida Kensuke
        this Aida Kensuke!

Misato : Thank you , Aida-kun.

Kensuke : You are welcome. I did nothing worth your gratitude. 
        That's natural.

Touji : Anyhow , why is Class Rep. here?

Asuka : I invited her.

Asuka :  & hikari: Yeah!

Misato : Rei is ...?

Asuka : I indeed invited her. But That girl is difficult girl to be with.

Asuka : Oh , Kaji-san hasn't come yet.

Hikari : Is he that COOL GUY? Kajisan is..?

Asuka : Surely yes! Kaji-san is completely different from this clamp,
        it's just like day and night. 
        It's insult to Kaji-san to compare him with.

Touji : What you say?

Misato : Is it still difficult for you to be here in this kind of situation?

Shinji : But I am not that used to be with many people.
        Why must we make a fuss?
        Your promotion suggests that Misato-san is appreciated by
        people. doesn't it?

Misato : Well, it may be.

Shinji : That's why they are happy. But you do not look happy.

Misato : Oh, yes, I am happy. Yes, happy.
        But, that's not why I am here.

Shinji : Then, why did you join NERV?

Misato : Well, I don't remember why, because it's long since been that.


Asuka : It must be Kaji-san. No doubt! Oh!

Ryouji : I've come directly from Headquarter. I met her on the way.

Asuka & Misato : I suspect you two.

Rituko : Is that a jealousy?

Misato : Absolutly NO!

Ryouji : Anyhow, Congratulation! Major Katsuragi!
        I have to be polite to you from now on.

Misato : What are you saying! Idiot!

Ryouji : Well, it's an unprecedented matter that both of CO and EXO are
        gone out from Japan.
        That's how they rely on Katsuragi.

Shinji : My father is out here?

Rituko : Commander Ikari is on the South Pole.at the moment

Kouzou : Nothing living is allowed to exist here in the world of death,
        Or rather we should call it "hell".

Gendou : Nevertheless, we, human beings, are standing here, living as
        living things.

Kouzou : Because we are protected by the power of science.

Gendou : Science is human power.

Kouzou : That arrogance caused the tragedy 15 years ago, the Second Impact.
        And this scene is the result. 
        It's too big punishment for us considering our crime. 
        It's just like the Dead Sea!

Gendou : Yet, this is a purified world without impurity of the original sin.

Kouzou : I prefer a world where people live, no matter how it is
        smeared with the sin.

Operator : Situation Report from NERV headquarter sir.
        An angel was discovered in the satellite orbit above Indian Ocean.

Makoto : The angel appeared suddenly two minutes ago.

Operator(woman) : Set the 6th search satellite on the orbit.

Operator(man) : 2 minutes to contact.

Shigeru : Target in sight.

Shigeru : Ohh.

Makoto : It's terrible.

Misato : Out of common sense.

Shigeru : 6th satellite going to close contact to the target.

Operator(woman) : Start searching.

Operator(man) : Starting Data transmission.

Misato : A.T. field?

Rituko : It's a new way of using it.

Misato : What a great power of destruction! That's A.T.field!

Maya : That is making use of the dropping energy.
        he Angel itself is something like a bomb.

Rituko : Anyhow, the first shot hit the Pacific ocean far from
        its target. And the second shot hit that point.
        After that, Steadly correcting errors.

Misato : That means it is learning.

Makoto : N2 bombing does not work.

Shigeru : The angel missing after that.

Misato : Maybe it comes.

Rituko : Next time, Maybe it drops itself.

Misato : That will make 3d Lake Ashinoko.

Rituko : All of Lake Fuji will be merged into one and will be
        linked to Pacific Ocean, destroying HeadQuarter.

Misato : Commander Ikari's status?

Shigeru : Connection impossible due to the Angel's strong jamming.

Misato : How is Magi's judgment?

Maya : They recommend evacuation unanimously.

Rituko : What do you do? You are the present responsible person.

Misato : Connect to Japan's ministries concerned. Special
        declaration D17 under the right of NERV. Evacuation for All
        citizens within the radius 50km.  Request the backup of Magi
        to Matsushiro.

Makoto : We abandon this?

Misato : No. But It is not necessary to risk all of us.

Announce(man) : A special declaration D17 was announced by the government. 
        All citizens, take shelter in the designated place immediately.

Announce(woman) : The six and seven blocks for the priority,
         move according to the instruction from the chief of a ward's
        direction immediately.

Announce(man) : All refuges in the city complete.

Announce(woman) : The evacuation of noncombatants and Class D personnels
        by the Alarm C is complete.

Rituko : You do ? Are you serious?

Misato : Absolutely Yes.

Rituko : Are you going to abandon three Eva units in your selfish accord?
        The probability of win is only 0.00001. That's smaller than one
        out of 10 thousand.

Rituko : Major Katsuragi!

Misato : I am the present responsible person. I want to do all that I must
        to do. My job is to annihilate Angels.

Rituko : Your job ? Must be a joke! It's for your own sake! It's your
        revenge against Angels.
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Episode 12:

She said,"Don't make others suffer for your personal hatred"

Asuka : Wow, receive by hand?

Misato : Sure! Arranging Evas at the estimated collision point, and you 
        directly receive with full A.T. field.

Shinji : In the case that the Angel goes out of the course considerably ..?

Misato : Then it's over.

Asuka : In the case that the Units cannot withstand the shock ..?

Misato : Also it's over.

Shinji : The probability of win is?

Misato : I have no idea. God knows.

Asuka : If successful, that's miracle!

Misato : It's not until we cause a miracle that the miracle is valuable.

Asuka : In other words, you say, we must manage to do that.

Misato : Sorry but there's no other way. This operation is...

Asuka : You say this an operation? Is this?

Misato : No, you don't say. If you are not willing, you can refuse that.

Misato : Are you OK with that?
        Officially you are required to write SOP(Standing Operational
        Procedures). Do you write that?

Asuka : No. I ain't going to die.

Rei : Neither do I. No need.

Shinji : Neither do I.

Misato : I'm sorry for you. When the operation is over , I will 
        invite you to a steak dinner.

Asuka : Oh , really?

Misato : I swear.

Shinji : WOW

Asuka : Don't forget.

>Misato : You can expect that.

Shinji : Steak means a gorgeous dinner!

Asuka : Does she really consider that the children now-a-days would 
        be glad at steak dinner?
        How poorsome the people of the Second Impact Generations are!

Shinji : No way for them.

Asuka : Hey! What was that "WOW"? I know you pretended to be happy.

Shinji : It's nicer if she can lead us at ease.

Asuka : Anyhow , she is going to invite us.
        Where to go? 
        You must come this time!

Rei : I won't.

Shinji : Why not?

Rei : I dislike meat.
Maya : Target missing in sight due to the Angel's ECM.

Misato : Being impossible to estimate the exact point, this is the 
        collision point collision estimated by Magi
        from the data obtained just before missing.

Asuka : The range is this wide?

Shinji : The distance from the end to end is quite long.

Rituko : With the target's A.T. field , it can annihilate our headquarter

Misato : Under these conditions, we set each Eva Unit at each
        of these three points.

Rei : What is this setting based on?

Misato : It's my intuition.

Asuka & Shinji : Intuition?

Misato : Sure. Woman's intuition.

Asuka : How coarse! I feel the miracle is going farther and farther.

Shinji : Misato-san never hit the lot.

Asuka : gee.

Shinji : Hey!

Asuka : What?

Asuka : Asuka , why you are in Eva?

Shinji : Obviously, To show my talent to the world.

Shinji : To show your existence?

Asuka : That may do.

Asuka : Don't you ask that girl?

Shinji : It asked Ayanami before.

Asuka : Huuum , you and she are intimate friends.

Shinji : It doesn't mean that.

Asuka : How about you, Shinji?

Shinji : No idea.

Asuka : No idea? You must be a fool.

Shinji : I might be.

Asuka : you are really fool.

Maya : 120 minutes to the estimated collision time.

Misato : You take shelter. I will do the job here.

Shigeru : No. This is my job as well.

Makoto : I don't make only children fall in danger.

Misato : They are OK. No matter how Evas are damaged,
        A.T. field will save them. Inside Eva is the safest.

Misato : Shinji-kun, you asked yesterday why I joined NERV.
        My father threw himself into his research,... only his dream.
        I did not forgive him, or rather , I did hate him.

Shinji : Just like my father.

Misato : He didn't take care of me, my mother and the family. People said
        that he was sensitive. But he was so weak that he was always
        trying to escape from the reality, our family. He was just like a kid.
        I agreed with my mother when she divorced my father, since
        she had been always crying. My father seemed to have shocked,
        though I grinned him who was suffering from the consequence of
        his own.  He saved me for his life, and then died, in that
        Second impact.  I don't see if I'd loved him or hated him.
        One thing clear was that I had to defeat the Angels that had
        caused the Second Impact. To do that, I joined NERV. It might
        be that I was trying to revenge on my father, in order to be
        free from my father's spell.

Shinji : Don't shirk away! , Don't shirk away! , Don't shirk away!
        So don't shirk away.

Shigeru : Target insight by Maximum telescopic.

Makoto : Distance approximately 25000.

Misato : That's come! All Eva Units to the start position.
Misato : The target's trajectory is calculated based only on the
        optical observation. Magi will induce you until the distance is
        1000. After that, do on your own accord. I entrust you all.

Shigeru : The angel approaching. Distance approximately 20000.

Misato : Then, operation start.

Shinji : Here we go!
Shigeru : Distance 12000.
Shinji : Field to full!

Rei : Unit two, field to full.

Asuka : Me too.

Shinji : Right now!

Asuka : This guy!

Asuka : Huuum.

Shigeru : Wireless system recovered. Connection from Commander Ikari in 

Misato : Connect.

Shigeru : Yes sir.

Misato : I'm very sorry. Unit one was damaged due to my selfish judgment. I am 
        completely responsible for that.

Kouzou : I don't care. The annihilation of Angels is the Eva's mission. It
        was good luck that the damage was that small.

Gendou : Yes. You've done it. Major Katsuragi.

Misato : Thank you sir.

Gendou : By the way , is there the pilot of Unit 1.

Shinji : Yes.

Gendou : I've heard the story. You did it. Shinji.

Shinji : Eh? yes.

Gendou : Then, Major Katsuragi, I entrust the settlement to you.

Misato : Yes sir.
Announce : Next station is Shin-Miyanoshita , Shin-Miyanoshita. Exits on
        the left side at the next station.

Asuka : You must accomplish the promise.

Misato : Alright. I've drawn big bills from the bank. I can pay for the
        full-course dinner,... although shortly before the payday. 
Paper lantern at a Chinese noodles stand

Asuka : I know the contents of your wallet. Take it easy.
        The honor student told that she would come with us for Chinese noodle.

Rei : I am a Garlic noodle without baked pork.

Asuka : I am a Shirk fin plus baked pork big size.

Proprietor of the stand : Here you go the Shirk fin plus baked pork.

Shinji : Hey Misato-san.

Misato : What?

Shinji : When I heard my father's words, I found for the first time that
        it's glad to be praised.
        And I also found... that I pilot Eva to hear those words from my

Asuka : That's why you pilot?
        Truly idiot!

To be continued

The incident that takes place during the experiment of the simulation-plug.
Invaded one after another are the underground installations. At last,
NERV is threatened by the decision of suicidal explosion. Next Episode
is "Angel's Invasion." Expect service and one more service!