Literal Translation Series,

                "Neon Genesis Evangelion: Episode 13"
                Translated Speech Script.

                Written  by Mie KOMINAMI


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 Computer Room like place
 Ritsuko, Keyboarding sound

Female Operater: Apothosis Operation of the three EVA units will be done as 
        scheduled as MAGI system resumes its operation.

Male Operater: Operation comfirmed.  Abbreviate 450 to 670.

Makoto(Glasses): Command center, consented.

Ritsuko:You are fast.  After all, you are Maya.

Maya:   Of course.  You directly taught me.

Ritsuko:Oh, wait.  A8 would be faster there.  Let me see.

Maya:   After all, she taught me.

Misato coming up in elevater

Misato: How's going?  Is MAGI's check-up finished?

Ritsuko:Almost done.  As I promised, I made it by the today's test.

Misato: You are great, Ritsuko.  You have three of those same hard-to-take-
        care-of things, and still making it by time.

Ritsuko: That one is cold.

Misato: Ugha!

Control Center.  MAGI on the screen.

Male Operater: All three MAGI systems are now on the self-diagnosis mode.

Maya:   127th periodic check-up, all clear.

Ritsuko:Understood.  Well done, and take a rest till the test.

Ladies' Room.  Ritusko washing face.

Ritsuko:All clear...  Today too, my mother is just fine, but am I just aging?

 Angel's I

An Elevater ascend the huge vertical hole

Asuka: What?  Undress Again?

Ritsuko: From here on is the super clean room.  Just takeing shower and
        changing your undies are not enough.

Asuka:  Why should I do all these things just for the auto-piloting test?

Ritsuko:Not only the time progresses but also the technology of EVA.  We
        need the new datas all the time.

Asuka: What?

Door Opens.  All three pilots are naked.

Asuka:  Now, I am as you wanted.  Washed and cleansed for seventeen times.

Ritsuko:Now, all three of you, go through this room, stay as you are now, 
        and get into the entry plug.

Asuka:  WHAT?!

Ritsuko:Don't warry.  The vidual moniters were turned off.  Your privacy 
        is protected.

Asuka:  That's not the point.  It's about how I feel.

Ritsuko:This test's point is to do harmonics directly from the body, without 
        the assistance of the plug suit.

Misato: Asuka, It's an order.

Asuka:  OooooKeeey!  DO NOT watch, OK?

Male Operater:All pilots prepared for entry.

Ritsuko:Start the test.

EVA's simulation bodies are floating in the water.

Male Operater: Start testing.  Start memorizing auto-piloting.

Male Operater:Inserting simulation plug.

Female Operater:Connecting systems with simulation bodies.

Female Operater:Simulation plug is now under control of MAGI.

Misato: It's so fast. MAGI, oh great MAGI.  I just cannot believe it took
        a week on the first test.

Male Operater:According to the schedule, this test should end in three hours. 

Ritsuko: How are you feeling.

Rei:    Something is different.

Shinji: Yes.  Something is different from the other times.

Asuka:  Something is wrong with my senses.  Only the right arm is clear, and
        the rest is dim.

Ritsuko:Rei, image the movement of the right arm.

Rei:    Yes.

Male Operater:Doing well on data collection.

Ritsuko:There seems no problem.  Riturn MAGI to the normal.

Misato: Dilenmma...

Ritsuko:The personality of the creater of these can be guessed.

Misato: What are you talking about?  Didn't you made this?

Ritsuko:You know nothing, aren't you?

Misato: It's because you are not talkative about yourself unlike me.

Ritsuko: Well, I just did system-up.  My mother made the basic theory and
        the body.

Fuyutsuki:Are you double checked on it?

Shigeru:Yes, sir.  It is the parts which were brought in three days ago.

Long Hair:This must be the parts where change is found.

Fuyutsuki:87th protein wall...

Long Hair: Some spots can be seen when enlarged.  What are those.

Glasses: Must be corrosion.  There are a small change in the tempareture and
        conductivity.  Deterioration of a sterilized room happens often,
        often recently.

Long Hair: The construction schedule was shortend by 60 days or so, so the
          air bubbles must have gotten in.  There are a lot of holes on the
          quality of the construction work of B Wing.

Fuyutsuki:That part was done after the Angels appeared, right?

Glasses: We cann't blame them.  Everyone is tired.

Fuyatsuki:Take care of it by tommorow.  Ikari will be picky about it otherwise.

Ritsuko:Are water leaking again?

Maya:   No sir.  It is the corrosion of the walls above from here.

Ritsuko:Great.  Will it pose any trouble on the test?

Maya:   So far, no sir.

Ritsuko:Then continue.  This test cannot be aborted easily.  Commander Ikari
        will be bugging us, too.

Maya:   Understood.  Synchronized position on the normal.

Male Operater:Connecting the entry plug to EVA units through the simulation

Male Operater:Contact confirmed.

Female Operater: A.T. field are generated on 3 yokuto(spelling?).
# Is there anybody who know a name of unit for energy measurment 
# like Joct, Yogt, Yokt.

The spots on the wall starts growing.  Emagency call goes off.

Ritsuko: What happend?

Female Operater: Contermination alert on the Sigma Unit A Floor.

Male Operater: 87th wall is diteriorating, and releasing heat.

Male Operater: Abnormality found on the 6th pipe, too.

Maya:   Corrosion of the protein wall is spreading.  The speed is exprosive.

Ritsuko:Abort the test.  Shut down the 6th pipe.

Maya:   Understood.

Male Operater: 60, 38, 39, all were shutted down.

Male Operater: Corrosion found on 6-42.

Maya:   No effect. The corrosion spreads along the walls.

Ritsuko:Prepare Polysomes

Ritsuko:Lazer on the Max.  Fire at the invasion.

Maya:   The corrosion have reached 6-58. Coming!

(Angel's voice)

Rei:    No!


Maya:   Rei's sumilation body is moving!

Ritsuko:No way.

Maya:   Corrosion still spreading.  It is invading the active water system of
        the sumilation bodies.

Misato: How about Rei?

Maya:   She is OK.

Ritsuko: Eject all plug now.  Hurry the lazer

Misato: AT field!

Ritsuko:No way.

Misato: What... this?

Ritsuko:Analization pattern, blue.  It's the Angel, without any Questions.

Fuyutsuki:The Angel? Did you let the Angel to come inside?

Ritsuko: Sorry, sir.

Fuyutsuki:No excuse needed.  Close the Central Dogma.  Separate it from Sigma

Male Operater:Central Dogma, phsically closed down.  Separating it from Sigma

Misato:Abandon this Box.  Evacuate.

Operaters running.

Misato:What are you doing?  Hurry

Misato pull Ritsuko along with her.

Female Operater: Separating Sigma Unit from B Floor.  All partitions closing.
        Everyone on the area is to evacuate.

Gendou: I know. Please take care of it.

Gendow hungs up the phone

Gendou: Stop the alert.

Long Hair:S, stopping the alert, sir.

Gendou: It was a mistake.  The mistake of the detecter.  Tell Japan's
       government and the Commitee so.

Long Hair: Y, yes, sir.

Glasses:The contaminated area is still decending.

Fuyutsuki:It is on the bad place.

Gendou: Yes.  It is too close to the ADAM.

Gendou: Contain the corrosion by the Sigma unit.  You may sacrifice the Geo-
        Front.  How about EVA?

Glasses:Waiting at the 7th cage.  Can go as soon as the pilots are retreived.

Gendow: No need to wait for the pilots.  Just shoot them out to the surface
        as soon as preparations are done. 

Long hair and Glasses: What?

Gendou: Priority is the First Unit.  You may abandon the rest.

Glasses:The First Unit, sir? 

Long Hair:But sir, without EVA, we cannot destroy the Angel physically.

Gendou: If the EVA gets contaminated, we are completely finished.  Hurry!

Long Hair and Glasses:  Y, yes,sir.

Female Operater:Central Dogma under Sigma Unit will be completely sealed off
        in 60seconds.  30 seconds till the activation of the vaccume

Ryouji: So, that is the Angel.  Can't do the work any more. Ha.

Female Operater: Central Dogma, sealed completely off.  Mega-depth facilities
        are now completely taken over the invader.

Fuyutsuki:Now, how we make offence against the Angels without EVA?




Ritsuko: Look. Here is the boundery of heavy water, where more oxygen exists.

Maya:   Its preference is pretty clear.

Long Hair:The place where ozone is poured in to maintain sterilized condition
        is not contaminated.

Misato: So, does it mean its weakness is oxygen?

Ritsuko:Its seems like so.

Glasses:Injecting ozone.  Concentration increasing.

Long Hair:It is working, all right.

Fuyutsuki:Can we make it?

Maya:   0A and 0B seems to recovering.

Long Hair:Around the pipe is back to the normal.

Glasses:The center parts are tough as expected.

Fuyutsuki:OK, increase ozone.

Ritsuko:Something is wrong.

Long Hair:What? It is increasing.

Glasses:Something is wrong.  Heat release is increasing.

Long Hair:Conterminated area, increasing again

Maya:   The all effect of ozone is lost.

Glasses:Now, it is intaking ozone.

Ritsuko:Stop the ozone.

Ritsuko:Incredible.  It is evolving.

Misato: What's wrong.

Long Hair:Sub-computer is being hacked.  Hacker, unidentified.

# The appropriate word should be "cracked" rather than "hacked."
# And "cracker" rather than "hacker."

Glasses:Not now.  Dealing with C mode.

Long Hair: Unfreezing the barrier.  Decoy entry opened.

Male Operater: Decoy entry avoided.

Male Operater: 18sec. till trace completed.

Male Operater: Opening the barrier.

Male Operater: Barrier, broken.

Male Opreater: Opening more decoy entry.

Glasses:A human being cannot do this.

Male Operater:Tracing successful.  Hacker is within this facility.

Long Hair:Under the B-Wing.  It's Pribnow Box!

Maya:   The optical pattern is changing.

Long Hair:The growing lines are the electrical circuits.  It is a computer

Glasses:Opening decoy entry.  ...  Unsuccessful.  It was interfered.

Misato: Cut off the Main Cable.

Male Operater:It won't.  It won't take the order.

Misato: Shoot the lazer.

Maya:   AT field generated.  No effect.

Long Hair:It is accessing to the mainbank of the security.  It is operateing
        the passward.  12th diget, 16th deget. D word cleared.


Glasses:It is reading the mainbank.  Impossible to clear.

Fuyutsuki:What does it want?

Long Hair:It is searching the mainbank. This code is... No! It want to invade

Gendou:Down the IO system.

Long Hair:Count down, please.


Glasses and Long Hair: Agh!

Glasses:Cannot be turned off!

Maya:   Angel, invading farther.  Contacting Melchior.
        It is about to take over.
        Melchior, reprogrammed by the Angel.

Voice:  Self-destruction suggested by AI Melchior.  Rejection, rejection, 

Long Hair:This time, Melchior is hacking Balthazar.

Glasses:Damn!  It's so fast!

Long Hair:What a caliculation speed!

Ritsuko: (taking a breath) Change the login mode.  Tune synchro-code to every
        fifteen minutes.

Glasses and Long Hair: Roger

Fuyutsuki:How long do we have?

Long Hair:Judging from the observations, about 2 hours.

Gendou: MAGI... against us.

Command Center.  No one is there.  The vidual of Angel is on

Ritsuko: They are micro-machines, the ANGELS with the size of virus.  The each
        of them gathers to form a colony, and in these short times, they have
        evolved expornentialy enough to from a intellegence circuit.


Ritsuko: Yes, sir.  They constantly evolve themselves and look for the best way
        to cope with the situations.

Fuyutsuki:It is the system of survival of the life forms itself.

Misato: The only effective way to fight with subject which constantly evolve
        and over come its weakness is take it with us.  Only way is to MAGI to
        commit suicide and take it with MAGI.  I suggest physical elimination of

Ritsuko:Impossible.  Aborting MAGI means aborting the Head Quater.

Misato:Then, I formally request it as the strategy section.

Ritsuko:I reject.  This is the matter of the engineering section.

Misato: Why are you acting like a mule.

Ritsuko:This situation started because of my mistake.

Misato: You've been always like that.  Keep everything to yourself and never
        depend on the others.

Ritsuko:As long as the ANGELS keeps evolution, we still have a chance.

Gendou:Promotion of the evolution?

Ritsuko:Yes, sir.

Gendou: The end of the evolution is self-destruction.  It is death itself.

Fuyutsuki:Then, what we should do is to promote evolution.

Ritsuko:If the ANGELS consider effective means of the survival, they may
        choose the co-existance with MAGI.

Glasses:But how?

Ritsuko:If the target is the computer itself, we can reverse hack by directly
        connecting Casper and the ANGELS, and by doing so, self-destruct 
        promotion code can be send in.  However...

Maya:   At the same time, we are opening up the barrier to the ANGELS.

Gendou: "Is Casper faster or the ANGELS faster?", right?

Misato: You can make the program by the time, right?  If Casper is taken over
        completely, that's it for us.

Ritsuko:I keep the promise.

MAGI on the screen

Female Operater:R Alert,  R Alert.  An emergency within the NERV HQ.  All
        emergency workers are to be evacuated.

Maya: (looking inside Casper) W, What are those?

Ritsuko:Scribbles by the developer(of this system.)

Maya: Oh gosh!  Those are the secret codes of MAGI!

Misato: Just like the map of the back door of MAGI.

Maya:   Owwww, am I allowed to see such a things?  Cann't believe it!  This is
        c of int!  With all these, we can program much faster than expected.

Ritsuko:Thanks, Mother.  We can make it for sure.

Ritsuko:Get me that wrench.

Misato:Reminds me of when we were in college.

Ritsuko:Board No.25.

Misato:Mmmmm will you tell me about MAGI?  Just a little?

Ritsuko:It's a long story.  But not much fan.  Do you know the personality
        transfer OS?

Misato: Yap.  It is the system to transfer a person's personality and make 
       the 7th generation organic computer to think by itself.  It is used
       to operate EVA, too.

Ritsuko:I heard MAGI is the first one to use it.  My mother developed it.

Misato: Did your mother's personality was transfered to MAGI?


Ritsuko:In other word, these brains are my mother's.

Misato: Is that why you wanted to protect MAGI?

Ritsuko:I do not think so.  I did not like my mother much.  It is a decision
        as a scientist.

Glasses:Balthazar is now taken over.

Voice:  Self-destruction is now voted for by the AIs.  Self-destruction will be
        excuted 02sec. after all three are agreed about it.  The ranges of self-
        destruction is Geoid depth -280, -140, and 0 floor.  Due to the 
        activation of special rule 582, cancellation by the two of the AIs are

Misato: Is it begin?

Long Hair:Balthazar invading Casper farther.

Fuyutsuki:They are pushing us.

Glasses:What a speed!!

Voice:  Self-destruction in 20sec.

Fuyutsuki:Oh, no.

Long Hair:Casper will be taken over in 18sec.

voice:  Self-destruction in 15sec.

Misato: Ritsuko!  Hurry!

Voice:  Self-destruction in 10sec.

Ritsuko:Don't warry.  We are 1sec. ahead.

Voice:  Self-destruction in 9 sec.

Misato: A SECOND?


Ritsuko:Not zero, not negative. Maya.

Voice:  7,6,

Maya:   We can do it.

Voice:  5, 4, 3.

Ritsuko:Hit it.

Voice:  2, 1, 0.

Voice:  Self-destruction cancelled by AIs.


Long Hair:YES!

Maya and Misato: (Smiling Sighs)

Voice:  Now, special rule 582 is cleared.  MAGI system return to normal.


Voice:  R Alert cleared.  R Alert cleared.  Everyone back to type one alert.

In Entry plug, floating on a pond

Shinji: What is going on.

Asuka:  Yeee! I can't get out of here without any cloth!  Someone, help me FAST!

Maya:   Sigma Unit now released.  -03 till reopen of MAGI sistem.

Ritsuko:Am I too old for all-nighter already?

Misato: (handing a cup to Ritusko) Once again, you kept promise.  Good job.

Ritsuko:Thank you.  This is the fast time I felt the coffee you made is 

Misato: Hehehe.

Ritusko: A night before her death, my mother told me MAGI are three of herself.
        As a scientist, as a mother, and as a woman.  MAGI are three of those
        fighting each other.  She left dilemma of human being on purposely
        there.  To be honest, the program is slightly different from
        each other. Since I seem like not to be a mother,
        I cannot understand my mother as a mother.  But as
        a scientist, I respected her.  And as a woman, I even hated her.  

Misato: You speak a lot today.

Ritsuko:In Casper, pattern as a woman was input.   She stayed as a woman
        untill last.  It is jut like my mother.

To Be continued
Seele, a secret soceity behinde NERV and Instrumentality of Man
Project.  Is Gendou's actions are just the excutions of the Dead Sea
Scroll?  Next episode: "Seele, throne of soul."  Gatta service you
next time, too!