Literal Translation Series,

                "Neon Genesis Evangelion: Episode 14"
                Translated Speech Script.

                Written by Kentaro ONIZUKA

                Revision Level 0.9

Here you go the script of Episode 14, which is almost the overview of
preceding 13 episodes. Part A is mainly consists of subtitles in
Japanese and the scenes from previous 13 episodes. I tried my best to
conserve the order of subtitiles. Well, it's tough work to conserve
the order, because the word order of Japanese is very different from
that of English. The fantasic and meaningful speech of Rei at the
begining of Part B has also many difficult points to translate. That's
a poem rather than a speech. Since the background scene is
synchronizing the speech, I had to conserve the word order strictly
here again.  As for the name of Angels, I tried to retrieve their
orthography.  I guess that the names are mainly from angel's in Hebrew
legends.  If you have information on the names in Hebrew legends,
please let me know.

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Avant title

        It was in 2015 A.D.


        The third Angel


        Sachiel's attack


        The performance of ordinary weapons
        against Angel
        not recognized.


        UN force
        having failed to carry out the plan


        Transfered all the authority to direct
        to the special institute NERV.


        The same day midnight,
        The Angel arrived at
        above NERV headquarter


        The same day, Acquired was


        The Third Qualified Child


        Ikari Shinji


        accepted to get on board


        Evangelion Unit One
        sortied for the first time


        experienced the first actual battle.


        The first battle in the Third New Tokyo


        Eva Unit One,
        Damage at the head component,
        Out of Control


        Complete silence.




        RUN TO WILD.


        The interim report of
        "The city battle at Third New Tokyo"
        The responsible person,
        The planning manager Captain Katsuragi Misato

Misato: Although our damage resultant was terribly large,


        The A.T. field of

Misato: the challenge of the unexperienced boy 
        to the first battle against the unknown target


        the third Angel and Unit One
        was recognized.

Misato: and the fact that he carried out the challenge
        were indeed admirable deeds of Ikari Shinji.


        Unit One,
        eroded the target's A.T. Field

Misato: However, for the section of planning, it was a hard
        battle that revealed further more problems and many
        points to improve.

# Misato's speech is in very formal and old style language.


        Angel, Annihilated


        Intercept installation, slightly damaged.
        Eva Unit One, middle scale damage.


        The sufferers in the incident
        not being published.


        Excerpted from Suzuhara Touji's composition

Touji:  My sister be's a sekond year student of primary.
        She be's injered in that insident.
        The injery ain't due to the enemy but to the wildy droid on our side.
        I no can forgive sucha fool story guy!
        I wanna make those adults he made the droid know my sister's
        pain and my anger.

# His composition is in Osaka-ben. Thus I translated into non-standard
# English.


        The fourth Angel




        At that time,
        The performance ratio of        
        Surface-to-air intercept system,


        The operation ratio of
        Third New Tokyo battle formation,


        Douki Hikari's composition (part)

Hikari: Since I'd experienced the evacuation training a lot together
        with classmates, that was just like everyday matter,
        and I did not actually realize the situation.
        Boys were making noise as if they were on school excursion.
        We girls were not afraid of things.


        Arriving at above Third New Tokyo.


        The Second battle in Third New Tokyo.


        Despite the accident of
        power-supply cutoff,


        Angel, annihilated


        NERV, obtained the sample
        of the angel with the original shape.


        Yet, the final report
        of the analysis
        not being published


        The Fifth Angel


        Ramiel's attack


        the hard-to-defeat target,


        Captain Katsuragi's proposition,
        Operation Yashima,


        The First Qualified Child


        The Exclusive Pilot of Eva Unit Zero


        Ayanami Rei


        Sortied on the Unsealed
        Eva Unit Zero for the first time.


        The same day midnight,
        A component of the Angel,
        Invaded into the Geofront.


        executed Operation Yashima.


        Excerpted from Aida Kensuke's personal material

Kensuke:Ikari says nothing. But I am sure that at that time, Unit Zero
        protected Unit One for her life from the enemy's
        accelerated-particle-cannon attack.
        I am sure about that.
        It's because of only one reason.
        It's Ayanami.
        I have an impression that Ayanami regards herself as 
        a very weak existence.


        Operation Yashima

Kensuke:Different from Pessimism,

Kensuke:But she already has something like that.


        Eva Unit Zero Heavily Damaged


        the pilot survived

Kensuke:She seems more matured than us at the age 14 years old.


        The sixth Angel





Committee:This incident is slightly out of the scenario.

Ikari:  Yet the result was within the predictable range.
        Possible to revise.


        The Second Qualified Child


        The Exclusive Pilot of Eva Unit Two


        Souryu Asuka Langray


        Sortied on Eva Unit Two
        for the first time


        The close battle on the sea




        The First Under-water Battle


        In the battle around EX-Ito area


        Angel, annihilated.

Committee: In the battle, UN navy lost one third of its whole ships.

Committee: The ships lost are those of your country.
        That's negligible.

Committer:Well yes. It was quite lucky once again that the damage was
        that small.


        The Seventh Angel




        Having the capability of
        separation and combination


        By the heavy synchronized two point attack
        by Eva Unit One and Two


        Angel, annihilated


        The Eighth Angel




        Discovered inside the
        crater of Mt. Asamayama


        ordered Special Command A-17.


        Carried out the capture operation
        under the ultimate priority condition.


        Captured the target for a while
        in the electro-magnetic light wave cage.


        The electro-magnetic barrier broken.
        The operation, canceled.


        The objective of the operation
        changed to
        the Angel Annihilation.


        Eva Unit Two
        carried out the operation


        Angel, Annihilated.


        Eva Unit Zero, restored from the damage
        And completed improvement


        Returned to operational


        The Ninth Angel




        By the first simultaneous
        operation of three Eva Units


        Angel, Annihilated


        The Tenth Angel




        Against the target flying down
        from stratosphere


        By the direct intercept
        by Three Eva Units,


        Angel, Annihilated


        The Eleventh Angel


        Its attack not being recognized at the moment.


        A rumour saying NERV headquarter
        directly invaded.

Committee: That's too bad.


        The Instrumentality of Man Committee,
        Special Meeting

Committee: Too early.

Committee: Well yes. It is out of the prediction that an Angel
        invaded to the headquarter of NERV.

Committee: Addition to that, you allowed that to invade into Central Dogma.

Committee: If the contact had took place, all the plan would be in vain.

Ikari:  The report to this committee was a false report.
        There's no fact of the Angel's invasion.

Committee: Then, Ikari, you say, there's no fact of the Eleventh Angel's

Ikari:  That's right.

Committee: You should be careful about your speech, Ikari-kun.
        A perjurer in this committee shall die.

Ikari:  I allow you to investigate the log-record of Magi.
        Nothing concerning the incident was recorded.

Committee: Don't make us laugh!
        Concealing facts is one of your speciality.

Ikari:  The time schedule is going along the description in Scroll of
        Dead Sea.

Committee: Alright. This time, we don't claim your crime and responsibility.
        However, you don't have to write a new scenario.

Ikari:  I know.
        Let all things go according to Seele's scenario.

# "Seele" (ZE-RE). German word for "soul."
# But here it means an organization which carries out the plan written in 
# the Scroll of dead sea.
        Episode 14    
E, the throne of soul 
Commercial film.

        Episode: 14


Rei:    Mountain. Heavy is mountain.
        The thing that changes through a long time.
        Sky. Blue sky. The thing visible, the thing invisible.
        Sun. The thing unique.
        Water. the thing agreeable. Commander Ikari.
        Flowers. Many things alike. Many things useless.
        Sky. Red, Red sky. Red colour. Red colour that I hate.
        Water flow. Blood. the smell of blood. a woman that does not bleed.

Rei:    Made from red soil is a human.
        Made by a man and a women is a human.
        Town. The thing that human made.
        Eva. The thing that human made.
        Human is what? The thing that God made.
        Human is the thing that human made.
        The things that I own are life and mind.
        The vessel of mind. Entry plug, The throne of soul.

Rei:    Who is this? This is I.
        Who is I? What is I? What is I? What is I? What is I?

Rei:    I am myself. This object is I. The figure that forms me.
        I visible, though feel as if not I. Funny impression.
        My body seems like melting.
        I don't see myself. My figure is fading away.
        I am aware of someone else.
        Who is there in front of me?
        I know this guy. Major Katsuragi.
        Dr. Akagi.
        People, my classmate.
        Pilot of unit two.
        Commander Ikari.
        Who are you?
        Who are you?
        Who are you?

Ritsuko: How do you feel Unit One for the first time for you.

Rei:    It smells of Ikari-kun.


        The first mutual compatibility test
        Examinee: Ayanami Rei


Ritsuko:The synchro-ratio is almost the same as that to Unit Zero.

Maya:   The similar personal pattern is shared by Unit Zero and Unit One.

Ritsuko: That's why synchronization is possible.

Maya:   Error plus minus 0.03.
        Harmonics is regular.

Ritsuko:The compatibility between Rei and Unit One has no detectable

Ritsuko: OK, Test complete. Rei, your job is over.

Rei:    Yes.


        The 87th Unit synchronization test
        Examinee: Souryu Asuka Langray


Announce: Data-bank of Unit Two, complete.

Announce: Harmonics regular.

Announce: Pilot, nothing abnormal.

Asuka:  Obviously.


        The first mutual compatibility test
        Examinee: Ikari Shinji


Ritsuko:Personal data of Unit Zero is..

Maya:   rewriting already complete. Currently re-confirming.

Ritsuko:Examinee's status?

Staff:  slightly strained, though no problem in the nerve pattern.

Misato: Unit Zero for the first time, because it's different Eva,
        it's reasonable.

Asuka:  He's a fool! He should relax himself ignoring such a thing.

Misato: Not such a child to do so is Shinji-kun.

Asuka:  I know. That's why he is a fool.

Misato: (laugh)

Asuka:  By the way, as for the two guys' unit compatibility test.
        Don't I have to participate that?

Misato: You will not want to get into other unit than Unit two.

Asuka:  Well, obviously, I won't.

Misato: Well, I've never heard of the unit two's compatibility.

Announce:Entry started.

Announce:LCL added.

Announce:Start first stage connexion.

Ritsuko:How do you feel the entry plug of Unit Zero.

Shinji: I Feel something strange.

Maya:   Do you feel incompatibility?

Shinji: No, I mean, it smells of Ayanami...

Asuka:  What's the smell? Abnormal is he!

Announce:Data received. Re-confirmation.

Announce:Pattern green.

Announce:Main power-supply connexion complete.

Announce:Every restriction no problem.

Ritsuko:Roger. Then mutual compatibility test moves to the second stage.

Maya:   Unit Zero entering into the second contact.

Misato: How is it?

Ritsuko: As I expected, smaller synchro-ratio than that to Unit one.

Maya:   Harmonics, all in regular position.

Ritsuko:But good readings.
        This means, we can carry out that plan.

Maya:   You mean Dummy system?
        I dare say to my senior, I am not so much...

Ritsuko:I understand why you don't want that.
        But, the preparation is always necessary, in order for one to live.

Maya:   I respect you, my senior. And I will do my job.
        Yet, I am not convinced enough.

Ritsuko:One with mysophobia always feels difficulty in living among people.
        When you get dirty, you will find that.

Announce:Third connexion started.

Announce:Self-psycho-graph, stable.

Asuka:  How do you feel like, Shin-chan! Mom's breast? or inside the womb?

Ritsuko:Asuka! don't disturb! noise would penetrate.

Asuka:  OK, Alright.

Asuka:  What's the hell. Everyone is indulgent to Shinji.

Ritsuko: A10 Nerve connexion started.

Announce: Harmonics Level plus 20.

Shinji: WOW, what's this?
        Something is entering directly into my head, what?
        Ayanami? Ayanami Rei? It's Rei, this impression is Rei's.
        Ayanami? Aren't you?

Misato: What's the matter?

Announce:Pilot's nerve-plus in irregular.

Maya:   Psychological pollution is taking place.

Ritsuko:Unbelievable! This plug depth does not trigger that.

Maya:   No, Not from the plug. The invasion from Eva.

Maya:   Unit Zero, out of control!

Ritsuko:Cut all circuit! Cut power-supply!

Announce:Eva switched to backup power source.

Announce:Still operating.

Misato: Shinji's status?

Staff:  Circuit no carry. Monitoring impossible.

Ritsuko:Unit Zero rejects Shinji-kun?

Maya:   No! Automatic Ejection non operational.

Ritsuko:The same incident as that time?
        Trying to possess Shinji-kun?

Misato: Rei! Go back! Rei!

Announce:Unit Zero, 10 second to stop operation, 9, 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0

Announce:Unit Zero stopped operation.

Misato: Rescue the Pilot! Hurry!

Misato: Is it that Eva tried to kill Rei? That Unit Zero tried?


Misato: This incident has something to do with that incident of going wild?
        That incident of Rei?

Ritsuko: Nothing I can say at the moment. One thing I can say at the moment
        is, after returning the personal data of Rei to Unit Zero,
        another synchronization test between Rei and Unit Zero is necessary.

Misato: As the planning manager, I request you to do it immediately,
        before that troubles our job.

Ritsuko:I know. Major Katsuragi.

Ritsuko: It must be me that Unit Zero tried to attack.
        No doubt.


Shinji: Uh.

Radio:  The next astonishing in the world, is a doggy who can calculate.
        Hi! Here you go, the genius doggy, Kanna-chan! 
        Good greetings!
        Do you understand language?
        Oh, that's right!
        Then, please solve the problem.
        325 minus 324 is
        Oh! Great! It is correct!

# Japanese dog barks "WAN, WAN" instead of "BOW WOW", thus "one one"

Shinji: Oh, No! I hate this ceiling.

Staff:  Shinji-kun has recovered consciousness.
        No remaining aftereffect from the pollution.
        He himself remembers nothing.

Misato: Is that so.

Radio:  The problem of Nansha islands ...

Asuka:  Neither Misato nor Kaji-san tell me nothing.
        Shinji knows nothing.
        What kind a girl is FIRST ?

Fuyuzuki:The Angel's invasion which is out of the plan.
        The push from The Instrumentality of Man Committee who found
        the fact.
        They are mean people. Complaining  is their only job to do.

Ikari:  All the trump cards are ours. They can do nothing.

Fuyuzuki:That does not mean, you should irritate them.

Ikari:  Everything is going according to the scenario. No problem.

Fuyuzuki:What is that Unit Zero's accident. That was not in my scenario.

Ikari:  Nothing interfering.
        The synchro test between Rei and Unit Zero after that
        was successful.

Fuyuzuki:He is taking care of Rei too much. Ikari...

Fuyuzuki:How is the status of Adam Project.

Ikari:  No problem. The delay is less than 2%.

Fuyuzuki:Then, how about Lancea Longini (Longinus'es Lance)?

Ikari:  Going along the plan. The operation is carried out by Rei.

---Will be continued---

While the friends marry one after another, Misato feels eagerness to
marry. Is the second encouter with Kaji is the last chance for her?
Next Episode "Lie and Silence"