Literal Translation Series,

                "Neon Genesis Evangelion: Episode 15"
                Translated Speech Script with some comments.

                Written by Kentaro ONIZUKA
                Comments by Kentaro ONIZUKA

                Revision Level 0.9

Here you go the script of Episode 15, Phew, I've just completed the
translation. I still have a lot to revise... But please enjoy!  This
episode was on air Wednesday evening and translation was complete
Thursday midnight. I tried to complete within the day of the program,
but I completed only a half within the day. Next time, I will try the
translation within the day of EVA.

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Evangelion Episode 15

        Avant Title

Fuyuzuki:       Second and Third Lake Ashinoko.
                I don't want any more.
                Yesterday, A complaint come from Chairman Keel.
                Directly to me.
                Much irritated.
                Finaly he implied your dismiss.

Ikari:          Adam is going well. As for Eva project, we've started
                Dummy Plug.
                What is the oldman of Seele complaining.

Fuyuzuki:       The most important, The Project of Mankind Intrumentality 
                is behind the schedule.

Ikari:          All the projects are coupled together.
                No problem.

Fuyuzuki:       You also mean Rei?
                By the way, how shall we deal with that guy?

Ikari:          Let him do as he likes.
                Same as the Marduk Institute.

Fuyuzuki:       We may make use of him for a while.



Ryouji:         What started here 16 years ago?

        Episode: 15

        Lie and Sil

Woman:          This is me.

Ryouji:         Oh, is that you?

Woman:          Shannon Bio Inc. A foreign captal Chemical company.
                It's been here for 9 years, with the same appearance
                for 9 years.
                Among the 108 enterprises connected to Marduk Institute,
                106 were dummies.

Ryouji:         And, you say this is the 107th?

Woman:          This company's registration record. 

Ryouji:         You say "look at the list of directors"

Woman:          You've already known that?

Ryouji:         I know most of the names.
                Marduk Institute, a consultative faculty established
                directly under The Intstrumentality Mankind Committee
                in order to select the pilots of Evangelion.
                The entity of the system not being revealed.

Woman:          Your job is to spy NERV. It's dangerous to poke Marduk.

Ryouji:         Well, I cannot keep myself from investigating anything 
                by myself


PhoneResponder: Hello. This is Kanji's. I am out at the moment.
                If you have something, please leave your name and message.

Asuka:          WOW, Help me Kaji-san! What are you doing to me.
                Abnormal! AAAAAA!

Hikari:         What happened?

Asuka:          I've wanted Kaji-san to take me somewhere Sunday tomorrow.
                And I phoned, though he's been absent for long.
                These days, he's been always out.

Hikari:         That means, you have nothing to do tomorrow.

Asuka:          I am very sorry but that's right.

Hikari:         Then, I have one thing to ask you.

Asuka:          What?

Hikari:         I mean..

Asuka:          Oh! Date?

Hikari:         That's a friend of my sister Kodama.
                He ask me saying "You must introduce her to me!"
                I hope you!

# Hikari's elder sister is named Kodama.
# Hikari's younger sister is named Nozomi.
# Japan's bullet train's name.
# Kodama (Local Express), Hikari (Super Express), Nozomi (Super-Supre Express)


Touji:          Meeen!

# The voice to hit with sword in Japanese Kendo swordmanship.
# "Men" originally means the protector-mask, or simply a mask.

Shinji:         Oh!

Touji:          Do your duty!

Shinji:         Sorry.

Hikari:         You know your duty is to clean the room!

Announce:       Microsis operation complete.
Announce:       Inversible graph measurment complete.
Announce:       ... Synchro-position in normal.

Ritsuko:        On which dress will you have tomorrow?

Misato:         Oh, you mean the wedding party?
                I had on that suits in pink at Kiyomi's party.
                I just recently had on that dress in navy-blue at Kotoko's.

Ritsuko:        How about that orange one?
                You don't have on that these days.

Misato:         Oh, that one. That has a slight reason to...

Ritsuko:        Too tight?

Misato:         That's right.
                Should I buy new one on the way home?
                That will cost a lot.

Ritsuko:        We've been invited so frequently that the amount of 
                gratuity is that big.

# The invited person has to give a gratuity to the couple in Japan.
# The amount is about 20,000 YEN (200 US$) or more.

Misato:         Shit! Every one is eager to marry before they get
                thirty years old.

Ritsuko:        We don't want to be the last one remaining single.

Ritsuko:        OK! your job is over.

Ritsuko:        You did it.

Asuka:          Always test, test, that I cannot enjoy!

Ritsuko:        By the way, he is much depressed today, Shinji-kun is.

Misato:         'Cose it's tomorrow.

Ritsuko:        Well, it's tomorrow.


Shinji:         I am going to meet my father tomorrow.
                What do you think I shall talk about with him?

Rei:            How come you ask me such a thing?

Shinji:         'cose I saw you enjoy talking with my father the other day. 

Shinji:         Hey, what kind of man is my father?

Rei:            I have no idea.

Shinji:         Is that so.

Rei:            Is it because you've wanted to ask it that you've
                been staring at me since daytime?

Shinji:         Yeah.

Shinji:         Oh, when we were cleaning room today, you were wringing
                the floorcloth.
                You looked like a mother at that time.

Rei:            a mother?

Shinji:         Yeah.
                Yeah, that was just like the mother's way of wringing.
                I bet you become a housewife.

Rei:            What do you say!


TV:             Oh, no! It's you that said "we should separete."

Misato:         I'm back.

TV:             .... maybe .....

Asuka:          Hi.

TV:             What are you saying in such a situation.
                I don't know about you, but I am different from what I was
                in those days.

Misato:         Go to bed right now, because You are going to date tomorrow.

TV:             Yet I still love...

Asuka:          Yeah, with a MD student.
                Oh, I've got it. Hey, may I use that? Your perfume of lavender.

Misato:         NO!

TV:             Once .... woman cannot return to what she was.
                I cannot return to what I was in those days.

Misato:         Shit. You stingy guy!

TV:             But I still love you.

Misato:         That's not for you, a child.
                Shinji-kun is in his room?

TV:             I told you it's impossible.

Asuka:          He's been shutting himself for long.
                It seems that he doesn't wanna see his father.
                If he hates, he must say he doesn't want that.
                Japanese people are such a ..

TV:             I'd been trying to forget you for three years.

Misato:         It is not that he really hate that.

TV:             Don't say such a thing now.

Misat:          That's indeed a problem.
Ikari:          Go home!

Ikari:          Good job, Shinji.

Misato:         Shinji-kun, I open.

Misato:         You are afraid of that? To be with your father alone?
                It's no good to always escape.
                You must go one step further.
                Otherwise nothing will change.

Shinji:         I know.

Misato:         You are going to know,
                Not only the first step, but also you have to continue
                to step after the first one.
                Anyhow, you must go there with the strong mind tomorrow,
                since you will meet your mother.

Misato:         Then, g'night.

Asuka:          Hey, you bought a dress for tomorrow? Let me see!

Misato:         (laugh), you wanna see? Very expensive one.

Asuka:          That's a sense rather than a price.

Misato:         Here it is. This is perfect!

Asuka:          Yeah! Do you take Kaji-san's taste into account?

Misato:         I must not. It was over long ago.

Misato:         Then,

Asuka:          I'm

Shinji:         Off.


Speech:         From now on, you must keep three bags in your mind, and ...

Song:           Red, Blue, and Yellow dr...

# Famous oldies in Japan. 
# "Red, Blue, and Yellow dress. Having the dress, the ladybirds are 
# about to danse! Synchonizing to the Samba's rithm, they danse!"

Toastmaster:    Now It's the time for you to enjoy a good
                conversation for a while.


        Mr. Kaji Ryouji

Ritsuko:        Yet, he's not come. Ryou-chan.

Misato:         That idiot's never come on time.

Ritsuko:        It was when he dated.
                His attitude was different when on job.

Ryouji:         Hi! you two are ever more beautiful today.      
                I failed to escape from job before the time.

Misato:         But you are always idling.

Ryouji:         (Laugh)

Misato:         Anyhow, why don't you shave that sloppy beard? 
                And the tie is not set correctly.

Ryouji:         Sorry.

Ritsuko:        You two look like spouses.

Misato:         Uh!

Ryouji:         Good point! Ritchan.

Misato:         Who marries this kind a guy!

Ikari:          It's been three years since last time to be here 
                with you alone.

Shinji:         Since I escaped at that time, I've never come here.
                I don't feel like my mother sleeps here.
                I don't remember my mother's face.

Ikari:          People continue to live by forgetting things.
                Nevertheless, we have something that we must not forget.
                Yui let me know the indispensable thing.
                To confirm that, I come here.

Shinji:         Don't you have something like her photo?

Ikari:          Nothing remains.
                This grave is nothing but a decoration.
                No remains.

Shinji:         As the teacher says, you casted everything.

Ikari:          Everything is in my mind.
                I am satisfied by that at the moment.

Ikari:          It's time. I leave.

Shinji:         Father!
                I mean, I am glad today, that I had a time to talk with you.

Ikari:          Is that so.



Those women longed for the touch of other's lips, and thus invited
their kisses.
Shinji:         uh?

Asuka:          Not bad!

Asuka:          You have such a thing?

Shinji:         I've been learning since I was five, and this skill.
                I am not particulartly talented.

Asuka:          Continuation is power.
                I slightly think better of you.

Shinji:         I began this following my teacher's advise.
                I could have quited immediately.

Asuka:          Then, why have you continued?

Shinji:         No one stopped me.

Asuka:          That figures.

Shinji:         You come back early. I thought you would have a supper.

Asuka:          It was not a fun to be with that boy.
                So, I escaped while we were in the queue
                for the roller coaster.

Shinji:         That's too cold.

Asuka:          Oh! Only Kaji-san is the normal man.

Misato:         It's too late to say such a thing.
                I'll fix my hear.

Ryouji:         But don't escape.

Misato:         Beeee.

Ryouji:         Pumps...

Ryouji:         It's been long since we, three, drinked last?

Ritsuko:        She drinked too much.
                She looks frolicking.

Ryouji:         To keep oneself from frolicking, one drinks again.
                Well, today, it's not me but her.

Ritsuko         But the word from the man who have lived together is
                quite heavy.

Ryouji:         I lived together, though it had been before Katsuragi had on

Ritsuko:        We never imagined that during the school days.

Ryouji:         I was a kid, so, that was not a life of a man and a woman,
                but a room-sharing. Yeah, that was a kid's play.

Ryoji:          Oh, here you go. A souvenir from a cat.

Ritsuko:        Oh, thanx.
                What a honest man you are. 

Ryouji:         To ladies.
                But sloven to business. 

Ritsuko:        I doubt.
                To Misato?

Ryouji:         I lost once. It's not my policy to fight
                a war that I'm sure to lose.

Ritsuko:        I think you have a chance to win.

Ryouji:         To win Ritchan?

Ritsuko:        It's not my policy to talk about myself.
                Nothing amusing.

Ryouji:         She's not yet back. Katsuragi might be making her up?

Ritsuko:        What were you doing in Kyoto?

Ryouji:         It's Matsushiro, that the souvenir is from.

Ritsuko:        It's no use pretending. 
                Too much investigation will result in a burn.
                This is an advise from a friend.

Ryouji:         I listen to you seriously.
                But, if I get burnt, I wish that by the love-play of fire
                with you.

Misato:         Shall I buy some fireworks for you?

Ryouji:         Oh, you are back.

Misato:         You've never changed that attitude.

Ryouji:         Oh, yes, I am changing. To live is to change.

Ritsuko:        Homeostasis and transistasis.

Misato:         What are those?

Ritsuko:        The power to conserve the present status, and the power
                to change.
                The things which have those two contradictory things are
                living things.

Ryouji:         Those are men and women.

Ritsuko:        I leave now.
                I have a job left to do.

Misato:         You really leave?

Ritsuko:        Yeah.

Ryouji:         I am very sorry.

Ritsuko:        ciao.

Misato:         ciao.

Phone(Misato):  Is that you Shinchan? This is me.
                I am drinking with Kaji-kun.
                Yeah, in the third time party.

# If you drink with some body who participated that party,
# the drinking is called "Second time party."
# And if you drink after the second time party,
# the drinking is Third time party.

Shinji:         hm, hm, alright. bye.

Asuka:          Misato?

Shinji:         Yeah. She said she will be back very late.
                and said "go to bed before I'm back"

Asuka:          Oh! Is it that she is coming back tomorrow morning?

Shinji:         I don't think so, because she is with Kaji-san.

Asuka:          You idiot! It's because of that.

Misato:         wwww.

Ryouji:         You are old enough. Don't throw up.

Misato:         Sorry that I am old enough.

Ryouji:         I'm old enough as well.

Misato:         That's right.

Ryouji:         You are having on pumps. I feel that long time.

Misato:         You'd better shove your sloppy beard.

Ryouji:         alrigh'

Misato:         OK, I walk from here. Thanks.

Ryouji:         hm.

Misato:         Kaji-kun, Have I changed?

Ryouji:         You've got pretty.

Misato:         I am sorry that I insisted to separate at that time.
                I told you that I had another one to love,
                yet it was a lie.
                Did you find that?

Ryouji:         No.

Misato:         I found, I found that you had something that resembled to my
                I was looking for the appearence of my father. When I found
                that, I feared. I feared everything.
                I feared to be with you.
                I feared to be a woman. I feared everything.
                Although I'd hated my father,
                I happened to love a man looking like my father.

Misato:         To forget everything, I joined NERV, which, however, was an
                institute at that my father had been.
                I have been pretending to revenge Angels.

Ryouji:         It is you that chose that way.
                You don't have to apologize to me.

Misato:         No! I did not choose that way. I just tried to escape.
                I just tried to escape from my father's spell.
                Just like Shinji-kun.
                I am cowardly.
                I am sorry. 
                Tonight, I'm speaking this kind a thing because I am drunk.
Ryouji:         That's enough.

Ryouji:         I am a kid. I have no right to say nothing to Shinji-kun.

Ryouji:         That's enough.

Misato:         And moreover, I try to depend on a man only in such a situation
                like this. I am a foul woman.
                At that time, I might have made use of you.
                I hate myself!

Ryouji:         That's enough! Stop!

Misato:         I despair of myself!

Asuka:          Hey, Shinji, let's kiss.

Shinji:         E? what?

Asuka:          I mean kiss. Kiss. You have never kissed?

Shinji:         No.

Asuka:          Then, let's kiss.

Shinji:         Hm.. How come?

Asuka:          Because I have nothing to do.

Shinji:         Nothing to do, so, kiss? It's ...

Asuka:          You don't want to kiss a girl in the anniversary of
                your mother's death?
                You are afraid that your mother might watch us
                from the heaven?

Shinji:         I don't care.

Asuka:          Or, you fear to kiss?

Shinji:         I don't. I can kiss.

Asuka:          Have you brushed teeth?

Shinji:         yeah.

Asuka:          Then here you go.

Asuka:          Your nose-breath is ticklish. Don't breathe.

Shinji:         Guwaa.

PenPen:         kwawaa wa wa hya.

Shinji:         gwaaa

Asuka:          (gargling)
                Phew! I regret to have done that only to kill time.

Ryouji:         Hey, here we arrived. Cheer up!

Shinji:         Kaji-san!
Asuka:          Oh! Kaji-san?

Misato:         Phew, hard.

Ryouji:         OK, I leave.

Asuka:          How about staying here tonight?

Ryouji:         People will laugh at me if I go office in this suits.

Asuka:          Nothing matters. It's OK!
                Hey! Kaji-san!

Asuka:          He smells of lavender.

Ryouji:         I'm sorry. but take care of Katsuragi. 

Shinji:         Alright.

Ryouji:         OK, g'night.

Shinji:         Good night.

Shinji:         What's the matter? You seem depressed.

Asuka:          Because I kissed a guy like you!


Teacher:        Well, then next one is a girl student. Ayanami.
                Ayanami is absent today?


                NERV Headquarter
                Central area


                Underground installation in the deep


                Central Dogma.


                2008 meter underground


                Terminal Dogma

Ryouji:         Hi! how is the aftereffect of drinks.

Misato:         Thanks to this, now that I am completely clear.

Ryouji:         That's nice.

Misato:         Is this your true job?
                Or part-time job?

Ryouji:         I wonder which.

Misato:         The person belonging to the special section of inspection,
                of the special institute NERV is Kanji Ryouji,
                at the same time, you are a person belonging to
                the inquiry section of the Japan's ministry of interior,
                Kaji Ryouji.

Ryouji:         Oh, you've found that.

Misato:         Don't hold NERV cheap!

Ryouji:         Is this ordered by Commander Ikari?

Misato:         On my own accord. If you do this part-time job further,
                you shall die.

Ryouji:         Commander Ikari makes use of me. I can go further.
                Anyhow, I am sorry that I've kept this thing secret from you.

Misato:         Since I appreciate your yesterday's matter,
                I allow you about that.

Ryouji:         Thanx.
                However, Commander and Ritchan also have something kept
                secret from you.
                That is this!

Misato:         This is...
                Is this...

Ryouji:         Yes. The key of the Second Impact and everything after that,
                and the starting point of everything. This is Adam.

Misato:         Adam?
                That first Angel is here?
                Well, NERV is less cheaper than I've held

Being spoild, Shinji was trapped by the Sea of Dirac.
The short time left show him a despair.
Next Episode, "The mortal disease, and..."
Next time, look forward to the service!