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                "Neon Genesis Evangelion: Episode 18"
                Translated Speech Script
                Written by Mie Kominami


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Evangelion Episode 18

ECTA 64: This is Ecta 64 calling Neopan 400.
        Confirm a cumulonimbus crowd being on your way.

Neopan 400: This is Neopan 400.  Acumuionimbus croud confirmed.
        Barometer indicates no hazard.
        We'll maintain the course, expect arrive on schedule.

Ecta 64: This is Ecta 64, roger and out.


Shinji: Uhm, where is Asuka?

Misato: She's gone already.  She really mean to avoid me.

Shinji: Why?

Misato: Shin-chan, it seems women's hearts are still too hard to understand.

Shinji &Misato: Uhm... & By the way,

Misato: Go ahead.

Shinji: Is the rumor of Unit 4 being lost was true?
        I heard there was an accident and Unit 4 was brown up.

Misato:That was true.  Unit 4 is gone with the NERF 2nd Branch.  During the
        test of S2 Engine.
        We are OK here. All three units are working OK. Both the pilots and
        the staffs are excellent, too.

Shinji: But I heard Unit 3 is coming from U.S..  The activation test will 
        take place at Matsushiro, right?

Misato: Mmmm, I'll leave the house for about 4days, but don't warry since
        Kaji will take care of you guys.

Shinji: But how about the test?

Misato: Since Ritsuko will be there too, there won't be any trouble.

Shinji: But how about the pilot?

Misato: Well, about that pilot...


Shinji: Huh?  Coming!

Kensuke: Good morning, madam.  Today, I came here to make a request to
        Major Katsuragi.
        Please make me the pilot for the Evangelion Unit 3.

Misato: What?
Ritsuko: So, Shinji don't know about it yet?

Misato: I just can't find a chance to say that.  I'm afraid since I can't 
        figure out what he is thinking about.

Ritsuko: Come on, you are the one who wanted to be his gurdian.

Misato: Yea, I know...  So, when the pilot will be called?

Ritsuko: It's gonna be tommorow since there are some preparations to be made.

Misato: He may tell about it by himself.

Ritsuko: That's impossible.  He was not happy enough to brag around.  
        The condition he made was to transfer his little sister to the
        head quater's medical unit.

Kensuke: Misato is cold, really.  Since I am most willing, why don't they use
        me even as back up.

Touji: Huh?  Oh yea.

Shinji: What's wrong.  You left home much earlier than me but you are pretty 

Touji: Oh, no marital quarrel today?

Asuka: I just didn't want to see your faces!  You Three Stooges!

Kensuke: Now for the lunch.  Huh?  Where is Touji?

Shinji: I can't see him anywhere.

Kensuke: Gone? Without eating lunch?  That's impossible.

Shinji: Yes, he is acting weird recently.

Rei: Suzuhara-kun,

Touji: Huh? Oh, it's you, Ayanami.  If you are looking for Shinji, he
        isn't here.
        You know about me.  Souryu seems to know about it, too.

Rei:    Yes.

Touji:  Shinji is the only one who doesn't know.
        It is really rare of you to warry about the others.

Rei:    Really?  I really can't understand.

Touji:  You are warried about Shinji.

Rei:    Really?  May be that's true.

Touji:  Yap.

Asuka:  Hikari! Let's eat lunch.

Misato: Late for two hours, and at last, he is here.
        He is the first guy to make me wait this long.

Ritsuko:When you were dating, you just left without waiting, right?

Teacher: Therefore, it was the incident generally known as the Second Impact.
        I was living at Nebukawa at the time, but now, it is under the sea 
        because Antarctic's ice was melted and sea level has risen.

Touji: I'm sorry, new kid.  I have to hit you.  I have to hit you for the
        sake of my satisfaciton.

Hikari: I'm sorry, Asuka.  You are always with Ikari on the way home.

Asuka:  Don't warry, I'm with Shinji as duty, and I'm not in the mood to see 
        his face, too.
        About Suzuhara, right?

Hikari: Yes. Can you tell?

Asuka:  It's so easy to see that.  Only those Three Stooges cannot see.

Hikari: But Ikari-kun seems naive.

Asuka:  That one is the dullest.  Also an idiot.  He does not know how to go
        around with the others.

Hikari: Really.
        Ayanami-san can be the girl Suzuhara likes.

Asuka: Suzuhara likes that teacher's pet?

Hikari: They were getting along well at lunch time.

Asuka:  That girl knows how to get along with people ten thousandth as
        well as Shinji.

Hikari: Really?

Asuka:  Really!
        May I ask a question?

Hikari: What?

Asuka:  Why do you like that hot headed idiot?

Hikari: He is kind.

Asuka:  What?

Woman(On TV):   Oh, making up with you then was the mistake!

Man(On TV):     Don't tell me that now...

Shinji: Well...

Asuka: Mr.Kaji takes long time to bath.

Shinji: Who will pilot the Unit 3?

Asuka: What?  You haven't heard about it yet?

Shinji: Who?

Asuka: I don't know.

Ryouji: That was a good hot bath.  Huh?  Bickering again?  Can't belive it.
        Are you two are like this whenever Katsuragi is gone?

Asuka:  No!  I want to smile pretty since you are staying with me for tonight.
        But not today.  I cannot smile!

Ryouji: I understand.  Let's sleep.  Hitting the bed is the best solution
        in the situation like this.

Shinji: Are you asleep already, Mr.Kaji?

Ryouji: No, not yet.

Shinji: What kind of person my father is?

Ryouji: Well, I'm surprised with that question.  I thought you are going to
        talk about Katsuragi.

Shinji: It seems you are always with him.

Ryouji: The dupty commander is the one with him all the time.  Are you asking
        around about your father?

Shinji: I wasn't with him for a long time...

Ryouji: So,you don't know.

Shinji: But I understood many things about my father recently.  About his
        job, about my mother. So,...

Ryouji: That is wrong.  You just feel like you understood.  Well, that is why
        people try to know each other.  That's why the life is interesting.

Shinji: Is that fit with your relationships with Misato, too?

Ryouji:  Kanojo(she, girlfriend in Japanese) in Kanji means a woman far way.
        For us, women existing on the shore across.  It means there is a river
        wider and deeper than ocean between men and women.

Shinji: I cannot understand the grown-ups.

Female Operater: Unit 3 activation test: T minus 30minutes.

underground temporal cage (no human)

Male Operater: Primary power, standing by

Female Operater: Apotheosis No.2, all clear.

above ground facility.

Male Operater: Refrigeration systems in all sections functioning at standar 

Female Operater: Pressure lock on left arm secured in place.

EVA Unit 3 activation test control center

Ritsuko: Roger. Team B, start the operation.

Central command vehicle (inside)

Male Operater: Data link to Evangelion Unit 1 established.

Ritsuko: It is possible to use this in the battle now.

Misato: Oh, good for you.

Ritsuko:You don't sound that eager.  When this unit is delivered, this will
        be under your direct command.

Misato: Exclusive possession of four EVAs...  If we want, we can ends this 

Ritsuko: Did you talk to Shinji?

Misato: After this test.

Female Operater: Fourth Children has arrived.  Squad 2, begin entry 
        prepartations immediately.

Hikari: He hasn't come yet, Asuke.

Asuka:  He may not come today.

Hikari: I thought he would eat today.  Do you want eat this?

Kensuke:Unit 3 should be in Japan already, right?

Shinji: Yes. I think it arrived yesterday.

Kensuke:I'm so jealous.  Who's gonna ride it?  Touji, maybe? He is absent

Shinji: No way.

Operater: Entry plug secured.  Begin Phase-one connection.
        Transmitting pulses.  Graph display within norms.
        List clear through 1-3-5-0.

Ritsuko: Roger.  Transfer the operation to Phase-two.

Female Operater: Full nerve link established.  List clear through 2-5-5-0.
        Harmonics all reading standard.
        Approaching absolute thereshold.
        There's a huge power surge coming from inside the unit!

Ritsuko: Abort the test.  Cut the circuits.

Female Operater: Impossible.  High energy detected inside the unit.

Ritsuko: Can it be an angel?

Shigeru: An explosion accident at Matsushiro.

Female: Status unknown.

Fuyutsuki: Send rescue and 3rd troop.  Take care of everything before Self 
        Defence Force comes.

Makoto: Roger.

Shigeru: Unidentified moving object found at the site.

Makoto: Pattern orange, cannot be specified as the Angel.

Gendou: First class combat alert.

Shigeru:First class combat alert for all.

Makoto: Prepare for the ground combat.

Maya:   All EVA to go, and take position at the counter attack point.

Male Operater: Air transportation is planned to start on 20.

Shinji: An accident at Matsushiro?  No...  How about Misato?

Rei:    Cannot get contact yet.

Shinji: Oh, no. What should I do?

Asuka:  What are you whining about?  We cannot do anything but warrying now.

Shinji: But we have to go against the Angel by our own...

Rei:    Commander Ikari is taking direct command for now.

Shinji: My father is...?

Shigeru: We get the visual at Nobeyama.  Visual to the main screen.

All:    Wow.

Fuyutsuki:Just as we thought.

Gendou: Transmit the terminal signal.  Excute the forced ejection of the 
        entry plug.

Maya:   Impossible.  It doesn't recognize the both teminal signal and plug 
        ejection code.

Gendou: How about the pilot.

Makoto: We have his respiration and pulse, however...

Gendou: From this moment, Evangelion Unit 3 is abandoned, and the target is 
        recognized as the 13th angel.

Makoto: B, But, sir.

Gendou: Develope the front at Nobeyama as planned, and destroy the target.

Shigeru:The target is approaching.

Makoto: All unit, stand by for the ground battle.

Shinji: What? No way. An Angel?  You mean that is an Angel?

Gendou: Yes. That is the target.

Shinji: The target?  That is EVA.

Asuka:  Can't believe it.  Taken over by a angel?

Shinji: Does it pilotted by a kid, just like the other units?  The kid of same

Asuka:  Don't you know yet?  On the Unit 3,

Shinji: Asuka?

Asuka:  Yeeeeee!

Shinji: Asuka!
Makoto: Eva Unit 3 was silenced completely.

Maya:   Pilot have ejected. Salvage crew is on the way.

Shigeru:The target is moving toward Unit Zero.

Gendou: Rei, avoid close combat, and stop the target.  I'll send Unit 1 soon.

Rei:    Roger.
Rei:    He is inside.
        Ulk, ugrrrrr.
Maya:   The Angel invading the left arm, Unit Zero.  The nerve joint is being

Gendou: Cut off the left arm, now.

Maya:   But we must cut off the nerve connection.

Gendou: Cut off the left arm.

Maya:   Yes, sir.

Rei:    Yeeeeeee!

Maya:   Middle class damage to the Unit Zero, and the pilot have been injured.

Shinji: No...

Gendou: The target is approaching.  You will contact within 20. You take
        care of it.

Shiji:  You say it is the target, 
        but aren't there a person in there?
        A kid of the same age.
        An entry plug.  There Is a person inside of it.

Makoto: Trouble in life support.

Maya:   The pilot is in danger.

Fuyutsuki: Oh no.  Cut the synchronization to 60%.


Fuyutsuki: But if you maintain the status, the pilot will die.

Gendou: Shiji, why don't you fight?

Shinji: But there is a person inside, father.

Gendou: It doesn't matter.  It is an Angel.  Our Enermy.

Shinji: But I cannot do that.  I have to save the one.  I cannot kill a person.

Gendou: You will die.

Shinji: I don't care.  It's much better than killing someone.

Gendou: Go ahead and cut the synchronization of the pilot and the Unit 1 

Maya:   Cutting off, sir?

Gendou: Yes. Switch the circuit to the dummy plug.

Maya:   But sir, the dummy system still has many problems, and without 
        Akagi's direction...

Gendou: It works better than the pilot.  Do it.

Maya:   Yes, sir.

Shiji:  What?  What did you do father!

Makoto: The signal reception comfirmed.

Maya:   Control system was switched.

Male    Operater: All nerves are now connected to the dummy system.

Female  Operater: 32.8% of the emotional facter is unclear.  Unable to monitor.

Gendou: It doesn't matter.  Release the system.  Commence the attack.

All:    Wow.

Maya:   Is this the power of the dummy plug?

Female Operater: All systems are normal.

Male Operater: More increase in gain.

Maya:   Owwww.

Shinji: No! Father, no!  Please stop doing this!       

        Damn! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!

        Owwwww! No!  NOOOO!

Shigeru: E, Eva Unit 13, No, the target was completely silenced.
Hikari: Teeedaaada(Humming)
        This looks good.  Kodama, Nozomi, and me.  Lunch for four.  Will he
        eat tommorow?
Rescuer male: Over here!  A suviver!  BQR, get the medics in hurry!

Male:   Yes, that recorder's graphs... (Unable to hear) Get rid of it.

Misato: Alive...

Ryouji: You were lucky, Katsuragi.

Misato: How about Ritsuko?

Ryouji: Don't warry.

        Her condition is better than yours.

Misato: Ah-ha.  How about EVA Unit 3?

Ryouji: It was taken care as an Angel by the Unit 1.

Misato: I, I haven't tell anything to Shiji.
Misato: Shinji...

Shinji: Misato, you were OK.

Misato: I, I'm sorry.  I had to tell you an important thing, but... 

Shinji: Misato, I've...I've... My father...  I begged him not to...

Misato: Shinji, I'm sorry.  I'm sorry.

Maya:   A report from the entry plug salvage crew.  Comfirmed the survival of
        the pilot.

Shinji: Still alive.

Male 1: Roger.  Cut the deformed part with lazer.

Male 2: Send changed LCL sample to (unable to hear) as priority. 

Female 2: Destroy sticking biological parts.  Prepare the heat treatment.

Misato: The pilot for the Unit 3 is,
        The 4th Children is

Shiji:  Touji?

Misato: Shiji? Shinji? Shinji? Shinji? Shinji?

Shinji: Noooooooooo!

To be continued
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At last, Shinji gets off from EVA with his own will. However, without any
relations to him, the invading most powerful angel cause another tragedy.
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