Literal Translation Series,

                "NEON GENESIS EVANGELION "
                 Episode 2   THE BEAST 
                                     Misiranu, Tenjo (Unknown Ceilings)
                 Translated Speech Script with some comments
                 Written by WADA Mitsuhito (Wada-kun)
                 Comment by WADA Mitsuhiro (Wada-kun)

                        Ver. 1 (Rapid Version)


   "Neon Genesis Evangelion (Japanese title: Shin-seiki Evangelion)" is 
the brand new anime from GAINAX. The first episode of it was 
broadcasted in Tokyo Japan on October 4, 1995.

   I've fallen in love with 'Eva' like 'Gunbuster' which GAINAX made many 
years ago. Eva is the aggressive animation series of extremely high 
quality. NEVER MISS! By all means, you must see it *NOW*. If you like 
Eva, you can buy commercial videos/LDs and even send the balance 
to GAINAX *LATER*. The most important thing is that GAINAX will 
finally get enough money. 

   I believe that some of you will fall in love with Eva and want to buy 
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happy that I can help you to fall in love with Eva and Gainax. 
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*Eva is ready for the battle against 'ANGEL'. Shinji is in Eva Unit One.
*Misato and Ritsuko are in the operating room of Nerv underground.

Misato: Are you ready, Shinji-kun?

Shinji: Ah, yes.

Misato: Remove the final safety lock! Evangelion Unit One, lift off!

Misato: Shinji-kun, think about only walking now.

Shinji: Walking ...

Ritsuko: It 's walking!

Shinji: Waliking ...

*Eva falls forward.

Misato: Shinji-kun, come on! Hurry up, stand up as soon as possible!

*ANGEL lifts Eva up and grasps Eva's left arm tightly.

Misato: Shinji-kun, keep your head. It isn't your arm.

Ritsuko: How is Eva's protection system?

Maya: The signal doesn't work.

Makoto: Field has not been developed!

Ritsuko: It won't do?!

*ANGEL broke Eva's left arm.

Maya: The left arm has been damaged.

Makoto: The circuits have snapped.

Misato: Shinji-kun, dodge it!

*ANGEL attacks on Eva's head.

Maya: The front area of the head is cracked!

Ritsuko: The armoring won't stand any more.

     #Japanese word above 'EMERGENCY' has the same meaning.

Shigeru: Head damaged! Damages unidentified!

Maya: The nerves for control is snapping one after another.

Makoto: The pilot, no response.

Misato: Shinji-kun!

Shinji: An unknown ceiling ......


     #In this series, there are a Japanese title and an English one for each 
        episode. The English one has different meaning from the Japanese 
        one. This episode has 'Mishiranu, Tenjo (Unknown Ceiling)' and
        'BEAST' as the titles.

*A tent in the center of the ANGEL's self-exploseion

     #Japanese words above 'DANGER, KEEP OUT' has the same 
        meanings, literally 'DANGER, KEEP OUT AREA'. 

Lorentz: The second coming of ANGEL ......It's too abrupt.

Member(yellow): It's the same as fifteen years ago. A disaster always 
   comes without any notice.

Member(red): It may be fortunate for us from the view that our prior 
   investment came to nothing ......

Member(blue): Things have never turned out yet. If it is useless, it's the 

Member(yellow): That's right. As for the mesures with ANGELs which 
   have been known commonly now and the information control , Nerv 
   must cope with them appropriately and abruptly.

Gendo: The matters have been done. Feel easy.

*Misato is changing TV channels in the tent

*12 Channel

     #'Goverment's Urgent Announcement for Press'(center) and 'On the 
        spot broadcasting'(right) at the bottom of the display. 

TV: The Government announcement on the state of special emergency 
   yesterday says this morning ......

*Channel 4
     #'Mayumi, the Chief Cabinet Secretary' at the bottom.
TV: In this incident, ......

*Channel 8
TV: The U. N. forces in Japan ......

     #'BS' means a statellite broadcasting.

*Misato is fannning herself.

Misato: The announcement was 'Scenario D-22'. The facts were hushed 
   up again.

Ritsuko: The people of Public Relations Department seem to be glad 
   because they got the things to do at last.

Misato: They seems very optimistic.

Ritsuko: Well ...... The truth is that everyone is afraid.

Misato: Of course!

Lorentz(?): That's what it is.

Member(green): But , Ikari-kun, Nerv and Eva ...... you can use them in 
   the better ways, can't you?

Member(yellow): The costs of the repairs for Unit Zero and Unit One 
   which you broke in the first battle will be the ruin of a country.

Member(red): I heard that you gave that toy to your son.

Member(blue): Human, Time and Money ...... How much will be spent 
   by you and your son for your satisfaction?

Member(red): Moreover, you have another job to do, don't you?

     #The cover of the report says:

Member(red): Human Complement Project, this is what you must do 
   at the top priority.

Member(yellow): That's right. That project is the only hope under such 
   hopeless circumstances, for us.

Lorentz: Anyway, although ANGELs came again, it can't be allowed 
   that the project will be behind schedule. As for the budgets, we'll 
   consider them.

Member(?): Well, the committee will take over now.

Member(yellow): Ikari-kun, thanks.

Lorentz: Ikari, you can't go back.

Gendo: I understand. Human have no time.

*Shinji stands nearby the windows.
*Rei on the bed passes.

*Misato and Ritsuko are going back on the truck

Misato: I always think that an air conditioner is the greatest treasure of 
   the human! It's really a scientific success!

Ritsuko: Shinji-kun has recover consciousness.

Misato: How is he?

Ritsuko: No external wounds. He is somewhat confused in his memory.

Misato: It cannot be ...... Is it a mental contamination .....?

Ritsuko: I heard that you need not worry about it.

Misato: So ...... Quite so. Because suddenly that happened ......

Ritsuko: It's no wonder. A severe burden was imposed on his cranial 

Misato: M-I-N-D, you seem to mistake?

*Shinji is sitting in the hospital waiting room and looks at his left arm.

*A big gun is being moved

     #The sign(a constructor's duty) says:
     #Information of Construction Plan
     #Name of Building: 25th Guided Weapon System Building 
     #(First - H type)
     #Address of Building: 4-75-1-90, Nishi, Tokyo-3
     #Outline of Building:
     #Use: Secret (???)          Site Area: 192.68
     #Builfing Area: 107.41         Total Area: 261.05
     #Structure: ???          Fundamental Method: At-Site made-up Piles
     #No. of Floors: 8 Floors above Ground and 2 below     Height: 22.65
     #Start: 2014/11/          Finish:2015/8/
     #Ordered by: (Address) (Name) Construction Group 1, Facility 
     #Section, Tokyo-3
     #Designed by: (Address) (Name) Technology and Research 
     #Division, Tokyo-3
     #I can't read some original Japanese (the places of '???') on the 
     #screen. The translations for some technical terms are groundless 
     #because I don't know the right words in English.

Misato: If Eva and this city completely work, we'll be able to win.

Ritsuko: Will you defeat ANGELs? You are so optimistic as you were.

     #Japansese on the big parts moved across the display means:

Misato: Wishful thinking is a necessity for a human life.

Ritsuko: Right. Your optimistic character is a refreshing.

Misato: See you.

     #The sign says:
     #1st CRANIAL NERV


*Misato comes for Shinji.

*Shinji and Misato is waiting for the elevator coming. The door opens. 
*They found Gendo in it. Shinji turns his face away. The door closes.

*Shinji and Misato is going on an escalator.

Ritsuko (voice): Is it OK that they live together?

Fuyutsuki (voice): For Ikari and his son, it's natural to be without each 

Ritsuko (voice): If anything, it is unusual to live together ...... is it so .......

*Shinji and Misato stands before a man at the model of Nerv.

     #6-24                  @6-24, DISTRICT F, GEO-FRONT, TOKYO-3
     #1: Ikari Shinji                                  0001-137-2

Misato: Alone?

Man in charge: Yes, his room is located in Block 6 over there. Any 

Shinji: No.

Misato: Are you satisfied with it, Shinji-kun?

Shinji: I prefer to being alone. Any places are the same.

     #The color of a normal public telephone which accepts coins and a 
     #elephone card is GREEN. The color of a brand-new one which has 
     #terminals for information network.

Ritsuko: What?!

Misato: As I said now, I've decided to take charge of Shinji-kun. I've 
   got the superior's agreement. Don't worry. I won't have an affair with 
   the child.

Ritsuko: That goes without saying! What  the hell are you thinking about!

Misato: As she was, a guy who can't understand a joke.

*Misato's blue car is driving through a tunnel.

Misato: Well, tonight we're going to do flamboyantly, aren't you?

Shinji: What are you saying about?

Misato: Of course, it's a welcome party for a new lodger!

     #The sign says: 'CONVENIENCE'.
     #'K' on the sign. As you know, 'K-Mart' in the U.S. and 'Circle K' in 
     #Japan. There are many convenience stores in Japan. 

     #You can see only many instant foods which Misato is going to buy.
     #'Tasty corned beef', 'Hamburg of beef 100%', 'Pork soup Chinese 
     #noodle(Tonkotsu Ramen', Packed lunch (Bento)' ......
     #It's the example of the convenient but poor meals ......
     #A donation box for poor people is at a cashier.

Housewife A: Are you also going to move?

Housewife B: I had never thought seriously that this city really became 
   a battlefield.

Housewife A: My husband told me that our children and I should move 
   for safety at least.

Housewife B: Move for safety ...... Even if this is the fortress city, we 
   can't rely on anything at all.

Housewife A: Yesterday incident, the mere recollection of it makes me 

*The car is going along the road to the top of the hill.

Misato: Well, we will drop in some place on the way.

Shinji: Where are we going?

Misato: (giggle) It, is, a, good, place.

Shinji: Somewhat ...... this is a lonesome city, isn't it?

Misato: The time has come.


Shinji: Great! Buildings are growing!

Misato: This is the Fortress City for Intercept against ANGELs 'Tokyo-3'
   ...... Our hometown ...... and the town which you protected.

Intermediate Titles

Misato: I think your things have arrived here.

     #Boxes printed 'MITTU' at the entrance of Misato's room are the 
     #ones used for movement. There are the similar boxes of a carrier 
     #named 'NITTSU(or NITTU)'.

Misato: Really, I've also just moved to this town the other day.

Misato: Come in.

Shiniji: Er-r-r-r ...... May I come in? (OJAMASHIMASU)

Misato: Shinji-kun, this is your house! 

Shinji: I...I'm back. (TADAIMA)

Misato: Welcome home! (OKAERINASAI)

*The name plate on the door says 'Katsuragi'.

     #Japanese Greeting (Everyone says like the below)
     #Someone comes home and says  'TADAIMA'
     #In answer to 'TADAIMA', the person at home says 'OKAERI(NASAI)'
     #But when someone visit other's houses, the visitor says 'OJAMASHIMASU'
     #These greetings are very important in the context related to 'Home'.
     #If you've seen 'Gunbuster', you ought to have seen a touching 

*How untidyit is!

Misato: Well, the room is a little untidy...... Don't you mind that.

*Beers, Whisky bottle and potatp chips(You see Japanese 'Potechi') 
  on the dinning table

     #Some Boxes for movement. Japanese written on them say that 
     #there are clothes for the winter in them. A car magazine on the 
     #top written 'Overseas New Model's Sudden Unveiling' 

Shinji: Such a ...... a litte ......

Misato: Please, put foods in the refrigerator.

Misato: Ah, yes.

Shinji: Ice ......

Shinji: Relishes ......

     #Tongue, roast chicken, Relish cut cheese (with salami)

Shinji: Only beers ...... What life does she lead?

     #'YEBICHU' if from 'YEBISU' which I love to drink. She has a good 
     #taste of beer. The price is 10 yen higher than other beers because
     #it is made from 100% malt. Sometimes they confused 'YEBICHU'  
     #with 'YEBISU'. 'YEBISU' is originally the name of one of the Seven 
     #Deities of Good Fortune. 

Shinji: Well, the refrigerator over there ......

Misato: Ah, it's OK. Perhaps, sleeping now.

Shinji: Sleeping ...... ?

Microwave Oven: Chin!

     #We say 'Doing chin(chin-suru)'.
     #Food like balls with a toothpick in a box is TAKOYAKI, tasty foods 
     #especially in Osaka.

Misato: Itadakimasu!

Shinji: Itadakimasu.

     #Japanese Greeting (Everyone says like the below)
     #Before meals: ITADAKIMASU   (Literally: I'll eat.)
     #After meals: GOCHISOSAMA(DESHITA)   (literally: It was a good 

Misato: Phaaaaaah Kwaaaaaah!! Oh my dear life, I just live for such a 

Misato: Ah, don't you eat them? They are rather tasty, although they 
   are instant foods.

Shinji: No, but ...... I'm not used to such a meal.

Misato: No! Don't be fussy!

Shinji: Ah ... no ... ah, I didn't mean that.

Misato: Don't you think it's nice,  having a meal with others.

Shinji: Ah...... yes.

*Shinji and Misato do JANKEN (the game of 'papar, stone and scissors)

     #JANKEN is similar to TOSSING A COIN. JANKEN is a convenient 
     #and popular way to decide the winner because many people can 
     #do together and need only their own hands.
     #Rule: You can do three kinds of hand's forms, GU, CHOKI, PA.  
     #GU is 'stone', CHOKI is 'Scissors' and PA is 'paper'. GU can defeat 
     #CHOKI, CHOKI can defeat PA and PA can defeat GU. Guess the 
     #reasons. The situation when none can win is called AIKO.
     #In this case, Misato who showed GU finally win the game over 
     #Shinji who showed CHOKI after four AIKO.

Misato: Well. Next, here goes!

Misato: Jan-ken-pon!

Misato: Pon!

Misato: Pon!

Misato: Pon!

Misato: Pon!

     #The table says:
     #First Line: (To-Do/a day of the week)(Sun)(Mon)(Tue)(Wed)(Thurs)
     #   (Fri)(Sat)
     #Second Line: (Breakfast)(Shi)(Shi)(Mi)(Shi)(Shi)(Shi)(Shi)
     #Third Line: (Dinner)(Shi)(Shi)(Shi)(Mi)(Shi)(Shi)(Mi)
     #Fourth Line:(Garbage)(Shi)(Mi)(Shi)(Shi)(Shi)(Shi)(Shi)
     #Fifth Line:(Bath Cleaning)(Shi)(Shi)(Shi)(Shi)(Mi)(Shi)(Shi)
     #Misato is very good at JANKEN.

Misato: Aaah, you were unlucky, Shinji-kun. As for the everyday duies 
   which we've fairly decided, everything is OK.

Shinji: Yes.

Shinji: Well. Because this is your house from today, you can really feel 
   at home here.

Shinji: A, a, yes.

Misato: Hey! Yes, yes, yes, yes ...... What a gloomy! You are a boooy, 
   aren't you? Pull yourself together! 

Shinji: Ah ... yes.

Misato: It's OK. Take a bath and wash all the unpleasant things away.

*PenPen appears.

*Shinji comes in naked.

Shinji: Wowowowowowowow! Mi, Mi, Mi, Misato-san!

Misato: What's wrong?

Shinji: Wha ...... Wha ...... What ...... What's tha......

Misato: Oh, he? A new kind, a hot spring penguin. 

Misato: His name is Penpen. He is another lodger.

Misato: By the way, ...... you'd better cover the front.

A little, too much floric am I? It may be me that are seen through.

*Shinji is taking a bath.

Shinji: Katsuragi Misato-san ......  She isn't a bad person.

(flashback) Misato: Taking a bath is a life washing.

Shinji: In the bath, more unpleasant things come to my mind than 

*The room has been destroyed seriously. Was it caused by that 

Ritsuko: How was Rei? This afternoon, did you go ... to the hospital?

Gendo: 20 days later, she will be able to move. I'll get the committe's
   agreement for making the frozen Unit Zero restart until then. 

Ritsuko: What a pain ... they have ......

Gendo: There are no other people  who can move Eva. As long as they 
   live, I let them do that.

Ritsuko: Whatever the children think ......

     #The sign on the door says:
     #'Shin-chan's Room'
     #'Shinji' is often called 'Shin-chan' with familiarity.

     #The paper says:

Misato: Yes. He had such a bitter experience. I'm afraid that he will get 
   it on.

*Misato is taking a bath with a telephone.

Ritsuko: Maintainance of him is your job, isn't it?

Misato: I'm afraid. I don't know how to get along with him.

Ritsuko: Complaints yet? You declared theatrically that you would take 
   charge of him, didn't you?

Shut up!

Misato: Then I regarded him as my tool. I'm as the same as Ritsuko. 
   Although we defeated the ANGEL, ...... I don't seem happy.

*Shinji lays on the bed.

Shinji: This is an unknown ceiling, too. It's natural ... because I don't 
   know any places in this city.

(flashback) Misato: This is your home.

Shinji: Why am I here?

*Eva seems to be defeated by ANGEL.
*Red l iquid like blood spouts out from the head.

     #Japanese in red says EMERGENCY

Shigeru: Head damaged! Damages unidentified!

Maya: Trouble with(?) keeping activities!

Misato: How is the conditions?

Maya: Synchrograph has reversed. Pulses are flowing backward!

Ritsuko: Cut the circuits! Stop them!

Maya: No way. The signal is refused. It can't be received!

Makoto: No responses from the monitoring system. Life or dead 

Shigeru: Unit One is totally silent.

Ritsuko: Misato!

Misato: So much for this time ...... Stop the operarion. Pilot's protection 
   is the top priority.  Eject the plug by force!

Maya: Impossible. It is totally out of control.

Misato: What!!

*Eva's left eye flashes.

Female voice: Eva restarted!

Maya: No! It can't move!

Misato: It can't be ......

Ritsuko: Out of control.

*Eva roars.

Fuyutsuki: We'll win.

Ritsuko: AT field ......

Misato: We can't. As long as ANGEL has AT field,

Ritsuko: Eva can't touch ANGEL.

Shigeru: The left arm has been restored.

Misato: Great ......

Maya: Unit One is also expanding AT field. It is neutralizing the phaze 

Ritsuko: No, it's eroding.

Misato: That AT-field easily ...

*ANGEL hugs Eva's head and change its shape like a ball.

Misato: Is it going to blow itself up?

*The big explosion.

Misato: How is Eva ... ?

*Eva is walking alive

Ritsuko: That is Eva's ...

Misato: the true appearance ...


Shigeru: The circuits have been connected.

*Shinji in the entry plug

Maya: The system has been recovered. The graph is in the normal 

Makoto: The survival has been confirmed.

Ritsuko: Body Recovery Group, hurry up!

Misato: Pilot's protection is the top priority.

*Eva's helmet fell and Eva's eye is restored.

Shinji: Waaaaaaah

*Misato open the door of Shinji's room and says ......

Misato: Shinji-kun, may I open the door? You did a praiseworthy thing. 
   You may keep your head high. Good night, Shinji-kun. Cheer up.

Ending Theme Song

  Shinji, who has started a new life obediently to the situations, cannot 
make new friends. But that he is a pilot of Eva makes him a popular 
person. The next is "Not ring, Telephone'. Next time, of course, I'll give 
you a good service!  
End of Episode:2