Literal Translation Series,

                "Neon Genesis Evangelion: Episode 23"
                Translated Speech Script.

                Written by Kentaro ONIZUKA


Hmmmm, now that Evangelion series is breaking into the stage for
solving a lot of mysteries. What is Rei? What is Eva? What are
childrens? Pitiful is Asuka. She lost the power to pilot Eva.  The
trailer to the episode 24 says, there will be a new children named
Nagisa Kaoru.

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Evangelion Episode 23

Ryouji:         Katsuragi, this is me.
                I'm sure you are listening to this message after I have
                troubled you so much. Sorry.
                Please say "I am sorry" to Ritchan.
                And there's one more thing that will trouble you.
                I've been taking care of flowers.
                I am glad if you water the flowers for me.
                Shinji-kun knows where they are.
                Katsuragi, the truth is with you.
                Don't hasitate. Go ahead!
                If I can see you again, I will say the word that I could not
                say 8 years ago. Ciao.

Misato:         The telephone which does not ring...

        On BUSINESS
        Sorry, but don't call me.

Shinji:         Misato-san's shutting herself up today as ever. 

        Permitted Person ONLY
        If you enter without my permission, you shall die!

        Eintritt Verboter!

Shinji:         Asuka, she isn't getting back today?


Hikari:         She neither go to school, nor go home,
                playing game for all day.

Asuka:          Hikari, let's go to bed.

Hikari:         Yeah.

Asuka:          Sorry, I am disturbing you.

Hikari:         You are not.

Asuka:          I did not win with Eva.
                I lost all my values at any places.
                I hate, I really hate, I hate everybody,
                though it's myself that I hate most.
                I,,, now that I care nothing, I have nothing to do.

Hikari:         I think, you may do anything you like.
                I don't blame you.
                I really think you've done well.

Asuka:          [weaping.]


Ritsuko:        Well, that child is gone.
                hmm, probably.
                Even a cat die.
                Don't cry, grandmom.
                Hmm, I will come home when I have a time to.
                I've never been to my mom's grave for these three years.
                Next time, I will phone to you.
                OK, I quit.

Ritsuko:        Well, that pussy died.


        Episode 23


Seele:          Lancea Longini is impossible for us to scavenge.

Seele:          Why did you use that?

Seele:          Regarding Eva series, we don't have all those scheduled.

Gendou:         The annihilation of the Angel was more important.
                There was no other way.

Seele:          No other way?  Your excuese should be more persuasive.

Seele:          The things you did recently are too impressive.

Gendou:         Fuyutsuki, I am discussing.

Gendou:         An Angel is approaching at the moment.
                The rest of discussion will be done at the next opportunity.

Seele:          If your chair remains.

Seele:          Ikari, are you going to betray Seele?

Misato:         I'll arrive 15 minutes later.
                Launch Unit Zero from 32nd gate.
                Set Unit Two to back-up (to cover).
                No, I have no right to cancel the freeze of Unit One.

Misato:         Angel recognized in sight.. 

Announce:       Unit Zero, sortie! To the intercept position.

Makoto:         Unit Two, wait at the present position.

Gendou:         No, sortie.

Makoto:         Commamder!

Gendou:         I allow. That must be useful as a decoy at least.

Makoto:         Y, Yes sir!


Announce:       Unit two, be ready to sortie.

Asuka:          I am on board again as usual.
                Oh, no, I am still attatched to this?

Announce:       Unit Two, To the eighth gate.
                Sortie, as soon as the launching position is determined.

Asuka:          Oh well, even if I sortie, only I can do is to disturb others.

Announce:       Target approaching. Passing by the final defense line at Goura.

Asuka:          I don't care anything, any more.


Announce:       Target floating above Oowakudani Valley,
                Revolving at the fixed position.

Makoto:         Target's AT Field is still active.

Ritsuko:        What have you been doing?

Misato:         I don't excuse.
                Present status?

Shigeru:        Still under the deadlock condition.

Makoto:         From pattern blue to orange, turning cyclicly.

Misato:         What does it mean?

Maya:           Magi is presenting that it is impossible to answer.

Shigeru:        The data is insufficient to get an answer.

Ritsuko:        But that shape is, I am sure, not a fixed shape.

Misato:         We cannot attack from our side.


Misato:         Rei! We watch the status for a while.

Rei:            No. It's coming.

Misato:         Rei, accept battle!

Makoto:         NO! NO TIME.

Shigeru:        Target physically contacted to Unit Zero.

Misato:         Unit Zero's AT Field is?

Maya:           developing, but being penetrated.

Ritsuko:        That Angel is positively trying the first level contact
                to Unit Zero?


Maya:           Danger! Unit Zero's Bioparts are being penetrated.

Misato:         Eva Unit Two, Sortie! Make her rescue Rei, and cover.

Maya:           progressing, and penetrating further.

Ritsuko:        Dangerous. 5 percent has already been bio-fused.

Misato:         Asuka, approach 300 more, and develop A.T. field,
                fire the palette gun aiming at Target's back part.
                Eva Unit Two, Lift off!

Misato:         Sortie! Asuka! What's wrong?
                Unit two's status?

Maya:           No way, Syncro ratio is under 10%.

Misato:         Asuka!

Asuka:          Does not move, Does not move!

Misato:         This way, she will be a victim.

Rei:            Who? Me? Me within Eva.
                No, I feel someone else than me.
                Who are you? Angel?
                The being that we call Angel?

Rei:            Don't you be unified with me?

Rei:            No.
                I am I, not you.

Rei:            Hmm, but you shall.
                It's too late.
                I give you part of my mind.
                I give you this emotion.
                Pain, see, your mind has a pain.

Rei:            Pain? no, something different.
                Yes. lonely.

Rei:            Lonely?
                I don't understand.

Rei:            You hate being alone?
                We are many,
                though you hate being alone.
                That's called loneliness.

Rei:            That's your mind. Full of sadness.
                That's your own mind.
Rei:            These are tears. It's I that is crying.

Misato:         Rei!

Gendou:         The freeze of Unit One is cancelled right now.
                Sortie as soon as possible.

Misato:         Eh?

Gendou:         Sortie!

Misato:         Yes sir!

Asuka:          What's that? Last time, he did not use that for me.

Misato:         Develop AT Field, Rescue Rei! Immediately!

Shinji:         Yes!

Rei:            Ikari-kun!

Shinji:         Ah!

Rei:            This is my mind, 
                which wish to be unified with Ikari-kun.

Maya:           AT Field Reversed.
                being Penetrated at once!

Ritsuko:        To hold Angel?

Misato:         Rei! abandon the Unit and escape!

Rei:            No, If I escape, AT field will disappear.
                So, I don't [escape].

Misato:         Rei, going to die?

Maya:           The core is collapsing, breaking through the critical point.

People:         WOW,,,

Shigeru:        Target disappeared.

Misato:         The operation finished right now.
                Move to the alert of the first kind.

Makoto:         Understood. Move to the Situation Yellow, immediately.

Misato:         Unit Zero's status?

Maya:           Entry plug ejection not recognized.

Misato:         Rescue the surviver.

Ritsuko:        You mean, if there is [a surviver].

Misato:         uggg.

       Rei III

Staff:          Dr. Akagi.

Ritsuko:        This is a top secret. Scavenge the plug.
                Dispose the parts concerned.

Staff:          Understood.

Staff:          Do it immediately.
Seele:          At last we defeated the Angels up to 16th.

Seele:          Now that there's only one Angel left,
                which is described in DeadSea Scroll of Seele.

Seele:          The promised time is nearby.
                The road has been long, with many victims.

Seele:          Aye. After losing Lancea Longini, We lost Eva Unit Zero.

Seele:          That's a sufficient reason to dismiss Ikari.

Seele:          He must understand why we returned Fuyutsuki alive.

Seele:          A new sacrifice is needed, against Ikari.

Seele:          And, the one must know the truth.

        The Third Angel


        The Fourth Angel


        The Fifth Angel


        The Sixth Angel


        The Seventh Angel


        The Eight Angel


        The Nineth Angel


        The Tenth Angel


        The Eleventh Angel


        The Twelfth Angel


        The Thirteenth Angel


        The Fourteenth Angel


        The Fifteenth Angel


        The Sixteenth Angel



Misato:         Shinji-kun, let me in.

Shinji:         Misato-san. Never come out the tears.
                I think I am sad, but never come out the tears.

Misato:         Shinji-kun, all that I can do for you is this.

Shinji:         Stop!
                No, Misato-san.

Misato:         Sorry.

Misato:         Although he must be lonely, maybe he fears a woman.
                No, he fears the communication with people.

Misato:         PenPen come to me.

Misato:         I see, anybody will do.
                It's me that is lonely.


Misato:         Hi, Hello, Eh? Really!

        The first Brain-Nerve

Announce:       Dr. Odani at First Internal Department,
                Dr. Odani, please contact to The Second Conference Room

Shinji:         Ayanami!

        The First Nerve Surgery/ Right
                              / Second Floor
        The Third Surgery    / Radio-active
        UP                  / Left Lentogen

Shinji:         I'm glad, You are alive!
                My father is not here?
                Thank you! You saved me.

Rei:            What?

Shinji:         You saved me even by abandoning Unit Zero.

Rei:            Oh, I did save you?

Shinji:         Yeah. Don't you remember that?

Rei:            No, I mean, I don't know that.
                I think, probably, I am the third.


        402 Ayanami

Rei:            Are these tears?
                I see these for the first time,
                but it does not seem to me for the first time.
                I, am I crying? Why crying?


Gendou:         That's right.
                Preserve the present status for First Children.
                No need to capture.

Fuyutsuki:      Yet, if they know Rei is alive,
                Chairman Kihl and others will blame us.

Gendou:         To those oldmen of Seele, I will present something else.
                No problem.


Seele:          We wish to proceed peeceably.
                We don't wish you to suffer from insults anymore.

Ritsuko:        I don't feel any insult.

Seele:          Strong-tempered woman.
                It's quite natural for Ikari to keep her nearby.

Seele:          However, it is no one but Ikari who presented you to us.

Seele:          Rejecting the interrogation to the pilot of Unit One,
                He presented you as her deputy, Dr. Akagi.

Ritsuko:        I am Rei's deputy?


        On BUSINESS
        Sorry, but don't call me.


Ryouji:         The way to the truth, which you wished was sent by the other
                36 methods, to you. But those will not reach you.
                The guaranteed is only this capsule.
                This is all that I have.
                It's absolutely up to you how to use this.
                The passcode is our first memory.
                Ciao, take care.

Misato:         I ain't irritated anymore by the telephone that does not ring,
                since I received your mind.


Seele:          Is it OK about the Dr. Akagi's disposition.

Seele:          Different from Fuyutsuki.
                It's better for us to return her.

Seele:          She rendered remarkable service to Eva series.
                She should be useful for us for a while.

Seele:          Aye. For the future of humanity.

Seele:          Regarding Evangelions, Eight of those are under construction.

Seele:          Four more have not.

Seele:          The disappear of the Third New Tokyo City will enhance
                the project.
                Hurry the completion.
                The promised day will be that day.

Shinji:         Hi, Hello.

Ritsuko:        Listen to me.
                You are free from secret service at the moment.
                You can go out right now.

Shinji:         Ritsuko-san,,


Ritsuko:        mm?

Misato:         No use, without my pass.

Ritsuko:        I see. Kaji-kun arranged that?

Misato:         The secret of this place must be revealed before my eyes.

Ritsuko:        Alright. And this child will see that as well.

Misato:         Alright.


Shinji:         This looks just like Ayanami's room.

Ritsuko:        Ayanami Rei's room. 
                This is the place where she was born and bred.

Shinji:         In this room?

Ritsuko:        Yes. Her birth place.
                Light and Water which consist Rei's deep mentality reflect
                the image of this place.

Misato:         Dr. Akagi, I did not come to see this.

Ritsuko:        I know. Misato.


Shinji:         Eva?

Ritsuko:        First one. A failure. Disposed 10 years ago.

Shinji:         The tomb place for Evas.

Ritsuko:        Nothing but a dumping ground.
                This is also the place where your mother disappeared.
                Probably you don't remember, but you were watching that,,
                watching the moment when she disappeared.

Shinji:         Aha!

Misato:         Ritsuko!

Misato:         You say this is the core of dummy plug?

Ritsuko:        I'll show you the truth.

Shinji:         Ayanami Rei,,

Misato:         You say Eva's dummy plug is,

Ritsuko:        Yes. These are about to be the core of dummy system.
                This is the factory for manufacturing these.

Misato:         This is?

Ritsuko:        These are dummies.
                And nothing but the parts for Rei.

                Humans found a god, and thus, tried to obtain that.
                As the result, punished were humans. That was 15 years ago.
                Vanished the god that they found.
                They, however, tried to revive the god by themselves.
                That was Adam. Made from Adam to be close to the god was
                a human.
                Eva is that.

Shinji:         Human?
                Is that a human?

Ritsuko:        Yes, that's a human.
                Eva which did not have a soul ab initio,
                now that, has a human soul.
                All of these are  salvaged.
                However the vessel which truly contains a soul is Rei.
                Only she has a soul.
                No other vessels have a soul.
                There was nothing within the room in the canvass.
                These Rei-like things here do not have a soul.
                Nothing but vessels.
                So I destroy them, because I hate them.

Misato:         Do you know what are you doing?

Ritsuko:        Yeah, I know. Destruction.
                These are not humans, but are humanshaped things.
                I lost against THE THING. I could not win.
                When he is in my mind, I can bear any insult.
                I don't care about my own body.
                But he, he did, ...
                I knew that.
                I am stupid, I am as stupid as my mother. Very stupid.
                You can kill me, if you wish.
                I am glad if you do that.

Misato:         You are more stupid if you wish so.

Ritsuko:        (crying.)

Misato:         A tragedy of the people possessed by Eva.
                I am also one of them.

Will be continued.


Vanished the town, Left the friends, depressed was Shinji, to whom a
boy smiles.  Into the boy's agreeable smile like wind, shinji is going
to melt.  But they are destined to severity.

Boy:            Don't you feel so? Ikari Shinji-kun.

Misato:         No one looks at me.

Misato:         What shall I do, Mom?

Shinji:         You betray me!

Gendou:         Or to lead the destruction?

Misato:         I can no longer care how others see me.

Boy:            You are the same as me.

Next Episode: "The final messeashore."