Literal Translation Series,

                "Neon Genesis Evangelion: Episode 24"
                Translated Speech Script.

                Translated by Kentaro ONIZUKA
                From the script captured by Kenji MATSUOKA


Eva, these days, is chaotic. Just like "2001 A Space Oddyssey."  Those
who can figure out the last chaotic and seeming-to-be-meaningful
scenes in the "2001" might understand the recent storyline of Eva.  It
seems that the question "What is the 'Instrumentality of man Project'"
has already been answered. But what? Merging the soles of all people
by making pickles within LCL?

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Neon Genesis Evangelion
Episode 24

Asuka:          Mom! Mom!
                They selected ME!
                I'm an elite pilot about to protect mankind.
                No.1 in the world.
                Secret to anybody.
                But I tell you mom!
                Everybody is so kind to me
                that I ain't lonely.
                I am OK though I don't have my father.
                Look at me! Me!
                Hey Mom!
Asuka:          Syncro rate Zero.
                I've no capacity to be the second children.
                I've no reason to exist.
                No one looks at me.
                Neither daddy, mom, nor anybody [cares me].
                No reason for me to live.

Staff:          You are Soryuu Asuka Langray?
Makoto:         Second section of Inteligent Division says
                the second children was captured alive.

Misato:         I see.
                They found her 7 days after they missed her.
                That isn't like them.

Makoto:         Maybe on purpose, then.
                They are trying to trouble us, the planning division.

Misato:         Might be.
                (And, today, the fifth will arrive for Asuka.
                Too much arranged scenario.)
Shinji:         Ayanami Rei,
                That may be true... that impression.
                My mom's ..
                Rei and my Mom, ,,
                What is my daddy doing for these two.

Ritsuko:        Commander Ikari,
                My cat died,
                which my grandmom had been taking care of.
                I hadn't been taking care of it for long.
                Suddenly now that I cannot see it again.

Gendou:         Why did you destroy the Dummy System?

Ritsuko:        It's not the dummy system, but Rei that I destroyed.

Gendou:         I ask you once more.

Ritsuko:        Now that I ain't happy even if you hold me.
                You can do anything you like to my body,
                as you did at that time.

Gendou:         I was disappointed by you.

Ritsuko:        Disappointed?
                You have neither the expectation nor wish to me.
                I have, nothing, nothing ...
                what shall I do, mom..
Shinji:         Where has Asuka been.
                (What should I talk with her?
                Story about Ayanami?)

Shinji:         (Touji, Kensuke lost their house here and went to somewhere.
                No friend, I have no friend here.
                No one.
                I don't want to see Ayanami.
                I lost the courage to see her.
                How shall I behave before her?
                Asuka, Misato-san, Mom,
                What Shall I do? What!

A boy:          hmmmm,,mmm
                A song is good!

Shinji:         Eh?

A Boy:          A song supplies us with joy.
                A song is the highest culture that Lilims generated.
                Don't you think so?
                Ikari Shinji-kun?

Shinji:         You know my name?

A Boy:          Everyone knows your name.
                Excuse me, but you'd better know your own standpoint.

Shinji:         Is that so?
                Well, who are you?

A Boy:          I'm Kaoru.
                Nagisa Kaoru (Kaoru of Seashore.)
                Just like you are, I am one of the arranged children.
                The fifth children is me.

Shinji:         Fifth children!?
                Are you? Nagisa-kun?

Kaoru:          Call me "Kaoru," Ikari-kun.

Shinji:         Alright, call me Shinji.

Kaoru:          (Laugh)

Makoto:         Reportedly the fifth children has just arrived.

Misato:         Nagisa Kaoru (Kaoru of Seashore).
                The record of his life has already been deleted, like Rei.

Makoto:         One thing we know is that his birthday is the very day
                of the Second Impact.

Misato:         Committee directly sent him to us.
                He has something.

Makoto:         The issues of Fifth in Malduk report has no permission for
                For these reasons, I secretly investigated the data in
                the Inteligent division.

Misato:         Oh, you risked too much.

Makoto:         That risk was worthful.
                I've got where Ritsuko-san is.
                How are you going to do the syncro-test of Fifth?

Misato:         Today I don't have any plan to cheat.
                Let's see his capability.

Fuyutsuki:      Down 0.3 more.

Maya:           Yes sir.

Fuyutsuki:      Is there any mistake in this reading?

Makoto:         The tester system is operating normally.

Maya:           No data error detected by Magi.

Fuyutsuki:      It's surprising that this boy syncronizes with unit two
                before replacing the core.

Maya:           Yet, I can't believe.
                I mean, it's impossible on the system.

Misato:         Nevertheless that's the fact.
                We must accept the fact and then investigate the cause.

Kaoru:          You are, the First Children?
                Ayanami Rei.....
                You are the same as me.

Rei:            Who are you?

Fuyutsuki:      I hear that fifth boy contacted Rei.

Gendou:         Is that so?

Fuyutsuki:      Magi are doing their best to scan the data of Fifth.
Misato:         Yet, we haven't yet known what he really is.
                What is he, that boy?

Penpen:         quaquqaa

Misato:         Shinji-kun has not yet returned.
                I am disqualified as his guardian.

Announce:       Central Dogma is being opened at the moment.
                Use 3d route for the transfer.

Shinji:         hm?

Kaoru:          Hey.
                You were wainting for me?

Shinji:         Oh, no I did ,, I don't mean so.

Kaoru:          Today is?

Shinji:         Well, the usual test was over and,
                I am going to have a shower before I go home.
                Yet, I don't want to go home these days.

Kaoru:          You have a house, or home to go. That fact makes you happy.
                That's nice.

Shinji:         Is that so?

Kaoru:          I want to talk with you more.
                May I go with you?

Shinji:         Eh?

Kaoru:          I mean shower.
                Aren't you going to shower?

Shinji:         Yeah,,

Kaoru:          You say "no"?

Shinji:         Oh, yes. I don't mean NO.
Kaoru:          Extremely avoiding the contact of the first kind are you.
                You fear to feel other people?
                Being ignorant of others, you will ever be neither betrayed
                nor hurt, though you never escape from feeling sadness.
                A person cannot erase sadness forever.
                Everyone is alone.
                However, peaple can forget, thus able to live.

Shinji:         Oh!

Shinji:         That's the time.

Kaoru:          It's over?

Shinji:         We have to go to bed.

Kaoru:          Together with you?

Shinji:         Oh, well, you have your own different provided room.

Kaoru:          Well, people always feel pain at the heart.
                The heart is easy to have a pain, that's why living is painful.
                Particularly, fragile like a glass is your heart.

Shinji:         Me?

Kaoru:          Worth being favourable.

Shinji:         Favourable?

Kaoru:          I mean, I love you.

Episode 24,


---A PART:END---
The Beginning and the End,
or  Knockin'on Heaven's Door"
--B PART---
Seele:          NERV, the system established to act under us.

Seele:          Founded to play our scenario.

Seele:          Now that it was exclusively occupied by a person.

Seele:          Aye. We must take it back.

Seele:          Before the day of promise.

Kihl:           Let NERV and Eva-series be as they should be.
                Ikari, you are responsible of betraying us, Seele.
Gendou:         The time remaining us is short.
                And, now that we don't have Lancea Longini that would prevent
                us from accomplishing our hope.
                The final angel will soon appear.
                When we erase that, our hope will come true.
                Wait a little, Yui.
Rei:            Why am I here?
                Why am I still alive?
                For what?
                For whom?
                The Fifth children.
                He looks like something same as me.

Misato:         We are lucky because we live in the suburb of the town.
                You were not involved, I'm glad at that.
                Yet, next time, I cannot garantee that.
                So, you will be taken care at Horaki-san's from tomorrow.
                So long, PenPen.

PenPen:         Quaa, quaquauu.

Misato:         (Sigh)

Kaoru:          I say, I should be on the floor.

Shinji:         Oh, you need not. It's me that asked you to let me here.
                I'm OK that I sleep here.

Kaoru:          What are you going to talk.

Shinji:         Eh?

Kaoru:          You have something that you want me to hear.

Shinji:         I've experienced many things after I came here.
                I was at my teacher's before.
                Silent and calm days.
                I did nothing but exist.
                It was OK with me.
                I had nothing to do.

Kaoru:          You dislike people?

Shinji:         Well, I don't care people.
                except for my father that I hate.
                (Why am I talking about this kinda things to Kaoru-kun?)

Kaoru:          (Laugh)

Kaoru:          (Sigh)

Kaoru:          I might have been born to meet you.
Misato:         How is it? You've got HIS data?

Makoto:         Here you go.
                I borrowed this from First Lieutenant Ibuki without
                her permission.

Misato:         I am sorry for that I made you do something like a thief.
                What's this?

Makoto:         It's quite natural that Maya-chan cannot publish this.
                That's theorically imppossible.

Misato:         Hmm, yes.
                Mystery increases.
                He can arrange any syncro ratio freely, at his own will.
                We must do anything without considering how others see us.
Ritsuko:        You dared to come here.

Misato:         I have one thing to ask you.

Ritsuko:        The conversation here is being recorded.

Misato:         I don't care.
                That boy, the Fifth is what?

Ritsuko:        Probably,.. the final messenger.
Kaoru:          Here we go.
                Come on, Adam's alter ego, and the servant of Lilims.

Makoto:         Eva Unit Two started!

Misato:         What's the hell!
                Asuka a?

Shigeru:        in the hospital room 303.
                It's confirmed.

Misato:         Then who is ...?

Maya:           [Unit Two is] unmanned.
                Entry plug not being inserted.

Misato:         Unmanned?
                Isn't it the Fifth?

Makoto:         A.T. Field generation detected in Central Dogma.

Misato:         Unit 2?

Makoto:         No, Pattern is Blue.
                No doubt. That's an ANGEL!

Misato:         Oh no!
Misato:         Angel?
                Is that boy?
Operator:       The target passing by the fourth layer.
                Still descending.

Shigeru:        No way.
                Cannot disconnect the power supply to the Linear motor car.

Operator:       The target passing by fifth layer.

Fuyutsuki:      Close all bulkheads in the Central Dogma!
                Gain any time.

Operator:       Close all layers to the direction Five o'clock.
                All personnel, Evacuate. All personnel, Evacuate.

Fuyutsuki:      Seele dared to directly send to us.

Gendou:         That Oldman is trying to advance the schedule, by the
                instrumentality of us.

Seele:          The final angel invaded into the Central dogma.
                Descending at the moment.

Seele:          Just according to our schedule.

Kihl:           Ikari, you were our good friend and brother sharing the same
                will and our coorperator who understands us.
                This is the last job.
                We hope you carry out with Unit One.

Shigeru:        The armoured bulkheads are broken through by Eva Unit Two.

Makoto:         The target passing by the second layer.

Gendou:         Eva Unit One pursuit!

Misato:         Yes Sir!

Gendou:         Use any method.
                Don't allow the target to invade the Terminal dogma.

Misato:         But why that Angel uses Unit two?

Fuyutsuki:      Is he trying to unify Unit Two?

Gendou:         Or to lead an destruction.

Shinji:         NO NO NO, MUST BE A LIE!
                Kaoru-kun is an Angel?
                That MUST BE LIE!

Misato:         That's true. Accept the fact.
                Sortie, Alright?

Kaoru:          Shinji's not yet come.

Operator:       Eva Unit One, descending through ROUTE 2.
                Pursuiting the target.
Shinji:         You betrayed me!
                You betrayed my mind!
                You betrayed like my father!

Shigeru:        Unit One reached the fourth layer.
                Contacting the target.
Shinji:         You are here.

Kaoru:          I've been waiting for you.

Shinji:         Kaoru-kun..

Shinji:         Asuka! Sorry!

Kaoru:          Evae, factae de Adamo, the beings detested by people.
                Nevertheless, Lilims are trying to survive
                by the instrumentality of those.
                I don't figure out why.

Shinji:         Kaoru-kun STOP!
                I don't see Why.

Kaoru:          Eva is made of the same body as mine.
                Because I am also the natus de Adamo.
                When the unit does not have a sole, I can unify.
                Now that the sole of this unit is shutting itself.

Shinji:         A.T. Field!

Kaoru:          Yes. You, Lilims, call it so.
                The holy region that must not be invaded by anyone. 
                The light of mind.
                You, Lilims, are aware of that.
                Aware of that A.T. Field is the wall of mind that anyone has.

Shinji:         I don't understand that! Kaoru-kun!

Shinji:         GU,,GAAAAA,,
Operator:       Both Eva units reached the last layer.

Operator:       20 for the Target to the terminal dogma.

Misato:         When something happens after the signal from 
                Unit One disappears,

Makoto:         I know. 
                You are going to self-explode here.
                It's better than to let Third Impact take place.

Misato:         I'm sorry.

Makoto:         Not at all, I can die with you.
Kaoru:          The destination of people?
                The hope of people is the thread of sadness.

Misato:         What's that?

Makoto:         The strongest A.T. Field we ever know.

Shigeru:        Light wave, electromagnetic wave and particles are shut out.
                We can monitor nothing.

Misato:         That's barrier?

Maya:           The Target, Eva Unit two, and one, all missing.
                Cannot connect to the pilot.

Shinji:         gggggg,

Shinji:         Wait!

Shigeru:        The final safety system released.

Makoto:         The heaven's door is opening.

Misato:         Arrived the Angel?
Shinji          WOW!
Misato:         Status?

Makoto:         That's A.T.Field.

Shigeru:        Another A.T. Field similar to the previous one generated
                around the terminal dogma.

Maya:           Invading into the barrier.

Misato:         Does it mean another angel?

Shigeru:        No way.
                No, cannot confirm.
                AH! I mean, vanished.

Misato:         Vanished?
Kaoru:          Adam, our mother being.
                Those born from Adam must return to Adam?
                even anihilating people?
                No! Different.
                This is Lilith.
                I see. I've got it, Lilim.

Kaoru:          Thank you Shinji-kun.
                I wished you to keep Unit Two.
                Otherwise, I would live with her.

Shinji:         Kaoru-kun, why?

Kaoru:          I've been destined to live forever, although
                people are annihilated as the result.
                However, I am able to die.
                To be or not to be, that makes no difference for me.
                My death is the only absolute liberty.

Shinji:         What, What are you talking about?
                Kaoru-kun! I don't figure out what are you talking about!

Kaoru:          My dying words.

Kaoru:          Now, please erase me.
                otherwise you will be erased.
                The living thing that escape the time of annihilation
                and that obtains the future is only one.
                And, you are not the one that must die.
                You need future.
                Thank you. I am glad to see you.
Shinji:         Kaoru-kun, said "I love you."
                To me!
                For the first time, for the first time I heard the words.
                He looks like me.
                He looks like Ayanami.
                I loved him.
                It is Kaoru-kun that must have survived.
                He was much better than I am.
                He should have survived.

Misato:         No.
                A surviver must have the will to survive.
                He wished to die.
                He abandoned the will to live, And depended on the false hope.
                You are not wrong.

Shinji:         You are cold, Misato-san.

---B PART:END---

The final Angel disappeared.
Yet, Shinji is anguished.
And Misato, Asuka express their mind,
seeking a salvation,
admitting that this is another way of conclusion.
The next episode "The world ending"


Why I pilot Eva?
What do I fear?
"Because I fear"
"I fear"
"Do you fear"
"Do you wish to be a good child?"
"What is happiness?"
"Am I happy?"
The instrumentality of man begins.

---EVA 24th:END---