Literal Translation Series,

                   Episode 3   A transfer
                               Naranai, Denwa (Not ringing, telephone)
                 Translated Speech Script with some comments
                 Written by WADA Mitsuhiro (Wada-kun)
                 Comment by WADA Mitsuhiro (Wada-kun)

                        Ver. 1 (Quick'n Dirty Version)


   "Neon Genesis Evangelion (Japanese title: Shin-seiki Evangelion)" is 
the brand new anime from GAINAX. The first episode of it was 
broadcasted in Tokyo Japan on October 4, 1995.

   I love 'Eva'! Eva is the aggressive animation series of high 
quality. Don't miss it! By all means, you must see it *NOW*. If 
you like Eva, you can buy commercial videos/LDs or even send the 
balance to GAINAX *LATER*. The most important thing is that GAINAX
will finally get enough money.

   My impression of Episode 3: This is really elaborately worked.
I mention not only the quality of animation but the one of the 
story, especially thepsychological description and the continuity.
I'm surprised that Shinji, a pilot of Eva, is thoroughly being 
driven into a corner mentally. I believe that he will rise from 
the hell on earth, like Noriko of Gunbuster. Now he is running away.
Because this is not just a robot animation, some can synchronize 
with it and others feel frustration. Of course, I've completely 
synchronized with it. Of course, the battle scenes of Eva vs Angel
are very exciting. This worth seeing, definitely!

   I want to improve my skill, I need your help. If you find the 
unsuitable expressions for the characters or scenes, please send 
me your advices. Only your e-mails can encourage me. And correct 
my translation, please!  Only few resopnses will make me stop my 
further works. Of course, It's OK that you'll send your comments
not now but after you see the videos. But I'm looking forward to
any messages from you anytime.

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 *Shinji is in the entry plug of Eva Unit One.

 *He is trained by Ritsuko, who is in charge of the development of

 *Ritsuko gives him the instruction from the operation room.

Ritsuko: Good morning, Shinji-kun. How are you? 

 *Shinji's face with no animation and monotonous voice (tottaly

Shinji: I've got used to it ...... I think I have nothing wrong. 

Ritsuko: That's fine. Appearance positions, an emergency power
   source, locations of armed buildings and recovery spots. Do you
   keep all of them in your mind? 

Shinji: Maybe ...... 

Ritsuko: Well, I'll review the lesson again. Eva usually works with
   electric power supply from the cable. If Eva use the internal
   battery in an emergency, it can work only for one minute with its
   full strength or for five minutes at most even with gain. 

Shinji: Yes. 

Ritsuko: Now, let's resume the lesson of 'Induction Mode' where we
   left off yesterday. 

 *The panel which shows the information of the internal battery of

     #Japanese words are with English. "ACTIVE TIME REMAINING" ,
     #"INTERNAL" , "MAIN BATTERY SYSTEM" . Eva usually can move with
     #the internal battery only for 5 minutes.

 *Eva aims the rifle at Angel who appeared in Episode 1.

 *The sight display.

Ritsuko: Aim at the target in the center of the sights ...... switch

 *Eva shoots the rifle but misses the target.

Ritsuko: Keep your head. Aim at the target in the center. 

Shinji: Switch ...... 

 *Eva shoots the rifle again and defeats Angel.

Ritsuko: Next! 


 *Eva with some cables is seen through the windows of the operarion

 *Eva continues to shoot the rifle again and again.

Maya: Well, I wonder how he has brought himself to pilot it.

Ritsuko: That he goes along with what others say obediently ......
   It's how to get onin his life, isn't it? 

 *Shinji looks so haggard and vacant. He repeats the instruction like
  a spell.

Shinji: Aim at the target in the center, switch ... Aim at the target
   in the center, switch ... Aim at the target in the center, switch
   ... Aim at the target in the center, switch ... Aim at the target
   in the center ...... 


EPISODE 3: A transfer 

 *The room where Misato and Shinji live together.

 *Female voice is coming from a radio.

 *Shinji knocks the FUSUMA of Misato's room and opens(slides) it.

 *Misato has tucked herself in a FUTON(bed).

     #A fusuma is a papered sliding door which is used to partition
     #off rooms in a Japanese house.

Shinji: Misato-san, it's morning already. 

 *Misato answers him with tucking herself in a FUTON. She seems so

Misato: I was on night duty until just some time ago. Today I have
   olny to appear at the office until the evening. So, please let me

Shinji: Then, I ...... 

Misato: Is today Thursday? Burnable garbage, please. 

Shinji: Yes. 

Misato: Have you got used to the school? 

Shinji: Yes. 



     #someone who belongs to the place leave there. We always say
     #'ITTEKIMASU' when we leave home (or the place where we belong
     #to,like the office).


 *Shinji puts the garbage in the garbage collection spot for the
  residents of the apartment.

     #JAPANESE SOCIAL RULES LESSON: We must segregate garbage.
     #Thursday is the day for burnable garbage collection in the area
     #where Misato live.


 *There is a phone call to Misato.

 *Misato's room is still very untidy but it tidier than it was.

 *She picks up the receiver. She is still tucking herself in the

Misato: Yes. Hello. Oh, it's you, isn't it, Ritsuko. 

Ritsuko: How have you been? Do you get along with him? 

Misato: Him? Ah, Shinji-kun? It's two weeks after he transferred to
   the school. He is as he was. He has never got any telephone calls. 

Ritsuko: Telephone calls? 

 *The portable phone which she handed to him is on his desk


 *Shinji is walking to the school alone

Misato: As it is a necessity, I handed a portable one to him a long
   time ago. He doesn't seem to have used it nor got a phone call
   from anybody. He has no friends, though I'm not sure. 

 *Ritsuko is calling at her desk in the office

Ritsuko: He seems to have an unsuited personality for making friends,
   doesn't he? Do you know a story of 'Hedgehogs' dilemma'? 


 *Shoes boxes of the school

Misato: Hedgehogs? That thorny ones? 


 *Classmates is talking and playing in the classroom.

If a hedgehog want to give his warmth to other hedgehogs, the nearer
   they approach, the more they injure each other. It's the same as
   the people. As he is frightened of aches in his heart, he seems so
   cowardly now. 

 *Shinji comes in the classroom silently.

 *Rei is sitting at her desk with seeing outside alone.

Misato: He will realize in time that growing up is to get a sense of
   distance among the others for hurt feelings each other. 

 *The talk of Misato and Ritsuko finished.

 *A boy is palying a model of aircraft. Kensuke recording the model by
  his video camera.

Boy: Gyuuuuuun, Dogyugyugyuuuuun 

Kensuke: What, Class Rep? 

 *Hikari have a class journal.

     #Horaki Hikari is a class representative(IINCHO). Kensuke calls
     #her 'IINCHO'. I'm not sure if there are the similar title of
     #schools outside Japan.

Hikari: Did you hand yesterday's print to Suzuhara, like I asked you

     #A print is a piece of paper which is written the information or
     #messages from the school to the parents of the students.

Kensuke: Ah, huh, there didn't seem to be anybody in Toji's house. 

Hikari: Aida-kun, you are on good terms with Suzuhara, aren't you?
   Why aren't you worrying about him? 

Kensuke: I'm not sure, but he may probably be hurt badly? 

Hikari: Really? In that robot incident? TV news said that nobody was
   hurt ...... 

 *The center of the explosion

Kensuke: That can't be! You saw the center of the explosion, didn't
   you? The Units of not only Iruma and Komatsu but Misawa and Kyushu
   have been sent out. I'm sure that there were more than 10 or 20
   people injured. Probably some may have been killed ...... 

 *Toji comes in the classroom.

Kensuke: Toji! 

Hikari: Suzuhara! 

Toji: How! The number of students seem to have dropped drastically. 

Kensuke: Evacuation, evacuation. Many have transferred to another
   schools. That's not surprising. There was such a real war in the

Toji: You are the only man who are pleased to see real battles. 

Kensuke: It sure is. How have you been? You have been absent for such
   a long time. Did you involved in the incident? 

Toji: My younger sister, she was buried under a heap of rubble. She
   escaped death but has been in the hospital since then. My father
   and grandfather work for the research center. They can't desert
   their posts now. If I were not with her, she would become left
   alone. Even so, how poor the pilot of that robot was! I'm really
   burned up. The robot on our side destroyed the city! What was he

Kensuke: Did you hear a rumor of the transfer student? 

Toji: A transfer student? 

Kensuke: Look at that boy. He transferred to this school while you
   were absent. Do you understand it was just after the incident? Do
   you think it's strange? 

 *A teacher comes in.

Hikari: All rise! 

     #At the beginning and the end of a lesson, we stand up, bow and
     #sit down to the shouts of a student like 'All rise!', 'Bow' and
     #'Sit down'.

 *an empty classroom

 *a blackboard

 *portable computers on the desks of the students

Teacher: The hardest trials for the human race began then. In the
   last year of the 20nd century, the massive meteorite, which came
   from the outer space, fell in the Antarctic Continent. It cause
   the ice of the continent melted in a moment. As the result, the
   water level of the oceans went up, the earth axis fluctuated and
   abnormal weather which threatened the existence of the living
   things occurred all over the world. 

 *calling sound from Shinji's computer

Teacher: Economic collapse, racial disputes and civil wars. The
   people who survived them sufferred hell of all kinds. 

 *The following message on Shinji's desplay

E-mail: "Is it true that you are a pilot of that robot? Y/N" 

 *Shinji is surprised and trys to find the sender.

Teacher: But 15 years after that ...... only for 15 years, we have
   revived the world so far. This is not only the result of the
   excellence of the human race, 

 *The next message comes to prompt him to answer.

E-mail: It's true, isn't it? 

Teacher: ...... but the one of blood, sweat, tears and efforts of
   your fathers and mothers. 

 *Shinji input "YES" .

 *Many students stand up and gather around him.

Students: Ehhhhhhhh!! 

 *The teacher stands beside the windows and look outside through them.
  He is too old to hear the noises which the students make.

Teacher: In those days, I lived in Nebukawa. It is already ...... 

 *Hikari stands up and shout!

Hikari: Listen, everybody! We are still in class, aren't we? Take
   your seats! 

 *Rei has no interest in the fuss and is looking outside as she was.

Girl: Ah, you always try to take the initiative! 

Boy: Don't mind. Don't mind. 

Hikari: I do mind that! 

 *Shinji is surrounded by many students and asked many questions by

Girl: How were you selected? 

Girl: Did you have any examinations? 

Girl: Were you frightened? 

Girl: What is a cockpit like? 

Shinji: Ah, uh, I must keep such a things secret ...... 

Gril: What is the name of the robot? 

Shinji: I'm not sure, but they called it Eva or Unit One ...... 

Girl: Eva? 

Boy: What 's the deadly attack? 

Shinji: It's some knife and the vibrations ...... like ultrasonic
   wave ...... 

Girl: Even so, that's amazing! He is the pride of our school, isn't

Boy: Great! 

 *The chime which tells the end of the lesson rings.

Teacher: ...... Consequently, ...... What? 

Teacher: Well, so much for today. 

Girl: Where do you live, Ikari-kun? 

Girl: Do you live in the old area of the city? 

Hikari: All rise! Bow! ...... Hey, everybody! Only at the end, do
   properly ...... 


 *Toji hits Shinji behind the school building at the schoolyard.
  Shinji fell on the ground.

Toji: Sorry, transferee. But I have to hit you. I've never satisfied
   unless I hit you. 

Kensuke: Sorry, but his younger sister got hurt in the battle. That's
   the reason. 

Shinji: Speaking of myself, I'm not doing that by choice. 

 *Toji comes back and hit Shinji again.

 *Rei comes and says.

Rei: An emergency call ...... I'll go first ...... 

 *Rei runs away.


 *A siren

Female Voice: Now, a state of special emergency has been declared all
   over Kanto and Chubu districts around Tokai district. Please take
   refuge in the designated shelters. Repeat. Today ...... 

 *Angel approaches underwater.

Eye Catch 




 *Fuyutsuki commands.

Male Voice: The target has been captured optically. It has invaded
   the territorial waters. 

Fuyutsuki: All hands to battle stations! 

Female Voice: Roger. Prepare for antiaircraft interception! 

Male voice: Tokyo-3 is transforming to the battle formation 

Female Voice: House the central block! 

 *The complete view of Tokyo-3

 *Many tall buildings sink and are put underground.

 *The buildings hang down from the ceiling of the underground city.

Female Voice: The central block and District1 to 7 have been housed. 

Male Voice: The notifications to the government and all ministries
   concerned have been finished. 

Female Voice: The present effective rate of the antiaircraft
   interception system is 48 %. 

Misato: What is the status of noncombatants and civilians? 

Shigeru: It was reported that the evacuation has been finished. 




     #334th Underground Shelter

     #Tokyo-3 Disaster Prevention Section

     #Total Floor Space 2000 square meters

     #Total Accomodation 250

 *Many students are in the shelter but aren't very serious.

Female Voice: Primary and junior high schoolstudents, please get
   together in the class. Residents, please get together in the

 *Display (Similar message on all TV channel, perhaps)

     #At this noon, a state of special emergency has been declared all
     #over Kanto and Chubu districts around Tokai district. More
     #detail information will be reported as soon as it is received.

 *Kensuke is operating his video camera.

Kensuke: I'm at it again. 

Toji: There are only letters on the screen again. 

Kensuke: That's a news blackout. They won't show us civilians
   anything at all. Although this is such a big event, ...... 


 *Flying Angel shown on the screen.

Misato: While Commander Ikari is absent, the 4th Agent is coming. It
   has come sooner than I expected. 

Makoto: The last one came after 15 years interval. This one came only
   after 3 weeks. 

Misato: They never think about our circumstances, don't they? They
   are the type which women hate. 


 *Heavy attacks by normal weapons against Angel, but have no effects.


Fuyutuki: They are wasting taxes. 

Shigeru: The committee is demanding us to mobilize an Evangelion

Misato: How annoying they are! If they don't ask for it, I'll
   certainly make it mobilize! 


Maya: Entry has begun. 

Maya: Inject LCL. Release Arrival/Departure LocK. 

Shinji: Although my father is not here, whay am I still pilotting it. 

Shiji: Although I was hit ...... 


Kensuke: Hey, I just have something to talk to you ...... Yeah, well
   ... you know. 

Toji: If you want to. 

Toji: Class Rep! 

Hikari: What? 

Toji: Both of us are going to the toilet. 

Hikari: Come on! Why haven't you done it before. 


Toji: Well, What is that? 

Kensuke: I want to see that even only once until my death. 

Toji: The battle above? 

Kensuke: I'm afraid if the next enemy will come soon ...... 

Toji: Kensuke, what guy you are! 

Kensuke: If I miss this chance, I might not forever ...... Say,
   please help me to unlock the gate. 

Toji: If you go out, you'll be killed. 

Kensuke: If we are here in the shelter, I wonder if we survive. Since
   I may be killed anyway, I want to see it before then. 

Toji: What a fool! What do you think Nerv exists for?! 

Kensuke: What do you think the fighting machine of Nerv is?! The
   robot which the transferee pilots. At the last time, he protected
   us. But you hit him like that. Two hit at that! 

Kensuke: If he doesn't want to pilot the robot, we all will be
   killed. You have an obligation to watch his battle, don't you? 

Toji: There's no other choice. You are really faithful to your
   desires, aren't you? 

Kensuke: Ahaha ...... 


Misato: Shinji-kun, sally! Are you ready? 

Shinji: Yes. 

Shinji: Yes. 

Ritsuko: Launch! 

 *Eva is launched.


 *Kensuke and Toji are running up the stone stairs of the shrine in
  the mountain.

 *Eva is going up.

 *Angel is flying and stand in the city.

Kensuke: Amazing! It is the worth the struggle I had. Wow, this is
   what I've been waiting for! 

 *Eva appears.

Kensuke: It came out! 

 *Shinji repeats to murmur the instructions like a spell.

Shiji: Aim the target in the center and switch, aim the target in the
   center and switch, ...... 

Misato: Develop an AT-field. According to the plan. OK? 

Shinji: Yes. 

 *Eva shoots the rifle at Angel.

Misato: Fool! The enemy is hidden by smoke of explosion! 

 *Angel suddenly attack Eva with its feelers.

Toji: Look, he is already beaten. 

Kensuke: He is all right. 

Misato: I'll give you a reserve rifle. Take it! 

 *The door of the building is opened.

 *Shinji is trembling with fear.

Misato: Shinji-kun, Shinji-kun ...... 

Kensuke: Oops! I wonder if being hit works badly as I expected. 

Toji: Sh sh sh shut up! 

 *Angel attacks Eva heavily and cut the power supply cable of Eva off.

 *The display which shows the active time remaining of Eva.

Shigeru: ?????? cable was snapped! 

     #I heard 'Anbirikaru'. But I can't the right words in English.
     #Guess it!

Makoto: Eva has switched over to the internal battery. 

Maya: Active time remaining is 4 minutes and 53 seconds! 

Shinji: Ah! 

 *Angel grasps Eva's ankle and throw it to the mountain where Kensuke
  and Toji are.

Kensuke: It is flying to us! 

 *Eva fell near Kensuke and Toji.

 *Shinji is suffering heavily. He found his classmates near Eva.

Misato: Shinji-kun, are you all right?! Shinji-kun! 

Misato: How is the damage? 

Makkoto: No problem. It will go! 

 *Information about Kensuke and Toji is shown on the display of the
  operation room.

Misato: They are Shinji's classmates? 

Ritsuko: Why are they there? 

 *Angel is flying to Eva. Angel attacks Eva. Eva grasps a feeler of
  Angel but doesn't attack Angel.

Toji: Why won't he fight?! 

Kensuke: Because we are here, ...... he can't move as he likes. 

Maya: Unit One. Active time remaining is 3 minutes and 28 seconds! 

Misato: Shinji-kun, let them into the cockpit. After they are picked
   up, retreat for the present. And come back later! 

Ritsuko: Why do you think it is possible that ccivilians can be taken
   in the entry plug without permission?! 

Misato: I permit it. 

Ritsuko: You are exceeding your authority, Captain Katsuragi. 

Maya: Unit One, Active time remaining is 3 minutes! 

Misato: Hold Eva under the present orders and then eject the entry
   plug! Hurry up! 

 *The entry plug is ejected.

Misato: You guys, get into! Be quick! 


Toji: What? It's water! 

Kensuke: Camera. Oh, my camera! 

 *Ritusko and Maya check the information on the status display.

Maya: Troubles in the nervous system! 

Ritsuko: It is because foreign bodies have been inserted. Noises are
   detected in the nervous pulses. 

Shinji: Uh 

 *Angel went away from Eva.

Misato: Now, retreat! 

 *Eva stands up slowly.

Misato: The recovery route is No.34. Go back to the east side of the

Toji: Transferee! She says "Run away" , transferee. 

 *Shinji repeats to murmur the same phrase like a spell.

Shinji: Don't run away, don't run away, don't run away ...... 

 *Eva takes a Progressive Knife from the shoulder part.

Makoto: Progressive Knife equipped! 

 *Shinji looks so haggard and vacant.

Misato: Shinji-kun, obey my order! Retreat, Shinji-kun! 

 *Shinji goes berserk! Eva makes a dash to Angel!

Shinji: Uhaaaaaaaaah! 

Misato: What a fool! 

 *Angel stabs Eva's body with the feelers.

Shinji: Uhaaaaaaaaah! 

 *Eva(Shinji) stabs the red area in the center of Angel's body with
  the Progressive Knife like mad.

Maya: Unit One. Active time remaining is 30 seconds, 28, 27, 26, 25, 

 *Sparks come out.

Maya: 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 

Maya: Eva Unit One has stopped actions. 

Makoto: The target is completely silent. 

 *Shinji is sobbing at the pilot seat heavily.


 *It's raining.

 *kensuke is operating a computer.

Shinji: Until today, three days have already passed ...... 

Kensuke: After when we were really raked over the coals ...... 

Toji: After he was absent from the school, I mean. 

Kensuke: Who is he? 

Toji: I'm saying about the transferee, the transferee. How has he
   been after that? 

Kensuke: Are you worrying about him? 

Toji: I'm not especially worrying ...... 

Kensuke: For being such a tactless, you are stubborn, aren't you?
   After that, if you said to him that you're sorry, you would have
   ended up not suffering from mental agony for three days. 

 *Kensuke hands a piece of paper to Toji.

Kensuke: Look, the phone number of the transferee. If you worry about
   him, try calling him. 


   Shinji can't overcome the weakness of his mind and run away even from
   Misato. But the organization takes him back easily. There aren't
   any kind words. Next time, "Rain, after he runs away" . Next time,
   of course, service, service!