Literal Translation Series,

                "The Five Star Stories" Movie.
                Translated Speech Script with Many Many Comments

                Written  by Kentaro ONIZUKA
                Comments by Kentaro ONIZUKA


The original Five Star Story (FSS) is truly a huge scale tremendous
space opera, with more than 400 characters. The original author,
Mamoru Nagano tried to write a story which could not be realized as an
ANIME.  But was ANIMATED! I can guess how the animators struggled to
produce this ANIME version of FSS.

I used the official spellings for the proper names determined by
Mamoru Nagano, the author, according to "Chronicle," the dictionary of
"The Five Star Stories."  But, in many cases the pronunciation is far
different from the spellings.  The author, Mamoru Nagano, learned
German a lot. He tried to assign German like spellings to proper names. 

Example : "Greens" sounds like Greece
          "Peyoit" sounds like Byoit
          "Etrrm"  sounds like Etramule
          "Zebee"  sounds like Sebier

Anyhow, have a fun to watch FSS with this script!  Feel free to
redistribute. And if your mother language is not English, please
translate into your mother language. Comments and corrections are

                Email:  onizuka@nisiq.net

           The 2988th year of the Constellation Era.


Narration: Easter, Westa, Southand, and Nords, The four solar
           systems formed "The Joker Constellation," 
           where thousands of countries were disputing each other,
           and where powerful robot weapons "Motarr Headd" 
           driven by knights called "Headd liners,"
           and fatimas battled and battled day after day.

           Fatima is a computer android which assist the headd
           liner to control the Motarr Headd.  Although a fatima is
           a robot, does it have warm red blood, and look like
           an ordinary woman.

# I don't think "Constellation" be an appropriate word.
# The original Japanese "Joker TaiYou SeiDan" means "Joker Star Cluster."

# The motarr headd in the screen is called Black Knight.
# The Fatima on it is East. The Knight is Marquis Roados Dragoon.
# East was made by Dr. Morard.

# Headd liner = Knight. They are descendants of gene modified super-man
# in the prehistoric era of Joker Constellation.
Title and Opening Music.


In a room where a little girl has just woken up,
The girl : Father, Father, Father...

In the garden,

A man stands up and speaks to the girl,

The man  : How do you do! Lachesis!

In the lab. A woman on the bed wakes up,

A man    : You hear me, Double Ypsilon, or Lachesis, you have woken
           up last.

# "Double Ypsilon" the name of chromosome.
# Lachesis has YY chromosome and has almost the same power as Amateras.

           You blame me as well as your sister Atropos?
           And you still love that guy?  Then your life would be
           of eternal severity.

           It takes a couple of hours to bring yourself, your body motion
           and your expression on the face.

           Would you forgive me? I modified you to a monster.

Lachesis : It's not you, father, but I that wished that.

In a room, a girl is waiting,

The girl : Father how is my sister Lachesis?
Lachesis : Clotho.
Clotho   : My Sister Lachesis!

# Lachesis, Atropos, Clotho are the goddess in a Greek Legend.
# Fatima names are usually of Greek Legends.

The troop is around the house.

Troop    : Marquis Doctor Ballanche. Are you here?

# Ballanche is "Prince Ballanche" in the comic.
# But, I don't think he is a prince.
# The fatima maker is considered a very high class person.

In the king's palace at the float temple on the planet Delta Belun.

# Delta Belun: a planet in Easter Solar System.

Amateras : Alright, Litra, I'd better go.

In the room where several people have been waiting for the king.
# Amateras has already unified all the countries on Delta Belun.
# He is the king of Greens Kingdom, emperor of Amateras Kingdom
# Dimense (AKD), and also the president of united states of Delta Belun.

Aisha    : Amateras, Your majesty.
# Aisha: A Mirage Night, and Prime Minister of AKD.
Amateras : Aisha, I shall go to Addler.
Aisha    : To the fatima auction ?
# Auction <- "Ohirome" "Auction" is not that appropriate word.
# Literally "Ohirome" means "Debut Ceremony"
Amateras : Yes. That may trouble you. Assist me.
In the cockpit, the driver is crying.

The man  : Oh, uncontrol! I can't control, Oh, no, I can't!

The man  : Oh no! Only a little bit behind the success! Ass hole! that guy!

The man  : Oh, it's in such a season.


>From     : Oh, I'm lucky! I didn't expected a goddess here.
Vehicle    Hi, lady! What's wrong with you?

The man  : What? me? Lady?

In the vehicle:

Viewlard : Sorry man, I am very sorry, please forgive me.
           I didn't expect that you be a man. And... what's your name?
Sopp     : Sopp. ,, My name is Ladios Sopp.
Viewlard : Sopp? I've heard of the name but ... OK,
           I am Voards Viewlard, I am a headd liner, though
           I might not look like one.
Sopp     : You are a headd liner? 
Viewlard : Yes. That's the reason why I came here to Bastogne.
Sopp     : By chance! me too, I am on the way to Bastogne.
Viewlard : Are you also going to attend The Fatima Auction?
Sopp     : Auction? 

Viewlard : Don't you know that ? The brand new two fatimas manufactured
           by Dr. Ballanche are going to debut in the auction
           five days later.

Sopp     : Then Marquis Voards, are you going to the auction?
Viewlard : Yes. look at that ship over there, That's going to Bastogne.
           Now the city is full of people.
           In the auction, Colus the third is to come from Junor,
           King Collette from Both, and addition to these, Emperor
           Amateras is also expected to come. 
           Very exceptional auction.
           Don't you think so? Sopp.
# Junor: a planet in Southand Solar System
# Both : a planet in Westa    Solar System.
Sopp     : It may be.

Viewlard : Oh you get off here. I miss you.
Sopp     : Thank you. You helped me a lot.
Viewlard : Not at all. I will be at the lord's house for days.
           Come to me.
Sopp     : Yes.

At Ballanche's

Ballanche: You come late. What's wrong with you. You look like having
           bathed in the sand.
Sopp     : As the matter of course. I failed to test the machine.
Ballanche: You are still trying?
Sopp     : Yes. .... And what's the matter? Why did you call me?
Ballanche: Do you know lord Juba?
Sopp     : The lord of Bastogne for these two years, isn't he?
           I hear that he was a merchant.
           I've never heard good rumour about him.
Ballanche: Come on to the factory.

 In the lab.

Ballanche: You remember? 
           It's been 10 years since you came here last.

           Two days ago, Lachesis and Clotho matured.
           Soon after that, they are taken by Lord Juba.
Sopp     : Where is Atropos?
Ballanche: She matured a year ago. She is absent from here.
Sopp     : You let her escape?
Ballanche: Yes, indeed. Juba has been making sport of so many fatimas.
           And that Lachesis and Clotho have also been his objects.
           Since, at the moment, many kings and princes are there,
           he must behave like a gentleman does....,
           though I don't think he would hold the auction in the proper way.
           If my two fatimas do not find an appropriate master,
           they are ordered to remain at Juba's under The Constellation Law.
           Then everything will be over.
Sopp     : You are too anxious. This time, you know, many 
           important and famous headd liners will attend the auction
           so that the two shall marry an appropriate headd liner.
Ballanche: No, they shan't. They are not mind-controlled.
Sopp     : Oh What?
Ballanche: That means, although they are fatimas, they have none the weaker
           emotion than human-beings.
Sopp     : Oh, what did you do!
Ballanche: Under these conditions, I wish you to guard them.
           I shall not live long. 
           Probably it is the last time to ask you as your friend.
           You do that for me?
Sopp     : Oh, I am not good at being with girls.

On the car.

Sopp     : Lachesis!

In the memory,,,

Lachesis : Meister Sopp. I shall marry you. You shall be my master.
           Won't you ?
On the car,

Sopp     : Oh, it's been 10 years since that,, Lachesis.

In the city street.

Sopp     : Oh, full of people. More people must be there in the castle.

People   : Oh, what's that? look at that! how big!

People   : Oh, that's Belle Claire. Amateras, his majesty has come from
           Delta Belun. Oh what a wonderful auction it shall be!

In Juba's castle.

Juba     : What? motarr headd meister?
# Motarr headd meister: a professional mechanic chief for motarr headds.
Peyoit   : Yes, he is called Ladios Sopp.
           You are expected to here!

Juba     : Oh.... what a beautiful boy.....
           You Sopp. I hear that you are a very skillful motarr
           headd meister. Why did you come here ?
Sopp     : Yes, my lord, I have a wish. Since you are the leader
           of Lent Federation as the matter of fact, ...
Juba     : Oh, yes! you know well.
           By the way, your face is your own face?
Sopp     : Yes. I have never had myself remade
           at any part of my face and body.

In the party floor.

Viewlard : Hey
Sopp     : Viewlard!
Viewlard : Pardon me! That's my mistake. I realized you are that famous
           Meister Ladios Sopp. I am sorry. Would you please forgive me
           for my couple of rude behaviors before you.
Sopp     : Oh no, call me Sopp. Comparing with the headd liners, 
           meisters are (in the lower class.)
Viewlard : Really? OK call me Viewlard!
Sopp     : Then Viewlard, I have a question. Don't you have a formal suit?
Viewlard : Oh no, I hate that! ... 
            (To the waitress)Thanx 
           But Sopp, why you are here. 
           Lord Juba is a mean old man, you know.
           You have such a taste against man, ain't you?

Sopp     : Thank you for your advice. That is, because I have a wish.
           That means the way I have to be a meister named Ladios Sopp.

Viewlard : hummm. (that does not make sense but...)  OK.

People   : Oh Amateras, his majesty. The god of light from Delta Belun.
           Amateras Dis Grand Eydas Greens Fourth.

# Dis Grand Eydas Greens Fourth: the great eighty-fourth king of
#                                Greens Kingdom.

Sopp     : Sorry Aisha.

Viewlard : Oh, How great! His beauty, solemnity, are not of humanity.
           And the four men following his majesty....
Sopp     : Mirage Knights?
Viewlard : You know them?
Sopp     : Well, I've heard of them only by the name.
Viewlard : No one in the constellation can win them.
           They are the guys like gods of death.
Viewlard : OK, the spectation is over. Come on to see my motarr headd.
Sopp     : eh?

Lachesis and Clotho in the room.

Lachesis : Clotho, please listen to me carefully.

In the motarr headds shed.

Sopp     : Did that carrier carry a motarr headd ?
Viewlard : Yeah. I am exceptionally allowed.
           Look, this is my Brandzi.
Sopp     : Oh, how great!
Viewlard : Can you guess who made this?
Sopp     : May I climb on it?
Viewlard : As you like it!
Sopp     : The skeleton looks like those made in Kallamity.
           Made in the 2417th year.  hmmm modified a lot.
           I can see the technique of Marquis Zebee Corter.
Viewlard : Oh, you are right!

# Kallamity : Kallamity Gooders, a planet in Nords Solar System.
# The average life length of the human beings in Joker Constellation is
# 350 years.
Guardians: Come here, Come here!

Viewlard : It is noisy in the garden.
Guardians: Fatima's escaped. Don't hurt her. arrest her!
Sopp     : Ah, Clotho!!

Viewlard : Fatima escaped? 

           eh? Hey Sopp.
           ... hmmm what's a troublesome boy.
Viewlard  : Sopp! get on!

Clotho is running along the road.

Lachesis : You are alright, Clotho. You must escape.
(Back-     It's the last chance. And go to Dr. Morard's at BeToLuka. 
 ground    Don't worry about me.
 voice)    I remain here and the auction is alright.
           You must escape, and must find a good master.

Clotho   : My sister Lachesis!

Viewlard : She is fast. We can no longer catch her up.
           I ask you a question.
           Does that fatima have any reason?
Sopp     : Yes.
Viewlard : OK, no problem. Trust me.

In a de-peopled street.

A kid    : It's a fatima.

>From inside the bar,

Rogues   : That's surprising. She looks like a free wondering fatima.
           She comes to the auction to find a master ?
           OK, we take her to ...

A Kid    : What you do to me!

Rogues   : Hey doll! where to go? 
Clotho   : I am going to Dr Morard's
Rogues   : Oh that Morard! I know him well.
           We are kind enough to take thee to him.
           Ain't we?

Viewlard : I look for her around here.
Sopp     : Thanx!

Clotho   : No. No, Don't do that. help me!
A Rogue  : Shut up! thou doll. 
A Rogue  : Oh how charming and sexy! I can't keep myself hah.
A Rogue  : We do for thee as thy master does for thee.

A Knight : What are you all doing.
A Rogue  : Shut up!

Rogues   : That guy is a headd liner!
           Don't worry! Fire!

Rogues   : Freeze!

Sopp     : Clotho!
Knight   : Don't worry. She's just fainted. 
           Is it you sir, that threw the spadd?
# Spadd : a kind of light sword.
Sopp     : Yes. I am sorry for having disturbed you.
Knight   : Oh no, that helped me. Thank you.
           Is this lady called Clotho?
Sopp     : Yes.
Knight   : She seems to have fled from the castle.
Sopp     : This is the fatima to be put for the auction this time,
           though has a reason.
Knight   : hmm, She has so complex expression on the face, that ...,

Clotho   : Master!
Clotho   : Who are you?

Knight   : A Knight of Junor, named Colus, Lady young fatima.

Clotho   : Colus the third,.... your majesty.
Colus    : (Yes,) as your wish.
# Precisely, Colus the third is Colus the twenty third.
Sopp     : Oh you're lucky!
Clotho   : Oh, Meister Sopp!

Clotho   : Meister Sopp, I, Clotho, wish to go with his majesty.
Sopp     : If your majesty are alright with that... 
Colus    : I am alright with that. But how about the auction.
Sopp     : Your majesty. This girl is not mind-controlled.
Colus    : What?
           It's ... probable. 
           She called me Master now.
           However, it did not seem that it was me that she called.
           She might have called my future kin of the Colate family.

Sopp     : Your majesty.
Colus    : Alright,
           And the knight behind me, you are expected.

Viewlard : Yes sir. It's the first time to see your majesty.
           I am Voards Viewlard. Lent Federation Council ordered me to
           confirm fatima's wish in the auction.
Colus    : Then, Knight Voards. I ask you.
           What shall I do for this lady.
Viewlard : Strictly speaking, the fatima must return to Juba's 
           castle, and be put for the official auction.
           However, considering her situation, she shall not find a master.
           Your majesty are strongly suggested to leave with her.
Colus    : Is that the Council's wish ?
Viewlard : (Yes,) As your wish.
Colus    : That is against The Constellation Law.
Viewlard : I indeed know that.
Colus    : Alright. I take this lady.

Viewlard : Oh, Mirage Knights!!

Viewlard : Juba's guys are coming. Sopp you'd better leave.
Peyoit   : Oh your majesty found that fatima. Sorry for troubling you.
           Would you let us arrest it?

A Mirage : Wait! Marquis Peyoit. Although slightly troubled,
           just now Lady Clotho has shown her wish
           to go with Colus III his majesty.
Peyoit   : Oh what. What do you say, sir!
Lady M.  : Oh yes. That is true. We, four, confirmed the fact.
Peyoit   : what, hmmm. 
A Mirage : 'tis against the law for us to deny the fact.
           Though 'tis a very rare case,.. since more than three knights
           confirmed the fatima's wish, 'tis regarded as a 
           simplified but an official auction.
# A Mirage -> Poesche Nomien.
Peyoit   : I, I understand. But an official announcement must be done
           the other day. Therefore your majesty and the fatima are
           strongly expected to remain here until the auction is over.
Colus    : I understand. Otherwise, you would be further more troubled.
Peyoit   : As your wish.

A Mirage : Colus III your majesty, excuse us to leave.

In the Juba's castle.

Juba     : What! thou also confirmedst it and returnedst without that fatima? 
           That's it?
Peyoit   : Yes my lord.
Juba     : Ass hole! people all know my intension?
Peyoit   : It did not seem that Mirage and Colus had planed to do that.
Juba     : Why thou knowst that?
           hmmm, I shall get Lachesis. ..
           hmm., Where are Decors and Torrora? Oh, What are my nephews doing.
           ass hole! Everyone fool!


Lachesis : Won't you?

On the roof garden.

Viewlard : Have you located Lachesis?
Sopp     : I've been only watching stars here.
Viewlard : hmmm.

In the castle garden.

Juba     : Sorry for noise.
           Look at this. This is my motarr headd named Helmine,
           the composition of famous Marquis Starm.  
           You never see better one than this.
           And these two are my nephews, Decors and Torrora.
           The motarr headds they drive are, Devoncha and 
           Barunsha. Both are of Marquis Starm.
Viewlard : Hm. He must not be of headd liners' kin. He must have
           employed headd liners and made them his nephews.
Sopp     : But that guy Helmine can move without headd liner's control.
Viewlard : How cam you know that?
Sopp     : The fatima in that seems to be an etrrm.
Viewlard : Etrrm.... is the fatima without human appearance?
           But, how come you know that?
Sopp     : Because,,,  that motion is not elegant!
Viewlard  : hmm, is that so?

Juba     : By the way, many people have got together here.
           I'd like to propose an exhibition battle here.

Decors and Torrora: That sounds like a good idea! Let's do! Let's do!

Juba     : And you all know that one of the fatimas for the auction this
           time has already been of Colus his majesty.
           Your majesty, how about showing your Clotho's skill?

Clotho   : I don't want that. I don't want to get on the motarr headd.
           I hate that. I fear.
Sopp     : Oh my god!
Juba     : Why? Have I Mis-heard? 
           His majesty's fatima seems to dislike motarr headds?
           That's terribly funny!
           Your majesty. Please don't hesitate. Barunsha or Devoncha which 
           do you prefer to drive?

Colus    : I am Sorry. I don't do that. 

Juba     : Eh? That does not make sense. Did you all hear that?
           The most famous and bravest knight in the constellation,
           his majesty Colus the third, says he cannot fight now.
           Oh what's the matter with him? Is it due to our mistake?

Colus    : Sorry, it's not due to you.
Juba     : Then your majesty don't wish to show Clotho's skill?
           ...Oh, I am sorry.

Viewlard : What a evil guy he is. He is trying to laugh at his majesty
           before public.

Amateras : What a great Motarr Headd. How powerful it can be.
Juba     : Oh, Amateras your majesty.

Amateras : You need not to actually show the power of this great motarr
           headd. The exhibition battle may hurt it.
           The appearance itself proves its powerfulness.
Juba     : Oh, I didn't expected such a sweet word for my motarr headd.
           I am so glad to receive the word from your majesty.
Sopp     : He was helped.
Viewlard : Yes, his majesty is great!

In the motarr headd shed,

Viewlard : Hey Sopp! ... where is he.... 
           hmm what a heavy motarr headd.
           Are you there Sopp?
Sopp     : Viewlard, you can see a very interesting thing here.
Viewlard : What?  What is this.
Sopp     : As I expected. Recently it's been quite rare. This is an Etrrm.

           But,... this might be the natural appearance of Fatima.
           People would not dispute to own this kind of creature.
           This creature concentrates to control the motarr headd,
           without dreaming.
Viewlard : nor.. without being called by its name...

Under the clock. Lachesis finds Sopp.

Sopp     : Lachesis!
Lachesis : Meister Sopp!

In Juba's room. 

Juba     :   Leave! Leave!
In Lachesis' room

Lachesis : He has come. Meister Sopp has come to me!

Juba enters into Lachesis's room,

Juba     : I can't keep myself.
           If thou doest not give me a good answer,
           thy father will suffer from something.
           Doest thou understand what I actually mean.
           No go, my sweet little bird.

Suffering from heart attack.

           OK, OK. until the auction is over. Doest as thou likest it.

Sopp is entering into Ballanche's.
# This part is not in the original comic.

Sopp     : You do that to live long?
Ballanche: Oh Sopp, are you still hesitating to get Lachesis?

Sopp     : No. 
Ballanche: I don't say that you must love Lachesis.
           All that I want you to do is
           to help her marry a famous headd liner,,,
           just like Clotho did.
Sopp     : That is not her wish.
Ballanche: But might that be even better for her.
Sopp     : Then should she be unhappy, if she is with me?
Ballanche: Lachesis shall decide that.
Sopp     : I leave.

Outside the house.

Amateras : For the auction tomorrow, some of Mirage knights should
           guard this house.
Sopp     : Now you can come here.
Viewlard : Oh you know me here. 
Sopp     : You have been following me from the castle?
Viewlard : That is Amateras his majesty, isn't he?
Sopp     : Yes.
Viewlard : Who are you then?
Sopp     : I am Ladios Sopp. And who are you then?
Viewlard : hmmm, hmm me? I am .. Voards Viewlard.
Sopp     : Then everything is OK.
Viewlard : hmmm, then I understand everything be OK!

In Sopp's room.

Viewlard : Why people say Amataras hates fatimas?
Sopp     : I don't know such a thing.
Viewlard : Why ? Why ? Why? you are cool to me. Sopp.
Sopp     : Stop! I hate the drunk!
Viewlard : you're also drunk! You show that!
Sopp     : No!
Viewlard : You've turned red red!
           owewwww. Soppie!
Sopp     : No! No!

Viewlard : Hey Sopp
Sopp     : eh?
Viewlard : I have many reliable friends. If you need help,
           you can expect a help from me.
Sopp     : thanx.

In the shower room.

In the memory

Lachesis : This is for you Meister Sopp!
Sopp     : Oh smells good. Thank you.
Atropos  : Lachesis you are unfair. don't steal a march on it!
           I also made this.
Sopp     : Thank you my princess!
           Oh, you Clotho also made for me?

Ballanche: You nice guy, are attracting girls.
           Today is the last day they play outdoor.
           When they get out of the capsule,
           they will mature to be adult fatimas. 

Sopp     : Ballanche Why you say such a thing?
           How are they different from human girls.
           It is headd liners that die in the war. That's enough.
           Those girls are not tools for the war. 
           I will make a motarr headd controllable without Fatima.

Lachesis : Meister Sopp, you shall be my master. 
           Won't you?
Sopp     : OK, I will be your master. 
Lachesis : Lucky! And .. then I have another thing to ask you.
Sopp     : What is it?
Lachesis : You make motarr headds.
           So.. I'd like a golden motarr headd
           that shall be shining beautifully for thousands of years.
           And I shall marry you at the wedding ceremony before the 
           motarr headd.
Sopp     : Golden motarr headd ?
Lachesis : Yes!
           I wait in the capsule for you to come on the
           Knight of Gold to meet me, praying until the day comes.

# This scene is not in the original comic.
On the roof. 

Sopp     : I cannot do that, Lachesis. I can't.

A ghost appears,

The ghost: What are you hesitating? You are already here.
Sopp     : Litra!
Litra    : You can take Lachesis away with you.
Sopp     : I know.
Litra    : You fear being with Lachesis.
Sopp     : I fear her?
Litra    : No, it's not Lachesis that you fear.
           The grave destiny of Lachesis makes you hesitate.
Sopp     : Grave destiny? I don't know that!
Litra    : Yes, you are already aware of that,
           for you are not human.
           Everything must you know.
           The storm of grave destiny shall blow not only Delta Belun,
           but all of four solar systems.
           Into the storm must you go, not alone, but with Lachesis.
           I quite understand how you fear that.
Sopp     : No, No,  No. That's not!

The opening of the auction.

Attendant: Press people, please wait in the press room.


Juba     : Ladies and Gentlemen. I am going to declare the opening of the
           Fatima Auction.
           Before the auction, I'd like to introduce Marquis Voards.
           He is to confirm the fatima's wish.

Viewlard : I am Voards Viewlard. I was appointed to confirm the fatima's wish.
           The auction must be done under the justice of The 
           Constellation Law.
           The fatima meets each knight here one by one.
           And then it declares the name of its master.
           If it does not find the appropriate master,
           it remains here, and is to wait until the next auction.

           Kings, Knights, and those who have the right to own a fatima.
           Do swear not to be against the fatima's wish!

           Thank you.

Juba     : Alright. Now I declare the opening of the auction.

           I introduce you a brand new fatima, the latest composition of 
           Marquis Dr. Crome Ballanche, Lachesis!

People   : Oh, How natural! Just like a human lady.


Viewlard : Sopp!

In the garden,

Litra    : You are leaving here?
Sopp     : Litra
Litra    : That means, you can never love anyone.
Sopp     : Oh, yes!
Litra    : Oh no.
           You are the greatest monster in the world.
           You must like playing with the other's mind., instead of loving.
Sopp     : Litra!
Litra    : Nevertheless, did I love you.
Sopp     : Wait! don't go!

In the auction.

Juba     : Is it OK?
Peyoit   : Well .... yes.


Juba     : Now the meeting ceremony is over.
           Marquis Voards. Would you confirm the fatima's wish?

Viewlard : Lachesis, say your master's name.
Lachesis : .....

Juba     : Oh, it did not find the master ?

Juba     : I am very very sorry for the unexpected result.
           Ladies and Gentlemen would you wait until the next auction the
           other day?

Sopp is running ...

Juba     : I swear that I keep Lachesis until the next opportunity.

Viewlard : Sopp!
Sopp     : Lachesis COME ON!
Lachesis : Master!

Juba     : Why it call master to that guy who is not a headd liner.
Peyoit   : It's strongly suggested that it is not mind-controlled.
Juba     : Arrest them!

Sopp     : Lachesis, Sorry for late.
           Here we go!

Colus III: Please, you all, would you let them go!
Clotho   : My sister!
Lachesis : Clotho!


A Mirage : No thoroughfare. Go another way!

Sopp     : Here we go! take care!

In the castle,

Juba     : Decors and Torrora! prepare the air doorey?
           I don't give up!
           Peyoit! thou arrestst Ballanche!
# air doorey : a floating battle ship equipped with motarr headds.

Viewlard : They use that air doorey? Hmm, they are exaggerating things.

People   : Your excellency!
Viewlard : OK, I follow them too! Prepare Brandzi!

Colus    : You wait! Are you expected to go out now?
# In the comic, this word is said by F. U. Rogner,
# the commander of Mirage Knights. Prince of Babiron. DNA croned knight.
# His fatima is Eatta by Ballanche.

Viewlard : why?
Colus    : You see! Juba and his fellows are absent from the castle.
           That means, It's a good chance to investigate their evil deeds.
Viewlard : Colus your majesty.
Colus    : This country is your country. President Mission Russ.

           Alright. I leave.
           Say hello to your fatima Megaella.
Viewlard : OK, let's work. Investigate all things in the castle!
People   : Yes, your excellency!

Viewlard : People all know who I truly am.
Megaella : They are my younger sisters?
Viewlard : Yes.
# Megaella is a fatima made by Ballanche.
In the desert

Lachesis : I see an air doorey coming!
Sopp     : They are going to catch us up when?
Lachesis : Let me see. .... After 10 minutes and 25 seconds.

In front of Ballanche's

Ballanche: What's the matter with you. Marquis Peyoit.
Peyoit   : Don't kid me. You know why I am here.
           We know that your fatimas, Lachesis and Clotho,
           are not mind-controlled.

           Arrest him!
People   : Yes sir!

Mirage knights appear,,
# Lady Mirage   -> Lie X (Eks)  Princess of Atowight.
# and the other -> Nu Suoard Graphight
Peyoit   : Oh what!
A Mirage : Where art thou going. It is I that is against thee.
# Mirage Knight -> Landwand Sppacorn.
A Mirage : that does nothing to me.
Peyoit   : Oh!

In the desert,

Decors   : Oh Soppie, you still think you can escape from me?

In Ballanche's,

Amateras : Lachesis went to Meister Sopp's.
Ballanche: Is that so?
Amateras : I knew that. I knew. Someday.. it would be as it is now.
(Aisha)    I knew it would be as it is today. I've been ready for it,
           .... I've lost love.
Ballanche: I am sorry, Aisha.

In the desert,

Decors   : They are crazy guys, ain't you think so, uncle?
           Crazy enough to have fled to such a desert place.

Lachesis : Master Sopp!
Sopp     : I remember that it was on the top of this hill.
Lachesis : eh?
Sopp     : As I did not come here by a normal dig, I fell down here.
# dig : a kind of floating car.
           Day after day, I failed to test again and again,,,
           Finally I reached here.
           As the result, I happened to see the president of this country.
Sopp     : Now it's the time for you to wake up!


Juba     : What's that?

People   : Oh what... 
           Gold ! Motarr headd of gold!

In the cockpit,

Sopp     : Lachesis, you know how to control this?
Lachesis : ah.. Yes.
Sopp     : I cannot control this by myself alone. Pay attention!
Lachesis : I understand. 

Torrora  : I guess only the appearance is gorgeous!
Decors   : Trolla!
Torrora  : What!! oh!

Juba     : Oh. My Devoncha!

Decors   : That's indeed amusing!
           You Sopp!!!
# Decors did not die in this battle. He afterwards, went to Both.
# He was to be a Black Knight.

Juba     : What's the devil!
           Launch the buster cannon!
Pilot    : That's dangerous. Too short distance to launch!
Juba     : Shut up! Nothing other than buster cannon can destroy that monster!
Pilot    : Yes sir!

Lachesis : Master, they are going to launch buster lock!
# Buster lock : a small type of buster cannon.
Sopp     : No problem. We also have one.
           Since I shortened a normal buster launcher into half-size,
           the hit ratio is that low,
           and a strong recoil is expected. Also expected is
           a reverse energy flow.
           Lachesis, pay much attention not to overload.

Lachesis : I understand.
           Contact on, compressing energy regularly in the chamber,
           Rifling started. releasing sear and timing by me, Trigger by you.

Sopp     : OK!


Juba     : Buh! Buh! Buster cannon?


Sopp     : Litra
Litra    : You have just made decision at last.
           Yes, you are the god of light.
           The girl is to be with you after me from now on.
           You take care of her, my darling.

Sopp     : Good by! the lady who was my wife long long time ago.
# Litra was Amateras' wife. After she died, she guarded Amateras as
# a spiritual being.

Lachesis : Oh,
Sopp     : I am Sorry for having you wait long.
Viewlard  : Sopp!
Colus III: What's the matter Clotho?
Clotho   : No body can stop it. Now the history of new era begins.


Lachesis : I, I am .. 
           Yes, My name is Gibih Lachesis Fanatic B. Amateras Guriess. 
           It is I that wished to be as it is, my father. 

           Keeping the world peaceful is my duty.

           Reeling bunch of threads, to be good the threads be led.
           Without my attention, the world with destruction,

           Master threads the bunch of human lives.
# This part is from Goethe's poem. There may be more appropriate translation.

           Nevertheless, I ... 

           Yes! my master!

# "Gibih Lachesis Fanatic B. Amateras Guriess" means the wife of Amateras.
# "B" means Ballanche.

Narration: Lachesis married Amateras.
           'Twas in the 2988th year of the Constellation Era,
           at Bastogne in the Dominion of the Federal Republic of Trun,
           in the far west on the planet Addler,
           in the Constellation with Five Stars,
           'Twas a wedding ceremony of the two for the two by the two.

           In that year, Trun Federation Council decided
           the dismissal of the lord of Bastogne, Juba Bardaim,
           accusing him of the plenty of his evil deeds.
           The former Lord of Bastogne Marquis Watlma
           was re-designated to the lord of Bastogne.

           The official announcement of the decision was declared by
           the fourteenth president of The Federal Republic of Trun,
           Mission Russ, who had been absent from public 
           for more than ten years,
           and whose another name was Voards Viewlard.

           'Twas the beginning of the new era of history.
           And also was it the beginning of the sad and grave destiny,
           that involved all of four solar systems, and led them to the war.

           Lachesis, Clotho, and Atropos, the legend of three mighty
           goddess had just begun.

                     The Five Star Stories...
Ending song "Hitomi no naka no far away (Far away in the eye)"

If it were in the age without language, we could be better staring.
Now, feeling the wind changing its direction, the time flow is irritating.

In the rainy morning, go across on the rainbow,
In the midnight, draw the crescent moon bow,
Wishing to send you my warm emotion,
But, your eyes are,

So far away, showing an eternal dream without blinking.
So far away, let's go over! After you I am following.

Instead of understanding everything, I'm happier without knowing something.
By the number of tear drops, the kindness will be doubling.

Even if I miss you in the dark,
Even if I miss you in the falling stars,
I can see your shadow shining in the dark.

So far away, Just like wavelets color a white beach,
So far away, let's go over! Anywhere, I am with you.

So far away, showing an eternal dream without blinking.
So far away, let's go over! After you I following.

I no longer want a freedom to be alone, because we are together.

 Executive Producer     Haruki Kadokawa
          Planed by     Takeshi Tamiya
  Original Story by     Mamoru Nagano
     Screen Play by     Akinori Endo
Character Design by     Nobuteru Yuki
        Produced by     Masuo Ueda (Sunrise)
           Music by     Tomoyuki Asakawa

      The song "Hitomi no naka no far away" 
      Sung by Yoko Nagayama (Victor Record)

        Directed by     Kazuo Yamazaki