Translated By Diasuke Suzuki
Typed in by Moe Tong
Reformatted by William Chow

     The story takes place in ancient space, where two interstellar races
have been fighting for so long that they have forgotten the original
reason for the war's outbreak.  One of the races is called Solnoid, a
female only civilization (the males died out approx. 1000 years prior to
the story.)  The other race is called Paranoid, and their members are just
green blobs, residing in metallic skeletal bodies.  The two races have no
thought of negotiating for peace.  Therefore, this war will continue
until both sides vanish from the universe.  Note: "Gall" is an original word
conjured up by the writer of the story.  The word can mean whatever the
viewers with it to mean, for example, it can be used as "gallant", "gall"
as in "better" or "to be hurt", or "gal" as in girl.
     As the war went on natural resources, essential for survival of the
race and continuation of the war, were depleted. As a result, Solnoids
proceeded with Project Star Build, in which dead planets were turned
into living ones by the means of several hundred planet activators
planted on the subject planet.  One such a planet, rather a satellite,
Chaos of planet Terra in the 9th solar system (the Xoanon System), was
under the threat of Paranoid invasion.  To protect its newly formed
territory, the Solnoid space force organized the Akoncagya Fleet,
consisting of 300 ships.  The cruiser, Starleaf, was one of the 300.
Before the fleet went into lightspeed navigation, a Paranoid fleet made
a surprise attack, leaving the Akoncagya in a state of disorganization.
     The camera sweeps through the battle ground, filled with crossfire
from both sides.  The camera then zooms to the Starleaf.  The Starleaf's
captain is on leave to the flagship, so the 1st officer, Eluza, takes over
the command.  Rabby repeatedly tries to [raise] Akoncagya with no luck
and Rumy, who's supposed to be a non-combatant, ends up in the operation
command seat, frantically doing her best.

Rumy: "Tactical formation A-16"  (battle combat crew running) "I repeat
       tactical formation A-16, I mean 19!!" (the crew stumbles) "all
       combat crews scramble,  I repeat..."

Patty in the navigation seat tries to dodge the enemy ship's photon
cannons (laser and homing missiles), but gets hit by stray bullets on
several sections including the 2nd Bridge, located in the stern of the
ship.  Rabby notices the OX-11, the ships onboard computer, showing
code-C.  Pony volunteers to go and have a look at OX-11, taking Toil and
Ail along.  In the OX-11 contact room, Pony finds a non crew member,
Catty, who mysteriously come aboard the Starleaf.  Meanwhile, back on the
bridge, Rumy tries to stop Lufy, a member of the Attackers, from landing
on the Starleaf.  Unfortunately, Lufy does land, and in the process
destroys a squadron of fighters which are docked in the landing bay.
Just as she and Eluza finishes quarreling, the transmission form the
Akoncagya appears on all of the ship's monitors.  The commander orders
all ships to head to Chaos, while the flagship charges the enemy flagship
in order to distract the enemy's offensive.  Hearing the command, Eluza
orders all crew members onboard to assemble on the 1st (which she is in
now) and the 2nd (which is destroyed) bridges, only to discover that there are
only seven crew members onboard, Rabby, Patty, Lufy, Pony, Catty, Rumy,
and herself, Eluza.  The Starleaf engages in lightspeed navigation just
as a giant ball of explosions engulf the nearby ships.


An emergency alarm buzzes as the Starleaf disengages lightspeed navigation
(leaves hyperspace).  Coming from the contact room, Pony reports that the
G-Canceller's power system received extensive damage.  Corridors leading
to the G-Canceller room are filled with sparks, making the room
inaccessible form inside the ship.  Rabby explains the situation.

Rabby: "It seems that the Starleaf warped out 3/4 ahead of the planned
        point due to the engine trouble."
Rumy: "What? huh?"
Rabby: "You don't think that we were left behind by the fleet?"
Patty: "What do you mean?"
Rabby: "While the ship was in hyperspace, some unexpected factor of
        added accelerated ion.  I don't know by how far, but we are ahead
        of the rest of the fleet" (and that unexpected acceleration
        damaged the G-Canceller)  All, but Eluza, Catty and Ail who
        stayed on the bridge, head to the G-Canceller room by going
        outside and around the ship wearing space suits.

Part C
     On the bridge of the Paranoid SS ship Damos.
Sub-commander A: "The target (Starleaf) is now in range. Distance 4000 mark!"
Commander Dawn: "Prepare the Contact Point"
Sub-commander B: "The completion rate of the contact point is 80.2%.
                  It's ready to go, sir."
Commander Dawn: "Alright, proceed with Project Exogamos.  Send the
                 soldiers away!"

     The Paranoid soldiers transfer their body fluid (which is essentially
what the Paranoid are) from their metal skeletons to the drones, the
Paranoid's mobile weapons.  Leaving the ship, the drones head to the
Starleaf, one of them carrying a torpedo-like capsule.
     Back aboard the Starleaf, Catty acts strangely by ignoring the sensor
which picked up an unknown transmission.  OX-11 also acts strangely by
starting to activate some sort of top secret program.  The ship's sensor
catches sight of the incoming enemy drones, and the Starleaf goes into red
alert.  Eluza orders Rabby and Lufy to deal with the enemy by
anti-air cannons, but Lufy ignores the order and tries to go out by herself
in a Balsam fighter.  Rabby tries to stop her.

Rabby: "You know that your selfish act is causing a nuisance to the others?"
Lufy turns back to face Rabby
Rabby: "and...and your medal..."
Lufy: "WHATABOUTIT?!?!" (angrily)
Rabby: "You say that you shot down 150 enemies"
Lufy:"that's 168"
Rabby: "but because of your "heroic" stunt, do you know how  many of your
        allies suffered?!!!.  Everybody is rumoring about you-that if
        they go out with you, they won't make it back!!!"
Lufy: "...if you want this (medal) that badly, why don't you keep it!!!"

     Lufy rips off her Medal of Courage, throws it down on the floor, and
runs away to the fighter hanger.  Rabby recovers form the shock of Lufy's
traumatic reaction, picks up the medal, and runs after Lufy.  On the way,
she activated the automated anti-craft robot Bron-D.  Then she too boards
a Balsam.
Lufy: "Didn't you say that you won't make it back if you're with me?"
Rabby: "Are you sure you want to throw away your personal prize?"
Lufy: "I don't want it anymore.  Well, shall we go?"

The two Balsam, accompanied by Bron-D's and Bron-B's, engage the enemy.
Meanwhile, replacement of the damaged parts of G-Canceller is almost
completed by Patty, Pony, Rumy and the 2 robots.
Eluza: "How is it?"
Pony: "G-Canceller will be operational in about 6 minutes.  And we'll
       have to rely on OX-11 to control the timing of activation.  It
       seems we only can use the Canceller once."

     Rabby and Lufy have their hands full with the incoming drones, though
they do hear the warning from Eluza to come back within 6 minutes.  Lufy is
distracted when she notices that one of the drones is carrying a strange
shaped capsule.  Her fighter gets damaged, so she puts on a struggle
suit (space suit + armoured weapon + escape type of fighting gear - see
Mechanical Notes), and continues to fight, but gets injured.  The time
limit approaches, though more and more enemies show up a Bron-D carries
Rabby's fighter into the Starleaf, while Lufy, in a Struggle Suit, backs
her up, and continues to fight, this time to save the others instead of
herself.  Unknown to any of the Starleaf crew, a drone shoots the capsule
into the Starleaf and leaves.  Because re-setting the timer is impossible,
the Starleaf goes into hyperspace, leaving a dying Lufy and a Bron-D behind.
The Bron-D gently cuddles her.

Luffy: "Bron-D, it's you...so quiet...I can't hear a thing...No, I hear a
     voice...it's theirs...such a nice feeling..."
Insert Song "Sing Requiem" (Reclaim?)

Part D
     The emergency alarm goes off again, not giving neither Rabby nor
Eluza enough time to grieve the loss of Lufy.  Toil reports that there's
an unknown objects in starboard Section E, 4th corridor.  The monitor
shows the capsule that the drone injected with its cover open.  From the
shape of the capsule, Eluza and Rabby suspect that there is an intruder
aboard.  Catty has a peculiar look when she and the others are notified
of this.
     The crew members pair up and start searching for the intruder.
Patty and Rumy are the first to see the green, amoeba like bodied monster
intruder, but the by the time the others are gathered, the monster is
gone by making a hole in the floor. Catty, after observing the hole, has
a strange look on her face.  She is paired with Eluza.  When Catty and
Eluza split to search different corridors, Eluza is attacked by the
monster.  She is "submerged" within the blue (green) liquid-like body and
a red dot enters her abdomen.  Catty seems to be too surprised to do
anything.  Eluza drops out of the monster's body through its groin.  As
Rabby arrives, she too is shocked and fires a machine gun and then a
laser rifle, but both have no effect on the fat alien intruder and it
disappears.  Meanwhile Patty is trapped in a section of a corridor and
finds that the doors have become disfunctional for some reason.  Then she
is attacked by the monster as well.
     A little later, Rabby enters section E again, this time wearing a
space suit and armed with a plasma cannon bazooka.  She finds the monster
easily, since it appears to attack her just like Eluza and Patty.  She
attaches herself to the corridor and fires the bazooka, but instead of
killing the monster, the shell penetrates the body without any effect
and makes a hole to the outside of the ship.  The vacuum then sucks the
monster out of the Starleaf.  Patty, like a sleepwalker, enters the medical
room where the others are watching Eluza's condition.  Pony sees nothing
wrong in Eluza's body but her heart beat is decreasing.  Under her breath,
Eluza mutter to Rabby.

Eluza: "...Now I know what they're trying to do..."
Rabby: "?!"
Eluza : "I'll definitely refuse..."
Rabby turns to Catty and questions her.
Rabby: "Catty, what happened there?!"
Catty: "I...I don't know..."
Rabby: "What do you mean you don't know?!!!"

     Eluza passes away.  A capsule containing her body is shot into space.
Everybody is grieving her death while Rabby looks at Catty with suspicion.

Part E
     Rabby is in the data room looking through piles of files that appear
on screen.  She comes out scratching her head thinking of what to do.
Coming into the bridge, she points a gun at Catty.

Catty: "?!"
Rabby: "You said you belonged to the 27th unit, but that's a lie isn't it?"
Catty: ". . ."
Rabby: "I couldn't find you in any unit.  Why did you come aboard this ship?"
Catty suddenly stand up from her seat.
Rabby: "!?...W-Well, answer me!"
Catty: "...It's for peace.  Maybe everybody can be happy..."
Rabby: "happy?"
Catty: "Right now you probably wouldn't understand it, but..."
Rabby: "Stop being vague!"
Patty: "Are you Paranoid?"  (Who is she refering to Rabby or Catty?)
Catty: ". . ."
Rabby: "What's your purpose?!  Answer me!!"
Catty: "I can't say it right now, but there must be at least one person who
        would understand."
     Catty runs away.  Rabby tries to shoot her but Pony stops her.  Catty
enters the contact room.
Catty: "OX-11, I won't be able to follow the order anymore.  Please take
        care of things `afterwards'"

     Then she leaves, and OX-11 locks the door Catty passed to prevent the
others to pursue her.  Pony start to question OX-11.
Pony: "Why did Catty contact you?"
OX-11: "I refuse to answer."
Pony: "Did Catty come here under some secret order?"
OX-11: "I refuse to answer."
Pony: "...OX-11, please. Tell me anything you know about Catty."
OX-11: "The Starleaf has received over 80% damage..."
Pony: "!?"  ( Voices overlapping.)
OX-11: "...to the power control system"
Rumy: "Uh-oh"
Patty: "What? What?"
OX-11: "I repeat...Soon all the control systems on Starleaf will become
        disfunctional.  This ship has an escape ship `Blossom' in the bow
        section.  You must escape immediately."
Pony: "What was Catty trying to do?"
OX-11: "Please look at this"
     The monitor of OX-11 shows the reactor power unit sparking.  OX-11
predicts that the reactor will break down and explode in 300 seconds.  Rabby,
Patty, Rumy, Pony and the robots run to the emergency ship Blossom, but Pony
decides to stay behind.
Pony: "I'm sorry, but I want to know the truth.  Onboard the Blossom, there is
       Exanon, which has the same matrix as OX-11.  I'll find out the truth
       and input it to Xoanon for sure.
Patty: "Pony!!"
Pony: "I know Catty isn't bad.  Because I know OX-11 isn't on the side of bad
       people.  I'll find out about it.  Toil and Ail...take care, Ok?"
     She turns around and runs into OX-11's contact room.
Pony: "OX-11, please answer me that question"
OX-11: ". . ."
Pony: "Please answer me about Catty.  If you can't tell me, I'll have nobody
       to believe in."

     Inside the reactor section of the ship, sparks and explosions start to
appear and other sections too, begin to explode.  After a long silence OX-11
finally tells Pony the truth about Catty, that she is an android sent from
Solnoid S.S. and she contacted OX-11 which is programmed to co-operate with
her.  Pony transfers all the data to Exanon.  Onboard the Blossom, the
remaining three crew members of the Starleaf find out that a catapult to
launch the escape craft is damaged and does not work.  Catty contacts the
three from the catapult room.

Catty: "I'll open the catapult..."
Rabby: "Catty!!"
Catty: "..I know the new era will come..."

     Breaking the metal door with her bare hands she heads to the damaged
relay cable.  She connects it by grabbing both ends of the cable, making
her metallic body, hidden under artificial skin, to be the conductor for
the electric current.  Rabby sees the catapult room engulfed in explosions.
The catapult activates and the bow section of the Starleaf opens up.  The
dying cruiser emerges from hyperspace into normal space, after G-Canceller
is destroyed in an explosion.  As the Starleaf ejects the Blossom, it is
destroyed in a massive explosion.

Insert the Song "Round at the Night" by Look.

Part F
     The Blossom sails through the orbit of the outer planets of the 9th
solar system while Rabby, Patty, and Rumy sleep.  All three have the same
type of dream of seeing somebody filled with light for whom all felt
affection towards (don't worry-it'll make sense later.)  After realizing
that they've all had the same dream, Rabby claims this might be a Paranoid
attempt to brainwash them, the other two shrug this theory off.  Blossom
enters the atmosphere of Chaos, and the lands.  Rumy mutters "many...many
died..." recalling all those who died on the way.  The three set out to
plant the shield generators against the probable Paranoid offensive.
Patty begins to show occasional emotionlessness.  At any rate, the set-up
goes on quite noisily (flying passed overhead on a hover bike).

Patty: "Come on Rumy, keep working!  I'm bringing in the shield generator
Rumy: "I'm working!  You said to work quickly, so I've been working without
break since this morning!  I'm boiling!  Why don't you bring the
generator fast?!!!"
Rabby (overhearing the conversation from the Blossom): "WILL YOU BE
      QUIET?!!? (a surprised Toil falls from a chair)  Why can't you
      speak in lower voices?!!!?!"
     Anyway, the defence formation is completed, somehow.

Part G
     The Paranoid SS flagship, Damos, appears near Chaos, dropping three
re-entry pods to the satellite planet of Terra. Xoanon, for unknown
reasons, shuts of all sensors and shield to allow the four-legged crab
drones to enter Chaos.  Meanwhile, the threesome are playing in a pond
when Patty gets a severe stomach ache.  Ail catches a sign of intruders.
When Rabby fires a Jet Blowgun's (see Mechanical Notes) lasers cannon in
the general direction that Ail specified, three four-legged drones appear
and chase the three through the jungle, making a close observation of
Patty, without attacking any of the surviving crew of the Starleaf.  All
three drones are destroyed one way or another (the one that was chasing
Rumy crashes into a cliff because Rumy didn't know how to handle the Jet
Blowgun in mobile form and flew in an unexpected direction.)
     Afterwards, Rabby and Rumy gather around Patty.  Patty has a flashback
of the moment when she was submerged in the monster's body on the Starleaf,
then passes out as her stomach ache intensifies.
     On the Damos' bridge, Commander Dawn is observing the data of factor
P-1 (Patty) and the contact point.  His aide notifies him that "as expected,
the fusion process is causing a lessening of emotion and probably, when the
process is complete, the factor will be emotionless."
     Back on Chaos in the Blossom, Rabby and Rumy find a group of cells
("the contact point") imbedded in Patty's body.  They use an electron
transporter to relocate the cells to a culture chamber.  Rabby questions
Exanon and receives the same information as Commander Dawn got from his
aide, while the cells continue to grow rapidly, forming a new individual,
a baby.  Because Solnoids grow up in cloning chambers, the baby puts the
Blossom's medical room into chaos.  The baby continues to grow and crawls
out of Blossom, Rumy goes after it.  Rabby, thinking the baby might be
the enemies sabotage plan, tries to kill it despite the protests of Patty
who claims to feel very close to the baby.  When Rabby catches up with the
baby, who has grown up to about teenage level already, she sees Patty's copy
in the rifle's target scope.  Rumy is getting attracted to the pseudo-copy
of Patty, who "has a strange thing in the groin"(as said by Rumy.)

Part H
     Commander Dawn is rather upset when he learns that the contact point
has been removed from factor P-1, the only successful case they had in a
one in a million chance.  He sees the pseudo-copy of factor P-1 (Patty)
may have "infinite potential" so he orders Solnoid SS to retreat form
Mission 21 completely as the Paranoid SS starts to move into Chaos air
space.  The Solnoid SS don't follow the order because they too know about
the new individual.
     As the Paranoid SS fleet nears, the tension in Blossom increases
until Ail spots nine incoming ships, or what remained of the Akoncagya
Fleet.  While Rabby and the others look from Blossom, the two fleets open
fire, and the Solnoid SS [check show] warps out, opening fire against
Paranoid SS.

Rabby: "But...why is the SS here?..."
     All the Paranoid SS ships, but Damos, sink, and the flagship enters
Chaos' atmosphere forcibly, burning by friction against the Blossom's
defence shield.  The Akoncagya tries to pursue the enemy.

Commander Doll (on the Akoncagya bridge screen): "This is SS 2nd fleet
               Caucasus.  By Mission 21, Chaos will be under our control."
Commander of the Akoncagya Fleet: "Wh..why?!"
Commander Doll: "Mission 21 is classified operation, even to the
                 commanding levels.  Retreat immediately."
Commander of the Akoncagya Fleet: "But..."
Commander Doll: "No more talk is necessary" (shuts off the communicator)
     The Akoncagya Fleet tries to ignore the order.  The SS fleet now opens
fire on the Akoncagya.  Rabby, seeing what's happening, grabs a machine
gun, and enters Exanon's contact room.

Rabby: "Something is wrong.  Exanon, answer me!"
     Damos lands on Chaos and its outer shell start to peel off.  Rabby
points the machine gun to Exanon.
Exanon: "It is easy to destroy me but..."
Rabby: "Answer me!"
Exanon: ". . . "   Graphic display of a solar system cannon (prototype)
        appears on screen.
Exanon: "As you know, the two race's war has been going on since ancient
past and will continue.  But now, the two sides have gone as far as
developing a solar system cannon.  It is a final weapon which destroys a
sun of a system resulting in the destruction of and entire solar system.
Rabby can't say a word.  "Eventually both races will disappear form the
universe by the use of this weapon.  The commanding level of both sides
predicted their future without tomorrow, and carried out the Project
Exogamos (Seed Racial Fusion Project).  The bridge of the Damos is
devastated.  All subcommanders are dead.  Only Commander Dawn is standing.
     "To create a third race with the characteristics of both races."
The Akoncagya is taking severe hits.  A Starleaf class ship explodes.
Rabby: "You...You mean a fusion with the Paranoid?!"

     Commander Dawn is getting connected to cables.  Damos' shell continues
to fall apart.
Exanon: "Patty was supposed to be the only successful fusion body, among
         several thousand failures"
Rabby: "Wait.  What do you mean fail...what happened to them?"
Exanon: "A factor who refuses physiologically and psychologically, will die."
Rabby: "D..death?!"  A flashback of Eluza's death.
Rabby (muttering): "What a..."
Exanon: "Everything was done to overcome the despair"
     Damos continues to shed the exoskeleton.  Patty and Rumy's face shows
up on the display screen.

Patty: "Rabby!! Look!!"  The Akoncagya is critically damaged.
Rabby: ". . ."
Exanon: "This operation had to be kept secret from military which only
         know how to hate and to fight."
Rabby: "to overcome despair?! military that knows only to fight?!!"
     She cocks the lever and points the machine gun to Exanon.  Denosart
finally appears from Damos.

Exanon: "Calm down Rabby, the new individual has an infinite potential.
         Please submit him to the command level."
Rabby: "If he has infinite potential, more than ever I can't let them have
        him.  They...Everybody died...everybody...told to protect this
        planet...so were we..."
      Denosart awakens and starts moving.  Solnoid SS detects Denosart's

Commander Dawn: "Capture the new individual and the soldier that mothered
     Re-entry pods pour out of Caucasus.
Exanon: "I repeat...Submit the new individual to SS..."
     Rabby pulls the trigger, and pumps the bullets into Exanon.
Exanon: "I repea..."
     The machine gun runs out of bullets.  Rabby finally points the gun
down.  Glass from the display monitor falls.  Exanon has ceased to
function (I don't think Pony would be pleased.)  She returns to the
bridge calmly while the others are upset about Denosart closing in.
She refuses the order from SS to submit the child and Patty.  She
switches the monitor to view of Terra.
Rabby:  (looking into a screen): "a planet with life of its own...Terra.
        Should I gamble on it?"  A little later on the top level of Blossom
        at the entrance to the escape pod, Seed.
Rumy: "Patty, what about me?"
Patty (in amour suit): "Rumy, we can't let them have this child.  You have
      to protect him as long as possible..."
     Patty closes and locks the door.
Rumy: "if what?  Come oon!  Waiiitt! I'm going tooo!"
     She pounds on the door  "open the door please!" She stops and looks
     at the boy.
Rumy: "Why does everybody want you?"
     Rabby sets an automatic count-down for the escape pod launch. She
turns to Patty.

Rabby: "Is this Ok?"
Patty nods silently.  Then Rabby turns to Toil and Ail
Rabby: "Ail, Toil, we only have one choice."
Toil: "but are you sure you want it this way?"

Rabby and Patty both nod.  The fight outside is escalating, as the SS fleet
itself begins its descent to Chaos.  Amidst the battle, Rabby's and Patty's
war craft Breaker charges into the foray.  Toil and Ail enter one of the
planet activators, and hooks all the connectors they have to the circuitry
of the activator.  In the air, the fight involving the Solnoid SS vs.
Rabby and Patty, and Paranoid SS, Denosart vs. Solnoid SS continues.  The
activator start to shine and begins to form a network of lights throughout
Chaos.  Rumy gets really upset because she's left alone, and sees "escape"
signs on the monitors.  The network of lights cover Chaos completely.

On the Caucasus bridge:
Subcommander: "The planet activators are generating abnormally high
               particle energy!"
Commander Doll: "What!?"  She sees a monitor
Commander Doll: "All ships evacuate!!"
     The escape pod launches, while the surface of Chaos is engulfed by
a huge wave of fire.  Everything is wiped out, Denosart, the SS fleet, and
the entire ugly war.  The pod heads to Terra.  The red hot Chaos cools
down, leaving behind no clue that once - two interstellar races existed on
the satellite planet of Terra.
     Someday, Somewhere in modern day Tokyo, where girls who look like the
seven crew members of the Starleaf are.  Patty is waiting for her boyfriend.
Rumy, after buying an ice cream, smacks it into the boy.  The boy head to a
fast-food counter where Pony is working (there's Ail on a cash register
left of her)  Eluza is working in a boutique, where Rabby is finishing her
shopping.  As Rabby speeds away on her scooter, she passes by Lufy drinking
a Coke.  Lufy tosses the Coke can into a trash box and rides away on her
motorbike.  Behind Lufy is a record shop where there are two posters of
the idol singer, Catty.
     Now if that doesn't end the movie on a nicer note then what will?


Ending Song - "Ryote Ippai no Johnny" or "Johnny has his hands full"
Sung by Kahoru Kohiruimaki


Original Story                Hideki Kakinuma (Mospeada, Megazone 23)
Mechanical Design             Justy, Bubble Gum Crisis (BGC)
Scenario (novel)              Sukehiro Tomita (Macross, Mospeada)
Character Designer            Kenichi Sonoda (BGC, Wanna  Be's, Riding Bean)