GALLFORCE II : Destruction

Translated by Daisuke Suzuki.
Modifications to English by David Ng.
Revision 2 by William Chow

Prologue: Battle rages between the Solnoid Main Fleet and Paranoid space forces
          in the vicinity of the Paranoid mother planet.

SOLNOID Cmdr A: "Planet cannon in range.  All ships evacuate from field zero."
Sub Cmdr B: "Planet cannon locked Area 005."
(The cannon's anchor plate opens to reveal the muzzle.)
Sub Cmdr A: "Evacuation of all allied ships in orbit of enemy planet OK."
Sub Cmdr B: "Firing line stabilized; ready to fire.  Target: planet and enemy 
             defence fleet."
Journey: "!"
(An energy beam from the cannon wipes out the Paranoid fleet and blows up 
the     planet.  A white flash engulfs the screen.  Fade out and in; 
the main title: "Gallforce II Destruction"

( On board the Paranoid flagship, Absolute.)
Paranoid Cmdr A: "Their planet cannons, too, cannot navigate in light 
                  speed!  Why couldn't we have destroyed it before the 
                  defence line?"
Paranoid Cmdr B: "It was too late when we realized of the matter.  The 
                  cannon moved in while we engaged with their decoy fleet."
Born: "Now, both we and they have lost mother planets but that doesn't mean 
       the war is over.  Space map."
Paranoid Cmdr A: "There are surviving fleets in 12th and 16th solar systems."
Paranoid Cmdr B: "The 3rd and 8th solar systems were destroyed by the use of 
                  the solar cannon.  The only possibility remaining is ...
                  the 9th solar system."
Born: "Gather all the remaining fleets to space zone 551.  All ships head 
       to the 9th solar system."
Paranoid Cmdr A: "9th solar system?!"
Born: "They (Solnoids)  will be there as well."

( The fleet enters hyperspace.  In the Solnoid Lorelei fleet, enter the 
  bridge of the flagship, Lorelei.)
Lorelei Sub Cmdr: "Arriving at rendezvous point 303."
Adrian: "Where's the first main fleet?"
Sub Cmdr B: "Rendezvous time is 0021.  I think they will be here soon."
Sub Cmdr A: "There are asteroids ahead in the first quadrant."
Sub Cmdr B: "No...they are fragments of a spaceship...receiving an 
             N-line pulse."
Adrian: "Is it from an allied force?"
Sub Cmdr B: "No, I can't determine it.  Should they be salvaged?"
Adrian: "Do it."
Sub Cmdr B (To second deck): "Activate homing gravity!  Salvage the space 
                              debris in the 1st quadrant."
Intercom: "Retrieval complete.  Close hatch.  Retrieval complete."

( In the second deck, Spear is sitting before a computer display.  Shildy 
  walks up to her.)
Shildy: "Well?"
Spear: "They're mostly Paranoid drones and parts of a battleship...!!!'s pretty old--produced in the third period.  
        Anti-craft mobile infantry of the Bronz-D Type.  (She X-rays 
        the Bronz-D) ...!!--There's a pilot inside!"
Shildy: "Cut open the body (of the Bronz-D)!"

( In a medical center, Luffy lies on a bed.)
Spear: "The pilot has been identified as a former Attacker's of the 8th 
        expedition fleet.  2 battleships, 195 fighters...great score...
        she's an ace.  All life activity has stopped but she's 
        frozen--perfectly preserved, so there's a chance for revival."
Shildy: "Proceed with the 1st step of revival procedure.
( The monitor's displays Luffy's body and body parts being replaced.  There's 
  a rumor that one of the monitor said, "Now that I went through all this 
  trouble to revive her, I wish she wouldn't die again.  God...It's such 
  a bothersome procedure.)
Spear: "Right upper hand and left thigh has suffered injury.  Biceps, right 
        triceps branchi long head, tricep branchi lateral head plus rectus 
        abdominis with part of the supracostras.  Above mentioned tissues 
        and right humerus."
Note: The names of the muscular system mentioned above were from a zoology 
      text and may not be correct in terms of human anatomy.  Some of the 
      tissues may be translated incorrectly.

( Spear activates the revival chamber.)
Spear: "Condenser maximum output: 55.5 ...activating."
( The cylinder bubbles and a red light shines on Luffy's chest.)
Spear: "Voltage increasing in the cylinder!  3.4 seconds till the boiling 
        point!  Passing the boiling point!  Procedure complete--no vital 
        sign readings."
Shildy: "Procedure her as dead."
Spear: "Yes..."

( Shildy walks to the door and turns around.)
Shildy: "We'll try again!"
Spear: "Y--yes!"
Shildy: "Add more miraclone"   (A type of revival medicine)
Spear: "Roger.  Condenser output increase by 4%, resetting the boiling 
        point to 55."

( On the Lorelei bridge.)
Sub Cmdr A: "Receiving a lightspeed mobile wave from starboard 2nd quadrant."
Adrian: "Finally, they've arrived."

( Most of the main fleet warps out, followed by the flagship Traverser.
On the bridge of the Traverser.)
Sub Cmdr B: "Message to all captains!"
Journey (Is she an android, a human with a mechanical body?): "Oh courageous 
         fighters of Solnoid.  Solnoid main fleet headed by this Traverser 
         engaged with enemy main fleet, destroyed and crushed their 
         mother planet."

( In the Lorelei medical room.)
Spear: "Crashed?!"
Shildy: "They must've used that...the planet cannon."

( Journey on the revival room's monitor.)
Journey: "...but that does not mean that the war is over.  Our future will 
          be determined by the final battle against the enemy supreme 
          commander's fleet and the remaining fleet."
Spear: "!!"

( Vital signs of Luffy "the zombie" starts to show.  Later in the medical 
  room, Luffy wakes up on a bed.)
Luffy: "Where am I?.."  ( She tries to get up and falls off the bed.)  
       "..can't move my body at will..."  (Lying on the floor, facing 
       the windows.  "The last thing I saw was...this scenery as well."
( Amy comes in with clothes.)
Amy: "Oh come on!!  You shouldn't move around yet!"

(  A little later.we see a pan of Lorelei.)
Luffy: "I've been...that long??..."  (Luffy is taking an eye reflex test.)
Shildy: "You're in pretty good shape...great recovery..."
Spear: "You can take that off now."  (Luffy takes off the gadget she had on.)
Luffy: "Phew.  Is it over?"
Spear: "You're a Attacker's all right.  You've got a good vitality. (enough 
        to be dead for ten years, undergo revival procedure and revive 
        a few minutes later.  She is either a zombie or has a slow body)"
Luffy: "Sure...I'm... all right...just that my head is still a bit groggy."
(  After talking to Amy, Catty walks by.)
Catty: "Take care."  ( Luffy slowly recognizes her.)
Luffy: "Catty...Catty!!  You're are Catty, right?!  What happened to you?!
        Weren't you aboard the Starleaf?!  Yeah, we were heading to the 
        9th solar system.  What happened to the others?!  Rabby, and
      ..Eluza, Patty, Pony, and Rumy..." (Catty is confused and frightened.)
Shildy: "You know Catty?!"
Luffy: "Sure, we were together in the last fleet."

(  A soldier who came in for a check-up, is standing behind the group 
   of five.)
Spear: "Huh?  Y--you can go."
Amy: "Physio is finished."  (They push the soldier out of the room.)
Shildy: "You're saying that she was aboard the ship you were on, right?"
Luffy: "Yeah, why are you (Catty) here?  You were transferred to this 
        fleet?  What about the others?"
Spear: "Then things that happened after encountering enemy in area Alpha 11."
Luffy: "No, I don't know.  Chaos!  What happened to Chaos?!  Our mission 
        was to defend Chaos!"
Shildy: "Cut the monitor!  Amy, lock the door!"

( On the Lorelei bridge )
Sub Cmdr A: "2nd main fleet approaching from port side 2nd quadrant."

( Back in medical room.)
Luffy: "Project Exogamous?!"
Shildy: "Uh-huh.  But there was no successful case."
Luffy: "Of course not!  Fusion with those Paranoids?!"
Spear: "But there's no other way..."
Luffy: "Sure there is.  We can win this war."
Shildy: "There's no winner in this war.  It just continues till both sides 
         disappear from the universe."
Amy: "Yeah, and both we and they lost places to go back to."
Luffy: "What does that mean?!!"
Shildy: "We used them--the planet cannons.  Both we and the enemy, have 
         lost the mother planets."
Luffy: "Wh--what??!!"

( An announcement comes through the intercom.)
Adrian: "This, 1st and 2nd main fleet will head to the 9th solar system."
Catty: "That...that solar system has to be left alone."

( On the bridge of a (local) Paranoid fleet.)
Paranoid Cmdr: "Are you sure?!"
Sub Cmdr: "That is believed to be the enemy main fleet.  Distance: 6200 mar." 
Paranoid Cmdr: "Notify all ships to take battle positions."
Sub Cmdr: "But..the supreme commander's word is to head to 9th solar system."
Paranoid Cmdr: "The enemy is standing in our way.  We cannot avoid them."
Sub Cmdr: "But the enemy firepower is several times that of ours."
Paranoid Cmdr: "We have a disadvantage in fleet battles but we'll execute 
                a point-blank attack!!  Target, enemy fleet in 
                coordinate 599!  All ships enter hyperspace!!"
( Paranoid ships enter warp. The commander must be either a complete idiot 
  or blood thirsty.)

(Meanwhile on the bridge of Traverser.)
Sub Cmdr A: "Activate G Canceller!  Prepare to enter hyperspace!  Locking 
             course to 634!"
Born: "!!...detecting light speed object moving towards our coordinates!!"

( Paranoid ships come out of warp.  Vibration shakes the Lorelei.)
Shildy: "Enemy?!!!"  (Lorelei's main cannons fire photon bullets.  
           More ships come out of warp.)
Lorelei Sub Cmdr: "Enemy is using a strong jamming shield.  Attack by 
                   long range homing devices are not effective."
Intercom: "We are under attack!  All battle crews to the first battle 
           position!  I repeat...!"

( Everbody runs to their stations.  Shildy and Spear to fighters, Amy to 
  the 1st main cannon control room, Catty to the radio room.  Luffy's 
  lost for a while until she finds the hangers and boards a fighter.
Computer: "No match in ID number.  Record the code and unit number."
Luffy: "This is an emergency!  I just dropped in!  I'm taking off!!"
        ( Luffy takes off in a WASP fighter.)  "Seach sensor, 
        sub-generator...where's the anti-chaser shield?"  (A holographic 
        display blips and indicates the shield's switch.)  "?!...I 
        know that!  Let's go!!"

( A formation of MOSQUITO attack craft.)
Pilot A: "Form a tight formation!  Passiing through the enemy shield! 
          (there is a computer display of the shield.)"
Sub Cmdr A: "Number 2!!  Approach angle's too steep!!"  ( The shield rips 
             Mosquito #2's armor and damages the cockpit.  "Number 2!! 
             Number 2!! Detach the pod!!  (Number 2 fires her pods.  The 
             pods penetrate the Paranoid's battleship's hull.  Inside, a 
             mobile weapon, "Breakthrough Bouncer" Detonator pops out of 
             the pod and charges into the ship.  In the Lorelei, drones 
             enter the ship.
Catty (in radio room): "enemy drone in Section #6!  Emergency level 2!  
                        Struggle suit units, intercept the enemy in 
                        reactor section!"

( In a corridor, several struggle suits stand by.)
Soldier: "Don't let them get into the engine section,  all right?  
          Stop them here."  (The battle rages throughout the ship.)
Intercom: "Enemy drones in Section 6 and 7!"

( Out in space, Luffy is finally getting used to the handling of her WASP.)
Luffy: "Heh,heh.  Getting better!"
Computer: "Warning enemy battleship closing in!"
Luffy: "I know!"  ( Her WASP penetrates shield.)  "I'm through?!"  (The 
        WASP approaches ship's bridge.  "I see it!"  (She fires a 
        torpedo.  A bunch of chasers tail her.)  "Here they come...
        (she pushes the anti-chaser button)...!!...out of ammo?!!  (She 
        tries another button)  Damn it!!  The laser's out too?!!"
( Shildy's WASP catches up, spraying laser fire at the chasers, 
  destroying them.)
Shildy: "Looks like you're out of ammo."
Luffy: "Uh-huh.  I guess I owe you twice."
Shildy: "...but...great're  all right.  I'm of ammo, myself."

( In the Lorelei landing bay.)
Luffy (to C.S. [Cyborg Soldier] mechanic): "Phew...There is damage on the 
       left engine hull.  Make it quick, will ya?"
Cyborg Soldier : "Roger."

( Shildy and Spear watch Luffy from a distance.)
Spear: "She's an ace, as the records said, isn't she?"
Shildy: "Yeah..."  

(  Three detonators land on the bay, one badly damaged and smoking.)
Luffy: "Pretty bad..."
( A cyborg soldier stumbles out of the cockpit and falls, spreading a 
  puddle of body fluid on the ground.  Luffy realizes that the Solnoid 
  race is becoming more like their hated enemy, the Paranoid.  The other 
  two, one Solnoid and one cyborg soldier help the injured cyborg soldier
  without hesitation.  The cyborg soldier is carried away by a M.A.I.L. 
  type helproid with a stretcher.
Luffy: "......."
Cyborg Soldier: "Pilot of fighter 206.  All checks done.  Ready to go."
(Luffy backs away from the Cyborg Soldier mechanics.

( In the Paranoid flagship, on a damaged bridge)
Paranoid Cmdr: "The combat status?!"
Sub Cmdr: "Half of our fleet destroyed.  80 percent of surviving ships 
           are inoperational."
Paranoid Cmdr: "That's it.  All ships retreat to zone Alpha 216"  ( The 
                Paranoids warp away.)

( On the bridge of Traverser)
Sub Cmdr B: "Enemy fleet retreating to the 3rd quadrant!"
Journey: "They're heading to the 9th solar system as well.  To entire 
          fleet!  Course heading to 9th solar system."
Sub Cmdr A: "Yes!  To all fleets, course 634.  Light navigation!"

( In the Lorelei recreation room.  Notice that Priss of Bubblegum Crisis 
  is sitting in the pan scene ..In front of drinks machine...)
Spear: "Phew.  Hot--This ship doesn't have enough showers, does it?"
Amy: "I had to line up with 10 ahead of me.  ( Two officers pass by 
      (some viewers claim that one of them is Lt. Ria from "Privates Live")
Officer: "It's still too early to relax.  There is still a 2nd class 
          stand-by.  Wear uniforms."
Am & Spear: "Y--yes!"

( In the crew's quarters, Luffy is sitting, feeling down.  Amy and Spear 
  enter their room.)
Amy: "That game is too hard."
Spear: "Sure.  Maybe it's too hard for you head, huh?"
Amy: "Come on!!"
Spear (off view): "OK.  Let's go for passing level 12."
Am (to Luffy): "There you go, some calory juice...(no response from 
                Luffy)'ll leave it here OK?"
Spear (playing a video game): "!! Damn!! The enemy is really getting tricky."
Amy (to Spear): "Hey, hey...what's wrong with her? (pointing to Luffy)"
Spear: "Well, there was a lot of news that was shocking to her."  ( Luffy 
        stands up.)
Amy & Spear: "!?"
Luffy: "Where's Shildy?"
Spear: "Sh--she's at the shooting range."

( In the shooting range.  Luffy watches Shildy's marksmanship.)
Luffy: "Nice shooting."
Shildy: "Why don't you give it a try?  It might make you feel better.  
         (Luffy's shooting sequence is definitely taken from "Privates 
         Live")  Nice shooting."
Luffy: "Tell me more about that story."
Shildy: "Sure."

(  In the data room, Catty hits keys, and a holographic display shows 
"SECRET" but she hacks into the classified data files without any trouble.
Catty: "This is the solar cannon.  12 solar systems have obliterated from 
        the universe by the use of this weapon."
Shildy: "And both we and the enemy have lost mother planets.  There is no 
         winner in this war."
Catty: "80 percent of the Attacker's force are cyborg soldiers, fighting 
        machines that are completely artificial with the exception of the 
        nervous system. (read what the monitor shows beside the picture of 
        the cyborg soldiers. i.e.  bust: 85 cm, cup: B)  I'm 
        seem to have seen me but I don't know you."
Luffy: "?!!"
Catty: "Solnoid S.S.  Intelligence sector C-9682138, Catty Nebulart.  
        I'm her duplicate."
Luffy: "Du..duplicate?"
Catty: "Yes...her mission was to assist Project Exogamous.  Many duplicate 
        androids, using her as the prototype model, were produced.  They 
        have been working actively to carry out and to assist Project 
Shildy: "The Catty you knew was one of those who was sent to the 
         Akonkagya fleet."
Catty: "But now that both sides lost the mother planets, the project was 
        aborted and at that point, our androids' mission was over."
Luffy: "Project Exogamous was ...."
Catty: "Yes...all the attempts to fuse the two races failed.  Although it's 
        not perfect, there's one exception.
Luffy: "There was a successful case?!"
Catty: "Contact score 0491...a possibility of a new race in the 9th 
        solar system."
Luffy: "The 9th solar system?!"
Shildy: "The only territory that's left for us...existances that inherited 
         our will.  They should have a possibility for tomorrow."
Catty: "That solar system has to be left alone."
Spear: "Right now the fleet is heading to the 9th solar system.  So will 
        they, of course.  Both main fleets will fight, and the 9th solar 
        system will another battleground."
Luffy: "So what?!!  All we have to do is to win the battle!  Project 
        Exogamous?!  Bullshit!!  What's the intelligence sector thinking 
        about?!!"  ( Luffy tries to walk out of the data room.  Spear 
        blocks her path, pointing a knife at Luffy's throat.)  "!!...get 
        out of my way...I said get out of my way!!"  ( Shildy pushes 
        Spear's arm down.)
Shildy: "The things you have just heard is classified information that 
         even commanders have little knowledge.  Why do you think we 
         told you this?"
Luffy: "Don't worry.  I won't tell anyone else."
Shildy: "Looks like all this is a shock to you...think what's that 
         supposed to mean.  I can't force you to be one of us."
( Luffy walks out.)
Amy: "Hey.  Are you sure you can trust her?  She might spill everything."
Shildy: "I'm sure."

( Luffy sits in the fighter hanger, recalling Catty and Shildy's words.) 
  Meanwhile, on the Lorelei bridge...)
Sub Cmdr A: "Reaching the target zone area.  No enemy ship sighted."
Adrian: "Advance forward.  The 9th solar system will be shown on the 
         monitor right now.  All personnel check the planets."
Amy: "Look!  Terra!"
Spear: "Beautiful..."  ( Chaos starts to show up from behind the planet.)
Spear: "Tha...that's Chaos?!"
Luffy: "!!"
Shildy: "The result of war is always like that..."

( On the Traverser bridge.)
Sub Cmdr A: "Energy reading in heading 112."
Born: "!!--Enemy sighted behind the third planet."
Sub Cmdr A: "Enemy fleet; distance 280 mile!  Believed to be the main fleet!"
Journey: "Mmmhhh...Why did we approach from the outskirts...idiots!!  
          Battle stations!!"

( Inside the Lorelei bridge )
Intercom: "All personnel to battle stations!  I repeat!"

( On the Traverser bridge)
Sub Cmdr A: "1st main fleet engage with enemy!  2nd fleet and Lorelei 
             fleet maintain battle positions and stand by!"

( Paranoid Supreme Command ship Absolute. Bridge Scene)
Sub Cmdr A: "First wave of enemy fleet approaching fast!
Born: "All ships to battle position!!  All drones scramble!!"

( On the Lorelei bridge)
Sub Cmdr B: "2nd main fleet contacted with enemy!"
Adrian: "No advance order yet?"
Sub Cmdr A: "No word from supreme commander ship, yet."

( In a section of Lorelei.)
Catty: "Something's funny...the supreme command ship isn't moving..."
Luffy: "What's going on?"
Catty: "I'll try to find an explanation."  (Monitor flashes "SECRET")  
       "Secret?!"  ( Catty continues to hack into the data system.  
       Monitor shows flashes of images.
Shildy: "What's this?"
Catty: "It's a solar cannon!"  ( She continues to press keys.  The monitor 
        blinks, then stabilizes.)  "There!...fully automated--unmanned 
        fortress?  The fifth planet is...a camouflaged solar cannon!!
Shildy: "While the 2nd fleet and the enemy is combatting, the command ship 
         and the main fleet retreat outside the solar system and 
         immediately fire the solar cannon.  All the fleets in the 9th 
         solar system are going to be...vaporized..."
Spear: "It ca...can't be."
Luffy: "In...including the allied fleet?!"
Shildy: "Right now the enemy fleet outnumbers us.  A fleet war would be 
         disastrous.  The supreme commander is trying to the settle the 
         war here!
Catty: "We can't let them fire the solar cannon...That...That'll end 
Shildy: "Is there any other way?!"  ( Catty works the keyboard again.)
Catty: "Fully...automated functional body...with just fire order--locks 
        onto target and accomplishes mission."
Shildy: "Does that mean that any interference from outside is impossible?!"
Intercom: "Lorelei fleet will advance now!  All combat crew in the first 
           wave, prepare to scramble!  All personnel to battle 
           station!!  I repeat!"
Luffy: "So...we...we'll be sacrificed as well?!"
Spear: "What now, Shildy?"
Shildy: "...we'll go...but to the fifth planet."  
(  Amy and Spear nods.  Catty breaks a smile.  Luffy bears a stiff face.)
Shildy: "We'll go in the assault shuttle.  We have to stop the cannon at 
         any cost.  You think we can?  Catty..."
Catty: "I don't know...but there should be some possibility."
Spear: "Let's go!  Amy..."
Amy: "Uh-huh."
( Amy, Spear, Catty run depart.  Shildy stops, turning to Luffy.  Luffy 
  isn't moving.  Shildy leaves.  Scene changes to cockpit of the shuttle in 
  the hangar.)
Spear: "Where's Luffy?"
Shildy: "We can't force her to...I thought she understood what was good 
         for the real tomorrow."

( The shuttle rolls out of the bay and embarks.  In the BRONZ-X bay, Luffy 
  suits up and boards a BRONZ-X.)
Intercom: "Heading to the 6th combat zone.  Target incoming enemy drones.  
           All crafts...go!"
Luffy: "This is the right way...I don't care if...even if we're sacrificed...
        if that's the plan...I don't care!"
( BRONZ-X formation enters the combat zone.  Meanwhile, the shuttle passes 
  the orbit of the 3rd planet.
Spear: "Course locked to 51, shift 31."
Shildy: "Output 98.  Sub-light speed!"  ( Shildy pushes the throttle 
         and the suttle accelerates.)
Catty: "Passed 4th planet orbit!  Reaching Area 16!"
Shildy: "Decelerate!"  (The 5th planet closes in.)
Spear: "Looks like an ordinary planet."
Shildy: "Everyone get ready."
Spear: "Are you sure you can do it alone?"
Shildy: "I'll try..."
Spear: "Let's go!" ( Spear, Amy, and Catty enter Struggle Diver (SD) hangar.)
Shildy: "Friendly signal on...signal received.  Passing the 1st shield...
         distance 5200...getting closer...passing the 2nd shield.  
         Transmission from 5th planet, DAMIA, 'PURPOSE'.  Purpose is 
         an inspection of Area 11 by special order 549...!!!...
         it noticed!!"

( The shuttle dodges, antichasers activating to eliminate chaser response.
  Three SDs drop out of the shuttle.)
Spear: "Altitude 500.  Tight formation."
Catty & Amy: "Roger!"
( Spear shoots down chasers with her laser and antichasers.  Simultaneously, 
  the shuttle descends, smoking and fragmenting.)
Shildy: "Out of anti-chasers?!"  ( Shildy detaches from the shuttle with the 
         escape craft portion as the chasers blow up the main body.  The 
         escape craft penetrated the explosion and descends.

(  On Damia, the SDs prepare for penetration.)
Catty: "4th wave of missiles closing !"
Amy: "Picky!!"
Spear: "Disperse heat as much as possible!!"
Catty: "Exhaust duct, diameter 600, at 10 o'clock!"

( The 3 SDs enter the duct.  Shildy rendezvous with the three.)
Shildy: "Catty, where's the power reactor?"
Catty: "The power reactor is an independent block.  It is impossible to 
        invade.  The only possible place to hit is the main command neuron 
        system in Block R where receiving of commands and judgement 
        is carried out."
Amy: "It is almost in the dead centre.  Can we make it there?"
Shildy: "We have to...there are several ways to get there.  Let's split 
         up.  Catty and Spear.  Amy and I...!!!"  ( The duct starts to 
         shake and light up.)
Amy: "What's going on?!"
Shildy: "The command must've been issued!  Damia is awakening!"
Spear: "We'd better hurry up."

( Traverser's bridge.
T Sub Cmdr A: "Damia's function activated...everything in this solar 
               system will be..."
Born: "New enemy fleet sighted in Area 12!!"
Journey: "Come, as much as they can...the main fleet will evacuate the 
          solar system in fire timing 0008."

( In the area around Terra, combat continues.)
Luffy: " the war that I believe in!"  (Luffy glimpses at Terra, 
        then Chaos.  She gets a flashback.).  "This is the result of 
        the war."

( Inside Damia's duct.)
Shildy: "Spear!  Catty!  How is it?!"
Spear (on radio with a lot of static): "" 
Shildy: "No good, too much noise.  !! -- Amy, watch out!  102 feet 
         ahead -- the 6th trap zone!!"

( There is a skirmish between the Struggle Divers and Auto Attackers.  In 
  the other section of the duct...)
Spear: "This is Spear!  Passing the 6th trap zone.  Moving through duct #426! 
        no good...can't make contact...!!"  ( Auto attackers swarm Spear's 
        and Catty's Struggle Diver suits.)
Catty: "!!--Auto Attackers!"

( Outside, Damia's camouflage starts to peel off.  Back in the duct...)
Shildy: "We're almost at the rendezvous point!"  ( Auto attackers stick 
         to Shildy's and Amy's Struggle Diver Suits and detonate.)
Amy: "Shildy!!......!!"  ( The 2 SDs land.  Amy crawls out of her SD. )
Amy: "O...ouch..."
Shildy: "Are you  all right?"
Amy: "er...sort of."

( Spear and Catty approach, both their suits damaged and smoking.)
Amy: "Are you OK?!"
Spear: "Phew...guess we can't use the Struggle suits anymore."
Catty: "We don't have that much time.  Damia entered firing position."
Shildy: "Just a few more blocks...let's go!"

( The group change to combat suits and cock their automatic weapons to 
  fight their way through to their destination.  On the Traverser bridge...)
Sub Cmdr A: "Damia firing time 002!"
Journey: "Evacuate from the 9th solar system!!"

(Back in the Damia ducts, the foursome continue fighting.)
Shildy: "Second block!  Catty!"  ( Spear and Amy cover their advance.  
         Spear gets shot.)
Spear: "Uunngh!"
Amy: "Spear!"  (A tremendous heavy valve blocks their path in the duct.)
Catty: "Now it's in firing position."  ( Shildy fires a grenade.  
        Everyone fires at the valve but to no avail.)
Shildy: "Damn it!  It's just a few more this supposed to be 
         our fate?"
Spear: "So we're stuck here."
Amy: "We've come this far and..."
Shildy: "The temperature is increasing."
Catty (holding a grenade): "I guess this is the only way."
Spear: "What are you doing?!"
Catty: "I have a micro-plasma reactor in my body.  There should be enough 
        energy to blow away this block."
Amy: "Yeek!"
Catty: "I'm sorry I forced you to come this far..."
Shildy: "No...we've came by our own will.  Even if you can destroy this 
         door, there are 5 more after this.  So don't."  (Amy starts to cry.
         She looks at her hand monitor.): "The muzzle is open.  Damia's 
         firing in three minutes."
Amy: "Huh?  What...something's coming."  ( A BRONZ-X breaks the block that 
      is stopping the foursome.  The cockpit opens.
Luffy: "You guys were still stuck here?  I saw the abandoned struggle suits,
        so I thought you guys were out already."
Amy: "Lu...Luffy!"
Spear: "I knew you'd come!"
Luffy: "Stay back."  ( The BRONZ-X aims it beam gun.  Later, they reach 
        Damia's control command center.  Shildy, Spear, Catty, Amy, and 
        Luffy (in BRONZ-X) fire everything into the control computer.  
( On the Traverser bridge...)
Sub Cmdr A: "Damia firing!!"
Journey: "......"
( Damia sprays various energy beams that fuse together into an immense 
  energy wave.  The beam destroys Solnoid and Paranoid battleships but 
  the energy bolt barely misses the sun.)

( Aboard the Absolute)
Sub Cmdr A: "Hyper energy bolt from the direction of the 5th planet!"
Born: "Is she (Journey) she trying to erase everything?..."

( Traverser bridge )
Sub Cmdr A: "There's an error in the aiming!  The energy bolt just missed 
             the sun!"
Journey: "Order Damia to repeat fire."
Born: "'s not receiving the order!"

( Absolute bridge )
Sub Cmdr A: "Commander, emergency evacuation of all ships!"
Born: "Calculate the necessary interval to enter hyperspace."

( At Damia, the power reactor is reaching critical state.  The BRONZ-X, 
  with Shildy and the others hanging on, reaches the shuttle escape 
  craft (notice that Amy is shaken off the BRONZ-X's knee and falls on 
  her face).  The shuttle just takes off in the nick of time before 
  Damia explodes.  In space, debris from Damia floats by.  Also, the 
  shuttle drifts into view.  The crew awakens...
Shildy: "Is it over?"
Spear: "Looks like it..."
Shildy: "Where's everybody?"
Catty: " Outside the 9th solar system, towards Area 55."
Luffy: "I...I feel the same way as that time..."

( Camera pans and zooms in on TERRA.  We see an escape craft, Seed covered
  by moss and vines.  There is a close up of children fishing in a lake.  
  They run towards their parents, Rumy and the Boy.  Then, the camera pans 
  up to the sky and to space.  Little flashes streak across the sky.)

Catty: (looking out to space): "They're fighting...they're still fighting..."
Luffy: "Let's go!"
Shildy: "To where?"
Luffy: "To where everbody is."
Shildy: "You still believe that winning the war is tomorrow?"
Luffy: "........."

( The camera turns to CHAOS as it moves aside.  TERRA appears.  We roll 
  credits and ending theme song: "Cosmic Child.")

Note: In the trailing pilot film, pay close attention to the firing of the planet cannon at the Paranoid mother planet.  they forgot to put in the cell of the planet.  (So the explosion occurs in mid-air.)

Cosmic Child

Music and Lyrics: Kinuko Shirai
Arrangements: Crazy Boys and Kinuko Shirai

*  Cosmic child...cosmic child
   Looking for a shiny star
   so wonderful tonight.

   Cosmic child...cosmic child
   Happiness of encountering, now
   Wandering ship, wind of earth, drifting through distant sky.
   I love you only.  Gently within my heart.

*  Repeat.

   Even if everything has disappeared, I will not forget.
   Your voice, rainbow of ires, like a screen of heart.

*  Repeat.

   Cosmic child...cosmic child
   Happiness of being born, now.

   To wind, to sky, to cloud, to rain, to mother, to father, to brother
   Cosmic child
   To bird, to flower, to tree, to water, to people, to heart, to world
   Cosmic child
   To star, to sun, to moon, to earth, to me, to you to love
   Cosmic child.