Gall Force 3: "Stardust War"
Translation: Daisuke Suzuki
Transfer to English: David Ng
Revision 2 by William Chow

Prologue:  The 9th Solar System

Transmission 1 (with strong noises): "This is Solnoid 6th retrieval unit..."
Transmission 2: "This is Uncle (or ankle?)...I repeat, this is Uncle 9...
                 as ordered by the retrieval command ship Andes.  Searching
                 combat zone 505 thoroughly...this is Uncle 9."
Transmission 3: "This is Uncle 5...this is Uncle 5, retrieval craft, 
                 Ark.  Completed the search in zone 707...this is..."

( Inside the Ark, there is a pan of the personnel in the cargo section.  
  Many soldiers, some in different uniforms, some injured, all tired...
Soldier A: "Hey!  This way!  Transfusion!  Quickly!"
Medical-roid: "Respiration and pulse has stopped already.  Requesting 
               permission to use miraclone."
Soldier A: "Idiot!  Forget the permission!  Do it quickly!"

( The camera pans more; Shildy, Spear, and Amy are in combat suits, Luffy 
  is wearing a flight suit.  Amy looks around.  (She wants to talk to 
  someone, I guess).
Amy: "Hey...what's going to happen to us?  The Lorelei fleet is wiped out...
      the only survivors are us..."
Spear: "Are you regretting about it?"
Amy: "N--no way...I just..."
Intercom (interrupting Amy): "The ship has completed the search of assigned 
                              area, now heading to 16th sector Sigma Narse
                              solar system to join the remaining 
                              surviving force.
Spear: "Sigma Narse solar system?!"
Shildy: "The 16th sector is out of the strategic zone.  It's an old solar 
         system with its sun already in a red giant 
Catty: "In Sigma Narse, there are some old supply bases and the planet 
        Embroe (it sounded this way though the book spelled Embryo) which 
        was the site of the first experiment of 'Star Build Project'..."
Spear: "forgotten solar system..."
Shildy: "the supreme commander must've chosen there as the site of the 
         final battle."

( The Ark enters hyperspace.  The main title Gall Force 3  Stardust War.  
    In the Sigma Narse system, the Ark is approaching the Andes, the five 
    girls are at the window, viewing the sun.)
Amy: "Wow!  So bright!"
Spear: "It's getting pretty huge.  How long will it last?"
Amy: "How long...?  You mean it's going to blow up?!"
Catty: "Not so soon...but it is positively approaching to the end.  Because 
        this is a solar system without a future, it never became the 
        subject of a territory war."

( The Ark docks with the Andes.  Inside, the Andes, soldiers lining up for 
    a deep-psyche scan before re-assignment.)
Amy: "H--hey...what's going to happen to us?"
Luffy: "Well once they find out that we blew up Damia--this! (she puts her 
          hands to her neck to simulate "being hanged")
Amy: "!!...No!  no, no, no...I don't want..."
Catty: "Sh...let me take care of this..."
( Catty walks up, gives her dog tag to the examiner, then slowly steps 
    through the scanner.  The monitor shows Catty's mechanical anatomy.  
    The examiner is surprised.
Catty: "The following four will be transferred to scoutship Sardine by 
        special assignment J-5990 by Captain Nebulart..."
Examiner: "A...aye!"

( The five are on the elevator heading to the shuttle bay.)
Amy: "Phew.  That was close."
Luffy: "Hmmm...great.  Good to have you--know what I mean?  (she doesn't 
        want to say 'friend')"
Amy: "...and what's going to happen to us?"
Luffy: "Can't you think of something to say?!"
Catty: "We'll see the head of intelligence sector, Captain Nebulart."
Shildy: "Captain Nebulart?"
( The shuttle leaves Andes and docks with the Sardine.  They walk to a 
   locked   door.)
Catty: "Please wait here."
Shildy: "Nebulart...I've heard that somewhere. (She must have a bad memory 
         with names--refer to GallForce II.  The door unlocks "x-ray view".)
Catty: "This way."  (They enter the bridge.)  "Captain..."  ( The chair in 
        the center slowly turns around.  A lady who looks like Catty's 
        older sister is seated in the chair.
Amy: "er...huh?!!...huh..."
Captain Nebulart: "I'm the head of the intelligence section, Captain 
                   Nebulart.  (to Catty)  Welcome back, and (to the others) 
                   welcome aboard the Sardine.  Everyone salutes (with Amy 
                   doing so after the others).

( Later, we find the five wearing normal dress in another room conversing 
  with the Captain.
Shildy: "Model?!"
Captain Nebulart: "Yes, was about 10 years ago...those were the days 
                   when the intelligence section was part of the S.S.  
                   In the middle of the escalating interstellar war between 
                   the two races, the planet cannon, which can be considered 
                   as an ultimate weapon, was finally completed."  ( A 
                   picture of the prototype cannon, VERMIN (refer Gallforce I)
                   is shown.)  "We simulated the outcome of the war by 
                   inputing all the data into the master computer of the 
                   intelligence section, FUSION 90 and the answer we got 
                   was..."  ( A fast paced simulation with computer graphics 
                   shows the planet cannons being fired.  The huge center 
                   monitor slowly displays "M.A.D.)
Shildy: "M.A.D. ... Mutual Assured Destruction!?"
Captain Nebulart: " destruction without winners.  Of course the 
                   Paranoids must have had the same answer."
Luffy: "So, they also know?  That there's no winner to this war?"
Captain Nebulart: "Under the circumstances which predicted the completion 
                  of  a super weapon, that surpassed the planet cannon, a solar 
                   cannon which can destroy a solar system by one shot, the 
                   answer was obvious, even without any computer (flashback 
                   of Damia) simulation.  Just then, we got an assignment 
                   from SS; a very abstract one--can we leave behind an 
                   existance which inherits our will, even if we become 
                   extinct?  We came up with and tried many ideas like a 
                   long term preservation of genes, or a project to disperse 
                   star seeds, a microchip with gene information paired with 
                   corresponding organic bases.  All of them were possible if 
                   we took enough time for research...but, soon we realized 
                   that these ideas would not be the answer."

( On the TRAVERSER bridge.)
Journey: "Gather all the surviving planet cannons to the Sigma Narse solar 
          system.  Continue the search for the whereabouts of the enemy 
          main fleet and planet cannons!  They'll find us very soon, 
          too.  This is the site of the last battle...the very last..."

( Back in the Sardine...)
Spear: "Why...weren't those plans carried out?"
Catty: "Because that was merely a relocation and did not solve any 
        problems.  If we can send our descendents to another planet, 
        another universe, so can the enemy.  The solution was not relocation 
        of the site or time (of the war) but to overcome the situation, 
        a creation of a new existance."
Spear: "New existance?"
Captain Nebulart: "Yes.  A creation of a new existance with characteristics 
                   of both sides.  That project was called Mission 21, and 
                   we proceeded without informing the upper levels of the 
                   military.  Paranoid and Solnoid are organisms without 
                   any common toximetry.  The Paranoids are life forms 
                   without any shape, and can change the shape and organs 
                   according to necessity...and we Solnoid are a single 
                   shaped race which reproduce by cloning.  Both sides 
                   have strong points an weak points.  What we planned was 
                   to fuse the elements of both races.  Our bodies have 
                   several unused organs.  They also noticed that.  We 
                   found that out in the bodies of 6 soldiers who died 
                   mysteriously, were brought to Mission 21 Headquarters."
Luffy: "...dead..."
Captain Nebulart: "Yes...the soldiers had no injuries and had appeared as if 
                   they had died of a heart attack.  Close examination 
                   showed that the death was due to an insertion of a 
                   foreign object.  That was an unknown object created by 
                   the Paranoid."
Spear: "Unknown object?"
Captain Nebulart: "They were thinking of the same thing as create...
                   the third race, a life element called the contact point 
                   was in the foreign object inserted into the Solnoid.  
                   It would grow rapidly in our bodies, repeat the cell 
                   divisions at a high rate and..."
Amy: "And...and?!"
Captain Nebulart: "If their calculation was right, it was supposed to lead 
                   to the birth of the third race, that possessed the 
                   characteristics of both races and surpass both sides.  
                   But...there was no successful case...they forgot 
                   something really important."

(  In deep space, inside a Solnoid manned probe...)
Pilot A: "Captain!  Reading in echo catcher!  It may be the enemy fleet!"
Captain: "Isn't it a reflection from a gas cloud?"
Pilot A: "....velocity 120 melganon...some huge object, surrounded by 
          several enemy ships...bearing the direct course to Sigma Narse!"
Captain: "120 melganon?...too slow for a must be their 
          planet cannon!  Retreat to the range of of radio contact with 
          the supreme commander's ship!"

( On the Absolute mothership)
Sub Cmdr A: " with all surviving planet cannons, are complete."
Sub Cmdr B: "It's a matter of time before arriving in Area 996."
Sub Cmdr A: "According to the report of a hyperdistance probe, the enemy 
             fleet is gathering in Sector 16, Sigma Narse solar system."
Born: "It's time for the final battle, to settle the war that lasted 
       continually...message to all fleets!  Form a mixed fleet accompanied 
       by the planet cannons!  Set course to Sigma Narse solar system!"

( back on the Sardine.)
Amy: "What was...that important thing?..."
Catty: "They implanted the contact point at random, ignoring to distinguish 
        those physiologically fit to accept it...but what's needed for 
        fusion with the point was sensitivity.  They needed somebody who 
        had the capacity to psychologically accept it."
Captain Nebulart: "I suggested one idea...if they have a will to do...that 
                   is, to create the third race, shouldn't we submit those 
                   that can accept the contact point?  There was the idea 
                   that we should send an observer to infiltrate their fusion 
          a result, we made copies of me...androids 
                   with a very high ability of information gathering.  
                   (Flashback to the time when Catty-type androids were made)
                   Unfortunately, there was no successful case."
Catty: "The race that exists in the 9th solar system is not the actual 
        successful case, but they are new race for sure."
Captain Nebulart: "Thanks to you, you five, the destruction  of the 9th 
                   solar system was averted.  But now, here...the last 
                   battle is about to begin."
Shildy: "Last...battle..."
Catty: "Many planet cannons, ours and theirs are about to gather in this 
        system...everything will become stardust and probably nothing will 
        be left behind."
Spear: "Nothing...left mean we won't gain anything by fighting 
        the battle?!!!"
Luffy: "This is the destiny...this is...this is the destiny.  But...if it 
        is...what did everybody die for?!!  (Flashback of the crew of the 
        STAR LEAF)  "For what...for what.have I been fighting.till today..."
Amy: "Luffy...Luffy!?...!"

( Amy tries to comfort Luffy but Spear stops her.)
Shildy: "There...there should be something that we still can do right?!  
         Captain Nebulart!"
Captain Nebulart: "This battle is unavoidable, no one can stop it now...
                   but...the history of Solnoid and Paranoid may end here 
                   but there might be something left to do...for the 
                   distant future."
Shildy: "For the distant future?!"
Captain Nebulart: "Let's the planet Embroe."
Amy: "Embroe?..."
Catty: "The experiment site of the 1st Star Build Project.  There's a 
        computer, Elicion."

( ON the TRAVERSER bridge.)
Intercom: "Received a coded message from outside the system.  Hurry the 
           decoding process.
Sub Cmdr A: "Catching the first wave of the planet cannon, 502311 hours 
             till reaching this system."
Sub Cmdr B: "The second wave in the 4th quadrant--message from the probe 
             ship, enemy fleet accompanied by planet cannon found in 
             Sector 18, heading straight to Sigma Narse."
Journey: "So...they're coming..."

( A shuttle leaves from the Sardine.)
Sardine Captain: "Captain, once the battle starts, the Sardine has to join 
                  as well so you'll be on your own."
Captain Nebulart: "I know...take care."
Spear: "Will you be all right without us?"
Shildy: "Yeah.  You two stay on the ship and relay to us the progress of 
         the battle."
Spear: "OK."
( The shuttle enters the atmosphere of Embroe.  Having landed, Captain 
  Nebulart, Shildy, Luffy, and Catty walk to an old building.
Captain Nebulart: "Let's Elicion is under there."  ( She enters 
                   the building.  Catty opens the door to the contact room.  )
Luffy: "Feels cold...and also stinking fungi.  You sure it's 
        gonna work?"
Shildy: "Shh...I hear it...slightly..."  ( There is a hollow sound.)
Luffy: "?"
Captain Nebulart: "Elicion is already awake."
Luffy: "!?"
Captain Nebulart: "Elicion...Elicion...Elicion!"  ( The monitor activates.)
Elicion: "You came back...soldiers of this this 
          solar system without a future."

( In space, the Paranoid main fleet comes out of warp.) 
Sub Cmdr A: "Arriving on a Sigma Narse system outerplanet orbit."
Born: "Have the planet cannons arrived yet?"
Sub Cmdr A: "The cannon is not in the system.  It'll take 202136 hours for 
             the arrival of the cannon."

( In the TRAVERSER bridge, a buzzing alert comes on.)
Sub Cmdr A: "Enemy fleet on outer planet orbit!" ( The monitor shows Absolute.)
            "Enemy Supreme Command vessel!"
Journey: "So he has come.  Born...where's the enemy planet cannon?"
Sub Cmdr A: "The enemy cannon hasn't been confirmed!"
Sub Cmdr B: "Allied planet cannon.  20112 hours till arrival.  Presently 
             20 thousand marl from this system and advancing."

( Meanwhile, the Paranoid planet cannon with escort advances.  Aboard the 
  Absolute bridge...)
Born: "2nd main fleet do not join the rest of this fleet; enter hyperspace!  
       Go behind the enemy main fleet, and destroy the enemy planet cannons 
       that are closing into the system!"

( Aboard the Traverser bridge...)
Journey: "Delta fleet on the third planet orbit; Advance behind the enemy 
          main fleet by light speed navigation.  Intercept the enemy 
          planet cannon!"

( Back in the Elicion contact room...) 
Captain Nebulart: "Elicion, we've come back, but..."
Elicion: "I know.  I feel the presence of many enemy ships.  A battle...
          a battle is starting.  I have predicted the result well 
          before 100 years ago.  It was a prediction to avoid this...
          to avoid the destruction."
Catty: "Too bad that you were right."
Captain Nebulart: "Elicion, I've come back to hear everything you know."
Elicion: "This planet was once a dead planet.  Then the Solnoids came and 
          built a mother computer (directly from scenario).  Their 
          pupose was to create an artificial paradise in the universe.  
          And...this planet became a planet of green.  It's a story of 
          long ago...of beyond 100 years ago.  Soon, they left the planet, 
          after finishing with the experiment here."
Captain Nebulart: "Elicion, what I want to know is more distant in the 
                   past...of when we were on the mother planet MARTHAS, 
                   and of before coming to the mother planet, MARTHAS."
Shildy: "Before coming to the MARTHAS?!"
Captain Nebulart: "Yes.  Before the history of MARTHAS."
Luffy: "What do you mean?!  We were born in MARTHAS and had evolved."
Captain Nebulart: "Don't you know the legend?  Our legend of Solnoid?  Our 
                   Creators had come to our mother planet, MARTHAS, by a 
                   flying ship, and they had created a new heaven, and 
                   made us their vestige."
Shildy: "But that's just a legend, right?!"
Captain Nebulart: "Really?  Elicion, tell us about our mother planet, MARTHAS 
                   and the origin of Solnoid pior to that."
Luffy: "Origin of Solnoid?"
Elicion: "I'll trace the old memory...I see it.. my builder, Solnoid's mother 
          planet, MARTHAS--Solnoids who built an advanced civilization on 
          planet MARTHAS and soon advanced into space.  They built a base 
          on SHIRSTA, satellite of MARTHAS, and departed to further space 
          and new heaven.  There was an encounter with the Paranoid on 
          planet ADAMO of a nearby solar system.  Then the war began."
Captain Nebulart: "What I want to know is the older records."
Elicion: "The history of Solnoid before the building of the civilization is 
          recorded only in a legend."
Luffy: "What are you going to do--listening to that kind of stuff.  In 
        space, the last battle is about to begin!"
Captain Nebulart: "That's why...that's why I want to know everything.  
                   Before everything ends."

( In space, the Paranoid 2nd Fleet comes out of warp.)
Commander A: "Where's the enemy planet cannon?"
Sub Cmdr A: "No confirmation of it."
Sub Cmdr B: "!!  It's behind us! The approach was faster than we predicted!"
Commander A: "All ships turn 180 degrees!!  All ships to battle positions!  
              All drones scramble!!  Target enemy planet cannon!"

( On the other side of Sigma Narse, the Paranoid escort fleet of their 
  planet cannon begins to enter the solar system.)
Commander B: "Distance to Sigma Narse?"
Sub Cmdr A: "420 marl!  Fast moving object on heading 112!
Commander B: "What?!"

( Solnoid Delta Fleet comes out of warp.  In the bridge of Delta Fleet's 
Flagship Captain: "We caught them!!  All offensive fighters scramble!!  
                   Ignore the battleships!  Target is the planet cannons! 
                   (on intercom)  Don;'t let them enter Sigma Narse!  All 
                   ships charge!!"

( In the Elicion contact room...)
Captain Nebulart: "Elicion...where did the Creators in the legend come from?"
Elicion: "I don't know...from space, a great distance away..."
Luffy: "A great distance away in space?"
Elicion: "After wandering around, they've come to MARTHAS."
Captain Nebulart: "Elicion, listen!  we have predicted this final battle, so 
                   we've created the third race in the 9th solar system, 
                   third planet TERRA.  The planet of green, TERRA."
Elicion: "What?!  Third race?!  Green TERRA..."
Catty: "The 9th system...that's quite a young solar system.  There is a 
        possibility that they'll live, surely on that planet..."
Elicion: "A new history will begin?...after both races disappear from the 
          universe...if that is so..."
Captain Nebulart: "Yes...if that is so..."
Luffy: "What are you talking about?!"
Captain Nebulart: "Think carefully.  Our Creators in legend came from a 
                   universe far away.  They've reached MARTHAS and created 
                   us, the Solnoid.  Can't you see that the story is exactly 
                   the same as what we are doing right now?"
Luffy: "!!?"
Shildy: "What we are doing?!"
Captain Nebulart: "Yes.  We've advanced to many solar systems, looking for 
                   a new heaven and one of them, is the 9th solar system, 
                   reached to CHAOS and then to TERRA.  There, we created a 
                   new heaven, and created the basis of the new race.  We've 
                   done exactly the same thing as the creation of Solnoid has 
                   explained in legend.  Do you think it's a coincidence?  
                   This is my speculation but...Our Creators, or perhaps, 
                   predecessors, had once lived near a star far away.  
                   possessing a great technology.  but just as it happened 
                   to us, advanced technology does not necessarily give 
                   its parents happiness.  One day they've faced their 
                   downfall (superimposed on Captain Nebulart's image 
                   are nuclear explosions and a planet being torn apart)
                ...a massive destruction that took away everything.  They 
                   lost their mother planet and became space wanderers, 
                   looking for a new heaven.  After a long time they've 
                   come to a planet, but it was not 100% fit for their 
                   survival.  Yet our Creators who possessed an advanced 
                   technology, has turned the planet's environment into one 
                   suitable for survival.  Gradually, the planet started 
                   to grow green and the Creators created their duplicates.
                   I don't know what the organism looked like...and over 
                   the period of time, the organism as evolved into us."
Elicion: "That is merely a hypothesis but just as there is a cycle to 
          everything, that it is not a wonder if a life form has a cycle 
          by the name of history."
Shildy: "If that is so.then what happened to the predecessors who created us?"
Captain Nebulart: "Well...I wonder...they may have disappeared from space 
                   after creating us.  Or maybe they are looking at this 
                   tragic war, and grieving from a far distance.  They too, 
                   will talk about the drama (including the new life form 
                   in the 9th solar system) in this a legend."

( There is an image of Rumy, holding a baby, talking.)
Rumy: "Our ancestors came from a space far far away, and left us on this 
       new heaven."

( Elicion suddenly interrupts everyone's train of thought.)
Elicion: "Fire!  I see fire in space outside the solar system."
( There is a transmission from the Sardine.)
Spear: "Both sides' planet cannons will enter the solar system quite soon."
Amy: "All ships got battle orders!"
Captain Nebulart: "We still have time."
Luffy: "?"
Captain Nebulart: "Could you help me?..."

( In the Delta Fleet flagship's bridge...)
Captain: "Stop them here at any cost!  Buy the time till the allied 
          planet cannons arrival!  No retreat!"

(The Solnoid Planet Cannon Escort Fleet versus Paranoid 2nd Fleet.  In the Escort Fleet's bridge...)
Sub Cmdr A: "Direct hit in starboard 2nd block!  On fire!!"
Captain: "Distance to Sigma Narse?!"
Sub Cmdr A: "320 marl"
Captain: "Charge up the #1 cannon!"
Sub Cmdr B: "Captain!  Sigma Narse is out of range at this distance."
Captain: "Wipe out the enemy fleet on the way with the cannon and charge 
          into Sigma Narse!"

( At the main fleet in Sigma Narse, bridge of Traverser.)
Sub Cmdr A: "Allied planet cannon entering the solar system soon."
Journey: "All right.  Message to all fleets! Advance.  keeping the fleet 
          distance 6 marl.  fire cannon #1 and #2 when they reach the 
          system!  Target: the enemy supreme command ship on the outer 
          planet orbit."  ( The fleet advances.)  "Leave the third 
          planet orbit!"

( Aboard the Sardine bridge...)
Amy: "'s going to begin?"
Spear: " there still a way?"

( On the Absolute bridge...)
Sub Cmdr A: "Allied planet cannon 60 marl till Sigma Narse.
Born: "So...they've come...all fleets, advance slowly!  Charge cannons as 
       they arrive.  Target: enemy supreme command ship.  Journey...I won't 
       let you get away this time."

( On Embroe, Captain Nebulart is in the contact room, the others are inside 
  the planet activators.)
Captain Nebulart: "What about over there?"
Catty: "Battery connected to the main activator #1"
Captain Nebulart: "OK, leave everything to me now.  Shildy, what about you?"
Shildy: "Battery connected to the main activator #2 but I think the 
         nuclear battery from the shuttle doesn't have enough output."
Luffy: "Connection completed, but are you sure this s gonna work?"
Captain Nebulart: "Each of them have an energy shortage but once the three main activators start, the other activators will..."
Luffy: "No...not that...with this kind of thing...does this war..."
Captain Nebulart: "I don't know.  This is our last message...please 
                   pray, Luffy..."
Luffy: "?.....pray? huh?"
Captain Nebulart: "Generator activated, output 120.  What do you 
                   think, Elicion?"
Elicion: "Once the main three start, 120 activators all over the planet will 
          start through a chain reaction but the gap of 100 years can't be 
          helped.  I'll control all of the output."
Captain Nebulart: "Thank you, I understand.  Input energies to the 

( Outside Sigma Narse, in the Solnoid escort fleet flagship bridge...)
Sub Cmdr A: "Enemy flagship approaching to cannon #1."
Sub Cmdr B: "Cannon #1 energy charge complete!"
Captain: "Target: enemy fleet on course ahead!  Fire!!"
(  The cannon fires, vaporizing the enemy fleet.  On Embroe, Catty, Shildy 
   and Luffy return back to the contact room.)
Captain Nebulart: "Everything is ready...everybody please pray."
Elicion: "...I'll...pray, too."

( The planet activator starts to shoot light and the light (heat) covers 
   the planet.)
Captain Nebulart: "The chain reaction covered the entire planet.  
                   Recombination of molecules in atmosphere is starting."
Shildy: "Really high temperature..."
Catty: "Everything becomes ash and then..."
Elicion: "Activator overrun; everything will end soon."
Catty: "The activators are stopping."
Luffy: "Is it finished?"
Captain Nebulart: "Now we only have to wait for the cooling."

( On Traverser bridge.)
Sub Cmdr A: "Commander!  Allied planet cannon arriving in the solar system."
Journey: "Cannon #1, #2, #3.  Stand by on outer planet orbit!  All cannons in firing position, #1 advance!"

(On Absolute bridge.)
Sub Cmdr A: "Enemy planet cannon entering the solar system!"
Sub Cmdr B: "Allied planet cannon 20 marl behind this ship."
Born: "So, it's come...all right, Cannon #1, #2, stop #3.  Advance toward 
       the enemy supreme command ship."

( On Embroe.)
Luffy: "What happened?"
Catty: "It takes a while for coding..."
Captain Nebulart: "Atmosphere component is doing fine...heat radiation from 
                   stratosphere is starting as well."
Shildy: "Did it work?"  (It starts to rain.)
Captain Nebulart: "'s raining."

(On the Traverser bridge.)
Sub Cmdr A: "Enemy flagship locked on within range!"
Journey: "Cannon #1 fire position!  Target: enemy flagship."  ( The muzzle 
          of the planet cannon opens.  In the Absolute bridge...)
Sub Cmdr A: "1st fleet, 6th fleet!  Take left and right wings!
Sub Cmdr B: "Commander, the enemy flagship will be in range soon."
Born: "Cannon #3 fire position!  Target: enemy flagship and main 
       fleet.  #1 and #2, charge up."

( The muzzles of the cannon open.  On Embroe...)
Captain Nebulart: "It will be morning soon." (The sun comes out.")
Luffy, Catty, Shildy: "!!"

( The planet comes out of the shadow.
On the Traverser bridge.)
Sub Cmdr A: "!!..This is..."
Journey: "What is going on?"
Sub Cmdr A: "It seems somebody restarted the planet activator."
( Captain Nebulart's transmission appears on the monitor of the Traverser.)
Captain Nebulart: "To Commander Journey, all Solnoid and 
                   Paranoid soldiers."
Journey: "Who is this?"
Captain Nebulart: "I am Catty Nebulart.  I've restarted the activators on 
                   Embroe.  Please look...this blue sky...the blue skies of 
                   the planets that you lost as the result of the war."
( The message is seen on all the monitors of Solnoid and Paranoid ships.  
   On the Sardine bridge...)
Amy & Spear: "Ha ha!  All right!!!"
Captain Nebulart: "We two races are completely different biologically, and 
                   physically, it may be impossible to unite, but....but...
                   you must avoid this catastrophic battle please...  This 
                   is a war without winners.  There's nothing to gain from 
                   this war.  The use of the planet cannon will destroy 
                   everything.  Please, remember the blue sky of the mother 
                   planets that we have lost through the use of the planet 
                   cannon.  (muttering)   Please realize the futility of 
                   this battle."

( In the Traverser bridge, an alarm goes off.)
Journey: "What is it?!"
Sub Cmdr A: "Commander!  This ship is in the range of the enemy planet cannon!"
Journey: "Full speed evasive maneuvers!!  Damn it!!"

( On the Absolute bridge, a buzz goes off.) 
Sub Cmdr A: "This ship is within the range of the enemy planet cannon!"
Born: "Evasive maneuvers!  Change course!"
( The ships evade.)

Journey: "D--don't let them get away!  #1 open fire!"
Born: "Target: enemy flagship Traverser!  Fire!"

( Both flagships suffer near misses.  On the Traverser...)
Sub Cmdr A: "Enemy beam approaching!!"

( One of the shots impacts the 2nd planet.  On Embroe...)
Elicion: "The 2nd planet is lost.  Embroe will receive gravitational 
          effects as a result.  Prepare for shockwave!  I repeat, prepare 
          for shockwave!"
-Traverser bridge.
Journey: "Don't lose the enemy flagship!  All ships fire at the enemy flagship!  Full speed, charge!"
( On the Absolute bridge.)
Born: "Chase the enemy flagship!  Cannon #2 and #3 fire at the approaching 
       enemy fleet!"
( At Embroe.)
Elicion: "Due to the loss of the 2nd planet, Embroe will have orbit 
          shift.  Prepare for shockwave!  I repeat, prepare for shockwave!
( There is a huge sandstorm on the planet's surface.  Shildy runs outside.
Captain Nebulart: "Shildy!"
( Shildy stares at the storm.
Catty: "1st, 2nd, and 6th activator destroyed.)"
Captain Nebulart: "Why..."
Luffy: "...I'm going"
Catty: "!!  Luffy!"
Luffy: "Let me go...everybody is fighting..."
Catty (by herself): "...Luffy..."
( Luffy leaves the room, walks by Shildy, and heads to the shuttle.)
Shildy: "Luffy."
Luffy: "See ya!..."
Shildy: "Luffy...LUFFY!  Luffy..."
Luffy: "I'm glad I've met you gals...I've learned a lot."
( Luffy offers her hand to Shildy.  Hesitantly, Shildy shakes hands.  
  Luffy proceeds up the ramp.)
Luffy: "Perhaps we'll meet again."
Shildy: "!?"
Luffy: "If what the Captain said is true...that everything is...repeated..."
( The top hatch of the shuttle opens.  The TORNADO with boosters, takes 
  off.  Shildy returns to the contact room.  Captain Nebulart is doing 
  some read outs on a monitor.)
Shildy: "Let's go...everything is over..."
Catty: "'s not over yet."
Shildy: "!!"
( Luffy pilots the TORNADO as she has flashbacks.  A Paranoid 
  carrier-type battleship approaches.)
Shildy (from Luffy's flashback): "The result of war is always like this..."
Luffy: "Wooooooo!!!"  (Luffy dives into the Paranoid vessel.)

Born: "All planet cannons prepare to fire..."
Journey: "All planet cannons in firing position."

( Meanwhile, the shuttle approaches the Sardine.)
Catty: "Visual contact with Sardine on starboard."
Shildy: "There it is..."  ( On the landing bay, Spear and Amy come.)
Spear: "We saw it."
Amy: "What are you going to do, now?"
Shildy: "Both sides' planet cannons are well in the solar system.  We don't 
         have much time."  

( The ship REMEX in flight.)
Shildy: "Listen everybody, we'll try to cross the battlefield and head to 
the outer planet orbit.  Catty, record all the transmission from Embroe 
into the memory chip.  Everybody ready?"
(Spear and Amy man the turret seat of the defensive batteries.)
Amy: "OK."
Spear: "OK."

( On Embroe...)
Captain Nebulart: "For someone who will receive this data...the crystal of 
                   the Solnoid technology--the technology of the planet 
                   activators, and all of Solnoid science...pass them on..."
-At the REMEX...
Catty: "Huge information...all of our science and history...transmission 
        complete."  ( Catty takes out the data chip.)  "Everything is in 
        this..." ( She inserts the chip into a torpedo-like tube.  
        Meanwhile, Amy and Spear are shooting down enemy drones.  )

( On Embroe...)
Elicion: "You knew everything...why--why didn't you tell them?"
Captain Nebulart: "You mean the repetition of history on Terra?  Of the 
                   rise and fall..."

( Back in the REMEX...)
Spear: "Can't you fly at sub-light speed?"
Shildy: "Too many obstacles ahead, it's hard enough to fly straight, and 
         besides, I don't know how long this thing can fly.
Amy: "I'm running out of ammo!"
Catty: "Capsule ready to fire."
Shildy & Catty: "!!"

(  In front of the REMEX is the Absolute.  The Paranoid ship open fire.  
   Later, we see the REMEX drifting along the outer planet orbit, along 
   with debris.)
Catty: "Course set, auto navigation on.  Firing to the 9th planet, 
        satellite CHAOS."
Amy: "CHAOS?  Not TERRA?"
Shildy: "Yes...CHAOS.  When they build a civilization and reach CHAOS by 
         themselves, and get the chip....that is when it becomes meaningful."
Amy: "???"
Shildy: "Captain Nebulart, I'll pass on your message.  I don't know how long 
         it will take but it will pass on."

( Everyone places their hand on the fire lever and launches the capsule.  
  As the capsule flies away, the battle in Sigma Narse rages on.  The 
  Absolute and Traverser collide, both destroyed.  The planet cannon 
  continues firing.  The images of the Starleaf crew, the noble five 
  soldiers of the Lorelei fleet, and of Captain Nebulart flashes by.  The 
  sun explodes without a sound and all is black.)

Transmission (with static): "This is shuttle 52 in Mars orbit.  (Static noise) 
 changed course again.   Moon base give the 
             decision quickly."
Second Transmission: "This is moon base.  This is the order from the 
                      space agency: retrieve it, I repeat retrieve it.  
                      Retrieve it before it reaches the moon's orbit.  This 
                      is not a military action."  (fade away)

End Title  "The Bottom Line."