Literal Translation Series,

                "PATLABOR OVA from 'Early days,' Episode 1"
                Translated Speech Script with comments

                Written  by Kentaro ONIZUKA
                Comments by Kentaro ONIZUKA


Recently, the early OVA series of Patlabor before the movie were
released as a LD set titled "Early Days." The LD set includes 7
episodes mostly directed by Oshii. I really love these episodes.  I am
going to translate all episodes in the set. Please looking forwared to
my translation!

Anyhow, have a fun to watch PATLABOR OVA with this script.
Comments and correction are welcome!

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                Episode 1

Avant title,

Along with the rapid progress of the hyper techonogy, getting more and
more popular in any field are the all-purpose human-shaped robots,
Labors. Those, however, primed a new threat to the people, the Labor
crimes. In order to meet the frequent labor crimes, Tokyo Metropolitan
Police founded the Special Vehicle Second Division in the patrol
department of the head office, normally called SV2, the Moble Police
Patrol labors. It was the birth of Patlabors.

Opening song

Flag of Tokyo Metropolitan Police,

A man is standing.

Telephone call,

A staff:Hello, SV2 Maintenance team.

A staff:Chief! Chief!
        I received a telephone call for the reconfirmation from the maker.
        Three 98type patrol labors of AV model shipped each in
        the transportation trailer, left the factory at Hachioji 7 A.M.
        The scheduled arrival time is 11 P.M. That's all.

# I think it should be 11 A.M. But I can't hear it "11 a.m."

Chief:   Alright.
A staff:Boss!
Chief:  What?
A staff:At last, at last the new type labors will arrive!
Chief:  So what?
A staff:hhhhh, I am very glad and happy!
        Being called Metropolitan Police's HIGH-TECH ADVAN-GUARD DIVISION, 
        being called a PIONEER OF FUTURE POLICE,
        but, due to the budget matters, and planning matters,
        we are enclosed in this landfill fronteer here.
        The machines we obtained are the panda-painted second hand
        civil engineering labors, Only three!
        For the three month from the begining of the division, we've been
        looked down and called TMP's rubbish! extra! brind gut!
        How hard it's been for the members, and particularly the maintenance

# This speech well represents the situation of ADVANCED sections in 
# any kind of society. The members of such a section are first well
# recognized and considered great. However, they actually are driven
# out from the main stream of the society, just like BLIND GUT!

        Now that, today, getting the new type labors, we will put a
        period on the hard history, and driving the wedge of
        justice to the confusion of near-future, we will be reborn to
        the glorious division, the true mobil police patrol labors!

Chief:  Shige, When I was 12, taking appart a footwarmer-engine bike,
        I was scolded by my dad. For the fifty years from that day till
        today, I been a man of machine.
        Now that I have neither the appearence for show, nor vanity.
        But,, I wanna be the first person to see, feel, and take
        appart the brandnew machine just rolled out.
        That's the only reason why I be's standing here since morning.
        hhh, Mecha-crazy. The outdated bolt-nut guy is me.

# "Footwarmer-engine bike" A motor bicycle with footwarmer gasoline tank.
# Japanese Footwarmers are a kind of vessele with hot-water in it.

A car comes,

Shige:  oh, head office's transportation car?
        Why it comes now?

young man A: I remember a scene like this in some movies like Rabaul something
        or Fighter zero something, where no girl, and maintenance soldiers
        are all scamps, who are always gambling and cooking food by
        outdoor rice-steamers, 
        and make an intimate friendship by fist fights.
        The shameful guys....

# "Rabaul something" I don't know the correct name of the movie.
# I am sure that its story is about the WWII between Japan and the U.S.
# "Fighter zero something".. It's also a name of a movie about WWII.
# "Outdoor rice-steamer" << Hangou. An outdoor tool to steam rice.
# Used mainly in army during WWII. It is still a common outdoor item
# for camping.

young man B: That's the story of army, isn't it?
young man A: With the ranking system, and guns,
         what's the difference from army?
young man C: Anyhow, I agree that this scene is very different from that of 
        ordinary Tokyo.
young man A: Don't you think it's the time to espace!
young man B: If you wanna espace, I don't stop you, but kill you 
        by shooting in an act of escape!
young man C: That's just the way of army.

A man with megaphone: Hey the new commers over there you!
        Come on, come on!
        Scramble at the division leader's room with the appointment form.

young man A: Oh, we are noticed.
young man B: Hey! let's go!

A man with megaphone: run!

young man A: Hi!

A woman:Well, the flesh bodies have arrived earlier.
        Hope that there be someone useful.
A man:  There may be.
A woman:Leaving the veterans in my platoon,
        they are going to ride on the brand new labors. I really hope that!
A man:  For those matters, all things are decided by the head office,
        including the selection of those five.
        Five? One is missing?

Someone on the bike comming,

young man B: Hey, personnels only here.
young man A: If you are playing here, you will be arrested.

A girl: I declare! I, Police Izumi Noa is today attatched to the
        Special Vehicle Second Division of Tokyo Metropolitan Police
        Patrol Department.

        Nice to meet you!

A man:  Then I announce the arrangement.
        For the first vehicle, Forward, Izumi Noa.
Noa:    Lucky!
A man:  Back-up, Shinohara Asuma.
        For the second vehicle, Forward, Ohta Isao,
        Back-up, Shinshi Mikiyasu.
        Powersupply-vehicle crew, Yamazaki Hiromi.
        That's all.

A man:  Firstly, we wait for the arrival of the new type labors.
        Imediately after the arrival, we assign the cars to each.
        And then set the initial configuration.
        These are scheduled, but,, 

Shige:  Chief!!

A man:  It must be long before that... So, how about having a meal (lunch)?

All:    Yes sir!

Shige:  Chief!
        Chief, the call from the shipping trailer's driver .
Chief:  This is Sakaki.
In the traffic jam.

Driver: Heavy traffic in the weekend, and addition to that,
        I hear that bombing incidents took place in Shiba and
        Takebashi. Very hard to move. I be's a little bit behind Miyakezaka IC.

        I also ain't wanna use Metropolitan Highway for this
        hurry shipping, but your division leader ordered to use
        highways, due to the anxiety...
        Last week the labor robbing took place on the public road,
        and it be dishonourable if the police labors were 
        robbed. That's at the probability under one out of 10 thousand.

        Eh? what?

        Shut up!

        Oh, no, nothing. Just my matter.

        What? you be waiting until the arrival?
        It's OK for me, but I ain't guess when I can arrive.

Noa:    Oh, that's why he's been waiting for long since morning?

# Noa's speech is always boyish, while she is not rude.
# I guess that her boyish speech is due to her dialect in Hokkaido.
# Hokkaido was and is still a fronteer of Japan, where people of many 
# different backgrounds in Japan got together to settle.
# That lead to form a kind of common dialect neutralizing the features of
# many dialects in Japan. Also, the difficult grammatical expressions were
# lost during the neutralization process.
# Hence the difference between the male speech and the
# female speech is also smaller than that in most dialects in Japan.
# I wonder if the director and staffs of Patlabor took the Hokkaido Dialect
# into account.

Shige:  Yeah, he is almost staborn to wait.

Noa:    Then, he truly loves labors!
        I guess I can agree with him!

Shige:  The story I heard says, from the foundation of the police bike corpus,
        his job has been only maintaining cars.
        When he goes to the head office, the maintenance devision leader
        always comes down to meet him at the office port.
        He is something like a god for us.

Noa:    Oh, he's great!

Shige:  Aside from the official ranking, the number one in this division is,
        surely, my boss Sakaki, and Number 2 is the chief of the first platoon,
        Nagumo-san, and far far below the two, the number 3  is your boss,
        Well, that's my impression.

Noa:    Oh, what? don't you have a lunch?
Asuma:  I didn't bring a lunch box.
        I really envy the guy for whom his sweetheart cooks a lunch box.
Hiromi: It's me that cooked this.
        Do you eat one?

# "Octopus-cut Sausage" a common item in a Japanese-style lunch box
# for children.

Asuma:  May I order for deli?

Shige:  Well, you can, if you want more than two items.
        But, it takes more than one hour.
        There's a small shop kept by an old woman 3 km from here,
        You may use my bicycle,

        though, its handle is twisted.

# It is always the case that Japanese stype deli restaurant does not accept
# the deliver order when only one item.

Maintenance Staff: Gun?
        You mean the 20mm revolver cannon for Labors?
        Well, here is some, but, without the permition of boss, we cannot
        open this.
Sakaki: You say you wanna use the 20mm revolver for the shooting practice?
        For the practice, you must ask the platoon chief for the permition. 

# Sakaki's speech is typical Edo-ben. The dialect of downtown Tokyo.
# That's something like Cockney English in London.

Goto:   Shooting practice?
Oota:   I really need to practise actual gun shooting before the actual sally.
Goto:   How can you shoot without a labor?
Oota:   I am intending to use the 1st platoon's labor.
Goto:   They will not allow to use.
Oota:   As soon as my labor arrives,..
Goto:   The only place you can plactise that big gun is the Fuji shooting 
        field, which has already reserved for SDF's schedule in this year.

# "Fuji shooting field" is the only place where SDF plactise
# big-cannon shooting.

Oota:   Well, I hear that the members of the Labor corps are allowed to
        practise shot gun.


Goto:   To be provided with the bullets, the application form is
        required to present. It takes about one month after you present
        to be allowed. And th examination of the form is quite strict.
        Except for the annual practice once a year, it's hard to be allowed.

Oota:   Then, it's impossible to perform the mission in the actual incidents!
Shinshi:Oota-san, please stop.

Goto:   You must perform. Without consuming expensive bullets in ordinary days
        by avoiding actual practice as long as possible,
        while in the actual case, one-bullet-sure-to-hit!
        For the Japanese soldiers and policeman, it's been fixed so
        from ancient days.

Oota:   I cannot be convinced! Let Me, Let me shoot! A Gun for me!
        Oh wwwww. Let me shoot!
Noa:    Why, no one here. first platoon is out of service?

Asuma:  You fool! They went to support the bombing incident at 
        Metropolitan High way.

Noa:    Oh,
        Ah, here it is!
        Well, this is the first generation Patlabor?
        Don't you think this looks like a villain?

Asuma:  Although called first generation, this was originally a labor for civil
        engineering, Asuka 95, slightly modified for the all-purpose usage.
        Specially designed for anti-labor battle, and being with the
        appearance that the psychological effect to the watchers was
        taken into account, Patrol labor 98 AV is absolutely different from
        this. eh?

Noa:    Asuma-kun is funny. Although you don't know much about the labor corps,
        you have much knowledge about Labors.

Asuma:  Well, a little...

Noa:    Well, Asuma-kun, ..

Asuma:  No! don't call me with KUN.

# KUN is normally used by school girls to call a boy student.

Noa:    Why not?

Asuma:  I don't want to be called with KUN by women.

Noa:    Then, how can I call you?

Asuma:  It's your business to think of that.

Noa:    [ This guy is of arrogance..]
        [ Shinohara Asuma.. Shinohara.... It's something I remember.]

The plate "Shinohara Heavy Industrial Co. Limited"

Noa:    Hey, Otaku..

# Here Otaku does not mean an obsessed fan of something.
# "taku" originally means "home." "Otaku" is the polite form of "taku."
# The word is used to represent "your family/home."
# It's quite normal to use "Otaku no musuko" >> Your home's son >> your son.
# or "Otaku no danna" >> your home's master >> your husband.
# The meaning had gradually changed to mean just "you."
# In Japan, it's quite normal to use the surname to call someone instead of
# using second person pronoun "you" >> "Anata" or "Omae."
# because it is sometimes very offensive to use "Anata."
# But among obsessed fans of something, they don't want to use surnames,
# because they are not interested in the person who gives information, but
# interested in the information itself. Hence, "otaku" is widely used among
# obsessed fans of something to refere "you."
# That's why obsessed fans of something is called "OTAKU."
# There are many kind of OTAKU. Anime-Otaku, Manga-otaku, Game-Otaku....

Asuma:  Don't call me OTAKU!

# Today, most people hate to be called "Otaku"
# Hence Asuma got angry with this.

Noa:    ASUMA, you are the relative of Shinohara Heavy Industrial?

Asuma:  Shinohara Industrial is my father's company!

Noa:    Then I've got it..
        I thought you must have something to do..

        Really? your father's company?
Asuma:  ....

Noa:    Then, you're the son of Shinohara Industrial's president?
Asuma:  ...

Noa:    Then why? How come, the second generation should be a local public

# Public employees are not considered high level persons under good
# economical condition, because the pay is very bad.
# But in the recession, they are considered very stable workers.
# Local public employees are looked down more than national public employees.

Asuma:  I was trapped by my parent.

Shinshi:Oh, here you are! we have a JOB, JOB.

Asuma:  My father guy applied me without telling me.
        And addition to that, he used his own connection for arranging
        the employment. What's the hell! For the education? shit!

Noa:    Because you are not realiable enough as the second generation?

Asuma:  How about you? What is the motivation to recruit?

Noa:    Me? Of course to ride Alfons!

Auma:   Alfons? What's that?

Noa:    My Pattie's name. I've decided the name since I joined.

# Pattie << Patrol vehicle << Patlabor.
# In original Japanese, it's "Pato-chan."

Asuma:  I envy those whose job is the same as their dream.

Noa:    Addition to that, I am the forward, the riding crew!
        I was afraid if I could never ride ..

Oota:   What's the sadness! I have to cut grass in this kind a fronteer.
        Ass hole! Let me shoot a gun! 

# What's the sadness! << "Naniga kanasiute!" =:=  What's the hell!

Asuma:  I am sure to escape!

Shinshi: Cut, cut. cut..

Eye catch.

In front of telephone,

On the poster, 

 ....... ...                 ... ...........
"Private use of telephone is not recommended"

# Shinshi is using telephone only to call his wife.
# This is an small irony.

Shinshi:Hi, Tamiko-san? This is Mikiyasu.
        Suddenly, but from today, I have to stay at night on duty.

# He puts "-san" to his wife's name. This means his wife has the initiative
# at home.

        Oh, Yes. I ate.
        Cup-nudle and Melon-bread.
        Very delicious!

# Cup-men >> Cup-nudle. Melon-pan >> Melon-bread, a bread with melon
# jam inside.

In the room,

TV caster: Due to the bombing incident, the traffic jam in
        Metropolitan High Way is still continuing at the moment.
        At Takebashi IC, a childbirth pained woman living in Musashino City,
        Ito Akemi-san was ...

Noa:    Phew! disappointed a lot!
        This way, I cannot guess when I can meet Alfons.

Asuma:  Carring Labors along Metropolitan highway that is always with
        traffic jam! What are the guys thinking?
        Due to that, I thought Today would finish with doing nothing but
        grass cutting. But, all of us got into Night duty.
        I really hope here be beer, then we can have a joy!
        Only things we have now is woo-long tea and snacks. Too poor!

Oota:   Hey, you are too idle. We are still on duty.

Asuma:  Incidents are not likely to happen from this first day.
        And, what can we do, without Labors.

Oota:   Hey, Shinohara
Asuma:  What?
Oota:   Volume up!

# This suggests Oota is a so-called Idle Otaku.

Bell rings...

Announce: Announcement from 8th area.
        Unidentified labor of unknown type and unknown owner
        going underwater recognised at the mouse of Sumidagawa River.
        Escaped from River police investigation.
        Presumably heading to north at the moment.
        Equipped with unknown type weapon.
        Cautious operation required.
        Unidentified labor of unknown type and unknown owner
        going underwater recognised at the mouse of Sumidagawa River.

Noa:    Shinshi-san, hurry!
        Scramble at the hanger!


Goto:   Just now, I received an order for the 2nd platoon to sally.
        The target is unknown, but that crushed the launch at River police
        with one shot, hence very powerful.
        However, as you know, our labors are still toilet-packed
        around Edobashi.

# Toilet-packed << Jam packed. In Japanese idiom, it's "Setchin Zume."

        We go out to meet and receive them.
        Yamazaki, you use the 1st platoon's trailer No.3 and go to
        Edobashi with Izumi and Oota, immediately.

        Izumi and Oota, you two boot the labor No.1 and No.2 on the highway
        and meet Shinohara and Shinshi going ahead.     
        Then set the initial configuration and adjustment.
        The place to meet and the operation are all indicated by me via 
        Don't waste any minutes and seconds.

        That's it.

        Any questions?

All:    Hey! Hey!

In the car,

Goto:   Sorry for calling at night.
        This is Goto of SV2.
        Please call your daughter, Shinobu-san.


Noa:    System E, F, G, L, M start.
        Vehicle 1, Ready to boot.
Oota:   System C, syncronized OK.
        G, H, J, L, M 
        Vehicle 2, Ready to boot.
        Get me up!

Driver: Are you really OK?
        I ain't assure the result.

Oota:   Shut up! Do it, hurry!

Driver: Alright!

Labors begin to work,

Oota:   Excuse me, Hi, excuse me.

Hiromi: Oota-san, Oota-san, Jump! Jump!

Hiromi: Hello, 

Goto:   It's wrong to use "Hello."
# "Hello" << MoshiMoshi is not appropriate to use in the situation like this.

        How is the situation?

Hiromi: Vehicle 1, 2, booting complete. begining scavenge process.

Announce:Connect to all vehicles under operation.
        Target after landing at AzumaBashi Asakusa, heading to KokusaiDoori.
        Target recognised as Mountain operation labor made by Shinohara Heavy
        industry, 98 Type Pickel-kun.
        The initial objective considered Terro-activity around
        Nihyaku-senju New City center. Details unknown.

Goto:   Shinshi to UguisuDani. Shinohara at JoumyouInMae.
        Guide the guest from UenoKoen to Kototogi-doori.
# Guest here means the target << unidentified labor.

Asuma:  Chief, I recomend the attack at Iriya.

Goto:   No!

Asuma:  Eh? Why not?

Goto:   (Because) That is my birth-place.

Goto:   Yamazaki, scavenge complete? can you hear me? over.

Hiromi: Vehicle 2. scavenge complete.
        But, vehicle 1 is a little bit..

Goto:   Vehicle 1, what happened?
        Izumi, what are you doing in slow manner?

Noa:    No, no, no. Jumping down from here would damage Alfons!

Announce:Target moving from KokusaiDoori to KototogiDoori.
        Target moving from KokusaiDoori to KototogiDoori.

Staff:  Iriya Intersection and ShouwaDoori Blockade complete.
        Group B support Group C.

Police: People in the garden evacuation almost complete.

Goto:   Alright. Thanx.

Goto:   March in Spring night now,
        Injustice was remained here,
        dancing with flowers.

        I .. guess,... I ..could.

Goto:   Finally, all actors become complete.
        here I go, let's work, let's work.

        All vehicles, report the situation.

Shinshi:This is Uguisudani, 2nd vehicle set position complete.
Asuma:  JoumouInMae, 1nd vehicle initial configuration complete.
        Set position complete just now.

Goto:   Ok. narrowly in time.

Asuma:  Don't worry! Although the same Shinohara products,
        our spec is better.

Noa:    What (a kidding name) Pickel-kun is.
        It's kidding people!

Asuma:  I agree with you!

Oota:   If you come, Come on! you criminals!
        From here, I don't allow you to go ahead any step!

Shinshi:What are you talking about!
        We must allow it to go.
        Don't allow to head Nippori, but guiding the target
        to Ueno is our mission.

Oota:   Shut up!
        If I make that guy a honeycomb, everything will be over!

# Honeycomb has a lot of holes. "Make one a honeycome" means "Shoot a lot of
# Bullets to one and make the one with a lot of holes.

Shinshi:Coming! Just coming!
        Distance 300, 250,... 200, 150.. 

Oota:   WOW WOW!

Shinshi:WOW! Head drop! Head drop!

Shinshi:Oota-san, Oota-san!

Asuma:  Patrol cars crushingly defeated?
        Oota's head dropped?

Noa:    Oh, NO!

Asuma:  Asshole! Killer labor!

        Noa! He was that kind a guy but he was our colleague today.

Noa:    No, No I don't want to struggle against that kind a guy.

Asuma:  Don't complain!

Noa:    Coming?
        Don't come here!
        Go that way!

Asuma:  NOA!
        NOA! in the left!

Asuma:  This is Vehicle 1. Target heading to Ueno direction as scheduled.
        We begin chase!

        Noa! hey Noa! What are you doing?

Noa:    Oh! Oh no! Alfons is, Alfons is now TangeSazen!

# TangeSazen is a strong single-armed samurai hero in Japanese Movie.

Asuma:  It's not such a time to cry!
        Chase! Fight! NOA!

        Turning the cry into anger and drive an iron fist of justice to that 
        three-leg guy!

Noa:    YOU GUY!

Guys:   It's unfortunate that it's out of fuel.
        Plenty of Police guys are surrounding us.
        Here we go!

Police: You are surrounded completely. Disarmour and hold up!
        You are surrounded completely. Disarmour and hold up!

Guy:    They come!

Nagumo: Oh no!

Goto:   It's a bluff.

Guy:    This ain't that toy before.
        True anti-tank missile!
        If you move, we launch this to the Musium!

# UenoKoen is a place of many musiums, just like Washington D.C. Mall.

Nagumo: That's why I disagreed to guide that guy here!

Goto:   That's only a bluff. 

guy:    Listen carefully!

        Within 5 minutes from now, provide us with a car to escape and
        foods. And 1 milion Yen cash by the old 1000 yen bills.

Noa:    I find you!
        Don't move from the position!

guy:    Stop! If no stop, I will launch!

Noa:    Shut up! Receive an iron fist of justice!
        Rocket Punch!

# Rocket punch! is an ultimate weapon of "Mazinger Z"
# where the arm with fist turns to a missile. When hit, the target is punched.


Sakaki: After almost tired of waiting, the things arrived are,
        No-headed, and single-armed.

Noa:    You can repair that?
Sakaki: Sure, I repair.

Noa:    (laugh) Please, I hope you!

Sakaki: Shige! wrench!

Shige:  Yes!

Noa:    Hey, you said "Our spec is better"

Asuma:  Did I say such a thing?

Noa:    You did.

Asuma:  Then, sort of, the skill matter.

Noa:    I won that three-armed, with the single-armed.

Asuma:  Those are legs, aren't they?

Goto:   Sorry for during sleep.
        I was much helped.
Shinobu:I don't care about private things while on duty.
        But, the things those upper class people consider are slightly strange.
        Those new-type labors would work far better if my platoon used.

Goto:   You want?


Goto:   Those new-type labors.

Shinobu:I want.

Goto:   I don't give.


Trailer to the second episode,

With the smell of danger surrounding, the woman flyed down on the base.
Just before the New York mayor's arrival, under the strict precaution,
What is the information she brought to Tokyo?

Noa:    Asuma, you are pitty.

Next episode "Long shot!"

Noa:    Target Lock on!