Literal Translation Series,

                "Plastic Little"
                Translated Speech Script with some comments

                Written  by Kentaro ONIZUKA
                Comments by Kentaro ONIZUKA


I don't know much about the background of PlaLit. The reason why I
watched this Anime is because I met the original author, Yoshimoto
Kinji and Urusibara satoshi at ANIME EXPO '95. They said to me
"Plastic Little is truly an original OVA, please watch it, you will be
satisfied." Yes. It's very good anime for easy watching, but with much
thrills, and with cute nudity. This anime is not an EROTIC anime. The
quality is far better than most classic animes produced in the late
80s.  Recently I bought the comic of PlaLit, and I am planning to
write the script of comic PlaLit. Wait a while!

I know that PlaLit is available in many languages, English, French,
and German. if you are not satisfied by the short subtitles, my script
may be informative. And please translate this in your native language
if your mother tongue is not English.  Feel free to
redistribute. Comments and corrections are welcome!

                Email:  onizuka@nisiq.net

Avant title,

A commander: Hurry up, Hurry extinguish fire! Others seek Dr. Narenov!
             Allowed to Kill him!

Geisel: Not yet?
A commander: Geisel, your excellency! Please Wait a little.
Geisel: Hurry up!
A commander: Yes, sir!

Soldiers:Here he is! In the 13th block!
Narenov:Elysse! You ESCAPE in this Escape pod to the CITY!
Elysse: How about you Daddy!
Narenov:I am coming soon! NO time! Get in ! Hurry!
Elysse: Yes!
Narenov:Survive Elysse! And prevent Geisel's ambition!

Geisel: You did a stupid thing, Dr. Narenov.  Do it!
Elysse: Daddy!

                        Plastic Little

In the hotel room,

Tita:   Wanna go out to the seeeeeaaaaa!
        Well, oh I know. Because ChaChaMaru was damaged, here we are repairing
        What? where are they?
        Well, OK!

Tita:   Oh, that's bad! I got up too late. oops!

        May! Nicoll! Mikhail! Balboa, Roger...
        Hey Nicoll!
        I was left behind as usual.

Voice:  Hey, Late waker Tita!
Tita :  Alright!
Voice:  We are going to the ship.
        Because you have nothing to do, We left you behind.
        After you wake up, please buy foods for lunch for us as usual.
        Then, Come to the ship by noon! I hope you!
        That's it! This is the genius quarter master Nicoll!

At the front desk,

Tita:   Thanx!

Tita:   Wow!

In the dock,

Balboa: Mikhail! Mikhail! How is it? Sure to complete?
Mikhail:In a while, I will complete. How about you?
Balboa: Two days more, I think.
Mikhail:By the way, how are those fools?
Balboa: Well, I've no idea.

Roger:  Nicoll, we are hungry aren't we? 
Nicoll: Yeah. Absolutely! it's been long since noon.
Roger:  In this way,I am going to die
Nicoll: Not probable to die!

In the marketplace,

Tita:   Here I go! Oh, I bought too much!

        Get in, you shit!

Tita:   Oh, at last it closed.


Elysse: I'm s'rry.
Tita:   No, don't mind. I am alright!
Elysse: I'm s'rry.

Tita:   Why she is so hasty?

Soldiers: Get out!

Tita:   Waaa. What are those guys?
        Today is unlucky. I was left behind and those guys ..

Elysse: Kyaaa!  no! 
Tita:   Those guys!

Tita:   Hurry!  Get on! 
Elysse: But...
Tita:   You wanna run away! Hurry!
Soldiers:Ass hole, we don't let them go.

Tita:   Here we go!
Voice:  This is group A. Failed to scavenge. group B, group C, blockade
        route 13 with cars. 

Tita:   Persistent are they!

Tita:   Hold tightly.

Tita:   Oh my god!

Soldier:Call divers!

In the Geisel's office,

A man:  I, I'm very sorry. Due to the unexpected obstruction.
        Because it was in the downtown, radical operation was impossible..

Geisel: (Don't say) any more. Find in 24 hours. Otherwise, your dead
        body will be found in that river.

In the ship,

Nicoll: Absolutely sure it's something wrong!
        Because, she has not yet come by this time.
        Hotel (front desk) says (she) went out before noon.
Roger:  Man! That's due to a man. 
        She was trapped by a bad man, and doing this thing, that thing, and
        what thing...

Nicoll: Rogeeaaaar.
        Absolutely it's not probable!

Roger:  How come you know? Why do you know that, Nicoll?
Nicoll: Well, it's because ... Anyhow, WE have not reached to have lunch.
Mikhail:Well, it's too late.
Nicoll: Sure! Sure! She always make us anxious about herself.
        Today, It's today that we must heavily (scold her).

Nicoll: Tita!

Tita:   Sorry, I've lost food.

Roger:  Really?

Balboa: Nicoll, bring water!
Tita:   No, No more water. Drank too much to hate before.
Balboa: What has happened?  hmmm, This girl..?
Tita:   Well, It was a tiny thing. 
        Don't be afraid. These people are crews of this ChaChaMaru. They are 
        my company.

May:    Tita! What happened with your this appearance?
Tita:   May. That's tiny thing. Or rather, see this girl. looks injured.
May:    Hi, let me see your injury.

May:    Don't worry. I wanna do nothing but to cure your injury.
        It's troublesome if girls have a permanent injury at the body.

Tita:   Yes.

Balboa: I see. You experienced heavy thing, Tita.
May:    OK. Completed. 
Tita:   I am relieved because it's not big injury.
Elysse: Th... Th... Thank you.

Balboa: And, please let us know why you are sought for.
        In this way, Tita and we might be involved.
        Or, do you have some reason which prevent you from telling us?

Tita:   Oh, or rather, tell me your name, because it's funny to call you
        just "YOU" or "YOU guy." Please tell me. please.
        unless If you tell me, I will call you dishonourably.

May:    Oh, or rather, you will catch cold in this way. 
        How about having bath with this girl?

Tita:   Oh! that's nice! is that! we are both women. it's best to be
        naked friends.
        The bathroom in this ship is very amusing!
        Hey, Let's GO! GO! Hurry!

Nicoll: Naked...

In the locker room,

Tita:   Hey, where's your home?
        You live on this island?
        Oh, what are you doing? Hey here you go.
        Let's bathe!...
        Y.. you are .. how old? Tell me at least your age.

Elysse: Ah.. I am sort of 16.

Tita:   Six....teen? 
Elysse: y...yes...
Tita:   I am one year older, nevertheless, this wretched plight...
        Oh.. I am depressed... The wind of the world bites me.... 
        IS THAT SO!

Tita:   Oh I can't keep myself!
        Hurry to bathe!

Tita:   Here I go!

Fantastic scenes in the bathroom(^^;

Tita:   Oh! amusing!
        Think it's great?
        One whole shed for animals was modified to a bathroom.
Elysse: saved me at that time... Why did you?

Tita:   I am sorry for not having told you about myself.
        I am Tita Mew Koshigawa. This ship is a pet-shop hunter's ship.
        And It is I that is her captain.
        Even though  you ask me why I saved, it's a problem..
        Is it funny if I say it's because I cannot leave you alone?

Elysse: They were military people, and that many pursued me.
Tita:   So that I did not leave you. Firstly, you do not look evil.

In the animal's shed,

Nicoll: Hey, we'd better to stop. Roger...
        Absolutely, dangerous.
Roger:  What are you saying. Don't you love Tita?
        Don't you wanna watch ?
Nicoll: Wanna watch.
Roger:  Oh yes. here you go.
Nicoll: This is... High Pressure Cloud Sea Scope!
Roger:  With this, (you can get) a clear view is assured 
        in any dense steam fog.
        Watch with this.
Nicoll: Yes..
Nicoll: WOW.........!

Elysse: Well, what kind of job is the pet-shop hunting?
Tita:   Well, we hunt the animals in cloud sea alive, and sell them to
        the different planet. We do until catching them. Hey look!
        The animals above us ..WOW!

Tita:   Those guys....
        YOU SHALL DIE!

Tita:   Sorry for surprising you. Now, no problem.
Elysse: Amusing people!
Tita:   Is that so? They are just wolfy and stupid!
Elysse: Sorry. I've been at such a situation that I believed nobody.
        I am Elysse. Elysse Alt Modish. 
Tita:   Elysse. good name!

In the ship quarter,

May:    Have you got something?
Mikhail:hmmmm. Look at this.
Balboa: Oh. What?
May:    What's that?
Balboa: This is the big accident 5 days ago.
Mikhail:Below that.
Balboa: well, The director of the lab. Narenov Alt Modish 
        and his daughter Elysse Alt Modish were confirmed by the force 
        to have died in the accident.
May:    What does this picture mean?
Mikhail:She is considered to have died. And the force has something to do 
        with that. So, it is over smelling something scorching.
Balboa: There must be something. Tita knows this?
Mikhail:Probably she does not know.
On the road,

Tita:   Lucky! We are in time!
Elysse: what?
Tita:   Look!
Elysse: Oh! how pretty. It's first time ever to see that pretty morning sun.
Tita:   How nice! OK, have a breakfast! I am heavily hungry.
Elysse: yes!

In the ship,

Mikhail:Balboa, you guessed correctly. Military people have been
        investigating Tita and Elysse.

Balboa: That's bad. If they've already started off,,,,
May:    Balboa, Tita's at Cape of windmill. Hurry up!
Balboa: Alright!

Roger:  What happened?
Nicoll: Well..

In the cafeteria,

Elysse: It was delicious!
Tita:   That's nice! It's nice that you are glad!
        I am very happy after the long blueness without going out to the sea.
Elysse: Do you love the sea better than the land?
Tita:   Yes sure, because I am a pet-shop hunter.
        It's more natural to struggle against cloud whales in the sea.

Tita:   Do you know Nicoll, days ago, touched a cloud snake jelly fish
        with bare hands, and numbed for long.

Elysse: (laugh) But, why Tita does this kind a job?
        although You are a girl.

Tita:   Exactly because of father's influence.
        Father was also a pet-shop hunter... with those present crews.
Elysse: Was?

Tita:   Yes. When I was six, he was lost in the middle of hunting.
        Still missing.
        It was a big accident, people says. To save other crews, 
        he disconnected the boiler unit by himself, and he disappeared in the
        deep cloud sea. Sought for him about one year, but, hopeless under that
        condition, people said.
Elysse: But, you don't believe that?
Tita:   Well, I don't know, by myself.
        Probably because I still feel like he is alive, I can do this job.
Elysse: I wish to think so.
Tita:   Eh?
Elysse: I am going to like you!

Elysse: What?
Tita:   Those are....the military armed crafts!

Balboa: I wish not too late!

Balboa: Too late?
        Tita, where are you? Tita!

Balboa: Oh! too bad to be in the city!

Running away!

Elysse: I am sorry. Tita!
Tita:   Eh? What?
Elysse: I involved you who's nothing to do.
Tita:   It's not that I have nothing to do. Don't mind!
        Those disgusting guys!
Elysse: Listen to me, Tita!
        One week ago, A big accident took place in the lab. at lowest layer
        of this colony.
        The weapon annexed to the deep center of Gravity Belt was destroyed.
Tita:   I will hear the story later!

Elysse: I want to tell you NOW!
        It was my father that caused the accident.
        The colony is floating due to the IDT Gravity Belt's
        anti-gravity system against the gravity field of this planet.
        The military section has been, for a decade, groping for utilize
        the gravity belt for the weapon.
        It was carried out secretly against the administration
        and the citizens.
        My father was driven, as a scientist, by the military section.
        When he knew all, he had completed the research.
        The intention to develop the system that provide people with more
        agreeable environment for living, was used by the military
        section and changed to the weapon of devil by the top of the military 
        section, Geisel. So my father.....
Tita:   Destroyed the weapon and arranged you to escape!
        And, where is your father?
Elysse: That time, killed by the force.

Mikhail's voice: Sorry, It was impossible to bring Father.

Tita:   I see! 

Elysse: Let me get off here, Tita! I don't want to involve you any further.
        Because you are my first friend.

Tita:   Because you are my friend, because you are my only friend,
        I can't pass you !
        I want to protect Elysse!

Elysse: Tita!

Balboa: Is that?

In the thoroughfare,

Geisel: You trouble me a lot. Tell me the password honestly.
Elysse: I don't know such that password.

Geisel: Well, then there's no other choice. I make you recall it.
        Elysse, it is NOW if you tell. 
Elysse: Stop! I really don't know!

Elysse: Stop! Stop! really stop that!

Geisel: Nice hunter's suit. Better anti-bullet performance than those for
        the military use.
        But, how about the internal organs?
Elysse: Stop! hope you.
Geisel: Have you recalled the password?
Elysse: I really don't know the password. But I was told the method to analyze.
        If I return to lab. ..
Geisel: As the return, you ask me to save her?
        Alright. However, say that here.
Tita:   Do...not ... tell ...
Elysse: Tita!
Tita:   After ..you ..tell, we'll... be ..killed.
Elysse: I am sorry.

Geisel: Lift down the craft.
Elysse: The password for activating the weapon, gravity destroyer, is
        the lower 12 column number obtained by DG transformation of my
        gene data.

Elysse: You Lier! You said you save her!
Geisel: Too simplistic, are you.
Elysse: Tita! Tita!

Balboa: TiiiiiiiiiiTaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Elysse: Tita!

Geisel: That's it?

Balboa: TiiiiTaaaaaaa, Elysse!

Geisel: You pet-shop hunter!

Communication between Balboa and Mikhail,

Mikhail:Balboa! Our hotel was bombed. Here this area will soon be burned down.
        And how is Tita?
Nicoll: Uncle, no time left, ceiling will soon be broken down!
Balboa: Mikhail! Depart now.
        I've rescued two.

In the health care room,

May:    Fortunately.. Her internal organs were not damaged, it was
        a luck in the unluck.
Elysse: Due to me. Due to .. me..
May:    Don't mind any more.
        She is OK!

Nicoll: Don't die! you must not die! WOW!!

Nicoll: May-san, How is Tita? How is sort of,, 

May:    No problem any more. She is sleeping due to the drug.
        Take care of her.

Nicoll: Thank you.
May:    Call me if something.
Nicoll: Yes.

Nicoll: Tita..

In the quarter,

Balboa: Tita how?
May:    No problem any more.
Balboa: I see. Lucky!

Mikhail:Miss Elysse, would you let us know all now.
Elysse: Yes.
In the health care room,

May:    You may get up now.
Balboa: How is that? Can you find out?
May:    Yes, though it takes a while.
Balboa: I see.
May:    Where are you going?
Balboa: Going out to feel wind.

On the deck,

Balboa: I made you wait long.
Mikhail:I've been watching clouds.
        What is the story?
Balboa: How do you like?
Mikhail:like what?
Balboa: Tita things.
Mikhail:She is like Gen-san. Good child.
Balboa: That's not what I am asking.
Mikhail:Then what?
Balboa: About this incident things. This incident
        is too heavy for, Tita, for us.
        It's animals that our job is to struggle.
        It's impossible to fight against the professional force.
        She is not aware of that.
Mikhail:Oh, you've experienced military life.
        Although you know that, why you are here on this ship?
        Why you returned to the ship?
Balboa: Uncle,,, 

Mikhail:No trust the captain, No stay. Get off this ship immediately!
Balboa: Wait! It's not that I am saying.
        Enemy is the force!
        There's nothing coming next.
        After Tita is killed, it's too late.
Mikhail:I don't allow that.
        Even if all killed, I do not have Tita killed.
In the health care room,

Tita:   Ouch!
        Th... this guy stupid ..
        Not only once, but twice this guy..
Nicoll: Tita...... Don't die... Tita..
Tita:   Nicoll... You've been taking care of me without sleeping.
        Thank you.

In the path,

May:    Oh no, you must be in the bed.
Tita:   No problem. I am alright!
May:    Tita..
Roger:  Youn' la'y...
Tita:   I am very sorry for making you anxious.
Mikhail:Are you alright?
Tita:   Sure! I am absolutely OK. terribly fine!
Balboa: Tita, what are you going to do?

Tita:   I've heard the story from May.
        O'cour' FIGHT against the force!
        I have to pay a debt to Geisel, multiplying 100 times!

All:    Oh! Here we go..

Elysse: Tita..
Tita:   Let's go! Elysse! It's a vendetta for your Father!
Elysse: Tita..
Tita:   If my father were alive, he would do that.
        Here we go. Set offensive disposition!
All:    Aye Aye SIR!
Tita:   Let's go!
Mikhail:Do you get off this ship?
Balboa: All crews of this ship are FOOLISH FELLOWS.
Balboa: Including this guy, me.
        It seems that I also adore Tita.
        I don't make only you guys die.
Mikhail:I will guide you to the next world.
Balboa: OK, please.

In the ship,

Nicoll: oh? Tita? where has she gone?
        Hey Tita!

Tita:   Too late! Nicoll!
Nicoll: Tita?

Balboa: Prepare for underwater.
Nicoll: Underwater?

Tita:   We are going to fight one battle against the force!

Nicoll: Really?

In the navy ship,
Officer:detected by Sonar. From Point 6122, undercloudsea ship.
        No doubt, it's ChaChaMaru.
Captain:All ships undercloudsea. Pursue operation.
Announce:All ships undercloudsea. Pursue operation.

In ChaChaMaru,

Balboa: Close eighth block, C3, B barrier, close second block barrier B2.
        No farther can go. Ship cannot resist.

Tita:   I see. Let's go Elysse!
Elysse: yes.

Balboa: What!?
Nicoll: It's absurd to go under your that body condition. Tita!
Tita:   But, ChaChaMaru cannot go farther from here.
        We must prevent the fleet above us.

Balboa: Then I go.
Tita:   Wait! Without Balboa, this ship does not work.
        It's I that have nothing to do now.
Balboa: But...
Tita:   I hope you. Let me go! I wanna do by myself.
Balboa: Are you sure to be back?
        Are you absolutely sure to return?
Tita:   Yes.
Balboa: Alright. go!
        Until your return, WE keep here to die!
Tita:   Thanx.

Nicoll: Tita.. pay attention!

Balboa: Nicoll! we deal with the force!
Nicoll: Oh, seriou'?

Tita:   Hurry, Hurry up!


Balboa: prepare launching whale-capture-low-pressure-pulse-net at
        After launching floater gyro at right side,
        shoot forming-explosion-bullet to the gerail-cathode-hatch.
        OK, SHOOT!

Tita:   Show time!
In the low layer of Colony.

Tita:   too bad, under this strictly guarded condition, we cannot reach
        the control room.
Elysse: Oh, I've got. There are emergency sub-control panels every 150 meters
        in the gravity reactor.
        That can stop the activity.
Tita:   How to reach one?
Elysse: We can go through the air-duct.
Tita:   Alright. let's go!

In the main control room,

Officer:Commander in chief, password input will soon be completed.
Geisel: OK, as soon as completed, aim at highest part of the City.
Officer: Yes sir.

Geisel: How are the mice invading?
Officer:Missing for ten minutes.
        We are doing our best to seek for.
Geisel: for ten minutes? Is that...

At the center of Gravity system,

Tita:   WOW, what is it here?
Elysse:         We are in the centre of the colony, the gravity generation
        reactor at the lowest level of the colony.

Elysse: The 25 km long main axis of the gyro called "colony" from the 
        bottom level to the City.
        The emergency sub-panel here is probably able to access the gravity
        destroyer weapon without going through the main panel in the
        control room.

Announce:Password input complete. 600 minutes later, the gravity destruction
        weapon will be activated aiming the 100 meter above in the highest

Elysse: This terminal does not work!
Tita:   Then how can we..
Elysse: Let me see!
        Here it is!
        The terminal 300 meter below has the priority to accept the emergency
        termination password.
Tita:   Dangerous! Elysse!
        That guy!

Tita:   Seems there's no time to think.

In the main control room,

Officer:Commander in Chief, 253d laser gun reacted something.
        Probably the invaders.

Geisel: Finally detected.
        Set soldiers to 3d and 4th block in the gravity reactor.
        I go as well.

Tita:   WOW, no can stop! hope stop! stop!

        Oh, stopped little before the end.
        Alright. Hold me tightly Elysse!

Tita:   Hurry!

Geisel: That's it! You small mice.

Tita:   One more step!

Geisel: You two troubled me a lot. you pet-shop hunter.

Tita:   To pay a debt to you!

Geisel: Regret that you've been against me, and die!

In ChaChaMaru,

Nicoll: Balboa! Gravity belt is ...
Balboa: Too late? Tita...

Nicoll: What shall we do! Balboa!
        Ship body is going to be damaged a lot!

Balboa: Nothing but to wait!

In the gravity reactor,

Geisel: In a few minutes, the people guys in the city will be annihilated.
        And the guys who know the secret also ..
        Shoot and kill these invaders.
Tita:   Elysse! Lay down!

Tita:   We survived.

Tita:   Elysse!
        A Bullet hit you?
Elysse: I am alright about this.
        How about you Tita?
Tita:   No, No problem.

Geisel: You've done it, you kids.

Tita:   I will keep him. Elysse, input password.

Elysse: Yes.

Tita:   Freeze Geisel! I don't allow you to do as your wish!

Geisel: That's really an amusing joke!

Geisel: Did you think you could be against me?

Tita:   I...n..p.u.t pass...word, Hur..ry ... Elysse!

Geisel: To begin with, it's you. Three, Two, One
Tita:   Zero!

Elysse: Tiiiiiiitaaaaaaaaa!

Elysse: Hung on there! Tita..

Tita:   Thhhaaank yeeeeuuuu ereeezee.

Elysse: Oh, I thought you had died.

Announce:Emergency termination password input.

Elysse: Hey, Tita, here you go, push this button.
Tita:   Eh? but.. It's your ..

Elysse: It's you that's done it. You are here so that I am here.
        So, ..
Tita:   But.. really?
Elysse: I hope you.
        With your own hand, stop it!

Elysse: Father, It's over.
        Every thing is over.
        Thank you Tita!

Tita:   Alright! Let's go back. To the ship!

In ChaChaMaru,

Balboa: Finished?
Tita:   Yes. Finished. 

Tita:   OK! Let's escape from the force!

All:    Roger!

In the navy flag ship,

Captain:Really? Geisel, his excellency was.... killed?
Soldier:If they tell this incident things to the administration,,
Captain:That's too bad!

Captain:All ships, Set offensive disposition!
        Target! the pet-shop hunter ship in the front.
        Any operation allowed. Don't let them escape!

In ChaChaMaru,

Balboa: Tita, they are shooting. Homing lasers 1205.
        Torpedos 3852.

Tita:   OK, start main engine!
        Full power and go to the coordinate 125!
        Cut into the dead center of enemies!
        Balboa, with the start, fire pulse net 4!
        Here we go go!

In the navy flag ship,

Captain:Oh, We've done it! No!

        Fire Fire!
Captain:Don't care!
        Do anything to sink that!

In ChaChaMaru,

Nicoll: 150 meter to the force fleet!

Tita:   Full speed break in !

Balboa: out of order! shooting each other in the dead center of the fleet.

Captain:I don't allow you to live!

In the boiler unit,

Roger:  Uncle!

Mikhail:Stupid! don't be out of position.
Roger:  What's the hell! you fool!
        Tita! no more, Engine cannot go!

Tita:   Eh? But.....

Balboa: Tita! The distance to the enemy ship is getting short.

Tita:   How can I?
        Try my luck!
        Roger! 1 minute, no 30 seconds full-power.

Roger:  Absurd!
Mikhail:Do it, Tita!
Tita:   Mikhail!
Mikhail:Trust us!
Tita:   Alright!


Nicoll: I know!
        We are going to escape to the tornado ahead.

Tita:   (Yes.) break in from point 103.
        Along with the flow, head to the tornado center.
        Balboa! Whole energy in this ship to the main radar at the bow!

Nicoll: Temporally release the engine limiter.
        Hung tightly!

Captain:What doing! chase that! hurry!

Nicoll: Engine stop!
        Along with the flow to the center.

Tita:   With my indication, release whole energy from the main radar.

Balboa: What's the hell! Then this ship will... 
        Oh! I've got! There's that way!
        OK! I see!

Tita:   Target in the aim! Count-down! 5 seconds
Tita:   Four, Three, Two, One, Zero!


At the health care room door,

Mikhail:May! see my injury as well.
May:    Don't you wait, Mikhail?

In the health care room,

May:    Alright.
Elysse: Thank you, May!
May:    Tita, and You should think more about your body.
        The injury will be permanent.
Elysse: I'm glad if it remains.
        Something like a decoration.
May:    Well, you absurd girls.

On the deck,

Elysse: Tita..
Tita:   Elysse!
Elysse: Pretty!
Tita:   Yes. Pretty evening sun.
Elysse: May I ask you? Tita.
Tita:   What?
Elysse: How come, How come you did so much for me?
Tita:   Geisel and the gravity belt things are not important to me.
        When I saw you, I liked you and wished to be a friend.
        And the girl's eyes looked like those of mine five years ago.
        My eyes when I lost my father.

        I did not want to make you like me who cannot go next step.

Tita:   hey Elysse! How about staying in this ship for long?
        How about being a crew of this ship and rave around!

Elysse: No. I remain on the island.
        Like you Tita, I will succeed my father's wish.
        I wanna make a new gravity belt that make everybody happy.
        So I..

Tita:   Well. That's right.

        Oh, then it's restarting of the noisy life with those fellows.
        Then I have to set the farewell party for Elysse!

Radio Voice: 26 minutes past 2 p.m. Today, A direct type earthquake hit KL.
        Fortunately, the damage was small and no fear for TSUNAMI.

Ending Song.