Literal Translation Series,

                "Fairy Princess Reine: Volume 1"
                Translated Speech Script with comments

                Written  by Kentaro ONIZUKA
                Comments by Kentaro ONIZUKA


WOWOWOWOW, Is this a sure-realism of anime? I was excited, EXCITED by
this show. This is the strangest anime I ever watched. When I watched
first, I could not follow the stroy. Most speeches were
unintelligible.  But, I was actually addicted. I watched and watched
in order to understand. I failed to understand, but addicted.  I
really recommend you! This is very STRANGE anime!

Thd translation of this show requires skill, skill to translate jokes
and dialects. Takuma-sama's speech is almost unintelligible to most
Japanese audiences. They are mixture of variety of dialects in
Japanese. I tried my best to understand. And tried to preserve the
taste of his speech by mixing a lot of European languages (German,
French, Italian, and English). The speech may be unintelligible for
ordinary English-natives. It's OK, because it is also unintelligible
to ordinary Japanese.

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This script is translated under the unofficial permission from KSS.
Permission is granted for the use of this script only for watching of
the original Japanese version.

The reproduction of the script without permission from KSS and Literal
Translation Project is strictly prohibited.

Avant Title
        KSS presents,


Go:             AA BB CC become become north north..
# Go is actually reading a book which indicate the place of treasure.

Go:             It's that! the Blue Dragon's tablet!
# Ema. a wooden tablet to write a hope or dream in the shrine in Japan.

Go:             WOWOWOW, This must be a trouble!

Priest:         Who are you!

Go:             hah?

Priest:         It's you again?

Go:             Yes!

Priest:         You! Sit down there and be ready!

Go:             I am sorry!

Male Student:   Oh, That's Takarada.
# "Takarada" means "Treasure field" and may mean "That's a treasure" by
# its sound.

Female Student: Oh, That's him, Takarada-kun.

Male Student:   Is that, I mean, secret treasure?

Teacher:        That guy is escaping from my class again, and hunting treasure?

Mari:           Go-kun!

Go:             Oh! Mari! Whacha doin' here in this place?

Mari:           You say Whacha doin? Oh No, It's the outdoor class of art!

Go:             Sorry, keep this for a while.

Mari:           Oh, No, Wait! Go-kun!

Go:             Hey Hey, Look at this. There's an excellent treasure
                in this shrine.

Priest:         Shut up!

Go:             According to this annexed book of Monthly, "Friends of
                Treasure," there's, in this shrine, a door to the secret
                treasure of Sala Mandala.

Priest:         What? Salamander?

Priest:         Bodyguard Shrine Maiden! Do it!

Student:        Mr. Priest, it's dangerous!

Priest:         WOWWOWOOW

Students:       Woooo.

Priest:         You stupids! Somebody help me.

Go:             I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

Go:             I'm soooorrrrry!

Mizuki:         Go.

Go:             Sis.

Mizuki:         I'll do it for you. You escape!

Go:             Oh sis!

Mari:           Go-kun, Go-kun! Ah!

Priest:         Mizuki-kun, Punish the guy heavily so that he will
                never trouble this shrine again!

Student:        Still withstanding?

Mari:           Go-kun!

Mizuki:         Tooooo!

Go:             Thanx! Sis!

Mari:           Go-kun, No!

Mizuki:         Oh, my!

Go:             Aaaaaa.

Mari:           We are on the roof of 30-floor Centerl Building.

Go:             I knew it but.. aaaaaaaaaa
                        Scripts By
                        Yamazaki Daishi

Go:             No problem.
                I'm always ready to this kind of accident.
                I'm always equipped with a para-glider!

Go:             Oh, Is this the result?

                        Character Design
                        Masukata Toshihide

Go:             ...

Teacher:        hey! Are you alright?

Female Student: Looks alright.

Female Student: Whatche doin' there?

Go:             Calm down. An adventure is constantly accompanied with dangers.
                In this kinda case, in other words,,

Reine:          I feel, very strongly. You've been waiting for me, right?
                I am Reine, I am Reine Japanicollus.
                A Taxi for the belly,
                Pooring a sunny egg onto the bed sheet
                is drenching and drenching.
                Looked up at by one eye is this kinda bear.
                A hungry lake is beating like heart.
                Does it make sense?
                Monkey's socks, after relaxing for a while, will stand up.
                Leck? Leck tuna ?

# Reine's speech is unintelligible. I tried to translate in literal.

Go:             Is this a fairy! AAAAAh.

Female Student: Oh, He's falling again.

Male Student:   That's quite natural.

Go:             I've got it! The clue is a fairy.

Mari:           Go-kun!


Go:             Fairy! Fairy!

Reine:          What are you doing? Can't you fly?

Go:             An unwared sock must wrinkle.

Matsuki:        Go! Go!

Go:             Oh! Sis!

Natsuki:        Whatcha doin here?

Go:             I'm actually falling!

Matsuki:        You need my help?

Go:             I need!

Natsuki:        Fine!

Natsuki:        Mobile Mecha Senji, Salvage mode on!

Go:             Fairy-chan!

Reine:          Pagna Pagna.

Female Student: Oh, seems rescued.

Teacher:        That's good.

Mari:           (sigh)

Go:             Fairy-chan, Fairy-chan, Fairy-chan,
                You lead me to the world of dream and adventure!

                        Directed By
                        Daichi Heitaro


                        Fairy Princess Reine.


                        A treasure fell and
                                Everything fell.

                        A RECKLESSNESS TREASURE BOY


Haruki:         Captain, we observed a disorder in Area D.
                It seems that a distortion of space was generated
                at north-west of the operation center.
                Besides, what is disgusting is that Special Duty Section
                of Fire Defense Agency.
                Approximately 18 seconds after the disorder, 
                the section dared to have Senji invade into Area D.
                Obviously, they are investigating Area D.

Takuma:         Datta sorta quelque chose incredibilla.
                Ich also habe identificado datta incidenta.
                Ich willen beaucoup quicklya reportarra meine opinione.
                Willst ya presentarra della diploma per protestazzione.

# I guessed what Takuma-sama says from Haruki's speech below.

Haruki:         I see. You have already read that data, right?
                You are going to report that incident to the president, right?
                I understood.
                Then, I will present a protest note to Special Duty Section
                of Fire Defense Agent as you ordered me.
                Gatcha ba goose!


Go:             It's fairy! Fairy! Fairy!

Mari:           Go-kun, Go-kun, Wait!
                What's that? What's Fairy? What, is it in the bag? 
                Lemme see! Lemme see!

Go:             Yes, Yes, Look. This is a Fairy, How cute she is!

Mari:           Oh, Yeah, sort of true how come?

Go:             The encounter of this Takarada Go and this fairy looks
                accidental but is actually inevitable and matter of course.
                That place where Sala Mandala's secret treasure is sleaping
                hath a link to different space.
                This Kurakama City has a link to the world of fairy.
                It proves that the door to the secret treasure was hit
                as I calculated.
                Yet, what shall I say, that I was not aware of the connexion to
                that fairy is the only and biggest miscalculation.
                That make me laugh!
                Simply saying, the guid book to the secret treasure is not that
                annexed book of monthly "Friends of Treasure", but that
                manuscript of Multipictaventa is right! That Multipictaventa!

Mari:           You must wait.

                        Manuscript of Multipictaventa

# The name of the book is "Ta-zu-rai (Many Picture Come)"
# I translated the name into Latin Multi-Picta-Venta.

Go:             Here it is!

Go:             Manuscript of Multipictaventa. In this, here, here you are,
                read this. Here here.

Mari:           Where?
                Long long time ago,
                fell a small person from the sky over Kurakama Village.
                That was what was surprising that much.
                What's this?    

Go:             Ignore, go ahead.

Mari:           The small person was named "Thumb-Size-Priest",
                and dug up a huge amount of treasure.
                Hey yeah, hoy yeah... what's this?

Go:             You see?

Mari:           Gimme a break.

Go:             In short, the clue that leads us to the treasure is this fairy,
                as is mentioned here.

Mari:           Gimme a break. This is a fairy,
                though what this book discribes is a thumb-size-priest.

# "Thumb-sise-priest" <- Issunboshi. A tale of Issunboshi is very
# famous in Japan. You can imagin something like "Thumb-Tom"

Go:             YOU Stuuuupid. That makes no difference.

Mari:           I think completely different.

Go:             Oh, No! Outsiders always do as you did now.
                The original script of this Multipictaventa was written 
                in the beginning of Kamakura era.
                In those days, people called a fairy "Thumb-Size-Priest"..
Mari:           Nonsense.

Go:             It's not that difficult to think so.

Mari:           That's difficult.

Reine:          atichoo..

Go:             Sorry, Fairy-chan, sorry for leaving you alone.
                But, this dress just fits you perfectly. I trust you!
                Please lead me to the treasure! WOW!

Go:             My everyday devotion is at last about to realize my dream.
                How great this fairy is. She has an eye to watch a person.
                Daddy, Mom, I guess you sould have discovered something
                historic in the Danube Civilization.
                My father is an archaeologist of realism.
                Since my childhooddays, I've been receiving hard education of
                insect-hunting, survival, ancient civilization, and oparts,
                Without going astray, I grew up to this frank man.
                I might be a true hero of legends.

Mari:           Go-kun.

Go:             Gimme a break. If so, I am not a man of this world?

Mari:           Go-kun.

Go:             Then, who are my true parents?

Mari:           Hey, Go-kun listen!

Go:             What?

Mari:           What do you think is this Kappa (river spirit)?

# "Kappa" is a river spirit or river creature in Japanese legend.

Go:             Kappa?

Mari:           Here it is. The foolish boy in the village whom
                thumb-size-priest met was intervened by a Kappa
                who controled a dragon.

Go:             A Kappa controlling a dragon?

Reine:          A punished apple.

Mari,Go:        Eh?

Reine           That taxi that tea was glad at.
                Come out a worm from the shelf.

Reine:          I came to this land to look for the secret treasures
                called "Four Hearts" which guard and govern the peace
                of our land.
                I was lead to come to this land by the oral tradition that
                no one but the member of royal family is allowed to inherit.
                You two must be my wise servants to help me,
                that my mentor predicted when I left to travel.
                I feel. A great force is operating on you and this land.
                I am sure this land has the four hearts.
                Trust my intuition, according to the oral tradition.

Reine:          Yesterday's mushroom left behind in the warm dress is pulling
                and pulling.
                My language does not seem intelligible to you.

Go:             I've got it!
                A Kappa that controles a dragon, a dragon is a fire dragon,
                Salamander, not Sala Mandala, but Salamander. 
                A Kappa that controles the dragon,, Asshole! 
                I see the true appearance of that priest be a Kappa!

Go:             Here we go, Fairy-chan.

Reine:          Lend me money.

Mari:           Hey, wait! Go-kun, Don't you lock your house?

Go:             I'll be back again.

Mari:           Go-kun, Oh no, He's leaving me behind again, as he always does.
                What's that Fairy-chan fairy-chan!
                Yes. It's no one but me who's been constantly going along
                with him for his treasure-hunting game or survival game. 

Rean:           Hey, you! woman over there!

Mari:           It is me who was constantly always on his side.
                It's not because I've been his neighbor.

Rean:           Hey You woman.

Mari:           At the climax, I'm always left behind.

Rean:           You Woman!

Mari:           Whatchaa! Don't say Woman Woman! Shut up!

Rean:           Oh, no, sorry for my surprising you.
                I have one thing to ask you. Did you see a fairy around here?
                Well, she is actually about my size and age.
                Yet, very frivolous.

Mari:           You are a fairy as well? Why can you speak? How come you float?
                Who is that fairy that Go-kun has taken?
                Why did you encounter me? Is that due to my destiny?
                What shall I be with Go-kun? Why you ware clothes.

Konishi:        Welcome home, my Lady. We are ready for your dinner.

Mari:           I cancel.


Takuma:         Todayaa' c'est ca, a Finre Agiansaa guyas, strangerlyaa
                mooveunga unta datta.
                Wella, afterra alla, Ich habe senta mucho mucho protestazzione.
                theya shalla dealla withaa datta. unta wir willen laugha.

President:      Takuma-kun!     
                Well, I almost understood, but please write a report
                on this matter.

Takuma:         Whatchaa ca?

President:      You mean, sort of, that Disaster special section of
                Fire Agency is uproarious?
                I am also concerned. Yes, I am.
                So, please write a report.
                I can wait until after the supper.


Natsuki:        Thus, we completely prohibit the invasion into the area for 
                the project's undertaking of Yumenokata,
                Project Undertaking headquarters of Yumenokata Foundation hah? 
                What's this protest note against fire defense! That guy! Shit
                Asshole Asshole Stupid guy! 

chief:          Oh, oh, Natsuki-san, There there, there there.
# Chief's speech is very wooman-like. 

Natsuki:        What I did is only that my Senji in test-flying received
                a message from Tamaya, the sky observation system of Kanto,
                about its detection of space distortion, and I was flying
                over Area D for the further investigation.

Chief:          Yes. You are right. Yes.

Natsuki:        Yet that Yumenokata sent us this kinda protest note as if
                I had really invaded its airspace.

Chief:          Unbearable barbarianism.

Natsuki:        They dared to say all the affairs inside the area for the 
                undertaking will be dealt with by the self disaster defense

Chief:          To have dared to say is also barbarianism.

Natsuki:        Besides, what is that ? Yumenokata something project?
                Almost entire part of Kurakama City is the object of the

Chief:          Oh, I have no idea..

Natsuki:        You have no idea, Chief?

Chief:          No. I only received a notification from National Land
                Development Agency.

Natsuki:        What does it say?

Chief:          Says that it's a pretty nice project of urban development.

Natsuki:        That's it?

Chief:          That's it.

Natsuki:        Thaaat's iiiiiitt?

Chief:          Natsuki-san.

Natsuki:        What's tha'?

Chief:          Fire Defense Agency is not an idiot.
                What is important is the prevention of urban disaster and 
                to keep a peaceful life of Japanese citizens, right?
                We always have an eye to observe insane activities of
                private enterprises.

Natsuki:        Oh, then you mean, that has already moved?
                that intelligent section moved?

Chief:          Excellent answer. Here you go the permission.

                Permission note
                Ya may
                da thatcha.
                Top of Fire Defense Agency [Signiture of Mr. Important]

Natsuki:        Hey, Please appoint me to the commander of the
                intelligent section.

Chief:          Eh?

Natsuki:        Heyn, It's OK! Appoint me, Appoint meeen.

Chief:          Oh, no, but that is,,

Natsuki:        No, no? say yes! say yense sayn yense.

Chief:          Ah, yeahn!

Natsuki:        Thank you very much, sir.

Chief:          Oh, What did I say? Did I actually say yes?

Go:             Fairy-chan! That's true! 
                This shrine is smelling of secret treasure, right!

Reine:          Haaaan.

Go:             Let's go! Where is the treasure?

Reine:          Spicy pickles skin!
# Kimuchi kawa -> Kimchiee (Korean pickles) skin.

Mari:           And, oh, I'm sorry, Miss Fairy.
                Oh, what shall I do? Is she dead?

Takuma:         Wellen, Ich habe written ein recklessly excellemtyaa reportyaa.

Takuma:         AHaaaaaa, Oichaa! Nwaaa.

Mari:           Oh! I am sorry, Mr. Zenshuuin.

Takuma:         Datta nicht problemma.

Takuma:         Mari-chan, I Lommvi Yu.


Konishi:        Mr. Zenshuuin, We are ready for yor dinner, sir.

Takuma: Ist das?


Rean:           WOWW,
                Stupid! Stop that!

Mari:           Ooh, Sorry.

Rean:           You disgusting guy! Who da ya think I am?
                Oh, No, Look, my clothes are melting! This low mean gal!
                Where, Where, Where is my haken?

Mari:           Oh, This one?

Rean:           Gimme back.
                Oh, no, feel bad!

Rean:           Pagnollin, Pognollin, Quenuppo, Quanuppo,

Mari:           Excellent! You are great! You look like a magician!

Rean:           I'm actually a magician.

Mari:           I am Mari. Full name is Yumenokata Mari

# "YumenoKatamari" = Yume(dream) no('s) Katamari(body) -> Full of dream.

Rean:           Oh, You are Mari. I am Rean Cami Cugno.
                Call me Rean.

Mari:           OK, Rean.

Rean:           By the way, I came here from Pagnolle Kingdom through space
Mari:           By the way, my childhood friend Go-kun met a fairy like you,
Rean:           distortion I made to look for a woman, a fairy princess
Mari:           and he says she will lead him to the place of treasure,
Rean:           named Reine. I feel like she is around here, and you
Mari:           and he's gone. Are you the same kind of person as that fairy?
Rean:           slightly smell of her. Don't you know her?
Mari:           But I think you are slightly different from her.
# Rean and Mari speak simultaneously.

Rean:           What?
Mari:           Eh?

Go:             Tooo!

Go:             Anyway, Sure is a secret treasure of Salamander somewhere
                in this shrine.
                The question is, where is the door to the secret treasure.
                According to Multipictaventa, Fairy-chan, the clue is
                within you! I hope you! Fairy-chan, I need a hint,
                I need a hint!
                Bellyroll field and sheltering from rain,
                to an beautiful ant-eater stealthily going is an Ampandala.
                I am sure to fall. Yes.

Reine:          This young man is trying to lead me,
                to the four secret treasures.
                I feel, a strong force, a mysterious feeling.

Go:             You, you are shining! Fairy-chan!

Rean:           Will be found within the giant person seen for the first time.
                Will be found within the giant person seen for the first time.

Go:             What's that?

Reine:          An old saying of Pagnolle Kingdom.

Go:             Your language is intelligible to me! Fairy-chan!

Reine:          Oh, what is this?
                I never experienced this kinda thing.

Go:             You have a sweet voice! Fairy-chan.

Reine:          Fairy-chan? My name is Reine, Reine Japanicolus.

Go:             Reine, Reine, I see.
                Me, Takarada Go!

Reine:          Go?

Go:             Yeah, Tell me again, Tell me once again, fairy-chan.
                Tell me again the old saying.

Rean:           Will be found within the giant person seen for the first time.

Go:             Will be found within a giant stone to a field seen anytime?
                Will be found within a giant stone to a field seen anytime?
                Will be found within a giant stone to a field seen anytime?

# This is not literal.
# I tried to translate into the phrase which sounds similar to the Reine's
# speech before. This is a joke.

Reine:          Oh, I might have made some mistake in saying.

Go:             I've got!

Reine:          AAAAh!

Go:             This must be the stone!
                The giant stone in the saying must be this giant stone.
                The saying means "Carry this stone to the field which is
                ever seen by anyone."

Go:             Here it is!
                This field is ever seen from anywhere in the Kurakama City.
                Yes! This is the place "a field seen anytime"!

Fireman:        Connexion to Control centre, This is Yagyu Rabbit team.
                Invasion to the foundation's private property is complete.

# In Yedo period (premodern period in Japan), there are 48 groups of firemen
# in Yedo (Tokyo). Each group has a name such as "Me-gumi."
# Here "Yagyu Rabbit team" is something like the name of firemen's group.

Natsuki:        Understood. Red-eye Rabbit team to the west region,
                Nagamine Rabbit team to the east region, Deploy!

Fireman:        Yes sir!

Natsuki:        You must pick up Nouveau riche company's slip!

Fireman:        Yes sir!

Staff:          Chief! There're many funny guys in Area D.
                Well, in total, oh, this plenty. Super funny wave is
                being emitted, something like wireless communication.

Haruki:         Those must be the guys of Fire Defense agency's
                intelligence section. They are quite disgusting!

President:      hmm, hmm, You are excellent! Takuma-kun.
                You are a genius highs-chool-student who directs this project
                equipped with ancient ruins and Fengshui, installing
                newest technology.
                This is Very easy-to-understand report,
                with many phonetic symbols.
Takuma:         Danke.

President:      In short, you mean that, well, you are worrying that
                the distortion of space recorded twice in Area D would
                disturb our Salamander Project. Right? Takuma-kun.

Takuma:         Ja datta can beya.

President:      Ja datta can beya?

Takuma:         Ja datta can beya.

Haruki:         Captain, Fire Defence Agency has invaded into Area D, again.

Takuma:         Socha petite chosa ist nichta la chosa per mich a fair!
                No neenda tell mich about socha guyas,
                butten ya da as ya aime ca.

Haruki:         I know, but there's Salamander in Area D.
                Considering the incident today, would you mind
                if I make fun of them?

Takuma:         Ya meana, ya cheat ta ussa Salamander unta trial operazzione
                ya saya?

Haruki:         Yes. I think it's a good opportunity.

Takuma:         Alora, voilla un peus show datta dem ca.

Haruki:         Gatcha ba goose.
# "Gatcha ba goose" actually means "OK/Roger/Understood" 

Takuma:         Socha guyas  realamenta understenda non-jokelika Entertainment.
                Das ist Guten unt sans ting?

President:      Eh?

Natsuki:        Connexion to Salamander Unit in Area D.
                Stand by for the presentation Devil Seven.
                Our target is the fire defense agency.
                Gatcha ba goose!

Staffs:         Gatcha ba goose!

Go:             The giant stone to the field seen anytime, to the field
                seen anytime.
                Hey Fairy-chan, well, it's not that great to begin an
                but, we are just about to find treasures and my heart
                begins to beat!

Reine:          Do you eat bellywarmer?

Go:             Hahahah!!
Priest:         Your job is over.

Mizuki:         hmm, what is this?

Voice:          Here we go, Here we go.

Priest:         Mizuki-kun, you go home.

Mizuki:         No, I don't go home.
                Something is going to begin, right?

Priest:         Yeah. Do you want to observe?

Mizuki:         I'd like over-time payment.

Priest:         I see.

                        Thank you for your patience.
                        Tomorrow's weather.

Priest:         How to draw the letter 'A'? Draw like this and that and write.

Mizuki:         Oh?

Priest:         Are you surprised? Mizuki-kun. This is the brand
                new room made public for the first time.
                This is part of New Amusement City Project of
                Yumenokata Foundation.

Mizuki:         Of Yumenokata Foundation?
                You mean that urban development project for the
                Village Prosperity.

Priest:         Yes. The truth is, it is a magnificent, spectacular, and
                amusing project to change the entire city into a leisure land.
                Here, this is one of the theme parks.
                Due to our president's whim, part of the system is going
                to trial-operation.

Mizuki:         Trial-operation?

Priest:         A brand new roller coaster Salamander Mountain!

Mizuki:         Salamander?

Haruki:         Program stand-by ready.

Priest:         Gatcha ba goose.

Mizuki:         Haruki!

Haruki:         Mizuki? Whacha doing there.

Mizuki:         Shrine maiden as a part time job.

Haruki:         I see.

Mizuki:         Haruki, Sorry to say suddenly.
                May I ware your purple two-piece suits Sunday tomorrow.

Haruki:         What? For date?

Mizuki:         Yeah.

Haruki:         Really? But I say no about that.

Mizuki:         Why not?

Haruki:         That dress does not become you.

Priest:         They are twins?

Mizuki:         Why not. We look alike.

Go:             Alright!
                Here, I broaght this giant stone to the "Field seen anytime"!
                At last, something is about to take place! Hey!

Reine:          Fat guy!

Go:             WOW, What?

Reine:          Uh, Undershorts easy to pill.

Fireman:        What?
Natsuki:        What's happened?
Fireman:        Something like earth Rumbling and beasts roar!
Natsuki:        What? A roar of beasts?
Priest:         Salamander Unit ready to start.
Natsuki:        No other animals than raccoon-dogs or wild pigs around there.
Haruki:         Open all entrance gates.
Fireman:        But, But, it is not the roar of raccoon dogs.
Priest:         Entrance gates all opened.
Fireman:        May be monsters!
Haruki:         Open all exit gates.
Haruki:         Don't be silly!
Priest:         Exit gates all opened.
Haruki:         Don't you have testicles?
Haruki:         Start count-down.
Fireman:        Yes.
Haruki:         Five.
Natsuki:        It's not in the case to say "Yes!"

# "Raccon dog": see the explanation in my GunBuster script.

Go:             The giant stone is, 
Go:             ohhh, MOVING!
Fireman:        AAAAAAA,

Natsuki:        What? What's happened?

Fireman:        Here come!

Natsuki:        What's come?

Fireman:        Monsters!

Natsuki:        You stuuupiiiiiiiid.

Go:             WOWWOW,
                That's a dragon that leads to the salamander's secret treasure!

Reine:          AAAAAA!

Mizuki:         Oh, this is Salamander Mounten. How splendid!
Reine:          My, My body is,,

Go:             Fairy-chan, are you alright? Fairy-chan!

Reine:          My body is heating like burning.

Go:             Cheer up! You are my my precious fairy-chan!

Reine:          Your precious..?

Go:             That's right! My precious secret treasure's
                Ah, aaah!

Reine:          Again, I felt, Strongly, Go is leading me!

Go:             WOW It's coming!

Go:             This letter is,,
Reine:          This letter is,,

Go:             I remember it's in the manuscript of Multipictaventa.

Reine:          This is the letter of my country, the kingdom of Pagnolle!

Go:             Here it is, this letter!
                "Thou, wise breave man, hast solved Salamander's mystery."
                "This is a heart stone of Salamander."
                "Go ahead to the next secret treasure that waits for thee"
                "according to Multipictaventa."
                WOW EXCELLENT! We've done it! This stone itself is a treasure!

Reine:          No, this actually reads "Sorry, this is a miss.
                Next is to the East." So, this is but a guidepost.

Go:             WOW, Go-chan has done it! Go-chan is great!

Reine:          Oh, please listen to my story.

Go:             Go-chan has done it! Go-chan is great!

Go:             Salamander's treasure is rolling down.
Reine:          The guidepost is rolling down!


Firemen:        WAAAA!


Mizuki:         How spectacular!

Priest:         WOWW, Dangerous! Mizuki-kun, let's escape!

Fireman:        The monsters were actually roller coasters.
                But exploded in air and fire burnt up at several places
                in Kurakama Hill.
Natsuki:        You, Yumenokata! What dangerous stuffs you've made!

Haruki:         That guys of fire defense did what?

President:      Destroyed? Salamander?
Takuma:         AAAAA, AAAA, Meinen dreamen habe bien destructung.

Go:             Look, Fairy-chan, The secret treasure of Salamander
                is going to vanish together with its guardians, the dragons.
                That dragons destroyed their secret treasure by themselves.

Reine:          This is a sort of an accident, isn't it?

Go:             This is a prologue to our actual adventure!
                About to begin is our true adventure! Fairy-chan!

Go:             Let's Go!

Reine:          WOOOOO

Go:             Takarada! Go Go!

Reine:          Excuse me!
                It is my four hearts that you are looking for, right?
Rean:           What a good spa!

Mari:           You see what a good spa.

Rean:           As if my bone's marrow were going to melt.

Mari:           Sure going to melt.

Rean:           For what did I come here.

Mari:           You came here to look for that fairy whom Go-kun has taken.

Rean:           Oh! That's why. Yes, I came here to surely kill Reine!

                                Will Be Continued

Go:             Hey, Whatcha ya doin?

Phenix:         IMMORTAL BIRD!

Takuma:         (Untranslatable)

Ending song     "Obviously! Vector Power(Danzen Vector Power)"
        Anatani tarinai mono wa, Genki no Vector Power.
        Ima uchu ha chikaku naru, Tobase ano kanata he.
        Darekano kokoroga utsumuku tokiga, arukara, (arukara).
        Kagayaku ashitaga mienai toki mo, arukara, (arukara).

        Manten no hoshi daite, Inori tsudukete iru.
        Daiji na jikan ha kieteiku.

        Anatani tarinai mono wa, genki no Vector Power.
        Harukana densetsu no yume, Kokoni aru subetega. 

        What you lack is the vector power of courage!
        Now space is coming nigh! Fly far away!

        Sometimes somebody's mind is in doom. 
        Sometimes shining tomorrow is not seen.

        Holding the stars in the sky and praying,
        Precious time is fading away.

        What you lack is the vector power of courage!
        The dream of legend far away, everything is here.

President:      Please looking forward to the next episode!