Literal Translation Series,

                "Fairy Princess Reine: Volume 2"
                Translated Speech Script with comments

                Written  by Kentaro ONIZUKA
                Comments by Kentaro ONIZUKA


WOWOWOWOW, Is this a sure-realism of anime? I was excited, EXCITED by
this show. This is the strangest anime I ever watched. When I watched
first, I could not follow the stroy. Most speeches were
unintelligible.  But, I was actually addicted. I watched and watched
in order to understand. I failed to understand, but addicted.  I
really recommend you! This is very STRANGE anime!

Thd translation of this show requires skill, skill to translate jokes
and dialects. Takuma-sama's speech is almost unintelligible to most
Japanese audiences. They are mixture of variety of dialects in
Japanese. I tried my best to understand. And tried to preserve the
taste of his speech by mixing a lot of European languages (German,
French, Italian, and English). The speech may be unintelligible for
ordinary English-natives. It's OK, because it is also unintelligible
to ordinary Japanese.

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This script is translated under the unofficial permission from KSS.
Permission is granted for the use of this script only for watching of
the original Japanese version.

The reproduction of the script without permission from KSS and Literal
Translation Project is strictly prohibited.

Avant Title
                        KSS presents,
                        A DANGUN PICTURES production
                        And, a little moment,,,

Reine:          I feel, I feel something, something difficult to explain.

Go:             That "Something difficult to explain" 
                sounds quite vague, doesn't it?

Reine:          Trust me!

Go:             Yes, I trust you, 
                Trust you buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut

Go:             But,

Staff:          Chief, there invaded something into Sixth Deck.
                Is that a mouse?
                A mouse?

Haruki:         Again is that a harassment from
                Fire Defense Special duty section.

Reine:          Why are you going to be a nurse?

Staff:          Is that a mouse or, something different?

Natsuki:        That Yumenokata guys again? Are they making a disturbance
                on Kurakama Hill?

Reine:          I feel, I feel something strong over there!

Go:             I see.
                But, let's go home now before that.

Reine:          Yes!
                        Scripts by
                        Yamazaki Daishi

Go:             I go home, I go home, I plane that!

                        Character Design by
                        Masutate Toshihide

Go:             Hahahaha! ahahaha! Haha?

Go:             Oh, I miss, that, I ain't equipped with Go-kun's Hang glider.

Reine:          In a single room to break a smelly fart?

Go:             Sorry, Fairy-chan, I have no time for thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

                        Directed by
                        Daichi Heitaro

                        Fairy Princess Reine

                        A bathtab
                                is flying in the sky.

                        A BURST BIRTHDAY IN HOT SPRING

                        I lomvi Spa

Takuma:         Mari-chan.

Haruki:         Caaaaaaaaaptain!

Takuma:         Waaaaaaaaaaaaaas ist das?

Haruki:         Due to the continual accidents after that Salamander's
                accident, the staffs are very exhausted through the three 
                days and nights without sleaping.
                We need a word that will encourage and cheer them up.

Takuma:         Jaa, Ich understoodeya.

Rean:           Hm, Hmmmmmm! I slept well!

Mari:           That's natural. You've slept for three days.

Rean:           Oh? What's this limply long clothes?

Mari:           A nightdress that I made.

Rean:           Anile trees?

# Here Mari says "Watashi no tsukutta NEMAKI(nightdress)"
# Rean says"     "NEGIMA(leck tuna)?"

Mari:           A night dress!

Rean:           And, where am I?

Mari:           In Mari-chan's room.

Rean:           Oh, I see, Mari-chan's. Then Mari-chan means you ?

Mari:           I say, you are still with sleepy head?

Rean:           Hey, you! woman over there!

Mari:           You are a fairy?

Rean:           Waaaaaaaaaaaaw

Mari:           By the way, my childhood friend Go-kun..
Rean:           By the way, I came here from Pagnolle..

Rean:           For what did I come here.

Rean:           Oh! That's why. Yes, I came here to surely kill Reine!

                                Will be continued

Mari:           said you and then you slept for three days.

Rean:           Oh, 

Mari:           Oh, don't say 'oh' in this case.

Rean:           Yes, I remember, I came here to surly kill that Reine guy!

Mari:           Hey, 

Rean:           Whatchaa? Don't pick me up!

Mari:           Where to go?

Rean:           Obviously, I am going to arrest Reine and,
                put my hand into her head through her ear hole,
                and tremble her back teeth!

# This is a usual speech in Japanese drama.
# "I will put my hand into her/his head through her/his ear hole,
#  and tremble her/his back teeth"

Mari:           I actually ask you where to go to tremble her back teeth?

Rean:           Ah? That is 

Rean:           a matter to think after the meal.

Mari:           Yes, it is.


Go:             Well, I mean, what I've got in these three days suggests that
                there's something in this town.
                It seems that this Kurakama City has changed a lot before 
                I notice it.
                OK, Let's access Yumenokata Foundation network, and
                collect information.

                        To: Mari,
                        Please Collect Materials
                        I hope you!

Recorded phone: Natsuki! Overtime job! Asshole!
Recorded phone: This is Haruki. I won't come home tonight, too.
Recorded phone: I am Mizuki. going to the north.
Recorded phone: Hi, this is your mom. Seems that your dady found a big stone
                around something river of Danube. He says it's a historic
                big discovery.
Recorded phone: Fuyuki. A very rare butterfly is


                        -- Zenshuuin Takuma's---
                        Believen meinen dreamen!

Takuma:         Well den, in thesedayaas, rubishy incidents continuaaa.
                Unta dat explozione wast hugy hugy great.
                Dus, ya all surprizada, und worrya abort dat.
                .... Butten,

                Do not worrya.

                Well, Ich regretten Salamandera, .....
                Das ist nothin' importanza.
                Meinen dreamen ist a ......
                That's notttinga.
                Das tima, Ich habe creata ein Spa namen Red Fenix.
                Do ya trust mich? 

# This part is almost impossible to translate.

Haruki:         Everybody! He is right!
                'Cos, he's an authority of Fengshui!
                Please listen to him carefully!

Takuma:         Den dat be so, unta Salamanderya ista quelque chosa
                calleda blue dragonya!
                Scarletta peacockyakya, 'tsa vista bathroomya.
                Chinese turtle ista quelque chosa mit tinya tinya swingunger,
                the Aquaprince ista greatea bigger turtle kingya.
                De flivoloushaa white tigrea, white tiger garden,
                mitta safari datsaa matter of coursen. Den shtronglya stronglya

# He is talking about FengShui (chinese fortune-telling method)
# According to Fengshui, There are four holly animals each of which guards
# four directions East, West, North, and South.
# Seiryu (QingLong = Blue Dragon) guards East.
# Suzaku (ZhuQue = Scarlet Peacock) guards South.
# Gembu (YuanWu = God turtle) guards North.
# Byakko (BaiHu = White Tiger) guards West.
# So Takuma-sama says that,
# Salamander(RollerCoaster) -> QingLong.
# Red Phenix(Vista Bath) -> ZhuQue.
# Turtle King (???) -> YuanWu.
# White tiger (garden) -> BaiHu.
# Because the leisure land is guarded by these holly animals, it's perfect!

Takuma:         Wir musten completya!

                Don'ta underestimetya.

                excellenta prosperitya.

Haruki:         You are great! Takuma-sama!
                You are right! Excellent!
                Takuma-sama! Takuma-sama!
                Gatcha ba goose! Gatcha ba gatcha ba goose!

Takuma:         Heya ya, pourquoi ya dan't clappa handera?


Go:             WOW! Yumenokata Foundation's New Amuzement Urban Development
                What a big project of Manzou Papa!


President:      Atchoo.
# When someone is talked about, he or she sneezzes.

Go:             Yet, if they change this town too much, I cannot find
                the clue to find Fairy-chan's secret treasure.
                I have to rush!

Reine:          Trash.

Go:             She looks exhausted.

Reine:          Fat Pig!

# Those who eat too much become a pig (or cow).

Rean:           Phew! I had enough!

Mari:           How could you put this amount of food into your small body?

Rean:           This food is quite close to those in my country.

Mari:           Hey, all the people in your country are this small?

Rean:           Obviously. Well, I hear that there are still sort of bigmen of
                legends in the frontier, I mean, giants.
                Yet, I guess there's no bigman so big as you are.

Mari:           hmm, Why did you come to this world?

Rean:           Oh, Yeah! I forgot that!
                I came here to surely kill Reine!

Mari:           Reine? You mean the fairy going with Go-kun?

Rean:           Exactly! Please tell me where that Gokkun is!

Mari:           I am sorry, but Go-kun is missing for these three days
                together with YOUR Reine.

Rean:           You are a cup of tea with Gokkun, right?

Mari:           Childhood friend.
Rean:           Chilled fart trend?

# Mari says "Osananajimi (childhood friend)"
# Rean says "Onara kajiri (Fart biting)"

Mari:           Well, Yes, I know Go-kun has a bizzare hobby different
                from others'.
                But it's fun to be with such a guy, don't you think so?
Rean:           Well, It may be.
Mari:           Pure-hearted, and honest,
Rean:           Well, that ..
Mari:           He is not so ill-minded. He is an idol of classmates.
                Anna said so, Karin also said.
Rean:           Anna? Who is that?
Mari:           Yes, they said.
Rean:           Said?
Mari:           Nishitokorozawa-kun in the next class is much more stranger!
Rean:           Nishitokorozawa?
Mari:           That mixer says. He is collecting cat's beard and implants
                them to a Siberian Husky suffering from depilation.
                Can you imagine?
Rean:           Oh, No, I can't!

Go;             Oh, umm, I slept a while!
                Oh, This is ! I see, I've got it!

Rean:           And your master Gokkun always leave you behind?

Mari:           Well, sort of yes.

Go:             Oh, I left her!

Mari:           He never cares what I am thinking,
                although today is a special day.

Rean:           Hey! Let's look for your Gokkun!
                And he is with my Reine..
                No, She is not my Reine, because I don't actually love her.

Konishi:        My lady.
Mari:           Ah!Ah!
Konishi:        Manzou Papa is expecting you.

Konishi:        I am Konishi. Please remember me.


Go:             Hey! Kazuki, Yuhki, Saki, Nighters!
                Whatcha doin'?
# Go says"Kazuki, Yuhki, Saki, Neechans (Elder Sisters).

Kazuki:         Leave here!

Yuhki:          A new album.
                We are taking a picture for the jacket.

Go:             Oh, really?

Saki:           Not Nighters, but Natures.
# Saki says "Not Neechans but Natures"

Go:             It's tough for you, making album soon after the Japan-tour?

Kazuki:         I said "leave here!"

Go:             Sorry! I have one thing to fetch.

Go:             Look! Look! Here is a fairy, Fairy! Hey look!

Three:          I say "You must leave!", don't you understan'? This stupid!
Go:             Fairy! Fairy!

Kazuki:         How long to wait?
                Do it imediately! Asshole!

Staff:          We are waiting for good weather!

Saki:           Oh!


Go:             "When the immortal bird took off, thou shouldst have presented
                a flower to the kind Kappa" said the thum-size-priest.
                This phrase in Multipictaventa must be the clue!
                Don't you think so, Fairy-chan?
                Well, we lost that first secret treasure.
                But, it was actually but a guidpost for you to look for
                the four heart. The next treasure is in the east!

Go:             "Go ahead to the next secret treasure that waits for thee,
                according to Multipictaventa."

Go:             No doubt! The manuscript of Multipictaventa says
                "Go to Mt. Phenix!"
                I will surely find your four hearts!
                Our target is that Mt. Phenix, Fairy-chan!

Go:             Waaaaa!

President:      Takuma-kun has done well!
                He made a vista bath on the top of that Mt. Phenix.

Mari:           Vista Bath?

Haruki:         Takuma-sama independently developed a masterpiece, 
                Red-phenix vista bath at Phenix Spa Village that President

President:      I arranged to hold a "thank-you" party at the vista bath
                for our Yumenokata staffs who have been working without
                sleeping. And Takuma-kun arranged that the first guest should
                be Mari who loves bath. Aren't you glad that?

Mari:           Well, I am sorta glad, 
                but, do you know what is today?

President:      Today? Oh, Yes I remember, today is the day for thanks-giving.

Mari:           Ah, Fine.

Go:             Mari! Hey, since long-time-no-see!
# "Since long time no see" is not a mistake.
# He says "Yaa, gobusata(long time no see) buri(since)"

Mari:           Go-kun!

Rean:           Gokkun appeared?

President:      Oh, it's a fairy!

Go:             Hey, have you prepared the materials I asked you by facsimile?

Mari:           Of course not! What are you doin' you've been constantly
                making people worry about! What are you talking about
                with sleepy head!

President:      Mari has a friend of Fairy?
President:      Mari, please introduce the fairy to me as well?

                        Phenix Spa Village


Takuma:         Here ich geen!
                Today's Mari-chan's birthdaya.
                What I prepared is very pretty,
                On the top of Mt. Phenix
                What I made is a vista bath!
                The name is Red Phenix!
                That's the vista bath I made,
                Mari-chan, from in the bath
                impressed by pretty view, will
                find this and be surprised shocked!
                Here is a present from me.
                Drawn with roses is the message,
                Very fashionable message.

                        Happy birthday
                                Zenshuuin Takuma

Takuma:         Mari-chan will be pretty muved,
                She will have a big love-feeling.
                Mari-chan will love me a lot!
                And we'll immediately goal in!
                What a great a perfection!
                perfection yeah perfection!


Mari:           What is perfection!
                You look stupid!

Go:             That's true! According to the manuscript of multipictaventa,

Rean:           Is this guy Gokkun-guy?

Go:             The Fairy has been regarded as a thum-size-priest for long in
Mari:           You always talk about Multipictaventa, fairy, and treasure,
                That's all in your head? 

Haruki:         Takuma-sama, my lady is going to enter into Red Phenix'es
President:      Whacha doin'? Hey Whacha doin'?

Go:             When the immortal bird took off, to kind kappa,
Rean:           Is this guy Gokkun?
Mari:           Stop that!

Takuma:         Ich seen, Danke fur votre cooperatesticle!
# He says "Gokyouryokunba(cooperation) arigattamakin (thank you, testicle)!"

Takuma:         About to stort ist an operation!
                What an amazing enjayable event!
                I am waiting in solitude!

Staff:          Welcome to Red Phenix!

Staff:          Glazze, ....
# I cannot catch! This is in Italian.

Mari:           It must be due to that Fairy that the continual explosion?

Go:             No, multipictaventa suggests there is something around here.
Rean:           What did you do to Reine?
Mari:           Go-kun, do you know what is today?
Go:             Talking about immortal bird, it must be Phenix.
Rean:           Where is Rean, you guy!
Go:             She is asleep.

Mari:           You always make a noise and have you ever found a treasure?
Rean:           Where is she asleep?
Go:             in my waist poach.
Go:             That's a spirit of man.
Mari:           I am sorry, I am a woman!

                        Phenix Spa
                        Leading you to a good Luck!


Go:             ah!

Rean:           Ah, here she is.
Go:             Mari, what is wrong with you?
                What made you so?
                You no longer understand what is my spirit?

Rean:           What is this? She is this entangled!

Go:             WOWOWOWOWOWOW!
                Is this a fairy again!
                Super-super lucky! Go-chan is lucky!
                Enjoyable lucky, Amusing lucky Luck Luck Lucky!

Mari:           Shut up!

Mari:           Konishi, you do it!

Konishi:        Yes, my lady.

Mari:           hmmm!


Go:             AAAAAAAAA, AA AAA AA AA!

Takuma:         Lika dream! lika dream!

Takuma:         Was ist happened?
Haruki:         My lady just entered into Great Bathroom where fish are
                swimming under the bottom.
Go:             Leave!
Takuma:         hmm?

Takuma:         Waaaaa, roses were scatterosed scatterosed! Gyo!

Haruki:         How do you feel, my lady?

Mari:           Yeah, just like in the heaven!

Mari:           Hey, Haruki-san, stop calling me "My lady."
                I've been something like your younger sister since childhood

Haruki:         I see.

Haruki:         But, it was the Leader of kids, Natsuki that treated you
                as our younger sister.

Mari:           But, it is you and Kazuki-san that scolded me many times.

Haruki:         Is that so?

Haruki:         Hey, 

Mari:           What?

Haruki:         GO did something?

Mari:           Oh, no, I don't care.

Haruki:         No good. you should stop following Go, 
                and You try to seek for a better guy than Go.

Mari:           A good guy?

Mari:           How about you?

Haruki:         Me? Well, regarding me, my love will never come true!
Mari:           A forbidden love?

Haruki:         No!

Mari:           Oh, not a forbidden love, but never come true..

Haruki:         Hey, How do you like Takuma-sama?

Mari:           What? Mr. Zenshuuin? well, a genius highschool student.
                An authority of fengshui.
                Chief of Yumenokata project, my father's right-hand man.
                Hmm, slightly out of my point.
                Besides, not because of forbidden love, but the guy you love

Haruki:         currently explosing attacking another girl!

Mari:           Is that so..

President:      Hey Mari! It's agreeable!

Mari:           Oh, Daddy is also in the bath.

Takuma:         About to stort is the operation,
                But I am in a beaucoup hurry!
                Precious rose but broken apport unda
                What a I do what a I done!

Go:             Zdobbed.

# You see? He says "Stopped"
Mari:           Hey, Haruki-san, this is the Great Bath where fish are
                swimming under the bottom, right?

Haruki:         Yeah.

Mari:           Where is the vista bath?

Haruki:         It is also here.

Mari:           What?

Haruki:         Do you wanna experience that?

Haruki:         Start Red Phenix Vista Bath!

                        Exit            Stand

                        Control room

Staff:          Alright!

Takuma;         Dat have storted!

                I musten restorea das !

Phenix:         Immortal bird!

Mari:           Ah! Aaaa!

President:      Oh, Haruki-kun, something is moving!
Mari:           Ah!

Mari:           WoW, this is quite amusing!

President:      Mari! Mari! Help me!

Haruki:         President! This is the Red Phenix Vista Bath!

President:      Is that so.

Go:             WOWOWOWOWOW!
                Something is going on! Hey!
                Fairy-chan and her younger sis!

Rean:           Not a younger sis!

Go:             hmm? WOW!
                Hey, Whatcha doin'?

Reine:          Rean! You've come to me!
Rean:           You stupid! Because you came here, I was forced to come here.
Reine:          I'm glad! You are here and everything is OK!
Rean:           Matter of course! I am here, and everything is OK, no!
Reine:          Aren't you going to look for four hearts together with me?
Rean:           Oh, I am very sorry!
                I am going to kill you, and obtain the four hearts,
                return to my country, and receive a pendant from Great Witch
                that proves I am her successer, and I am going to live
                an enjoyable life while being envied by others, you see?
                Your brilliant face shows that you don' understan'!
Reine:          Because you speak too rapidly.
Rean:           You shall die!
Go:             hey, 
                Something is strange. If you kill Reine, you will not
                find the four hearts.
Rean:           Oh!
                Let's look for the treasure together.
Reine:          Yes!
Go:             OK.
Go;             Ha!

Takuma:         Ha!
                Mari-chan, It's not too latyaaa!

                        Burth DOY

Phenix:         Immortal bird!

Go:             WOW! Look! Look! Look! That's an immortal bird,
                an immortal bird is taking off!
                AAAA, Ye twa are shinung!

Rean:           You too.

Go:             Eh? 
                Why I am ..
Go:             Ye twa are floatung!
Rean:           It's not mysterious for us, but it's  mysterious for you.

Phenix:         Immortal bird!

                        Ladies          Mens

Mari:           WOW, Excellent! Impressive!
                Very impressive Haruki-san!
Haruki:         I'm also impressed!

Phenix:         Immortal bird!

Takuma:         Here Ich geen! Mari-chan!
                Meinen greaten messagen, plaise read!

Takuma:         (untranslatable.)

Go:             I am flying! sure am Flying!
                "When the immortal bird took off, thou shouldst have presented
                a flower to the k'kind Kappa" said the thum-size-priest.
                That immortal bird has already taken off!
                Where is the Kappa? Kappa?
                Kappa is,,,
Mari:           I came here to bathe!
Go:             That's Mari! Kappa is Mari who loves spa!

Mari:           Mari, Mari! I need you, after all!
Mari:           Eh?
President:      I am a dreaming nouveau riche old maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

Go:             I need you because you are a Kappa.

Haruki:         What are you talking about something unintelligible Go!

Go:             Oh, Sis Haruki!

Mari:           Hey, I am shining!
Go,Haruki:      Oh!

President:      Oh, I've god pins and pins and needles and needles! 

Everybody:      WOW! Falling!

Takuma:         (untranslatable)

Everybody:      WOOOOOW

President:      Choked.

Konishi:        Yes, my master.

Mari:           Rean, and Go-kun's fairy-chan, you two are the Cupid of
                my my love!
Reine:          You must be my true servants who will help me.
Haruki:         Takuma-sama, Choked !

Takuma:         Mari-chan, marimarimarimarimarimari
                But Butten Marimarimarimarimarimarimarimari,,,,         

Go:             Something is lacking, something is lacking.
Reine:          But, shining, we four are shining!
Go:             It's not complete that we four are shining.

Takuma:         Ich willen complete soon, complete soonyaaa!

Everybody:      WWWAAAa

                        VERY BAD

Staff:          Oh, Red Phenix is flying!
Staff:          will explode again?
Staff:          I hate that!

Haruki:         uh!

Takuma:         In timyaa!

Haruki:         Takuma-sama, dangerous! please escape!
Takuma:         Was ist das? Ich no can read yaa.

Haruki:         Danger!

Staff:          Oh, died!

Takuma:         Hollo! Das ist Zenshuuin, gimmich yar response.
                nn? Gyaa!


Go:             Wow!
Reine:          Oh, I feel,
                Very strongly,
                No, it's something very warm something!
Go;             When the immortal bird took off, thou shouldst have presented
                a flower to the kind Kappa, said the thum-size-priest.
Mari:           You remember!

Go;             Of course yes!

Mari:           Today's my best birthday ever!

Go:             What?

Takuma:         Das, Das Das shit asshole!
                Meinen, Meinen, Meinen
                Meinen dreamen habe bien destructung, aaaah.

Rean:           And, how to find the four hearts?
Reine:          Will be found within the giant person seen for the first time.
Rean:           Oh, I know that!
                It's in the first giant person, then you say
                the clue for the four hearts is within this Gokkun-guy?
Reine:          Yes!


Ending song     "Obviously! Vector Power(Danzen Vector Power)"
        Anatani tarinai mono wa, Genki no Vector Power.
        Ima uchu ha chikaku naru, Tobase ano kanata he.
        Darekano kokoroga utsumuku tokiga, arukara, (arukara).
        Kagayaku ashitaga mienai toki mo, arukara, (arukara).

        Manten no hoshi daite, Inori tsudukete iru.
        Daiji na jikan ha kieteiku.

        Anatani tarinai mono wa, genki no Vector Power.
        Harukana densetsu no yume, Kokoni aru subetega. 

        What you lack is the vector power of courage!
        Now space is coming nigh! Fly far away!

        Sometimes somebody's mind is in doom. 
        Sometimes shining tomorrow is not seen.

        Holding the stars in the sky and praying,
        Precious time is fading away.

        What you lack is the vector power of courage!
        The dream of legend far away, everything is here.


Go:             Something is funny.  Nothing happens.


Konishi:        I am very thank you for your having been cheering
                Fairy Princess Reine for long time.
                We, the staffs of this show, are inviting suggestions
                at the treasures that Go-kun is going to find.
                This means, it is completely up to your enthusiastic mind
                whether the third episode will be released or not.
                Ladies, and gentlemen, 
# Let's send a message to KSS!

Go:             Reine, are you really leaving!

Reine:          Good bye, Go!
                I am very happy because I met you.

??Ki:           Get Manzo's Ball!

# I cannot decide which sister is this.
# Mizuki (Water Princess. Shrine Maiden),
# Natsuki (Summer Princess. FireDefenseAgency),
# Haruki (Spring Princess. Yumenokata Chief),
# Kazuki, Yuhki, Saki (?? Princess. Natures),
# Fuyuki (Winter Princess Butterfly hunter).
# Director Daichi says there are nine sisters.

Mari:           Daddy!


Konishi:        The third episode is very amusing!

                        The third Episode
                        Release --coming--
                                not scheduled