Ordering information

Secure online ordering

Method of payment :

  1. Money order / bank check
    Money orders and bank checks should be put to the name of "Yann Stettler" and sent to :

    Yann Stettler
    Chenalette 7
    1020 Renens

    Note : In USA, there is two kind of international postal money order. One is cheap and quick, the other one is more expensive and takes a lot of time as you need to send some papers to a central agency instead of sending the money order directly yourself. They may tell you that for Switzerland, it's the expensive kind but the cheap one works perfectly fine ! So just ask an international money order for Japan ! :) You can see what it looks like here.

  2. Credit card
    We accept credit cards (Visa or Mastercard).
    You can send us the information about the card by e-mailing them to cels@animanga.com, by using the secure server at URL https://www.animanga.com/cels-order.html, or by fax at : +41 21 617 9805

Iczer-2 (Iczer-3)
Very large cel. NFS

Shipping and handling charge :

  1. Packaging
    All cels are sent in hard carboard box and protected with bubble paper.
    We are sending packets around 2 times per week.

  2. Insurance (Important change !)
    Packets are sent registered.
    We are now using a private insurance for shipping.
    That means that the shipping costs don't increase any more with the insured value and in case of problem the money will be refund much quicker than by the post office. It also means that customers in Europa (and elsewhere) won't have to pay customs taxes anymore as we won't have to announce the full value on the packet.

  3. Shipping rate (new)

    Shipping for Switzerland is CHF 6.-

    Priority airmail
    Up to 500grUp to 2KG
    Europa$11$183-5 days
    $15$251 to 2 weeks

    Economic airmail
    Up to 500grUp to 2KG
    Europa$8$161 to 2 weeks
    $9$182 to 4 weeks

  4. What to do if you don't receive a packet ?
    The post office consider that it's "normal" if a packet takes up to 30 days and they won't start any search before that time. If you didn't received your packet after 30 days, please email us and we will ask the post to track it.

  5. What to do if a packet is damaged ?
    As mentioned, we are now using a private insurance. So never let the post office keeps your packet : they don't need it.

    If the wraping is damaged when you get the packet from the post office, just asks them to write you (and sign) a paper saying that it was damaged. Then mail or fax us that paper so that we may give it to the insurance company.

    If the content was damaged but you couldn't see it from the outside or you couldn't get a paper from your post office, please let us know. If you can make a scan or take a picture of the damaged produce and email/mail/fax it to us, that would be perfect. Else we will do without :)

    In case of lost or damage, it's us who will refund you the price and not the post office.

Address :
Yann Stettler
Vermont 20
1006 Lausanne
Write us !

Contact :
E-Mail : cels@animanga.com

FAX : +41 21 617 98 05

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