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Cybergirls portfolio
By Masamune Shirow

Price : US $16

This portfolio contains 6 stuning pictures from Masamune Shirow artwork. The pictures are printed on very high quality glossy cardboard and have a size of 10.2 inch x 15.4 inch. Prints are separated by a paper containing brief information about when it was created, what technic was used and where it was first published.

To see the 6 pictures

Cartoonist's artbook

Price : US $32

Official artbook of the "Festival International du Film d'Animation Cartoonist" (France).
Contains never pubished drawing and painting from the various guests, including : Shingo Araki, Kazuo Komatsubara. Masami Suda, Akemi Takada, Haruhiko Mikimoto, Yôko Hanabusa, Harumo Sanazaki. It also contains photographies of the event and more.
140 pages in color. (Text in french).

Some pictures from the artbook.

High quality celsbook

Price : US $25 (out of stock)

High quality celsbook. Black cover. 20 plastic sleeves of the B4 size.
It can contains up to 40 cels with regular sized background. Each sleeve contains a black, heavy paper separator of the kind used in photo-album. The quality of the sleeves is higher than those of regular office binders.

Other pictures.

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