Literal Translation Series,

                "Top wo Nerae -- GunBuster -- Vol. 3"
                Translated Speech Script with Many Many comments

                Written  by Kentaro ONIZUKA
                Comments by Kentaro ONIZUKA


Top wo Nerae! GunBuster is a masterpiece of OVA. This primed the
market of OVA(OAV) and led it as it is now today. So I tried to
translate whole part of GunBuster for the people outside Japan. It is,
however, quite difficult to understand GunBuster without knowing
Japanese culture and the way of life in Japan. I added, therefore, as
many comments as possible for non-Japanese people, to understand
GunBuster, to have a fun. Before I wrote this, I read "The
encyclopaedia of GunBuster" included in the final CD box released
1995. The encyclopaedia explains almost all the parodies contained in

I tried to translate as literal as possible.  In many cases the
expression is not natural as an English expression. It is due to 1) my
awkward English skill, 2) literal translation.

Anyhow, please have a fun to watch GunBuster with this script.
And please translate this in your native language if your mother
tongue is not  English.

This script is based on GunBuster Okaerinasai Box released in 1994,
which include two extra science lessons which are not in the original
three volumes.

Correction of English and comments are welcome.

                Email:  onizuka@nisiq.net

                "Aim for the TOP" -- New Science Lesson --

# New Science Lessens are available only in Okaerinasai Box released 1994.
# Many old fans mortified because they already have GunBuster LDs.
# Since I am a new fan, I bought the LD BOX (^^;

Section 4+1: "The history of space ships"
Noriko: Hi I am Takaya!

Sister: It's long time since the last lesson. I am Amano.
        Sudden comeback of "The Science Lesson" after 6 years.
        In this momentous 4+1st lesson, I am going to discuss
        on the history of space ships.
        Well, Miss Takaya, please explain.
Noriko: Eh? oh? Well, I completely forgot about that because it's been 
        six years since that.

Sister: No good. OK I explain. 

                The first generation space ship
                Apollo 11.

Sister: The first generation space ship was the chemical reaction based rocket
        such as Apollo 11.

                The second generation space ship
                D. Papairow No7
                Constructed in 1999,
                Launched in 2001.

Sister: The second generation was the sub-light speed photon rocket.

                The third generation space ship

Sister: The third generation was a super-light speed drop-shaped ship
        equipped with a degeneration reactor. 

Noriko: That's the dream of human beings. The first ship of this type was
        my daddy's Luxion!

Sister: Yes.

                The fourth generation space ship

Sister: And the fourth generation space ship Exelion had a lifting body rather
        than drop-shape in order to actively utilize the ether flow.

Noriko: Was that so?

                The fifth generation space ship

Sister: Further advanced fifth generation space ship Eltreum was
        an ether wing ship.
        This was the crystal of human wisdom!

Noriko: Oh, this ship does not have main nozzle.

Sister: No. You find a good point!
        The fifth generation ship Eltreum does not move by the reaction of
        jet like Newton type rocket, but moved by changing the physical
        principals around itself using pure mathematics. 
        We can name it "Algorithmic Image Drive"

# This navigation method is something like that in "Dune"
# "Travel without moving."

Explanation     Algorithm Drive 

The thinking based on pure mathematics controls the motion.  Guen Banh
Hien (1992 Vietnam) published a book titled "Quantum Mechanics by
Intelligence" where the "Human principal" was proved in the field of
Quantum Mechanics.

# hmmm, nonsense!

Sister: In order to cancel the weakened causation around the ship,
        espers and electronic-brained dolphins are in the ship as navigators.

# You must notice the scene where appear an electronic brained dolphin,
# and Espars in a pyramid  .... in Episode 6.

Noriko: Was that true?

Two   : Oh!

Coach : WOW!

Coach : This is the punishment from the heaven. Why don't you remember that?

Noriko: Sorry.. Now I've recalled.

Coach : hmm OK. Then explain Baster Machines.

Noriko: Yes. Buster Machine III was developed as the ultimate strategic weapon.
        The main body was also used as the primer to the 3000 slaves mined
        at 10 thousand light-year from the galaxy centre.
        Buster Machine I and II was experimentally 
        developed to guard Buster Machine III.
        They are combined to the Ultimate Machine Weapon GunBuster!

Sister: The mass-production type Sizzler does not separate and has 
        only one degeneration reactor.

Noriko: Then the reason why GunBuster is the strongest is
        due to its two reactors?

Coach : Not enough.
        GunBuster consumes Effort and Will, hence the strongest,
        because Effort and Will are infinite.
Noriko: Yes. Coach!
Coach : You've made no progress in these 6 years.
Sister: You too.

Sister: Then, see you next!
Two   : bye bye!

Avant title,

View of an island in the sea.



                    2032 A.D.

Board says,
        "Okinawa Space force girl's high school of astronauts "
            The 16th graduation ceremony.

                    July 31st.

Director: The diploma of Graduation.

Superimposed text,
                    The graduates ... Two persons.

Teacher : The earth empire space force, 
          Okinawa Space force girl's high school of astronauts.
          2nd Class third year No. 2 Kazumi Amano

Sister  : Yes!

Noriko(Narration): What had waited for us who returned from outer space, was
                   the graduation ceremony of Okinawa Girl's school.
                   hmmm, too early graduation.

Black board says,
Summer holidays from today!  Kashiwara is old-miss (Unmarried old woman).
Yahooo. In this summer, I must experience!  Mister crumb! 
I want to see Masayuki. Wow Wow...

# "I must experience" means "I must experience making love"

Noriko(Narration)  I spent only 4 month in this school.
                   And 10 years has passed on the earth.
                   That Miss Kashiwara is now a teacher here.
                   There's no classmates.
                   nor Kimiko,,
                   Space erases the memory as well...

Teacher : And 1st Class 3d year Takaya Noriko.
Noriko  : eh? Yes!

                Episode 5
                Hope! Time enough for Love!

# "Time enough for love" is the title of a famous Heinlein's novel.
Along the long stairs,

Noriko  : I have already graduated, though I am seventeen.
          I shortcut the life.
Sister  : You don't understand that. You are 27 years old under the law.
Noriko  : Then I may be a woman of the age that may have a child.

Noriko  : Oh, you are..
A woman : Miss Takaya Noriko?
Noriko  : ..... Kimiko....

Noriko   : hmm, then Hie-chan and Ritsuko have also married...
# Hie-chan.. : may be a name of a classmate.

          I was left behind... And you are a mother..
          How old is Takami?

# Akai Takami, the hasband of Higuchi Kimiko (Akai Kimiko).
# The game producer who produced "Princess Maker."

Kimiko  : She will soon be 3 yeas old.
Noriko  : hmmmm
          Oh! what's that?
Kimiko  : That's Eltreum.
Noriko  : Oh Is that?
Kimiko  : Yes. The overall length is over 70 kilo meters.
          We can see the shape from here with binocular.
Noriko  : Oh, how huge!

                The fifth generation space ship "Eltreum"

# You can see the frames that link parts of Eltreum under construction.
# Do you know such a method? Well, if you are a plastic model mania, you will
# see this is the way of the parts in the box. This is also a parody.

Kimiko  : I hear that the ship was constructed for the escape from the earth.
Noriko  : Eh?
Kimiko  : According to the rumours,
          Since military people have advantage, only one out of 
          4000 ordinary citizen can be aboard.

Noriko  : Is that?

Kimiko  : Noriko, you may look down upon me.
          Can you reserve a seat for Takami, taking advantage of
          your connexion.
          She needs her future.

Noriko  : Kimiko....
in Noriko's room,

Notebook says,
Jung:  room 1025, 32nd dom. Lyra Constellation Force.
  Phone: 0836-324-3303
     Akai Kimiko: 0980-8350-996625 call by 10:00 pm

Noriko phones,
Noriko :  Hello, Kimiko, oh, Mrs Kimiko is,, Oh you are Takami.
          This is Sister Nori..  No ! I am not old enough to be an aunt.
          Is there mom?
          Oh, gone out with daddy.
          Then you are staying alone?
          You are good child.
          Then Takami,, say your mom that Noriko said "I am sorry."
          Yes. good! Then Bye bye!

Noriko(thinking): Takami's future... Kimiko is already a mother.
          While I was in space, many many years have passed...
          I was left alone.
          Daddy, you also felt this sadness everywhen you returned to
          the earth? This sadness....


                August 6th.

                4:15 pm

                Palomar Astronomical Observatory.

A staff : Eh? What?  I can't hear you well.

                Space Force, section of information.

A staff : In the vicinity of the Lyra 326?
          Enemies' big corps?

                Observatory Satellite.

The voice: Yes. Due to too many enemies, space does not look dark.
           70% by enemies, 30% by space darkness.
           OK? 70% by enemies, 30% by space darkness.

# This phrase is a parody of some movie directed by Okamoto Kihachi.
# The original speech was,
# "Due to too many enemies, the sea does not look blue.
# 70% by enemies, 30% by blue."


                Space Force, small conference room.
                6:20 a.m.

                Leader of observatory section

Leader: The observed data by the degeneration radar says,
        because the enemy corps is concentrated in high density,
        it is impossible to count the precise number of enemies.
        Presumably, it is over 100 million.
        The diameter of the corps is approximately 80 astronomical units.
        It is unknown when they reach the farthest defense line.

People: 80 astronomical unit size is almost the diameter of the orbit
        of Pluto..

                        Admiral Tasiro

Tasiro: Those guys have come, at last!

# The figures showing the formation of enemies is quite similar to
# that in weather forecast. The enemies are drawn like typhoons.

Calendar at  7th August: go to SEA with Jung.
             10th       : meet Kimiko at 10:00

TV says, "TOP corps dissolved"
Caster : TOP corps established 11 years ago, was officially dissolved.

Announce: Lieutenant Takaya, Lieutenant Takaya, Commander Ohta is
          expecting you. Please come to teacher's room.

Noriko  : Rain?

In the teachers' room

Sister  : You are too selfish!
          You always do as you did now, and don't take care of me...
Coach   : Then, don't come to me.



Noriko  : Big Sister...


Coach   : gggg 
Noriko  : Coach!


Noriko  : Hello, this is Okinawa girl's school....
Noriko  : Coach, What you've done..
Coach   : Don't tell it to Amano..
          If you tell her, I  ... kill you!
Noriko  : Coach. Hang on there! Coach! Coach!

                Next Day

Jung    : Noriko,  I am going to find a new love.
          I no longer follow Coach..
          One's life is different form other's life.
          More meetings, more separations.
          My life is only for me, I don't waist any minute.
          Time flies, non stop.
          But you are melancholy.. Today is that day?

# "That day" means the day for woman's physiological phenomenon.

Noriko  : Stupid (Baka)
In the bathroom

In the memory,,

Jung    : One's life is different form other's life.
Noriko  : So, do I live my own life..

In the memory,,

Noriko  : Coach, Coach.. Cheer up! .. Coach..
Coach   : Takaya, Now, humanity is in the biggest crises ever since 
          its beginning.

Noriko  : There's something more (important now)
Coach   : Shut up. Listen to me!
Noriko  : ah!

Coach   : The enemy corps is coming nearby. The biggest attack ever..
          The chance to survive is only one out of 10000.
          That's your GunBuster..
Noriko  : Coach..
Coach   : Takaya. You must WIN.
          In order to save our earth, and people, GunBuster must WIN.
          Listen to me..
Noriko  : Yes.
Coach   : Each of you and Amano is a fire.


The Chinese character means fire.

Coach   : Combination of you two turns out to be a Flame.


The character means flame.

# This is my most favourate scene in GunBuster.
# This kind of formation of Chinese character is common.
# When a tree duplicated, it means small forest, and triplicated means forest.

Coach   : The GunBuster of the flame is the strongest in the universe!

Noriko  : Coach.

Coach   : I chose you two, so that You can WIN!
Noriko  : Yes Coach.
Coach   : Takaya,,
Noriko  : Yes..
Coach   : At that time, I had to save Admiral Takaya for my life
          But in the reality, It's I that survived...
          I am very sorry for that.

Noriko  : No, Coach, Don't say that.

Coach   : The reason why I have been surviving is to send the future,
          which I received from the admiral, to you two together with
Coach   : And that will soon be over...

Coach   : Takaya..
Noriko  : Yes..
Coach   : About my illness, don't tell it to Amano..
          She is not so strong.. that she cannot fight if she knows that.
          Please,, protect Amano.. save.. her

Back to reality (bathroom) from the memory.

Noriko  :  Is it I that protect ... big sister..?
           She must know... big sister must..

# This  scene was more elotic in the pre-release version.

                Imperial Capitol City  Tokyo...

                The ministry of Earth Defense.

The paper says, On Conference.

A Man   : Enemies have come!

                Emergency conference

A Man   : We all humanity must accept battle!

                Commander in Chief

Chief   : How is Eltreum that we are expecting?

                Leader of Ship Construction section.

Leader  : 16% of equipment has been done. 
          From the day after tomorrow, 1500 more support corps will....

                Manager of ship construction department

Manager : No No NO! Impossible to fight!

                Vice Commander in Chief

ViceChief: The battle ship without equipment is a stone raccoon dog (Tanuki).

# Japanese raccoon dog is an animal usually appears in Japanese legends.
# The animal is said to cheat people.
# "The stone raccoon dog" here means "Disabled creature" that cannot move
# because it is of stone.
# This phrase is from Captain Okita's speech in "Space Cruiser Yamato
# (Star Blazers)." It is not clear wheather Okita says "Dying Tanuki 
# (Hinshi No Tanuki) or "Stone Tanuki (Ishi No Tanuki)."
# This phrase also appears in "Nadia in the mysterious sea (Secret of
# Blue Water)" produced by same group GAINAX as GunBuster.
# In Nadia, Captain Nemo says "The battleship without equipment is
# a dying raccon dog" before the departure of Nu Nautilus (Exelion).

                1st (planning) leader

Leader   : Considering the present force power, the possibility of the win
           is under 1/10000!

                Vice Manager of Space force

ViceManager: Then what shall we do?
             They may break into the farthest defense line, tomorrow.

Ohta     : I propose!

People   : Commander Ohta...

Ohta     : We use Exelion which are decided to be disposed.
           We send man-less Exelion to the centre of enemy corps.
           And release its kings valve, then the degeneration
           reactor will be infinitely activated.
           Due to the Void effect, the reactor turns out to be
           an artificial black hole, 2 minutes and 40 second later.
           And that swallows almost all of enemies together with Tonans.

# Tonans is the 13th planet of solar system.
# In the science lesson, it is called "Jupiter 2" in English,
# but the original name in Japanese "RaiOuSei" means "Thunder King Star"
# So, I think "Tonans (=Thunderer)" is more appropriate than "Jupiter 2."

Ohta     : In oder to guard Exelion, we use Baster Machines.

ViceChief: Commander Ohta... that's too absurd.
Ohta     : The enemies are over 100 million..
           We have only one completed GunBuster.. 
           Do you say there's any other plan? 
           No! No other plan!

# "Do you say there's any other plan? No NO other plan"
# The same phrase was spoken by Electra in "Nadia"

                Ultra Hikari Shinkansen (bullet train) for Tokyo

# GunBuster was released before Shinkansen NOZOMI (HOPE) appeared.
# The first Shinkansen super express was called "Hikari (light)"
# and second one was called "Super Hikari," hence GunBuster staffs
# predicted "Ultra Hikari."

                Car No. 10 train No. 061

Announce: Announcement from the conductor's compartment.
# The music before the announcement is very similar to the real one,
# but different. You will hear when you take Shinkansen in Japan.

          We passed by Shin-Okayama station on time.
          It is scheduled to arrival at Shin Oosaka at 9:31.

Waitress: The specialties of Okayama, KibiDango and MomijiManjuu,
          And telephone card..

# KibiDango, MomijiManjuu are a kind of candies.

Noriko  : Big Sister.. We are going to depart..
          Oh,, your baggage is small.
Sister  : Yours too.
Noriko  : Because we will return soon.
Sister  : Not soon.
          On the earth, 6 months will have passed.

# Here Big sister drinks "Sasuke" a funny beverage.
                Escar for Space base.

Noriko  : Big Sister..
Sister  : hmm.
Noriko  : about coach's body .....
Sister  : I know.
          But I have to think about many people, more than billions of people.
          Not one. We have to cheer myself now.

Noriko  : Yes. That's true. You've brought yourself!

                The space base at Mt. Fuji


                Baster Machine 1

                In its cockpit,

                Pilot Lieutenant Takaya.


                Baster Machine 2

                In its cockpit,

                Pilot first Lieutenant Amano.

Noriko  : What? Oh that's Coach! Oh yes!

Noriko  : Big Sister,, Coach is here. He looks fine!
          I suppose, you are going to marry Coach after we return back.
          Is that right?
          You and he are good couple. He needs someone to take care of himself.

Sister  : You don't know nothing.
Sister  : He is suffering from serious space radiation disease.
          I am afraid he will not last 6 months.
Sister  : I cannot see him again...
Noriko  : Oh, no,,, Coach!!

Jung    : Well, it is hard to see them again..


Takami  : Mom, Sister Noriko is in that ?
Kimiko  : Yes. My best friend is going to make your future.
          When you are grownup, I will tell you that.
Takami  : hmm. Mom tears ?
Kimiko  : not the matter. there's nothing matters..

# You can see that the TV set in the room has a wide screen.
# These days wide screen TV set is common, but when GunBuster was produced,
# it was only predicted as Hi Vision system (Japan's Hi-Definition TV system).

# "tears?" "Not the matter. There's nothing matters"
# Spoken by someone in "Cyborg 009"
# Similar one appears in Nadia when Nu Nautilus departs last.

                Space battle ship Exelion.

Announce: 15 minutes to acceleration.
          Two baster machines are expected to the scheduled point.

Noriko  : The time at the top side is that of earth.
          We spend the same time with other people.
          From now on, the time of mine and sister's will flow..

Announce: 10 seconds to acceleration.
          8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 

Noriko  : 216 astronomical units to the centre.
          On the earth, already 3 days.
          Oh! 4 days.


Sister  : The enemy recognised.
          Contact its front!
          The number of enemies approximately 250 million.
          The front area located.
          Here we go! Noriko!

Noriko  : Yes!

Sister  : 3 billion and 800 million kilometers to centre.
          Noriko, to the centre..

Noriko  : Yes!


Noriko  : One Billion kilometers to the centre.
          Oh, 4 months on the Earth.

Sister  : Oh no, I can't go any farther!

Noriko  : Big Sister!!

Sister  : I can't move. can't move any more.

Noriko  : sister...

Sister  : He is going to die!
          I can't see him when I return to the earth.
          I've not yet said nothing!
          Not yet say "I love you, I need you"
          Not yet say "Hold me!" Nothing have I said.

Sister  : At that time, I'd expected him to kiss me.
          to hold me.. expecting his word "I love you"
          But, I cannot see him again. NO! NO!

Noriko  : Big Sister, hang on there! We will be defeated!
          What is these 6 months for Coach?
          He also wishes to be with you.
          It's the last 6 months for him.
          He wanted to say "Don't go " and hold you.
          But he gave up those things. And he gave us those 6 months.
          Gave them to GunBuster!
          It's that 6 months.
          Big Sister!!
          Not only coach, but Kimiko,,and Jung,, 
          They entrust us with their future.
          If we were to loose, what would that be for them?
          We must We must We must WIN!
          Hope! Kazumi! Fight!

# Noriko switched the call name of Amano Kazumi from Big Sister to Kazumi.
# This means Noriko is now stronger than Kazumi.

Sister  : Alright! Noriko..  be Combined!
Noriko  : Big Sister...

# Here, the indicator changes the word from "Out of service" to "Combine"
# Out of service? is that an indicator used in train?

Song "Fly High" by Noriko Hidaka and Rei Sakuma..
# As you know, Noriko Hidaka is the voice actress for Noriko,
# and Rei Sakuma for Big sister.

(Noriko)   Oh I am going to give up. I am not strong enough.
           Broken heart and tears smart with pain.
(BigSister)The beginners are all like you. Don't give up.
           Follow me willingly!

(Noriko)   No, I can't do that.
(BigSister)Be proud of yourself!
(Noriko)   Full of anxiety.
(BigSister)Don't ask help!

(Two)      Closing my eyes, praying, Fire Fire, Now! we burn our will!

(Two)      Don't stop love! run and run!
(Two)      until the hope in my mind come out!
(Noriko)   Ride on, Ride on, Ride on!

(Noriko)   The destination of my dream is too far.
           That tries to make me give up. But I don't give up! I try!
(BigSister)Yes, you do well. 
           I don't need such a dream that comes true without efforts.

(Noriko)   The true dream must come true!
(BigSister)With your confidence, to the end of far space!
(Noriko)   Now it begins, the eternal travel.
(Two)      Higher, Higher, Now! aim for the TOP!

(Two)      Don't stop love! run and run!
(Two)      until the hope in my mind come out!
(Noriko)   Ride on, Ride on, Ride on!

Sister  : I fight for these 6 months, For you.
          That's the only way to live with you!

# This song here is sung by Noriko and Big sister, while in the CD box,
# the same song was sung by Captain and Vice Captain.

Two     : GunBuster!!!!!

Sister  : Noriko, Exelion is alive!
          It is left below us.

Noriko  : Big Sister, I do that!

Sister  : Yes. Try..

Noriko  : WOW!

Two     : Super ... Thunderbolt ... Kick!

Noriko  : Don't regard the combined GunBuster as an ordinary machine!
          Coach's ...... Coach's ..... Coach's hope is within this!

Sister  : Noriko, enemies above us. Falling down..

Sister  : From downward... they comes, approximately 3000.

Noriko  : Homing Laser!

# Can you imagine what is Homing Laser like?
# The laser beam that chase/home the target object, using strong gravity?
# After GunBuster, "Homing Laser" become popular in Japanese Anime.
# This appears in "Plastic Little" and in "Gall Force." 

Sister  : Our future, human future. 
          We shall make these together with GunBuster!

Noriko  : Yes, it is! So, Don't interfere us!
          Buster Missile!

Sister  : Noriko, lift up!  Guard Exelion!
          They attack us!

          Make them follow us. The more enemies, and the farther from Exelion.

          It comes. concentrated gunfire! 20000!

Noriko  : Buster Shield!
          That's nothing to US!

# Did you laugh at Buster Shield?

Sister  : 20 million kilometers to centre.
          We can bear!

Noriko  : From downward?

Sister  : hmmm troubled..
          I didn't expect..
Noriko  : I didn't expect this.

Sister  : Oh, great!

Noriko  : But the GunBuster that Coach made, is greater than this!

          Double Buster Colleder!



Sister  : Exelion arrived at the centre.
          Go over gravity radius.
          It starts...
Noriko  : Good by,, Exelion...

                Commanders' Conference room.
Leader of observatory section:
         We observed type G X ray at Palomar at 10:45 pm Today.
         Currently, 99.89% of the enemy vanished.
         The shock wave is expected to come 6 months later.

Tasiro : Hmmm, This time, we are saved.
                Hakone Space Force Hospital.

                Room No. 302
                OHTA Kouichiro.

Sister : Coach!
         I love you, My darling Kouichiro!

# Hmm Coach's given name is Kouichiro (sounds like Coachro)

Noriko : I am sorry, I am sorry Smith,, I promised you not to cry..
         But, Kimiko, you must appreciate me,, Daddy!

                Aim for the TOP!

                to be continued.


                "Aim for the TOP" -- New Science Lesson -- 

The Last Section: "The True Solar System"

Noriko: Hi, I am Takaya.
Sister: I am Amano. This is the last section of Science Lessons.
        The last theme is on our solar system.

Noriko: Yes. To begin with, the planets of the solar system are,
        Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.

# Noriko says Japanese name of planets.
# Sui(Water) Kin(Gold) Chi(earth) Ka(Fire) Moku(Wood) Do(Soil)
# Ten(Heaven) Kai(Sea) Mei(world of Death).
# SuiSei (Water Star) = Mercury
# KinSei (Gold  Star) = Venus
# ChiKyuu(Earth Globe)= Earth
# KaSei  (Fire  Star) = Mars
# MokuSei(Wood  Star) = Jupiter
# DoSei  (Soil  Star) = Saturn
# TennOuSei(Heaven King Star) = Uranus
# KaiOuSei (Sea King Star   ) = Neptune
# MeiOuSei (Death-World King Star) = Pluto.

Sister: What are you doing?

Noriko: I masquerade the costumes in the anime at the end of 20th century,
        which I love very much. From Saturn, the costume was that.

#  "Costume play (Cosplay)" is a play of anime nurds. A kind of masquerade.
#  They ware the costume of anime characters. 
#  Here, Noriko had the costume of Sailor Warriors
#  in the famous anime "Sailor moon," where the name of each Sailor Warriors is
#  from the name of each planet. Sailor Mercury (Ami), Sailor Venus (Minako)
#  Sailor Mars (Rei), Sailor Jupiter (Makoto), and Sailor Moon (Usagi = Rabbit)
#  and Usagi's boy friend Tuxedo Mask (Mamoru) as Earth.
#  These days, on TV, Usagi and Tuxedo Mask's daughter "Chibi-usa
#  (Petite Rabbit) is playing an important role in the story.

Sister: That!? OK, These are 9 planets.
        However, by the exploration of outer space and observation by 
        degeneration radar, the solar system was further investigated.
        Miss Takaya!

Noriko: Yes. This is the 10th planet found in 1999, named Lucifer.
        This is Metis.
        And the next is Kaminatsukisei.

# Kaminatsuki (Godless month), anciant name for 10th month in anciant 
# Japanese Calendar (based on the Lunar Calendar).
# In that month, people considered all gods leave places in Japan and
# get together at Izumo, a holy place in Japan (like Orympus Mountains).
# In Izumo, people said "Kami-u tuki (Godful month)."

        And this is the Tonans where there was the solar system's farthest
        defense line, and the area of that operation.
        And this is the coupled star with the sun, named Nemesis, whose orbit
        is 0.5 light speed year from the sun.

# Nemesis is a hypothetic coupling star in the Solar System.
# Some scholars consider that Nemesis caused the annihilation of Dinosaur.

Sister: Oh you know well.
Noriko: After I began to watch Animes, I got interest in them and
        studied a lot.

# Yes. Yes. You should study hard in order to understand GunBuster!!

Coach : You are great! "What one likes, one will do well"
        For everything, Effort and Will!
Noriko: Yes. I am a pretty girl warrior of not "Love and Justice", but 
        of "Effort and Will."

# The full title of "Sailor Moon" is
# "The pretty girl worrior of Love and Justice in sailor's suits,
# Sailor Moon"
# Sailor's suits is common uniform in many girls' school in Japan.

Coach : What? pretty girl? Who?
Noriko: I expect nothing from you.
Sister: Then, good bye!
Noriko: Take care!

Avant Title,

                After Fifteen Years.


                May 22th. 2048 A.D.

Tomb of Ohta says,
"Kouichro, died Dec. 19th 2033 A.D.

Kazumi  : I'm going now, my darling, or my coach.

Kashiwara: Commander Ohta!

Kazumi  : Director Kashiwara!

                Okinawa girl's school of Astronauts, New Buildings

Kashiwara: Although You were my classmate, I am now ten years older than you.
          Space is a mysterious place.
          Are you going to outer space again?

Kazumi  : Yes.

Kashiwara: Why did you apply to that? 
          You are the hero of The Solar System Defense.

Kazumi : Noriko cheered me to fight at that time. Miss Kashiwara.
         It was she that truly saved the earth.

Students: Coach! Coach! Coach! Coach
Takami  : You are really going today? 
Kazumi  : Yes.  I am sorry, I can't return back for a long time.
Takami  : Oh No! Coach!
A Student: We, all, made this together. Please take this to outer space.

# Senbazuru.. 1000 cranes of Origami. Japanese people usually make Senbazuru
# hoping something. You know one in Nagasaki A-Bomb Monument, where every year
# students make a senbazuru hoping peace without war.

Kazumi  : Thank you. I am very glad.

Takami  : Coach, This is from my mother to Aunt Noriko.
Kazumi  : Alright.
Student : Coach! I will be waiting for you for many many years.
Student : So, please come back!
Kashiwara: I'll be waiting for you as well.
Kazumi : Thank you.

                Aim for the TOP

                The last episode
                At the end of eternal time flow


                This area was not damaged

                The first Orbit Rope-way Base
The Ad. says,
"Siramoku Milk" "Duty Free Shop Blooming Dail"

                Project leader of The Operation Carneades

Leader : I've been waiting for you. Here you go.

Announce: This rope-way directly goes to the No. 3 space station at the orbit
          "Meridian Star." On the away, You may feel an ache at ears
          due to the air pressure change.

# This speech with "You may feel an ache at ears" is the masterpiece parody.

                Continent of Australia.

Kazumi : The area around there is not yet restored.
Leader : In order to construct the Black Hole Bomb,
         we don't have a time to do that.
Kazumi : Well, Although it's fifteen years since that.
Leader : The super gravity decay took place at the orbit of Tonans.
         So the damage that only 3 planets lost and distortion of
         earth axis is smaller than that expected.

# Many advertisement in the gondola, such as "Floating City 008",
# "Murata dental clinic."

Kazumi : Well yes..
Leader : But this operation is to annihilate all of the centre of the 
         galaxy together with the nests of monsters.
         I doubt that humanity has the right to do such a thing.
         It is to destroy the galaxy!
Kazumi : Otherwise, humanity has no future.
Leader : If that's a destiny of human beings, we should rather accept
         the destiny.
         My opinion is that we should do nothing.
Kazumi : That means a suicide.
         I wonder if the suicide is a happy ending.
Leader : I have no idea.
Kazumi : I also have no idea.
         But the future history will evaluate that.
         What we have to do now is to make an effort to survive..

                Baster Machine III (B.H. Bomb)

Kazumi : That machine takes me to space where Noriko is.

                The same day, Centaur A*, The centre of The Galaxy.
                The fleets for attacking Galaxy Centre.

                Flag ship "Eltreum"

Sign says, "First Bridge"

Noriko : Did you call me?

Tasiro : Yes. After we gave up to escape from the earth, The operation
         Carneades which attack the enemy, is now at the final stage, 
         We are waiting for the main corps.
         You two have been doing well with GunBuster.. I appreciate that.
         The main corps will arrive here 12 hours from now.
Noriko : Oh, that's already constructed ?
Tasiro : Yes. The time schedule delay is only one thousandth percent.
Noriko : Since that, it passed 15 years on the earth..
Jung   : Is there anybody aboard in Baster Machine III?
Tasiro : According to the plan at our departure, the machine is
         maned ship.
Noriko : hmm, Then who will be in that?

# I wonder why people eat water melon in the highly advanced ship.
# The floating plate Noriko used to move also appears in "Nadia."

Announce: Loss canceler started, No problem..
          Pressure up in degeneration reactor.
          Ether wave parameter adjusted to plus three.
          Subspace sonar in regular operation.
          5 minutes to going over gravity radius.
          Vanishing motor connection prepared.
          Start WARP,

Kazumi :  Start WARP.

                Commanders room for Operation Carneades.

Announce: Entering subspace in regular.
          Space curve propagation in regular.
          Degeneration radar starts detection.
          Course in regular.
          Gravity force, ether wave all in regular.

                Commander in chair of the operation.

Commander: So far, everything's been OK.

                Staff of the operation

Staff    : We did everything we can do. Let's wait for the god's will.

Commander: Well, yes. There's nothing to do than to pray the god.
           We must believe in a miracles.

# This scene is from Komatsu Sakyo's "Japan to Sink."
# The prime minister Yamamoto says the same phrase as this.

In Eltreum,

Announce: From the 4th direction from stern, gravity quake detected.
          Magnitude 7.7 degree.
Announce: Something warps out.

Tasiro  : Is that the Black Hole Bomb?
          Is that the Baster Machine III?
          The scientific technology of human beings can construct that giant
Kazumi  : Well, At the centre of galaxy, space is white!
          At last, At last, I am going to see...

People  : wow!
Tasiro  : Welcome to Eltreum!

Noriko, Jung: Oh!

Kazumi  : Noriko!

          Oh, I see you again. I didn't expected to see you again!

Noriko  : well...


Kazumi  : These remind me of my young days..
# Japanese "Natsukashii" is very difficult word to translate.

          I can't believe that it's 15 years since that..
          Oh, for you Noriko, it's only 6 month..
          Well, I've got older. Old people are always melancholy..
Noriko  : No big sis... no Commander Ohta.
Kazumi  : No, no, call me as you did. I am glad to be called so..
          Oh, I have something to pass you from Takami..
Noriko  : what?
          Oh,, From Kimiko..
Reading the letter,
Noriko how are you? I often recall the high school days with you..
My daughter who was 3 years old at that time will soon be 18.
It may be impossible for you to return while I am alive.
But, at least, please return while Takami is alive.
I am waiting for you..
Take care of yourself.

Sincerely yours,
To Miss Takaya Noriko,
>From your best friend Akai Kimiko.

P.S. I enclose my daughter Takami's picture.

Picture says, "Aunt Noriko, please come back early."
              "Aunt Noriko, please come back early."
              "Aunt Noriko, please come back early."

Noriko : Kimiko...  and Takami...

# You can see many things in Noriko's room in Eltreum. Yes, it's in 
# Super advanced ship Eltreum!
# She has Kotatsu, a traditional foot warmer with table on it.
# She has a plastic model of Space Cruiser Yamato (Star Blazers).
# And the poster of "A Message from Space", an SFX movie which
# did not actually hit. 
                90 minutes until the operation starts

Tasiro : 90 minutes later, the operation Carneades will reach the final stage.
         Jupiter compressed in the core of Baster Machine III
         will start the second degeneration.

                From 1st to 10th fleets.

Tasiro : For the 56 minutes and 32 second until the second degeneration,
         We must protect main corps.

                From 11 to 20th fleets.

                From 21 to 36th fleets.

Tasiro : When the third degeneration starts, all fleets escape from battle
         by super long distance WARP to Orion Bay.

                Sizzler Silvers (Mass-produced GunBusters)

Tasiro : This is the final operation.
         The future of humanity depends on this attack!
         We must WIN!
         That's it!

ViceCap : All fleets to offensive position.
Announce: All fleets to offensive position.
Announce: All fleets open cannons!
Announce: Sizzlers Black, Sizzlers Silver, Sizzlers White,
          prepare for departure.

In the tube,

Jung    : Mrs. Ohta,
Kazumi  : yes..
Jung    : You always get the thing that I want..
          Here you go,, Coach and Baster machine, both are yours.
Kazumi  : Jung..

Jung    : I still have many things to say to you.. But those can wait until
          tomorrow..  See you later..
Staff   : Time scheduling set on.

Announce: 56 minutes 10 second to Implosion.

# Implosion (BakuShuku) is an explosive shrink by the black hole bomb.
# Baku (Explosive) Shuku (Shrink), hence translated to "implosion"

Announce: No. 107 battle ship Axion reports, "Enemy corps recognised"
          The number is approximately 6 billion in the measured area.
          Surrounding all direction, approaching at 12% of light speed.
          68 minutes and 20 second to the contact.
Tasiro  : Those guys come! If you come, I welcome you.
          And show you how cornered humanity does against you..
Announce: 55 minutes before Implosion.
Noriko  : Daddy, the war since the accident of daddy's ship will soon be over.
          Please not to be anxious.
          And then I will return, Takami..
Kazumi  : Noriko..
          I get on the machine II.
Noriko  : Big Sister..
Kazumi  : Jung made for me, because this is the last operation.

                32 minutes before Implosion starts,

ViceCap : All corps departure completed.
Announce: All ships prepared for battle.
Tasiro  : How is enemy?
Announce: The number increased to 8 billion.
          Surrounding all direction.
          43 minutes before contact.

Tasiro  : Vice captain, do you believe in the God?
ViceCap : No, I don't.
Tasiro  : Well, I do.
          Look. It's too short distance for them to warp.
          We will win by that 12 minutes.
ViceCap : That's called miracle!
Tasiro  : Miracle.. That's the word the god coined for us now.

Announce: Captain! gravity quake at Area 573D. Enemies warp out.
Tasiro  : Oh my god!
Tasiro  : Unbelievable! They can warp such a short distance!

# I think the captain is wrong. There may be a lot of enemies behind
# the main enemy corps enough distant from fleets to warp.

ViceCap : They seem to hit the black hole bomb by themselves.
Tasiro  : Oh, special (Kamikaze) attack?
          They are aware of the black hole bomb!
          Resist them. Don't let them in!
ViceCap : Impossible! Super-Exelion class ship cannot resist!
Tasiro  : Damn it!
Announce: 30 second to enemy's first attack.

ViceCap : Barrier Maximum!

Announce: Enemies' first attack contacts Barrier!

Tasiro  : Do resist them!

Jung    : Oh no..

Noriko  : They did suicidal explosion!
Kazumi  : Too much enemy. Noriko! separate!
Noriko  : Roger!

Announce: Second and third attack come!
Staff   : Barrier destroyed. Damage unknown.
Announce: 6th 7th 8th fleets crushingly defeated.
Announce: Enemies break through the mine area.
Announce: 22 minutes to implosion.
Tasiro  : Any sacrifice allowed. We must protect main corps.
          22 minutes left to the end.

Battle scene


                1,700  ships sunk.
                4,500  ships damaged.
                22,800 machines no return.


                Baster Machine I


                And II, alive
                And III, alive

                3 minutes to implosion.

In the bridge,

Tasiro : How many of us survived?
ViceCap: This ship and other 2562 ships.
Tasiro : We've done well.

Announce: 60 seconds before the third degeneration.
Staff   : All slaves start operation.

Announce: 40 seconds to reach Schwartz-Schultz radius.

Announce: Enemy's main corps keep silent.

ViceCap : In spite of that damage, they are operating.
          That's a ...

Jung    : Miracle!

Tasiro  : You all have done your best. Thank you.

Announce: 30 seconds to implosion.

Announce: 20 seconds to start.
Announce: All ships prepare against electro-magnetic and photon shock.
Announce: 10 seconds before start.
          8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 

Tasiro  : What's the matter?
Staff   : No, only 98% of slaves operated.
Tasiro  : Unbelievable!

Announce: Insufficient Mass.
          Unless we make a chain reaction of degeneration, the implosion will
          not start!
          We failed.
Tasiro  : Oh my god!
          Is this the result of the operation by all humanity?
          No god? No Buddha?
ViceCap : The god ignored us.
Tasiro  : No miracle has taken place.

Noriko  : Yes. Miracle shall take place. I make it does.
Tasiro  : Takaya, what are you going to do?
Noriko  : Baster Machine has a big degeneration reactor! 
          That can prime (the chain reaction.)

Tasiro  : No, we cannot allow a maned ship to prime!
          Wait until we prepare a man-less ship.

# I like this speech. Captain does not allow Kamikaze attack.
# This is important point. However cornered, he does not allow!

Noriko  : Before that, enemy main corps will come, and destroy it.
Tasiro  : Takaya..

Noriko  : Big Sister..
Tasiro  : Commander Ohta, you go as well?
Kazumi  : No. Now we have two degeneration reactors.
          One left will take us back to the earth.

# Kazumi does not loose hope!

Noriko  : Big Sister...
Kazumi  : Let's go home to the earth together.
Noriko  : Yes.
Kazumi  : No time. Transform and break in!
Noriko  : Yes!

Tasiro  : Do it well!

Noriko  : Is that Jupiter?
Kazumi  : Yes. Shrinked to one 30 thousandth.

                8 minutes before enemy's main attack.

Announce: All corps collected.
Tasiro  : How are enemies?
Announce: After the 14th attack, they keep silent.
          No warp expected.
ViceCap : In the next attack, the number will be over 12 billion.
Tasiro  : Directly attack and kill us?
Kazumi  : Surface temperature, 1600 degree. Pressure outside 15600 tpm.
          No problem. resistible.

Jung    : I go as well.
Noriko  : Jung...
Kazumi  : No, go back!
Noriko  : Sizzler black cannot resist the pressure in Jupiter.
Jung    : I don't care about that.
Noriko  : Jung..
Kazumi  : Don't misunderstand us.
          We don't go to die. Not a suicide.
Jung    : But, If you are here, tens of years, hundreds of years later
          I can't expect when you come back.
          No longer we can spend the same time.
Noriko  : I know it.
Jung    : Then why?
Noriko  : But, other people can spend the same time.
          I don't want to make Takami feel such a sadness.
          I wanna make everything be over.
Kazumi  : Jung.. If alive, tomorrow will come.
Noriko  : Please tell Takami that I will return.
          Then, see you later!

Jung    : yes.
Kazumi  : I don't say "good by." Here I go.
Jung    : Good luck!

Jung    : Noriko,, Kazumi,, When you return, I will say "welcome home!"
Tasiro  : I am sorry.
Announce: 20 to reach the centre.
          Communication going impossible.
Announce: GunBuster breaking into the pressure limit.

# After the display panel broken, you can see lamps behind the screen.
# This is also a parody. 
Noriko  : Hope! resist! GunBuster!

Indicator says,
buster beam disabled, buster colleder disabled.....
Kazumi  : Now, buster beam, buster colleder, and others all disabled.
Kazumi  : Quiet isn't it? There is no other living creature than us.
Noriko  : I am sorry, I bring you here..
Kazumi  : I am happy with you, Noriko.

                Slave generator at the centre of Jupiter.

Noriko: Here I go!
        Entrust Big sister's life to me!

        I am sorry, I am sorry GunBuster..

Kazumi: Power off, Reactor No.1 full operation.

        Start Degeneration!
Noriko: Start Degeneration!

In the bridge,
Announce: Gravity degeneration observed. That's GunBuster's.
Kazumi: And Zero, two..  gone through the critical point.
Noriko: WOW!

Noriko: Escape!

Announce: Restarting recognized.
Announce: Degeneration chain reaction observed.
Announce: Third degeneration started.
Tasiro  : All fleet escape. As is scheduled,
          all fleets super-long distance WARP.
ViceCap : Alright. All fleets, prepare for WARP.
Announce: All fleets, prepare for WARP.
Jung    : Noriko,, Kazumi,,, You must return alive!

# It is in 2245 AD that the fleets returned to the earth.
# And after that, Jung was elected to the president of Galactic Federation.

Noriko  : Sorry Kimiko,,, I can't see you again!
The card in her hands says,
"May Mom see Aunt Noriko again!"
# "Tanabata" is a traditional festival in Japan in July.
# People write down their hope on a small paper card and pray for it.
# Then they put the card to young bamboo tree hoping that the hope come true.

Kimiko  : eh? 
Takami  : Mom, what's the matter?
Kimiko  : eh?  Nothing matters. I.. just felt as if Noriko called me.

                After twelve thousand years

                The Solar System

Indicator says,
Jul. 6th Sat., 14,292 A.D. 

Noriko : 12000 years later...
Kazumi : Here is the earth. Noriko..
Noriko : I no longer identify where is Okinawa..
         Where are human beings. I can't see any lights or signals.
Kazumi : Is it that human beings went to ruin?
         Okinawa was around here...

The sign on the earth says "Welcome Hoem!" 

# In Japanese "O Ka E Ri Na Sa I", where the last letter "I" is mirror image
# in the signal. I don't exactly know why. But I guess that it suggests
# the humanity of the 140th century is something different from us.
# Hence, I translate it into "Welcome Hoem" instead of "Welcome Home"
# This big sign on the earth is the realization of Jung's promise to the two.

Noriko : Big Sister!
Kazumi : Yes. We've come back home!  We have..
Noriko : Thank you, GunBuster, .... good bye...

Ending music "Beyond The River of Time Flow"

                Directed by Anno Hideaki

                         The End