Cover Fight! Iczer-One Title
Fight! Iczer-One Cover Fight! Iczer-One
Anime (3 OAV of 30, 30 and 48min)
Rai Aran (original story)
Hirano Toshihiro
Character designer
Hirano Toshihiro
Published in english by US Rendition
Original version 1985 (AIC)
English version 1992
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Born a warrior without a world to call her own. Forced to fight against the very people she should protect and who created her, Iczer-1 arrive on Earth, just before the Cthuwulf invasion force, in search of her partner. She will meets Nagisa, a young girl who doesn't want to fight and who will be forced to play her role into the Earth's defence. With her help, Iczer-1 will discover human emotions and will try to defeat Big Gold, the entity that's controlling the Cthuwulf and who is, in a strange way, a part of herself.

"Fight! Iczer-One" is one of the first OAV, being produced in 1985 by AIC. It's half science-fiction and half horror with some gore scenes, really nasty monsters and a beautiful android, a Girl-Warrior named Iczer-1.

The story is much more complex than what it may seems at first glance and everything has an explanation even if it isn't obvious the first time you watch the anime : As I already said it in my introduction, many events are explained in brief flash-backs in Act III. It isn't a funny or "light mood" anime. It's even totally the reverse, and they didn't feared to kill important characters but it's filled with emotions and has a true ending. As Toshihiro Hirano said it in an interview : "...As far as I'm concerned, the story ends at the end of the video ...Even if we drew the designs and art seriously, there's no way there could be a legitimate sequel in the world of Iczer. (Speaking of the Iczer-3 radio drama)."
It will be proved wrong a few years later when Iczer-3 will be adapted as an anime but it may be considered as taking place in another universe and so, with good reasons. But I won't say more about that here :)

The music composed by Michiaki Watanabe fit perfectly the mood of the anime, ranging from military march, when the human army attempt their puny attack, to the gothic theme of the alien Cthuwulf and their bio-engineered monsters.

Iczer-1 and Nagisa

Iczer-One and Nagisa

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