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Searching on the web, I was surprised by the lack of pages on the various Iczer anime ("Fight! Iczer-One", "Iczer-3", "Iczelion") and manga ("Golden Warrior Iczer-One", "Legend of Iczers"). Yes, there is many defects and things I don't like in those series but there is also plenty of good ones: Enough to make me wrote this site, the second I dedicate to a specific anime. (The first one being on Tenchi Muyo).

So why did I choose to make those pages ? Well, even if it doesn't seems so the first time you watch the various Iczer anime, the story is pretty complex. The fact that the manga were never finished (or even never wrote) and the lack of a follow-up to the Iczelion anime don't make things easier. Also, most of the events are explained later in the "Fight! Iczer-One" series through scarce flash-backs and hints, which is why many person fell that there is some parts that they don't understand... but if you look carefully, it all fit together...

Another reason why I choose to make those pages is that "Fight! Iczer-One" is one of the first OAV to be published. Written by Toshihiro Hirano, who is also the character designer, it was released in 1985.

In the following pages, I will try to gather as many things as possible related to the Iczer's series and put all the pieces together and give a global idea of the whole story that I choose to call, based on one of the manga, "The Legend of Iczers" . I won't deny that some of my explanation are based on very scant hints, if they aren't outright speculation... but they make sense and call on some "classical" science-fiction themes. If you don't agree with me, feel free to let me know ! :)

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The Legend of Iczers (Synopsis)

Fight! Iczer-One (1st OAVs)

Adventure: Iczer-3 (2nd OAVs)

Iczelion (3rd OAVs)

Golden Warrior Iczer-One (Manga)

Legend of Iczers (Manga)

Iczer-3 (US comics)

Interview with Toshihiro Hirano

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A note about the pictures on this page : The first one comes from the cover of the "Lengend of Iczers" manga. I "removed" the title that was over her hairs. The second one is a black and white picture taken directly from the same manga. I added the colors by computer.

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