Literal Translation Series,

                "Top wo Nerae -- GunBuster -- Vol. 1"
                Translated Speech Script with Many Many comments

                Written  by Kentaro ONIZUKA
                Comments by Kentaro ONIZUKA


Top wo Nerae! GunBuster is a masterpiece of OVA. This primed the
market of OVA(OAV) and led it as it is now today. So I tried to
translate whole part of GunBuster for the people outside Japan. It is,
however, quite difficult to understand GunBuster without knowing
Japanese culture and the way of life in Japan. I added, therefore, as
many comments as possible for non-Japanese people, to understand
GunBuster, to have a fun. Before I wrote this, I read "The
encyclopaedia of GunBuster" included in the final CD box released
1995. The encyclopaedia explains almost all the parodies contained in

I tried to translate as literal as possible.  In many cases the
expression is not natural as an English expression. It is due to 1) my
awkward English skill, 2) literal translation.

Anyhow, please have a fun to watch GunBuster with this script.
And please translate this in your native language if your mother
tongue is not  English.

This script is based on GunBuster Okaerinasai Box released in 1994,
which include two extra science lessons which are not in the original
three volumes.

Correction of English and comments are welcome.

                Email:  onizuka@nisiq.net

Avant Title,

The voice of a little girl reading her composition,

My Daddy
Takaya Noriko
No.2 4th class 3d year.

I think my daddy is a great man. Daddy's job is to protect the earth
in outer space.  "Daddy's ship is the fastest in the universe." Daddy
is proud of his ship.  Daddy is the captain of the space battle ship
"Luxion."  Like my daddy, I want to be a space pilot , and go to space
together with my daddy.

Newspaper says,
"First Man-Made Super-Light-Speed Space Ship Luxion"
Launched 11:00 AM yesterday, Announced by Chairman Lipton.
Admiral Takaya Yuzo appointed to Captain.

Reading a diary,
Dec. 20th 2015 A.D., Cloudy, and Rain.
My father died. Precisely speaking, he died 19th of Dec.

News paper says,
"The Space Force's First Super-Light-Speed Fleet Crushingly Defeat!"
Luxion Sunk? The Fleet Missing in Cygnus Constellation Area, 250 Light
Year Away. Cause of Defeat being Investigated.

Next news paper says,
"536 Hopeless, 47 Petty Officers Survived and Returned" 
Defeat due to Admiral's Mistake?  Encountered Extraterrestrial Creatures?

# Notice one of the survivor's name is "Anno Hideaki," the name of
# the director of GunBuster!

Reading a diary,
My father's space ship was attacked by cosmic monsters in deep space.
Although I know he died, I don't actually feel his death. I feel like
my father is still alive somewhere in space.

A material says,

                Post-graduation questionnaire

        -- The third municipal junior high school of Osaka city. ---

Graduation season will arrive in three months.
You will soon decide what you will do after graduation.

Check the most appropriate one out of those below,

    High school, professional school, company, others...

The high school to which you wish to enter,

    Okinawa Space force girl's high school of astronauts..
# Written by pencil

An envelope with application form inside, from
"Okinawa Space force girl's high school of astronauts "
1-chome Kanahashira, Kadena city, Okinawa 904-02
Phone: 0808-9157-36182


Reading the diary,
I will go to space where my father is. I will be a space pilot!

Opening Song... "Active heart" sung by Noriko Sakai.

Following you, I run up the slope.
Burning Sun that I pass by.
Big jumping, I catch you up.
And I feel your body temperature.

* Running in the wind is so agreeable. 
  With big hope, and big ambition.
  High High High High

* I wanna be surrounded in a easy manner.
  The distance between us is going to zero.
  I love you!


        Top wo Nerae (Aim for the TOP) GunBuster

        Episode 1
        Shock! Big Sister and I, space pilots!

Kimiko tries to surprise Noriko,

# Higuchi Kimiko, the name of an animator and a cartoon writer engaged in
# the production of GunBuster. Her surname is "Akai" after the marriage.
# The pictures appear at the ending song is drawn by her.

# Takaya Noriko, the name of a staff for harmony processing in the
# production.
# The voice actress for Noriko is Hidaka Noriko, and the
# singer who sings the opening and ending song is Sakai Noriko.
# All Noriko!
# Sakai Noriko, idol-singer/actress/comic-writer.
# She is well known to people in Taiwan and in Hong Kong.
# She is also known as a comic writer, and has published several comics.

Noriko: Oh, Kimiko, it's you.

Kimiko: What are you staring at with that blank look?
        Ah, Big Sister.

# Big sister.... Japanese "Oneesama" (literally a polite form of "Ane
# (elder sister)." This word is only used in a family of high society,
# or those schools where girls only of high society can enter,
# used as a call name  for an elder sister in the family and elder/senior
# girl student in schools.
# You can see how ridiculous for Noriko to use the word.
# While in Japanese anime, there is a tendency to use over polite words.
# So pay much attention if you are going to learn Japanese from Anime.

# At any time, Big sister -- Kazumi -- uses very polite way of speaking.
# So, I add extra "Please" and "Would you?" or something to her speech.
# Noriko is also very polite in many cases when she thinks about big sister
# or Coach, while she is not so polite when she is talking with Kimiko and
# other classmates. This kind of switching plays an important role to
# inform audiences the relationship among people.
# I am still looking for an appropriate word for "Oneesama" that is used
# in a high class rich ecclesiastic  girls' mission high school in traditional
# places in England or Scotland. "Big sister" is too cheap.
# I considered to use "Your/her highness" instead of "Big sister."

Noriko: Yes! my adorable senior. I wanna be like she is!
        well... could be possible?
        I am not that talented...

Kimiko: How come you say that? This is our first month as beginners.
        We are making progress now!
Noriko: (How is) the Virgo this week?
Kimiko: 6th will be a lucky day. A happy meeting expected.
Noriko: I see.
Kimiko: How long are you out of spirits!
        The next class is machine practice.
        Every student of this school will be there.
        A new coach is expected to come.
        Let's change clothes and prepare for practice!
Noriko: Alright..
In the school ground,

Kimiko: 188,189........ 200!(counting noriko's rope-skipping )
Noriko: Ah,,
Kimiko: Despite that you have a perfect flesh body, why are you so bad at
        controlling machines?
Noriko: I don't like mechanical things. 
        Doing two things simultaneously,
        watching the monitor and moving hands and legs,
        That kind of things, I pass.

Robots: Oh you are too smooth!
        You're training yourself by rope-skipping, (instead of on the machine).
Kimiko: Ignore them!
Noriko: I've been used to that.
Robots: You're great because you are that admiral's daughter!
        You are something different from us, 
        We envy you a lot!
        You are intend to take advantage of connection
        to get yourself selected,

Noriko: How dare you say such a thing!
        On my own merit!
Robots: Is that so, eh? 

NewRobot: You must stop that!

Robots: Big Sister!

NewRobot: If you have the wish to be a pilot, be proud of yourself!

Robots: Excuse us!

Big sister reads the name on Noriko's shirt.
Sister: Miss Takaya Noriko ?
Noriko: Yes!
Sister: That means, Admiral Takaya's daughter, aren't you?
        How sad it should have been.
        Has it been hard for you?
Noriko: Well, I've already been used to live.

Sister: To control the machine, pay attention to the six balancers and 
        the feedback from your arms and legs. 
        Then no problem.

Noriko: Oh! That much (for me)!
        How can you operate the monitor?

Sister: Well, I watch, contemplate, and then I realize that my body moves
        automatically in response.

Noriko: Wow! that's due to your talent.
Sister: No, it isn't, Miss Takaya.
        In order to do so, I've made my effort.
Noriko: Effort... then you have the talent to make an efforts?

Sister: When I drove a machine for the first time, I also fell.
        So, starting the next day, I made my efforts not to fall.
        It's up to your effort. You can do it!
Noriko: Eh? oh, really?
Sister: ..... Oh your hair is slightly disturbing you.
         ... OK, I give you this.
Noriko: Oh, what!
Sister: Please do your best, Miss Takaya.
Noriko: Yes!

# Noriko is so happy that she does not respond to Kimiko.
Kimiko: Oh too bad (Oh, no reaction.)

Noriko: Kimiko, (How about) the Virgo this week?
Kimiko: 6th is a lucky day, A happy meeting expected.
Noriko: Absolutely true! Today is the best day ever in my life!

In the ground, robots are making lines.

Announce: about face! .... at ease.

# Notice that the color of machine is different according the year.
# Noriko is on a machine with Red stripe because she is a first year 
# student. This kind of coloring is quite common in high schools in Japan.
# Always the colors are green, red, and blue.

Teacher : It's been six years since the tragedy of Luxion.
          Five years since we started the world wide project 
          "Operation RX" in order to attack the cosmic monsters.

StudentA: Through that project, two boy students have already been appointed.
StudentB: In this (girls' school), Big Sister is certain to be appointed.
Kimiko  : Yes. The question is, who will be the other.
StudentC: Since all the students are candidates, we also have a chance.
Noriko  : If I were to go to space with Big Sister, I could die.
Kimiko  : Stupid! it's impossible!
StudentB: It must have been decided to appoint Miss Kashiwara,
          the third year student as well (as Big sister.)
StudentA: I hear that the new coach is a commander.
          He came here only for the project!
Kimiko  : Be quiet! Coach is coming!

Coach   : I am a coach who will instruct you on the machine control.
          I am Ohta.
          Those who cannot learn will be dismissed!
# Ohta Koichiro, name of a famous animator engaged in the production of
# GunBuster, as a mecha designer.

Students: (Gasp)!
Coach   : To begin with, I switch off the automatic balancer.
Students: (Gasp)!
Coach   : I don't allow you to use that from now on.
Students: (Gasp)!
Coach   : In real battle conditions, manual operation is fundamental.
          Those who are unable to perform balancing by yourself,
          must receive the classroom lecture again!

Coach   : Run around the ground 50 round!
Coach   : Say "fight!" (say aloud!)
Students: fight! fight! fight! fight!
Noriko  : Oh, how, how to run? eh? Is this way to run?
          ah ah ah ... 

Coach   : The first year student over there, YOU!
          Get off the machine.
          Run on your own feet 50 round!
Announce: It's time to go home.
          Those students remaining in the school are strongly suggested to
          go home immediately.

# The motif of the second movement of Dovorak's "From the New World" is
# usually used in schools for the announcement for "Going Home."

The poster says,
Keep locker room clean!
--- that of boy's school is cleaner ---

Kimiko  : Noriko,, Noriko,, go home now. Don't fall asleep here.
Noriko  : No, I can't move any more!
Kimiko  : That's because you dared run 50 round!
          Here you go, change clothes and go home!
In Noriko's room,
The title of books..
"Wasniack tells about Macintosh"
"Mis. Rose Weeder, God bless you!" by K.Buchgad
"Mathematics and Space"
"The third municipal junior high school of Osaka city. 2020 (Student List)"
"Physics I (High school text book)"
"Mathematics I"
"Chemistry I"
"Modern National Language (=Modern Japanese Language)"
"Knowledge Navigation (for Mac users)"
"The dictionary of Degenerated Substances"
"Fundamentals of Machine Weapons"
"The Spring of Molfore"

# From the titles, we can see Noriko loves ordinary books as well as 
# PCs and Anime ..

Noriko takes the telephone.
Noriko  : Yes,.. well,,, hmm,
          Really? I made it?

In front of the bulletin board.

The poster says,


The two students below are appointed to ensigns for the machine weapon
project.  They are to belong to the space battle ship Exelion of the
seventh fleet. They are to move out to Silver Star after the first semester.

         Girl's school 3d  year Amano Kazumi

         Girl's school 1st year Takaya Noriko 

----   Close up -----

    .. appointed to ensigns...

----   Close up -----

  Amano Kazumi 

  Takaya Noriko 

------ Close up -----


------ Close up -----



Student's voice : Unbelievable!

Kimiko  : Look here.

Noriko  : Oh that's true.

Students: It's that girl. I hear that her father is the
          admiral of the crushingly defeated fleet.

Students: Then she took advantage of connexion?
Students: No doubt!  She is very silly.
Students: The coach always treated her differently.
          How did she have the contact with the coach.
          That daughter of defeat dared that, in order to be with
          big sister?
# Students suspect that Noriko offered herself to the coach.

          Big sister will be pitiful if with that Daughter of Defeat.

# Since her father's fleet suffered crushing defeat (zenmetsu), she is called 
# daughter of Defeat (zenmetsu musume = daughter of defeat)

In front of the door,

Kimiko  : Here you go,,
Noriko  : hmm,  (exercising) I can't figure out what you are thinking.
Sister  : I can't figure out what you are thinking.
          That girl is a beginner who's been exercising machine control
          for only one month.
          I recommend the third year student Miss Kashiwara as well (as me.)
          I hear that she is only daughter of Admiral Takaya,,,so,,
Coach   : I am a surviver from the Admiral's ship Luxion.
Sister  : Eh? Then, that's why you decided her
Coach   : Shut up!
          The project is more important than that you think.
          The destiny of humanity is depending on the project.
Sister  : Then how come?
Coach   : I am responsible. She may have that potential to do that.
Sister  : Do what?
Coach   : That's Buster Machine! You will know when you go out to space.
Noriko  : (Thinking) That coach is a surviver from my father's ship...
 commercial film

Kimiko  : And then, what do you do?
Noriko  : I'm now hated by Big Sister...

The poster says,
"You shall die! The daughter of Defeat! Silly girl, go back to Osaka"

Noriko  : Now all students are against me
          because I took advantage of the connexion.
          Oh, no hope!! It's worst!
Kimiko  : The Virgo this week,,
          Pay attention to misunderstandings and ... troubles.

Kimiko  : Nevertheless, since you are appointed, 
          you'd better exercise machine control in order at least to move.
Noriko  : You're right.

Kimiko  : hang on there!
Noriko  : ....

Noriko  : Ouch!
# This is an evil play among school children to put a pin on the chair.
# I've suffered several times in the elementary school.

Kimiko  : What's the matter?
Noriko  : I can't, I can't stand for!
Coach is walking,

Noriko  : Coach! please stop persecuting me!
Coach   : Is it that I appointed you...?
          How come you think I am persecuting you?
Noriko  : Because, I am not talented, no future (as a space pilot)
          Impossible. Everyone says the appointment is due to my father's
          And, Senior Amano will be my partner!
          That's too tough. Terrible! Atrocious!
Coach   : Is it all that you wanna say?
Noriko  : (crying)
Coach   : You say Amano has the talent that you don't have.
          Follow me!

# Amano Kazumi ... The pre-marriage name of Okada Kazumi, the wife of
# main producer of GunBuster, and she was also engaged in the production.

Coach   : Look at that!!
          That's the appearance of what you don't have.
Noriko  : (Surprising and thinking) Big sister uses iron shoes!
# Iron shoes, Tetsu Geta. Tetsu geta appeared in the famous anime
# "Star of Giants! (Kyojin no Hoshi)." GunBuster used the same thing
# as a parody.

Coach   : She has indeed the talent.
          But the talent itself is formed by her effort.

Voice   : Yes, in order to perform, I make an effort.

Coach   : Indeed, you don't have the talent,
          because you lack your effort.
          But you have the natural potential. So did I select you.
          Listen to me, Takaya,,
          You must make an effort, brush up your potential!
          Don't ask help.
          Perceive by your own body!
          Think    by your own brain!
          Decide   by your own heart!
          In space, no one helps you.

# This scene is a parody of "Urtraman Leo" where Moroboshi and Ootori
# make a decision.

Noriko  : Coach...!
Coach   : And go out to space with Amano!
          There is something you must do in space!

# Perceive by your own body!
# Think    by your own brain!
# Decide   by your own heart!
# In space, no one helps you.
# hmm, this kind of advice is quite common in Animes of sports.
# These animes are called Spokon (Sport + Konjou ..Strong will) animes, 
# such as "Aim for the Ace!"... Oh! yes The title "Aim for the TOP"
# is the parody of "Aim for the Ace!" and "TOP GUN."

Training scene.

Students: I thought she would give up soon, But still not!
          Well she does well!
          For the basic operations, she's made progress.
          That's absolutely reasonable, since coach is always with her.
In the shed,

Kashiwara: Coach, what part of me is inferior to Miss Takaya?
          Please answer, Coach!
Coach   : No need to answer.
Kashiwara: Coach!
Amano   : You should stop. Don't act dishonourably, Miss Kashiwara.

In the shower room,

The poster says,
"Keep shower room clean!"

On the door-pane
"Contributed by the graduate at Moon Base"

Kashiwara: Congratulation! for your being appointed to ensign. Miss Takaya.
          You are going to depart tomorrow.
          Before the departure, please come with me after the class.
Noriko  : eh, ye.. yes.
Kashiwara: Please be on your machine to come.

In the ground,

Kashiwara:Though I've ever expected you would give up before the departure,
          But you are still doing.
          If you don't give up, I make you give up!
          Here I go, Daughter of Defeat!
Noriko  : 9.5, 8.7 .... (measuring the distance)
          Oh no!!
Kashiwara: It's too hard for you to battle! because running is hardest thing 
          you can.

Kashiwara: Show ......your........... skill ..... to ..... all ......here!

#          Anata no ..Jitsuryoku wo ..Minna ni....Mite ....Moraina...sai!
#          Your       skill           for all     watch    beg       make

Kimiko  : Noriko, Noriko, are you alright?
          Coach stop them! that's enough. no longer possible.
          Too tough for Noriko,,
Kashiwara: No! what are you talking about!
          Actual battles are tougher than this!
Coach   : Yes, that's right!

Kashiwara: No matter how many others would admit it, I don't admit!

Noriko  :(Thinking) Coach, Coach, what shall I do. Coach!

Voice   : Don't ask help.
          Perceive by your own body,
          Decide   by your own heart,,,

Noriko  : I've got it! It's because I pay too much attention to the monitor.
          I try!

Kimiko  : Monitor off?
Sister  : What does she do!

Kashiwara: You, You, You are kidding me!
          Now it's the final stage!
          Triangle Punch!

Noriko  : (It's) right now! Jump!

# She cried "Toh," which was first introduced by famous "Kamen (Mask) Rider"
# ... a classic SFX hero drama series. When he jumps he always cried "Toh!"

Kashiwara: Juh! Jump!?

Sister  : Is that ...!?

Noriko  : Thunder....bolt... kick!


Kashiwara: I lost!

Sister  : Unbelievable! That beginner having exercised machine control
          only for one month has done that thunderbolt kick?

View from the sky.

Coach   : Amano and Takaya,, you two will be the member of
          the fist attacking corps "TOP"

At the airport.

          But, true difficulty will you have from now on.
          To be the true member of TOP,
          To be the true warrior that can guard people,
          To be the true fighter that can help others,
          brush up your skill, Make efforts,
          Overcome the difficulty,
          And fight!
the view from the airplane window,

Noriko   : Oh, what beautiful Mt. Fuji!
           OK, "Aim for the TOP" yes!

To be continued

Ending song "Try again" sung by Noriko Sakai.

You uttered "something like my younger sister" as the answer.
My declaration of love was broken in the wind of that Sunday.
Because I lost love under the bright sunshine, the tears did not come out.
I was only motionlessly standing, and say good by to you.
Oh, that's shameful.

Since that day, it was dark days.

despite that, Encore! the power to love!
To my heart,  Encore! the frank fighting spirit.
No matter how I lose love, I really love him. I cheer up myself!

# When a boy reject the love from a younger girl, it is usual to say
# "You are something like my younger sister."
# But when a girl says to a boy "You are something like my elder brother,"
# it does not always mean that she is rejecting love.

        "Aim for the TOP" --- Science Lesson ---

Section 1.   "The theory of Ether Space"

# "Ether space theory" is believed before Einstein published his
# "The theory of Relativity". 

# In order to understand and have a fun with the science lessons,
# you need at least the University level knowledge about basic physics.
# I think there might have been an animator who majored physics in 
# the university.

Noriko   : Hi! I am Takaya.
Sister   : I am Amano.  This is a special lesson after the episode.

           Together with Miss Takaya, who is a slow-pace worker,
           You all, please receive this lesson.

           This time, as the first section, I am going to discuss 
           on space where we are going to.
           Miss Takaya, what do you know about space?

Noriko   : Vacuum and Absolute zero degree! Have you expected me to say that?
           I also studied. Space is not vacuum, but the ether field,
           and the temperature is not absolute zero degree,
           but three absolute degree due to the black body radiation.

# Black body radiation... Substances with non absolute zero temperature
# radiate electro-magnetic wave. When they have high temperature, they
# began to radiate lights. The color of the light is different with respect
# to the temperature.

# Ether field theory was expelled by Einstein's "Theory of Ralativity."
# which is based on "Lorentz transformation."

Sister   : Do you understand the things you are saying.
Noriko   : of course,, I mean, no,,
Sister   : OK, then we start from the beginning.

Sister   : After Dr. Tanhoizer published the ether space theory toward
           the end of 20th century, physics changed completely.

# Tanhoizer gate < Tanheuser gate. The gate in the famous opera "Tanheuser"
# "Tanheuser gate" also appears in "Brade Runner" as a phenomenon in space.
# The leader of replicants (I forgot his name), says just before his death,
# something like ,
# "We've experienced many things that ordinary people never do, such as 
# Tanheuser gate in space"

The background screen says,

R. Tanhoizer: from 1960 to 2018.
The Ether theory: "The ether electro-magnetics for the substances in motion"
                   1995. "PACIFIC SCIENCE"

Noriko   : Dr. Tanhoizer was a great talented scientist who won Nobel prize
           every year for five times.

           It is said that,,
             The ancient physics of Newton,
             The classic physics of Einstein,
             And the modern physics of Tanhoizer.

Sister   : You know well!
           OK, And the phenomenon he predicted is the
           Tanhoizer's gate on which the Warp Theory is based.

Noriko   : Ah, that's star-bow isn't it?
Sister   : Star-bow is the phenomenon in the sub-light speed. 
           Tanhoizer's gate is the only way to realize the super-light speed
           Can you explain that?

Noriko   : Two black holes revolving together make a hole inside,
           from which we can see a star-bow?
Sister   : 50% of your answer is right.

#"Alright?" Japanese "Yokutte?" 
# This word usually appear in old fashioned Japanese movie.
# The word is spoken by high grade rich woman in high society.
# The girls now a days may say "Iika?" or simply "ii?"

           The two black holes that share the Schwaltzschult radius,
           make an exposed allergy point by controlling the angular revolution
           speed. That makes the ergo-region go outside.
           That's Tanhoizer's gate.

# "Schwarzschild-Radius" .. When a object was trapped by a black hole, and
# the object is within the Schwarzschild-Radius from the centre of BH,
# There's no chance to get out of BH no matter how the object is at the 
# light speed.

Noriko   : Ah, well, OK, I mean I study more.
Sister   : OK, the next question,
           Explain the Ice Second, the fuel that realized the machine weapons,
           and space navigation.

# "Ice second" here is nonsense. there's nothing like this in modern physics.
# or that's due to my ignorance ?

Noriko   : Oh I know that. That's the isotope crystal of ice  with 
           the degenerated gravity in the room temperature.
           Since most part of stationary mass is in the dimension
           of motional mass, the red shift of light is intense so that
           the substance emit red light in the dark, 
           "The lady's red diamond shining in space!"
Coach    : That's right! you Takaya!

Noriko and Sister: Ah! Coach!
Coach    : It is not shameful to be ignorant of things!
           The point is, strong will and strong effort!
Noriko   : Yes! I'd like to be the lady whom Ice Second becomes.

Sister   : Then, see you next!
Noriko   : Bye Bye!

# "Degeneration" is a technical term in quantum physics representing
# the state of the system where two or more quantum state have the
# same energy level.

Avant Title.

       2015 A.D. In Perseus Bay in the Galaxy
            (12000 parsecs from the earth)

Announce: 20 seconds to enemies' fourth attack!
          Full speed escape! Hurry! escape!

Announce: Evacuation for all personnel aboard. This ship will be evacuated!
          Repeat. Evacuation for all personnel aboard!

A man  : One more, one more can go!
Takaya : One more can go ?
A man  : Yes!
Takaya : Then, take this guy!
Ohta   : No, You Admiral must go !
Takaya : Damn it, you must go!
Ohta   : but...
Takaya : Damn it! you are young, you must survive.
         You must have something to do in future!

In the bridge,
Noriko's photo: Daddy! please come home by my 8th birthday!
                Daddy! please come home by my 8th birthday!
                Daddy! please come home by my 8th birthday!
                Daddy! please come home by my 8th birthday!
                Daddy! please come home by my 8th birthday!

Takaya : Noriko ... I am sorry.
Opening song
                Episode 2
                Daring! A Genius Challenger!!

Announce: We will soon arrive at Silver-Star.
          Please refrain from smoking for a while.
          The stewardess with you today is Ohara Natuko,
          and Captain is Murakami Fujio.

Noriko : Ah, Big Sister!
Sister : Good morning!
Coach  : That's the brand new battle ship "Exelion"
Noriko : Oh, Smaller than expected..
Coach  : Look again!

Noriko : oh...

Coach  : Listen... In vacuum space, it's difficult to measure
         the size and distance. Pay much attention from now on.
Noriko : Yes.

Noriko : What?
Sister : That's of Soviet Union.

# Hmm, "Aim for the TOP" was produced before Soviet Union collapsed.

In the admiral's room,

Tashiro : Welcome to Silver-Star!
          I am Tashiro Tatsumi, who will be the captain of Exelion.
          This is Jung Freud from the moon base, a genius space fighter.
          You must know her.

# Jung Freud ... hmmm strange name for a Russian girl.
# As you guess, the name was composed of the name of two famous psychologists.

# Tashiro Tatsumi, a music director of GAINAX who directed music of 
# "Wing of Honeamise"

Sister : Yes. I recognized that.
Tasiro : These are, Amano Kazumi, and Takaya Noriko,, The best pair from Japan.
         Be good friends!
Sister : How do you do.
Jung   : Is it for the first time in outer space?
Sister : No, three times as vacances.
Jung   : Then, you have no problem.

In the hall,

Tasiro : Ah.. Can you all hear me?
         The space ship Exelion where you are going to live as your home,
         is under the full-speed construction.
         By the end of February, we will launch it also with equipment.
         Immediately after that, we depart to attack the enemies, the 
         cosmic monsters.
         In the attack, you all will be the members of TOP.
         No win, No future for humanity.
         For the seven months before the departure, do sufficient training.
The exercise in outer space,

Coach  : To begin with, it is important to learn how to move in space,
         Go to the moon, pass it by, and then return here.
         Don't forget the combination of the pair.
         In the vicinity of the moon, you receive the strong acceleration.
         Don't be driven by that.
         From the first one, Start!
Sister : Noriko, here we go!
Noriko : Yes!
Noriko : Distance two seven one. Is it OK?
Sister : Yes.
Noriko : Distance fixed.

Sister : ah... what?

Jung   : Marker off, you two!
Sister : What would you do to us.
Jung   : I wanna challenge you to a duel!
Noriko : Big Sister!
Jung   : Linda is taking two dummy markers to the moon.
         Those for you and your partner.
Sister : Then everything is OK, isn't it!
Jung   : I accept one to two battle. You've not learned to space.
Sister : No problem!
Noriko : Big Sister!
Jung   : Here I go... Jacobini meteoric attack!
# Jacobini meteoric attack,
# Originally a way of hitting in baseball game in some baseball manga.
# That was "Jacobini meteoric hitting method"
Jung   : Oh, you are good fighter, The queen of rose!
Sister : Take care! Rose has thorns!

Noriko : Big Sister, where are you?
In the ship under construction.

Jung   : Mujuusinten-Sekiunryu (Cumulic way without centre of gravity)
# it may be a name of an art of Japanese swordsmanship.
         Hatimen Teppeki       (Eight directions with iron wall)
# defense against eight directions.
         Naname  Seigan        (Slanting front)
# slanted form for defense.
         hmm, great! perfect defense!
         But I break the perfectness!


Sister : I win?
Jung   : I wonder...
Sister : Thunder....bolt...quick...turn.. Kick!
Sister : You do well, you, genius fighter!
Jung   : Indeed. my nickname has a reason.
Noriko : Big Sister! ..... 
Noriko : Big Sister!

In a shed,...

Jung   : What are you doing? You give up ?
Sister : Wait! what's that?
Jung   : ah!

Noriko : Where has she gone? .... ah..


Jung   : It's an enemy's dead body.

Sister : Never expected one here.

Noriko : My daddy was...

Sister : ah?

Noriko : My daddy was killed by this ?
         Killed by this kinda guy!


Sister : Noriko...

Noriko : Daddy..

In the memory..

Noriko  : Well-come home daddy! ... you remember my birthday!
Father : Yes, today is your 6th birthday.
         Your daddy came home at the light speed.
# This flashback scene reminds me of Nausicaa's flashback scene where little
# Nausicaa tries to hide a baby insect.

Three  : ah !
GunBuster ...
Commercial film
GunBuster ....
In the gym,

Coach  : Escape from the training.
         Illegal invasion to a Force installation.
         Observation of unpublicated enemy's sample.
         Any one of these send you to the prison.
         But I cannot train you two in the prison.
         I asked the captain to stop the report at him.
         That's a probation. you know.
         One more and send you to the prison.

# Precisely, it is not a prison, but a prison for soldiers.

Two    : Yes!

In the bath,

Noriko : When I was small, my daddy used to be always in space,
         and he never came home, except ... once a year, at my birthday,
         he ever came home,
         and then he said to me "Happy birthday Noriko",
         though he returned to work soon.

# A typical Japanese hard worker in 1980s.

         But, I relieved! If you were to be in prison, the force 
         would suffer a big damage.
         Oh, that's the reason why I was also forgiven as a set.

Jung   : Oh, I am sorry very much. Due to me, you two were scolded by Coach.
         I am always afraid of people, hence that.
         (I realized) how great you are, Miss Amano!
         Though I've heard you are a great, you are greater than 
Jung   : It is agreeable on the moon, for my breast is light.
         Here, it's not. The tight brassiere, shoulder stiffness.
         And also, this way, my breast will soon be spoiled.
         Don't you think so?
Jung   : It does not mean to show my apology,
# Owabito itcha nandakedo = It is something questionable if I say it's an
# appology. 
         but I'd like to invite you to my birthday party without charge.
         The 12th of the month after the next.
Noriko : That's the same as mine!
Jung   : Is that so? Then let's have a party together! Big party !
Jung   : By the way, That coach is a nice guy! That high tension attracts me.
         ... When is his birthday.
Sister : That was over in the day before yesterday.
Jung   : oh.

Scene of Space Station,

In the computer room,

Tasiro : Ohta, what do you think ?
Ohta   : Indeed, we need to investigate that.

Tasiro : The object is flying from Perseus Bay to the solar system,
         at 99.8 % of the light speed. 
         Though that is actually to pass by the orbit of Neptune, 
         considering the mass, it is too fast.
         Please investigate that object.
Ohta   : (To a technician) Show us the image of the object.
Tech.  : Due to the strong Lorentz-Doppler shift, it's impossible
         to get the clear image.
# The staff at the computer reads the punched tape! The real hacker!
# The three big Bills might have done this!
# The medium of the first pre-released MS-DOS was, punched paper tape!

# Lorentz-Doppler shift ... compbination of Lorentz transform and
# Doppler shift. The size of an object at high speed 
# (nearly light speed) shrinks. And due to the Doppler effect, the color
# of the object becomes red or blue acccoring to the relative direction of
# motion.

Ohta   : Then, we need to watch it with naked eyes.

Tasiro : Retrieve some light-speed battle ship in the vicinity of Neptune.

Announce:No battle ship, but a training ship is out there for marathon.
         Its two exterior boosters can accelerate two machine weapons
         to the sub-light-speed.

Ohta   : I will make Amano and Takaya go there.

Tasiro : Amano is OK, but the other should be Jung.

Ohta   : Well, Amano and Takaya are the candidates for GunBuster pilots.
         I want make them experience the light speed this time.

Tasiro : I see.
In the vicinity of Neptune,

Ohta(Coach): I will indicate the timing for the acceleration. 
             You two only have to stand the acceleration, tightly
             holding the booster.
             I will depart here to catch you up by the sub-light-
             speed scavenger ship.
             I will catch you up one minutes later by your clock.
             The object is moving at nearly the light speed.
             Don't be driven by the ether flow.
             It's a 10 minutes operation as a whole.
             1 minute in sub-light speed results three months on
             the earth. 
             Small mistake causes the Urashima-effect.

Announce   : Mobydick one, Mobydick two, be ready for separation.
Jung       : Noriko, If you can come back on time, it will be the day
             before our birthday party. I am looking forward to that.
Noriko     : Yes, I won't let you get older alone.
Sister     : Please don't be an old woman!
Jung       : It depends on you two.
Announce   : Count-down started.
             18, 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 ..

In the machine weapon,
Noriko    : never expected this strong ether flow!
Sister    : Second acceleration!

In the vicinity of the earth,

Announce  : 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 ..

Vicinity of the object,

Sister    : Object caught up.
            Flying in front as scheduled.
Coach     : I also caught you up.
Sister    : 20 seconds to encounter.
            Object recognized by naked eyes.
Coach     : Can you identify the object?
Noriko    : (Thinking) space ship?
Sister    : Construction? wait, ..
            The ship name appears.
            Coach! that's a ship from the earth!
            L-u-x-i-o-n ?
Coach     : No! Don't allow Takaya to go!
Sister    : Noriko!

Sister    : Coach, Noriko's going to Luxion!

Noriko    : Air is inside. It's been only two days in this ship 
            since that battle!


Coach     : I dock you. You wait, prepare for deceleration.
            I look for Takaya.
            If no return within three minutes, leave us and decelerate.
In the ship,

Noriko    : Daddy!

            Daddy ...

Coach     : Headding to the bridge.

Noriko    : That's Main bridge!


Coach     : Takaya,

Noriko    : No!!

Coach     : Takaya, get out!

Sister    : Coach..

Coach     : break the wall!

Noriko    : yes....

Coach     : Prepare for scavenge!

Sister    : No time...

Coach     : Hurry! scavenge us!
Coach     : Amano,....

Sister    : Yes,

Coach     : How many second delay?

Sister    : twelve seconds.

Coach     : I see.

In the hall,

     "Congratulation for Launching of Exelion"

Tasiro : Welcome to Exelion!

Jung   : Welcome home! You made me wait so long!
         We will depart next week!

Jung   : It's hard for you.. about your father..
         Cheer up!

Noriko : (Crying)

Sister : Although it's six month since that for you all,
         We were there until one hour ago.
         Would you please leave her alone for a while?


Noriko : Daddy, although my birthday was over six month ago,
         let's have a party with you .....
         Because you came back home, as you had promised.

In the memory,..

Noriko : I will go to outer space when I grow up.
         Then I can always be with daddy.

To Be Continued
                "Aim for the TOP" -- Science Lesson --

Section 2: Star-bow and Urashima Effect

# "Urashima Taro's story" is a famous Japanese legend.
# Urashima Taro was a fisherman.
# He saved a turtle attacked by evil children on the beach.
# Then he was invited by the Princess of Sea to the temple in the sea.
# He stayed there for 3 months.
# After he returned, he realized that the world had absolutely changed.
# It had been only 3 months in the sea, but 3 hundred years on the land.
# When he opened a box that the princess had gave to him, he suddenly
# got old, to be 3 hundred years old.

Sister: The lesson today is on the phenomena at the light speed.
Noriko: That's about WARP isn't it?
Sister: No. The Lesson on the super light speed, C+ navigation, WARP,
        is scheduled in another time.
        In the sub-light speed navigation, many mysterious
        phenomena take place.
        Do you know them? Miss Takaya?
Noriko: Those are, the star-bow and the Urashima effect.
Sister: Yes. We call the big rainbow in the space "star-bow."
Noriko: By the Lorentz effect, the stars get together in front of
        the space ship, and those look like forming a rainbow-colored ring
        due to the Doppler effect.
        I prepared figures and formulae for it.

Sister: You've done it! You worked a lot!
Noriko: That's just the "effort and will" that coach often says.
Coach : Not enough! Takaya.
Two   : Coach...
Sister: When did you come?
Coach : Still not enough. Explain the Urashima Effect.
Noriko: Yes. In the today's episode, although it had been seven years since
        daddy's ship was wrecked, only two days had passed  in the ship.
        And due to my twelve second delay in the operation,
        Six months had passed on the earth.
        Those are done by wicked Einstein!
Coach:  Takaya, It's not only Einstein, but also Lorentz, Fitzgerald, and
        Gamov are wicked.

# These names are of true physisits in this century.

Noriko: Yes, I understand.
Coach : Remember this formula. That is of Lorentz Transformation.
Sister: Luxion's main engine, the degeneration reactor, was alive, but
        the vanishing motor was damaged, hence the infinite acceleration.
Coach : Yes, it is.
        Listen, in space, a small accident results mortal one.
        Only by your Effort and Will, you can overcome that.
Two   : Yes!
Coach : Only your reaction is very good.
Sister: Then, see you next time!

Trailer for episode 3

Noriko's voice: Space is my sea!
# Uchu no umi wa ore no umi -> Space is my sea!
# The starting phrase of Opening song of Captain Harlock.
                Under the sky with the stars ten thousand parsecs far away
                from the earth,
                the girls played courage testing game as is usual.
                I was found by Coach, and BIG-EYE-BALLed (strongly scolded.)
# Oomedama -> Big-eye-ball = heavily scolded.
# When one scold, the eyes become bigger, hence, "big-eye-ball" means "scold".
                The punishment was laser-cannon's lense cleaning.
                Oh backache!
                I met a nice guy there. 
                In good mood under a gas-nebula, 
                Then the sudden enemies' attack!
                The first actual fighting,
                One-bombing-sure-to-kill Californium atomic bomb!
                Oh my god, please forgive low Noriko!

                The next episode "The first love, and the first fighting."
                Against it, Thunderbolt Kick!