Literal Translation Series,

                "Top wo Nerae -- GunBuster -- Vol. 2"
                Translated Speech Script with Many Many comments

                Written  by Kentaro ONIZUKA
                Comments by Kentaro ONIZUKA


Top wo Nerae! GunBuster is a masterpiece of OVA. This primed the
market of OVA(OAV) and led it as it is now today. So I tried to
translate whole part of GunBuster for the people outside Japan. It is,
however, quite difficult to understand GunBuster without knowing
Japanese culture and the way of life in Japan. I added, therefore, as
many comments as possible for non-Japanese people, to understand
GunBuster, to have a fun. Before I wrote this, I read "The
encyclopaedia of GunBuster" included in the final CD box released
1995. The encyclopaedia explains almost all the parodies contained in

I tried to translate as literal as possible.  In many cases the
expression is not natural as an English expression. It is due to 1) my
awkward English skill, 2) literal translation.

Anyhow, please have a fun to watch GunBuster with this script.
And please translate this in your native language if your mother
tongue is not  English.

This script is based on GunBuster Okaerinasai Box released in 1994,
which include two extra science lessons which are not in the original
three volumes.

Correction of English and comments are welcome.

                Email:  onizuka@nisiq.net

Avant title

        "For the good children, the brief story of the previous episodes"

Chair: Now the stunt-show party for Exelion's launching is
       full of excitement.
       Here you go!
       The queen of Rose, Miss Amano is going to sing a song.
       She appointed Coach Ohta to sing together.
       with the atmosphere of forbidden love, The song they sing is 
       "The love game between a Man and a Woman"

# This song is very famous in Japan for singing by duo in Karaoke box.

Ohta    : Oh, I am abashed!
People  : Ah lovely couple!
Sister  : Would you be quiet!

          (song)... I am too drunk due to you.. 

Text says,
# This text is a parody of some famous paper on high energy physics.
# The original text in Japanese does not make clear sense.

Considering the similarity between the functional of quantum
mechanical operation and the distribution function of statistic
physics, the quantum mechanical operation is roughly represented as

Z = integral exp(1/h) D|\phi|.

If we regard this as the total concept of the situation, it is just
that the result of GAZE theory which WALL and YANN proposed, and the
WINEBERG-SALAMM theory that describe the strong interaction, and the
quantum chromo-dynamics are regular under the internal canonical
# GAZE theory < Gauge Theory
# Others I am not sure ..... To tell the truth, I majored nuclear 
# physics ....

For the well known clear example, the phase transition region in the
vicinity of 10^13 GeV does not change the hierarchical structure that
implies the kinetic variable \phi, but is a classical integration of
# GeV -> Giga Electron Volt. A unit of energy in High Energy Physics.

        (song) That's because you pretty woman's daring.

However, toward the end of 20th Century, these unsolved problems of
elementary particle theories, the super string theories, the strange
things of unitary transformation about the super-symmetric HILVEL
space, and the local space canonical representations are converged
into one.
# HILVEL space < Hilvert space

        (song) Hold me tight. hold me tight.

In 1995, according to Tanhoizer's first paper "The ether
electrodynamics of objects in motion," Ether corresponds to the
particle of HIGGS field in W/S theory, and the vacuum space is defined
as the ground state of the field. In general, particles of Zero or
ordinary number spin follow the BOZE-AINSTEI statistics, and others
follow the FERMI/DIRAC statistics. The Planck constant, and gravity
constant are determined when high dimensional space automatically
decays  into N dimensional phase division.

# BOZE-AINSTEI statistics < Bose-Einstein statistics.
# FERMI/DIRAC statistics < Fermi-Dirac statistics.

        (song) That's the love game between a man and a woman.
The scattering amplitude that describes the scattering process turns
out to be an analytical function in the complex plane when we require
the causation of complex intensification, which by applying the
CORSEY's integration theorem, turns out to be the TANHOIZER Division

>From Kazumi Amano's paper published at The Conference of All Japan
high-school physics.

Opening song by Noriko Sakai.
                Episode 3
                The first love, and the first fighting.

Noriko's monologue,

Kimiko, Kimiko, Are you fine? Your friend Noriko is now in Heaven
Way. I can no longer see the sun, because the sun is mixed with Heaven

# Heaven Way -> Milky way.

So I send you telepathy,,,,

Can you guess how the space ship pitches and rolls like this... 

Because the speed is faster than billions of kilometers per hour, the
space ship is like flying in the wind although it is in the vacuum

There are calm places and stormy places in space, Just like true ocean.

Kikuchi: Located 0.5 parsec space for acceleration. WARP possible.

# Kikuchi Masanori... Art Director in GunBuster Production.

Captain: OK, Fleet all WARP.

ViceCap: All warp!

Noriko says,
Warp is possible only at very calm places in space.

When the ship breaks into subspace, it is wonderful to see.  Ether
becomes plasma and is very beautiful! But, I've ever seen it only

It is because, we have to stay in quarters.

When we are in subspace, there is always someone who begins to talk
frightening stories.

Jung:  Subspace is connected to the world of death.
       So the ghosts of death wander around in the ship shed and paths.
       And sometimes, they knock the door of quarters, nock, nock...

Noriko:No, No Stop!

Noriko says,
I don't dislike stories like this, but I am not strong enough to
hear those.

And then people begin to play the courage testing game.

Noriko: Oh, Unbelievable! Is there anybody who does for me!

Noriko: Oh!

People: Good luck!

Noriko says,
I must go, because I don't want others to kid me.

In the dark,

A boy : Are you doing courage-testing game?

A boy : My face is so awful? Wow!

Noriko: Oh!no!

A boy : Girls do the same thing.
        Let's put the marker now and go back soon!
        Did I scared so much ?
        Pass me your ribbon.
# Ribbon .. Hachimaki is not exactly a ribbon for decoration.
# Hachimaki is used to stimulate ones head to cheer oneself.

Noriko: Here you go.

A boy : Are you really a space fighter? you scared so much!
        Oh, aaaaaa ,aaa a,

Coach : The precaution of the second kind during WARP.
        Come to my room in space suits after WARP finishes.
Around the laser cannon lens.

The boy: It's never been since I was a seaman that I clean the laser
         cannon lens.

Noriko : Oh what a big nebula!
The boy: Only due to the short distance.
Noriko : The sky is bright! We can see many gas nebulae.
The boy: There might have been a lot of old decayed stars.

Noriko : Look! That's like a flower!
The boy: A dead body of stars.

Noriko : Don't you have any emotion?
The boy: hmmm backache!

In the bridge,

Announce: Announce to all, course, speed no change.

ViceCap : Under these conditions, we can go over the star Leaf 64 within today.
Captain : Leaf 64,, hmm that reminds me of my young days.
          It was when I was a mate.
          Being similar to the sun, it's beautiful!
          Just like an oasis in space!
          Young stars like the sun are not that many.
ViceCap:  Because the stars like the sun does not have a strong gravity
          interference to ships, we are helped.

Captain: Your galaxy would be full of numerical stars!

# Leaf 64 appears in "Nadia" as a point to collect drug plants.

Announce: A couple of approaching objects from 12th direction.
          Relative speed nearly light speed.

Around the lens,

The Boy : OK, next lens!
Noriko  : What's that?
The boy : Lie down!

In the bridge,

Announce: Enemies!  Passed us by at 20000-kilometer distance.
Captain : Alright! we follow the enemies!
          Fleet all full-speed course turn.
          U-turn using Leaf 64's gravity field.
ViceCap : Yes sir. Prepare for gravity turn.
Captain : Announce to all ships, fleet all prepare assembly.
          You decide the place for assembly.
ViceCap : Fleet all prepare for assembly.
          The coordinate for assembly is 120:717:341
Announce: Fleet all prepare for assembly.
Announce: Prepare for gravity turn.

Announce: Cosmo attacker V, start assemble.
Announce: Prepare Photon Torpedos.
Announce: Release first to 4th safety locks.
Announce: Sub-engine From 3d to 6th start. Power 80% 
Announce: The encounter to enemies scheduled 4 o'clock tomorrow morning.

In the subway.

        The Exelion Railroad Map.

# Well, in a big ship, something like railroad may be required for people
# on board to move. This is quite new idea, I think. I like this kind of
# things in GunBuster.

Announce: Next station is "The women's locker room"
Noriko : hmm, in case of  left side red warning, 
         switch off the gearing system, after stabilizing the space gyro.
         In case of right side red warning, down the slotle to 30.
The Boy: Oh, you are a hard worker.
Noriko : I have to learn the basic operation in space,
         because I am a couple of month behind others.
The boy: That's not useful in actual battles.
Noriko : Oh, How come you behave as a senior?
The boy: That's because you are a pretty young junior girl.
Noriko : You know, The pair of me and Big sister is the best in TOP.
         I have many difficulties that those single men like you without
         a partner cannot imagine.

The boy: Behavior as a senior? well...
In the women's locker room,

A girl : Do you know, Saeko made love with her boy friend yesterday!
# Literally "Saeko reached stage C with her boy friend yesterday!"
# Stage A means Kiss, Stage B ....... Stage C .....

People : really? did they?
Jung   : Then she hit the bed at her head. That's amusing.
         Oh Look at Noriko!

In the bridge,

Captain:  This is Leaf 64? you say this is Leaf 64? Is this ugly red giant?
Announce: By the absolute coordinate and the constellation, no doubt.
          This is Leaf 64 at the eighth finger of Perseus Bay in the galaxy.
Captain:  Leaf 64 was a white young star like the sun.
          Unbelievable that it changed that much in ten years.
          It might be because... 

In the shed,

Sister : Coach I have something to say.
Coach  : What's that? say.

Noriko : In case of strong moment to the left, cancel it by doing
         like this. hmmm, difficult....

         Oh. Big Sister!

Sister : Are you really thinking Noriko to the actual battle?
         Considering her skill, it is too dangerous. 
Coach  : That's my business to decide it.
Sister : But her partner, I say that I cannot fight together with her.
Coach  : I make her go. I don't stop her.
Sister : Alright, I see. Then I dissolve the partnership with Noriko.

Commercial message
Sister : I say, I cannot fight with that girl!
Noriko : Oh, no, Oh no,,, ah.
Sister : ah!
Noriko : ah, well .. I mean ...
Sister : You've listened to us?
         Please don't think I am evil.
         That's for you.

Coach  : Takaya. 
         I found your natural potential. And made the team of you and Amano.
         I expected it to be the best pair!
         If one of you lacks, everything is over.
         I believed in your internal possibility.
         You must trust yourself.
         And train hard, to show your strong will!
In the vending machine corner.

The boy :hmm?

Vending machine says, "Italia Pizza!"

The boy : What's wrong with you? Have you lost the text book?
Noriko  : I am sorry that time.
          I am now a single. I am disliked by Big Sister.
          That may be the matter of fact.
          From the beginning, my skill is too different (from hers)

The boy : OK, Then now you are a single, so, how about making a partnership 
          with me?
          I am looking for a partner.

Poster says,
Switch off the light when useless.
     EECC (Effective Energy Consumption Committee)

# This kind of poster is quite common in companies and schools in Japan.

Noriko  : Are you OK with me ?

The boy : Yes indeed. How do you like it?

Noriko  : Yes.

Poster says,
Put rubbish to the trash box.
     LBMC (Living Block Management Committee)

The boy : OK, decided! Do you know my name?
          I am Smith Toren.
# Toren Smith is an American animator engaged in many Japanese anime 
# production.

Noriko  : I am Takaya Noriko.
The boy : I know!

Noriko  : Why do you laugh?

Smith   : Then I go to register our pair.
Noriko  : Good luck!
Noriko  : Ah, it's indirect kiss. oh no.

# Noriko's lips touched the straw which Smith's lips had touched.
# This means their lips touched indirectly by the straw, hence indirect kiss.
# Hmmm... Japanese girls nowadays do not care about such a tiny thing
# like indirect kiss, while the girls who were, when young,
# with most animators at schools payed much attention to purity
# of lips and virginity.
# Japanese girls, women have changed a lot in these 10 years.
# Women and girls these days are quite free from the concept of virginity.
In space,

Announce: Tarsion turned.
          25 minutes to the contact to enemies.
Announce: Enemies recognized. Distance 221 light seconds.
Announce: Contact expected near fifth planet's orbit.
Captain : Open all cannons.
          Prepare for torpedos and laser cannon attack!
Announce: Open all cannons.
          Prepare for torpedos and laser cannon attack!
staff   : Measurement completed.
staff   : Open launching tube for photon torpedos.
Announce: Non fighting personnels, take shelter in the 3d block.
Announce: Hurry prepare TOP corps.
Coach   : After ship-plane sally complete, we, TOP corps are launched to the
          front of enemies.
          Operate under the decision of each pair.
          Keep the distance among machines 1000 meter.
          The half-life of the Californium A-Bomb is 3 hours.
          Use it and return by that time.
          Be strict to the return order.
          This is the first battle by machine weapons in the history.
          Pay much attention.
          That's it!

Staff   : Release launching catapult!
Staff   : Exhaust air.

Announce: TOP corps preparation complete.
          Second laser cannon prepared.
          Photon torpedos prepared.
          Automatic cannon chaser prepared.
          Object at 1.8 light second distance.
          3.6 seconds required to confirm hit.
Captain : Cannons all fire!
          180 seconds later, TOP corps and ship-planes depart.
Coach   : Prepare for departure.
          Set position. Be ready! 

In the battle.

Announce: Cosmo attacker all identification signal on.

Noriko : Smith!
Smith  : Hi! I am below you.

Noriko : Can't see you, Smith!
Announce: contact expected..

Smith  : Be calm. No enemy arrived.
         I offense and you defense. Understand?
Noriko : Yes. That mean I support you?
Smith  : Yes.

Announce: Exelion Roger!


Noriko : What's that?
Smith  : Tarsion destroyed. crushed ? no, sunk!
Noriko : Oh no!
Smith  : Pay attention. shock wave comes.. in 5 more seconds.
Noriko : Eh?
Noriko : Smith!
Smith  : Be calm! It's alright!
         You don't die in such a small shock.
         Enemy! To the left, two enemies!

Noriko : eh?

Smith  : gone to the right side! ass hole! .. New one at the left above.
Noriko : Eh What?
Smith  : The guy in the right. Do attack it!
Noriko : Roger!

Noriko : Smith,, Smith answer me, I don't like things like this,

Announce: Captain, enemies' main corps is located at Leaf 64.
          The enemies we contacted are not that main corps.
Captain : Does it mean decoy?
Announce: And... They are going to assembly at Leaf 64.
Captain : Alright. Announce to all.
          Return all the corps outside. After the scavenge,
          immediate Warp !
staff   : Yes sir!

Captain : There is a hypothesis that the monsters use stars as their
          nests, where they breed.

ViceCap : Then that has something to do with the frequent star explosion
          around here.

Captain : hmm.
          If so, we have to escape from here immediately.

Noriko  : Smith....
Noriko  : I've shot no bomb.

Plate says,
Space force of the Earth, First class battle ship Exelion = 111st ship.
No.2 men's quarters starboard section 7.

Noriko  : Smith...

Door opens,
Noriko  : Coach,, Coach!!
          I, I was, Smith was,, I was with Smith, but, Nothing I did..
          I am sorry, nothing did I. .,.. Smith...
Coach   : Takaya..
Noriko  : Coach, I do anything I can. I train myself.
          Train me hard! Until big sister appreciate me.
          I ..... I ....

Ending song by Noriko Sakai.

               "Aim for the TOP" -- Science Lesson --

                Questions from Audiences.

Sister : From a good boy named Yamaga Hiroyuki who watches "TOP",
         we received a letter questioning "What is warp?"
         So, this time, I'd like to discuss on WARP.

# Yamaga Hiroyuki .. The director of "Wing of Honeamise", a member of GAINAX.

Section 3: Super-Light speed navigation.
           --- about WARP ----

Sister : Miss Takaya, what do you know about Warp?
Noriko : Yes. A method of navigation faster than Light Speed.
Sister : You are right. And what is the true name?
Noriko : Eh? eh? ah? Well? hmm ?
Coach  : Shame on you! Takaya!
Two    : Coach!
Coach  : You don't know such a thing! Punishment!

# In Hagoita game (Japanese style badminton using wooden rackets), when one 
# looses, winner draws X on the looser's face with brush as a punishment.
# So, if one looses couple of times, his/her face becomes full of X like
# Noriko....
# Hagoita game is still common play in the begining of January.
# It was in 1st of January, when second Volume of GunBuster 
# (containing 3d and 4th episode) was released, hence they are
# in Kimono (Haregi) and playing Hagoita.

Coach  : Amano, tell her the name.
Sister : Yes. Precise name is,

         Dimensional Wave Super String Exciting Degenerated Radius
         Jump Gravity field Super-light speed navigation.
         Abbreviated to WARP.

The display says,
Dimensional Wave Super String Welcoming Degenerated Radius
Jump Gravity field Super-light speed navigation.

Coach  : Yes. You are right. Then Takaya, say how to warp.
Noriko : Eh? eh? ah? that is, eh... 
Coach  : You don't know that ! Punishment!
         Amano, teach it to her.

Sister : By enlarging the radius of Tanhoizer gate having been frozen 
         in the degeneration reactor, we wrap the ship by subspace.
         And the ship jumps the time and space.
Coach  : Yes. That's right!
         Listen to me. Amano and Takaya!
         No matter how Scientific Technology has advanced,
         there are two things you must remember.
Noriko : They are Effort and Will!
The display says,
        Effort and Will!

Coach  : Yes. Show your effort and will by writing 100 times.
Noriko : Oh, but..!

Sister : Then see you again, bye bye!

(Noriko: writing) Dimensional Wave Super String Exciting Degenerated Radius
         Jump Gravity field Super-light speed navigation.
         Dimensional Wave Super String Exciting Degenerated Radius
         Jump Gravity field Super-light speed navigation.
         Dimensional Wave Super String Exciting Degenerated Radius
         Jump Gravity field Super-light speed navigation.
Display says,

                Apology and correction

In the "The science lesson" No.3, the expression in the display was,

         Dimensional Wave Super String Welcoming Degenerated Radius
         Jump Gravity field Super-light speed navigation.

But, it was wrong. The correct expression is,

         Dimensional Wave Super String exciting Degenerated Radius
         Jump Gravity field Super-light speed navigation.

        Director  Anno Hideaki.

Sister : I'd like to apologize that the expression in the display
         was miswritten. I'd like to correct it and apologize for you all.

Noriko : I am sorry very much!
Trailer for episode 4,

Noriko : My first love that vanished in the stars.
         But, I cannot mourn his death.
         Coach, please train me harder and harder!
         Hard days of hard training.
         Noriko! Fight!
         Don't allow the monsters to go to the solar system!
         Oh, But, But, Exelion is going to sink!
         Daddy, Smith, help me! Help Noriko!
         A human being must die but the GunBuster's power is immortal!
# Hito no inochi ha tsukirutomo,,,, A human being must die but,,,,
# From YAMATO or Harlock,

         Save the earth!
         The next episode "Go! The uncompleted Ultimate Weapon",
         Against it, Thunderbolt Kick!


                Aim for the Top!

In the conference room in Exelion,

A scientist: The cosmic monsters are considered to have come
             from the centre of the galaxy.
             Since they encountered us, the human beings, their population
             has been increasing, searching for young stars, and making 
             nests in them, and breeding.
             Analyzing their fighting patterns, and extracting the
             principal of their behaviors, matching them with their
             scope of influence, I figured out their purpose.
             That is the earth!

Captain    : Isn't it the sun? 
             Their purpose is to make nests in  stars for breeding, isn't it?
A scientist: Stars are nothing but that they are parasites of.
             Their objective is to annihilate humanity.
             They are just like immune antibodies that attack the 
             bacteria called human beings growing in the galaxy.
Captain    : That's stupid!
A Scientist: Why?
             For the galaxy, there is no profit from the existence of
             the human beings.
             We, human beings, are just like dusts in the universe.

                Episode 4
                Go! The Uncompleted Ultimate Weapon
In the shower room.

Girl A  : Have you eaten Baked Andromeda?
# Baked Andromeda : A kind of pancake with the shape of the nebula Andromeda.
Girl B  : Not yet.
Girl C  : Let's go to eat Baked Andromeda?
Girl B  : Noriko, will you go with us?
Noriko  : I am on duty of garbage, today.
Girl A  : She's become melancholy, these days.
Girl C  : No No, after she dissolved the partnership with Big sister,
          She is ..
Girl A  : What?
Girl C  : She is intimate with Coach.
          Probably she is going to date (with him,) today.
Girl A  : Really!
Jung    : Have you really dissolved the partnership with her?
          May I ask a date?
          Oh, I mean Noriko..


Jung and Linda: What?

# Linda Yamamoto is a Swedish girl. Sweden is under the Soviet's control.
# From her surname, she may be half (or quarter) Japanese.
# Her name "Linda Yamamoto" is from famous Japanese singer "Linda Yamamoto"
# who hit late 1970s by her energetic dancing.

In the gym,

Coach  : Too late. What have you been doing?
Noriko : I, I am sorry.

Coach  : To begin with, the review of yesterday's lessen.
         Do from turn-up to break-off within 3 minutes.
Noriko : Yes.

         1,   2,  3.
         Pattern A finished.
         1,   2,...

Coach  : Too slow. Within 3 minutes, the enemy can move from Mars to the moon.
Noriko : Yes.

Coach  : Listen to me, Takaya.
         I tell you one thing. It is only you that can protect you.
         However, you must not sacrifice the others.
         If you wish to protect not only you but also others,
         make your efforts.
Noriko : Yes.
Coach  : OK, repeat from Pattern A to C 50 times.
Noriko : Yes.

In the rail station,

Noriko : Ah!
Jung   : What's the matter with you, here?
         Didn't you go to eat Baked Andromeda?

Station plate says,
        Central No. 7 shed.

Noriko : eh, I, I was so slow that they left me behind.
Jung   : You are trained hard!
         How about fighting a duel with me?
Noriko : Fighting a duel with you is nonsense..
Jung   : You mean I loose?
Noriko : What are you talking about?

Jung   : Don't kid me.
         I know you are receiving a special training from Coach 
         for the new weapon.

Noriko : That's ...
Jung   : The dissolution of the partnership must be intended to camouflage it!

Announce: Train is coming.
          Please stand behind the white line.

Jung   : Show me the progress you made though the training.
Noriko : Alright.
In the lift,

Jung   : The spray gun has sham bullet for training,
         which does not explode but shocks you.
         I don't make allowance for you.

Jung  (Thinking): Coach Ohta had chosen Noriko before the beginning.
                  Not me, but Noriko.

Noriko(Thinking): I am a GunBuster pilot!
                  I must do.
                  No matter how envied by Big Sister, Jung, and others..
                  I must do, also for Smith.

Noriko(recalling): Smith, where are you, Smith..

Noriko  : Oh no!
Jung    : Noriko!
Noriko  : No! I don't. No! I don't go out. I don't want to go out to space.
          I don't want to go out to space any more!

In the health care room.

Sister  : What did you want to do to Noriko?
Jung    : Nothing. Nothing other than challenging a duel.
          However, there was no need to do so.
Sister  : You are jealous of Noriko? Dishonourable isn't it?
Jung    : How about you?
          Coach chose Noriko. Neither me nor you.
          But when she goes out to space next time, She shall die.
          indeed, I am not sure if she will go out.

Sister  : Well, yes.

Noriko(thinking): I shall die. Next time, it's I that shall die.

In Japanese style room,

Coach   : What is your question to me?
Sister  : How long do you force Miss Takaya to do that.
Coach   : Until.... everything is over.
Sister  : GunBuster was designed to fit me.
          It's too tough for her, isn't it?
Coach   : Don't be conceited.
          GunBuster is controlled by you two.
          If you have the time to think about her, brush up your skill.
Sister  : It's you that is conceited.
          Why do you think you can control one as your wish.
          It's me that you make wreak your grudge. That's enough.
          Don't involve her.
          Then excuse me, I leave.

Coach   : That's it?
Sister  : When she goes to space next time, she shan't come back.
          The one who cannot save oneself, can save the others ?
          The spilt water does not return into the original cup.

# Fukusui Bon Ni Kaerazu. The spilt water does not return into the
# water plate. 

Coach   : Amano..
Sister  : Yes.
Coach   : I have one thing  to say to you.
          For the water spilt from a cup, we can pour other water to the cup.
          That's it.

# Hmmm. Good idea!
Captain: This fleet is going to do the last long-distance WARP.
         What we are most afraid of is that our fleet is followed by enemies.
         That's just like we are inviting them to the solar system.
         We have to avoid that.
         Thus, from subspace where radars do not work, we directly warp
         out to the solar system.
         It's a very rare method, while the method has very small chance
         to let them follow us.
         It's been a hard voyage. But you all have done well. 
         The date of the arrival at the solar system shall be the 23th
         July 2032.
         You have a chance to see Halley's comet
         at the right side of our fleet.
People : Oh!
Captain: Be quiet!
         It's the last job to do. Pay much attention.
         That's it!

Captain: hmmm. OK, one more job. do it well.
In the right side 8th block 5-7-22,

The sign says,
Here is the right side 8th block 5-7-22.

Noriko : We will soon arrive at the earth. Smith, are you also following us?
         After I arrive, I will go to your home-town, and..
         I will see your mother, and ... and ...
Announce: 20 minutes to Warp.
         Switch to the emergency battery.

Girls  : After we arrive at the earth, which food shall I eat?
Girls  : No! it's shopping.
         The fashions must have changed absolutely!
Girls  : And we buy swimming suits and go to sea!
Girls  : Yes! yes...

Big sister is reading a book titled "The disqualification as a human"
# "Ningen Shikkaku (The disqualification as a human)"
# A very famous Japanese novel by Osamu Dazai, though I've never read.
# People being depressed should read this book to be more depressed.
In the bridge,

staff   : 30 seconds to WARP.

Captain : How is GunBuster's condition?
Ohta    : Well, It takes a little to check its degeneration reactor.
Captain : We hope to return to the earth without using that machine.
          Well, I expect that.
Ohta    : Thank you.

staff   : Captain, Second acceleration starts.
Captain : I understand. do it.
staff   : The target, solar system recoginised.
ViceCap : OK, connect Vanishing Motor!
staff   : Connect!

Announce: 10 seconds to WARP.

staff   : Prepared for entering subspace.
Captain : Start WARP!
ViceCap : Start WARP!

The round indicator changes from Full-speed to Enter.
# Well, the indicator is very old fashioned one like that in train's
# engine room. This is also a parody.
In the bridge,

Announce: Enemies' attack!
Captain : Unbelievable! Newton's dynamics does not work in subspace!
          How did they locate us?

          Open all cannons.
ViceCap : Where to aim?
Captain : Don't care! Do fire!

Announce: Emergency! Encountered Enemies in Subspace. 
          The offensive disposition of the 1st kind for all personnel.
          Repeat, The offensive disposition of the 1st kind for all personnel.
Captain : Are the other ships attacked? How is it?
Staff   : Radar does not work, all white. No way to know it until 
          out of subspace.
          Nothing, nothing is in the radar screen.
Staff   : First armor broken.
Staff   : Plasma gas in 3d shed.
Announce: Going out of subspace.
Captain : No! don't warp out!
          That let them locate the earth!
ViceCap : Impossible! Too late!
Captain : Damn it!

Captain : How are the other ships?
Staff   : The ships which came out to normal space are about 12% of fleet.
          Small ships suffered crushing defeat.
Captain : I see.
Staff   : No, it's not! Only our ship and 12 others remained.
          Other objects are enemies.


Announce: TOP corps, full-speed departure.
          Prepare equipment type B.
          All troops depart after completing preparation.
          After departure, guard fleet.

Coach   : What's the matter?
          Hurry up!
Jung    : Linda's machine weapon has something wrong at the left gyro.
Coach   : OK. Linda, you use Takaya's machine weapon,
Linda   : Yes.
Coach   : Takaya, wait in ship.
Takaya  : Oh...

Announce: TOP corps and cosmo attackers departure complete.
Announce: Repair teams hurry emergency repair level A damage.

Captain : Kikuchi, how are the enemies?
Kikuchi : 22 enemies, where the flag enemy moving at 10% of light speed.
          Others surrounding this ship, and moving with us.
Captain : OK, we do, Vice Captain.

Captain : The target is enemy giant space creature.
          Be ready to torpedo attack.
          Set photon torpedos, and open launching tubes!
ViceCap : Roger. Open launching tubes.

Staff   : Measurement complete!
Staff   : Error Adjusted, vertical angle to plus 3.
ViceCap : Prepare all for fire!
Captain : All ships, Launch torpedos!
Jung    : Done it!

Sister  : Unbelievable! That's alive after the photon torpedo attack!

Captain : Unbelievable!

Staff   : Enemies' small creatures approaching our ship.
          20 seconds to contact.
Captain : Open all cannons.
          Accept battle!

In space,,

Jung    : This is 23nd.

Sister  : Wait! enemies coming!

Sister  : Oh ass hole!

In the women's quarter,

Noriko is crying,

Noriko : Shall I die, if I go out to space?
         Is that the reason why coach made me wait here?
         No one, No one know my....
         That's natural, because I am always crying.
         If no one returns and then still I am crying alone?
         And I shall die here?

Linda  : Oh!!!
Jung   : Linda!
         You monsters!
# "Onore" is an ancient word which means "you" (literally, it meant "oneself").
# This word is still used in such a context like calling an enemy.
# Thus, usual in Samurai dramas.
In the bridge,

People : Oh! no!
Staff  : The bow destroyed! Central computer room no response.
Staff  : No, Radar no longer works!
Captain: hmmmm

Noriko : Smith, I die with you. I am reborn (to a different person.)
         I no longer cry, I don't ask help, I do by myself.

Announce: The stern heavily damaged.  Second cannon destroyed.
Announce: TOP corps, 48 percent defeated.
          Laser cannons 85% damaged.
Announce: 3d bridge destroyed!

Announce: Received message from cruiser Boson, "UN-control, UN-control"

# Boson, the name of elementary particles that follow Bose-Einstein 
# statistics.

Captain : Which is the flag creature?
Staff   : Right above this ship, 25 degree. The distance 12000 by
          eye measurement.

Captain : Engine power up to limit.
          We hit ourselves to the enemy.
ViceCap : Captain!
Captain : We must not allow them to go to the earth!

Staff   : Captain!
Captain : What?
Staff   : 7th hatch opened.
Captain : Oh what!

Captain : No, stop, Takaya, GunBuster is not yet complete.
Noriko  : It can move for 10 minutes under the present condition.
Captain : But impossible to sub-light-speed battle!
Noriko  : Then I hit myself to the enemy!
Captain : Takaya
Coach   : The target is nothing but the flag creature. Ignore others!
Noriko  : Coach.... Yes!
Captain : Ohta...
Coach   : Go!
Noriko  : Depart!

Jung    : What's that?
Sister  : GunBuster?

Noriko  : Buster Beam!

# The pose of Buster Beam is similar to that of UltraSeven's Emelium Beam.

Sister  : Noriko!
Jung    : Noriko is in that?

# Here the jet from GunBuster going upward.
# This is a parody of classic SFX movies in Japan, with low level technique.
In the bridge

Announce: Cruiser Fermion, sunk.

# Fermion -> the name of elementary particles that follow Fermi-Dirac
# statistics.
# Important Fermions:   Proton, Electron, Neutron, Positron, ...
# Important Bosons:     Photon, Phonon, Alpha-particle, Cooper-pair....

Captain : Only this ship and GunBuster remain now.
          How is GunBuster?

Announce: In battle with flag enemy.
          Hard fighting.

Noriko  : No hit! Too fast!

Warning says "In Danger"

Noriko  : Only less than 2 minutes left. I must catch that! No,,,
          Inertial canceler full!
          Alright! I TRY!

Captain : No!
Jung    : Do you die?
Sister  : Stop!

Noriko  : Daddy! Smith! protect ....  me!
Noriko  : I've caught!

Captain : How is GunBuster?
ViceCap : Probably, melted and evaporated.

Announce: Radar restored.

Announce: No enemies. Escaping out from solar system.
          There it is! GunBuster!

People  : Oh!!
Song "Active heart" by Noriko Sakai.

Following you, I run up the slope.
Burning Sun shines that I pass by.
Big jumping, I catch you up.
And I feel your body temperature.

* Running in the wind is so agreeable. 
  With big hope, and big ambition.
  High High High High

* I wanna be surrounded in a easy manner. We approaching together. I love you.

By the active heart, I can talk.
Feel when I hold you at your hand.
When the stars fall like falling stars,
The two hearts begin to shine.

+ The wish, I declare, Strongly,
  Together, for us two!
  Say Say Say Say

+ Nobody stop us, brilliant dreams, with the freedom.
  I hold my future. 
  I need you!

* repeat 

Sister  : Noriko !
Noriko  : Big Sister!
Sister  : Noriko!

To be continued.  
               "Aim for the TOP" -- Science Lesson --

Section 4: The Atrocious Cosmic Monsters

Noriko : Hi I am Takaya!
Sister : I am Amano. The fourth lesson of well appreciated Science Lesson
         is about cosmic monsters.
         Miss Takaya, what do you know about them?
Noriko : Yes! They are natural enemy of human beings that defeated not
         only Luxion fleet, but Exelion fleet.
Sister : And...
Noriko : hmmm. eh.. OK, I explain them using figures.
         To begin with, this is a man. The size is under 2 meters.
         The white square at the centre is a 1 meter by 1 meter square
         frame (to show the size.)
         Next, magnifying the view 10 times.
         this is the machine weapon RX-7.
         And magnifying 10 times.
         this is a creature for battle called "Soldier."
         They die in a certain time after the separation 
         from their mother creature.
         The object in the right is part of GunBuster!
         And magnifying 5 times, this is GunBuster! Nice shape!
         Just like GeP Robo in the anime in the end of 20th century!

#"GeP Robo": means "Getter Robo",, A robot hero in Japanese Anime.

Sister : You know well! Just like a nurd (Otaku).
Noriko : Well, that abashes me!
         I love old animes and SFX movies very much!
         I have all volumes of "Space Ship" and "Animage."

#"Uchusen (Space Ship)," name of a Japanese magazine for occultic phenomena.
#"Animage,"              name of a Japanese magazine for Japanese Animes

Sister : You are great, Miss Takaya!
Noriko :  .... Then magnifying 20 times.
         Exelion and the cruiser class monster.
         And magnifying 100 times. This is the biggest creature ever
         found, called "Mother ship."

Sister : Great! This creature is uncanny, but beautiful.
         The strongestes creature in the universe have warning colors.
Noriko : Just like the super-monster in UltraP Ace!

# UltraP Ace: representing "Ultraman Ace." One of the Ultraman series.
# Cho Ju (Super-Monster) appeared in Ultraman Ace.

Sister : Miss Takaya is the greatest nurd (otaku) in the universe!
Noriko : (Laugh)... By the way, Big Sister, It's funny isn't it?
         Coach has not yet appeared.
Coach  : Pay more attention, Takaya!
Noriko : Coach!
Sister : Here, I am!
Noriko : Big Sister!
Coach  : Listen to me, Takaya.
         Don't believe something only by the appearance and shape of objects. 
         You have Effort and Will and Buster Machines!
Sister : Then, see you next. Bye Bye..
Noriko : Oh! Unbelievable!

Trailer to the next two episodes

Display says,
    "Aim for the TOP" Episode 5, 6
       Made Decision!

Noriko : It was suddenly decided to produce!
Display says,
    "Aim for the TOP" Episode 5, Scenario. 

Noriko : But scenario has not yet been completed.
         That's a truth like a lie!
         Oh my god! What shall Noriko do?

Noriko : The next episode, only the title has been determined.
         Episode 5, "Hope! Time enough for Love!"
         And the last episode, 
         "At The End of The Eternal Time Flow!"
         Against them, Thunderbolt Kick!

Display says,
    "Be looking forward to the next episodes!"